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									Thailand Tourism Campaign
Rationale for campaign as a whole: Our target audiences are active working people in
very competitive society. They tend to feel tired from their work and their everyday life.
Therefore, we act as a trigger for them to take a break and “order” them to come to

Competitive Analysis (relative to Thailand)
Selling points:
      Multicultural society: Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, and Caucasian
      Where East meets West
      Business Hub
      Modernization
      English-speaking
      Man-made tourist attraction such as Sentosa and Night Safari
      Upcoming casino
      Education center of Asean

      Lack of national culture
      Limited natural attractions
      Lack of traditional art and craft
      Relatively expensive

Hong Kong (very similar to Singapore)
Selling points:
      Shopping attraction
      Chinese culture and tradition
      Business Hub
      Modernization
       Delicacies

       Limited natural attractions

Selling point:
       Kenting Highland Amusement Park
       Beautiful beaches
       Malay culture and tradition


Selling points:
       Natural attraction- beaches
       Historical site seeing


Selling points:
       Variety of natural attractions
       Historical heritage- Forbidden City, Great Wall of China
       Business hub
       Chinese culture and tradition
       Low cost shopping locations

       Unhygienic accommodation- bad toilets
       Unfriendly citizens (stereotype)

Sri Lanka
Selling Points:
       Beautiful beaches
       Culture and traditions

Selling Points:
       Historical attraction
       Art and crafts
       Cultural diversity

       Crowded population
       Bad facilities
       Bad transportation
       Bad hygiene
       Bad city management

Selling Points:
       Beautiful beaches
       Art and crafts

       Cultural conflicts within the country
       High crime rate- robbery

Selling Points
       Laung Pra Bang
       Untouched natural resources
       Relatively cheaper

       Bad transportation
       Lack of tourist services
       Undeveloped cities


Big Idea: Thailand, where everything comes alive. Even lifeless puppets become alive in

     if you want to run away, come to Thailand… and be alive.

     Thailand is the other side of your life that you have been searching for.

Rationale: People are tensed and stresses. People work most of the time and have no
time to fulfill the other part of their life- leisure. Therefore, we want to urge our target
audiences to freshen up and feel more alive.

Creative strategy: Play with the idea of Pinocchio.

->A puppet becoming alive by experiencing all the senses Thailand offers; with the use of
Thai puppets to add Thai essence.

USP: Thailand rejuvenates you by providing you all aspect of relaxation through all
senses: hear, sight, touch, smell, and taste. And it offers the whole package: beach, spa,
food, and art and craft.
PR strategy

Build awareness of the campaign from various events to create good impression about
Thailand and attract tourist to come and feel the Splash of Refreshment.

Press Conference
      1st November at Siam Paragon, 1:00 p.m.
      To build awareness of the campaign based on the splash of refreshment concept.
      To promote Loi-Kra-Thong festival as the up-coming festival in December. It is
       suitable for those who want to come and rest their mind, and is also a good way to
       represent culture and heritage through this festival.
      To promote Siam Niramid Theater to show Thai art and culture in a more pleasant
       and entertaining way.
      To use our brand ambassador as the ideal person reflecting the concept of well-
       being as she represents beauty, both form inside and outside, through the use of
       Thai spa and massage.
      So that travel agents who attend the conference will be given special discounts
       and promotions from hotel, resorts, spa, and restaurants that joined the campaign.

Launch Event
      Domestic
           o The “Splash of Refreshment” parade around the city to build awareness of
               the campaign, showing the beauty of Thailand based on the splash of
               refreshment concept.
                    The objectives of the parade are:
                              Create buzz among people in town.
                              Provide an interactive channel for people to connect to the
                               campaign, which creates a long lasting impression.
                              Show the beauty of Thailand to reinforce the importance of
                               Thai culture, and create the sense of pride of their country.
       Date: 20th November (Bangkok), 25th November (Phuket), 27th
          November (Chaingmai)
       Location: Silom Road- Bangkok, Pa Tong Beach- Phuket, Around
          the city wall- Chaingmai
       Time: 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
       Target: All ages (everyone can enjoy the parade)
             The parade will have:
                Puppet show from Joe Louis
                Theaters from each region of Thailand- Central, South,
                 Lanna, Isan
                Thai traditional and local dancing
                Use elephants in the parade showing their intelligence and
                 their importance to the Thai kingdom.
                Free Thai food
                Give out brochure and gift vouchers
                Give out free handbags to reduce the use of plastic bags
                 and contribute efforts to reduce global warming, as well as
                 reinforce the idea to make a better use of natural resources.
o “The Splash of Thailand” photo exhibition
       The objectives of photo exhibition are:
                Provide an opportunity for photographers to become part of
                 the campaign by sending in their photo to the exhibition
                Create buzz
                Encourage people to travel around Thailand to take photo.
                Allow people to know and see the beauty of Thailand from
                 the exhibition, which might encourage them to go and see
                 the actual place themselves.
       Date: 23rd – 29th September
       Location: Siam Paragon Hall
               Target: Professional and amateur photographers, aged 25-35 years
                    old, and people who are interested in photography.
                    Exhibition details:
                          Exhibits photos of culture, festivals, and tourist attractions
                           in Thailand
                          Allow people to send in their photos 1 month prior to the
                           exhibition for a contest. The person who won the 1st price
                           will be awarded for 40,000 bahts.
                          Other photos that did not win the contest but meet the
                           requirements, conveying the sense of well-beings, will be
                           exhibited in the exhibition.
                          No entrance fee.
   International
    Location: Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Netherland
    Switzerland, German, Norway, Sweden
       o OTOP booths in shopping malls to promote the campaign and provide
           information, as well as selling Thai art and crafts.
               The objectives of the OTOP booths are:
                          To build awareness of the campaign
                          To provide information and knowledge about Thailand.
                          To provide a channel for Thai art and crafts to be
                           recognized internationally
                          To create buzz
               Date: 5th- 19th September
       o Having puppets hanging and standing in the malls and in the city
               The objectives of the puppets advertising are:
                          Build awareness
                          Create buzz
                 A creative way to promote Thai puppets through the use of
                  out-of-home advertising.
        Date: 5th -19th September
                 A series of puppets pointing their fingers and guiding their
                  way to the Thailand tourism booths, advertising Thailand
                  as the door to reach and enhance your well-being through
                  the splash of refreshment.
o People dressed in Traditional Thai costumes give out brochures and
   information in shopping malls and city downtown.
        The objectives are:
                 Create awareness and provide information about the
                 Create long lasting impression about the gentleness of Thai
                  culture, making people want to come and find out more
                  about Thailand.
                 Create an interactive way to connect to the target consumer
                  in a less costly way.
        Date: 5th September
o “The Splash of Thailand” photo exhibition
        The objectives of photo exhibition are:
                 Reinforce the campaign
                 Allow people to see the beautiful photos of Thailand, and
                  the talents of Thai photographers
                 Create good impression and possibly make them want to
                  come and visit Thailand.
          Exhibition details:
                 A continuous exhibition, carry on from Bangkok
                 The length of exhibition will last one week per city, starting
                  on 1st October in Singapore and Hong Kong, 8th October in
                  Tokyo and Soul, 16th October in Berlin and Amsterdam,
                  24th October Paris, and 1st November in Venice.
                            Exhibit in art gallery or in exhibition hall depending on the
                             suitability of the each city.
                            No entry fee.

Brand ambassador
       Nowadays, there are so many beautiful and talented women in Thai society. Thus
our brand ambassador must have the following characteristics:
           Good communication Skill (and speak good English)
           Has a traditional Thai look
           Well known among Thai people
           Critical thinking
           Strong and independent
           Has good facets of Thai values
           Humbleness
           Politeness
           Cooperative and can work well with others
           Comprehend and appreciate Thai culture

The Ambassador
       App Taksaaon Paksukjaruean
          o Birthday: 27/10/1980
          o Graduated from faculty of Communication Arts, major in advertising.
          o She represents an ideal Thai girl, and also has potentials for promoting
              Thailand as she can speak English and has a good communication skill.
          o In addition, her role in a historical movie, “Naraesuan”, has reflected her
              Thai image in a traditional way. And the all-time-favourtie TV series,
              “Jum-Ruai-Rak”, which had a high audience reach and ratings, creates a
              strong and independent impression on her, thus make her a suitable choice
              for our brand ambassador.

Objective: To inform targeted audiences about tourism activities and promotions in
Thailand such that it promotes long-stay vacation in Thailand.

Locations of Distribution:

      Booths in various targeted countries including those in fairs and malls

      Insertions for airline magazines such as Thai airway and Cathay pacific

      Thai and targeted nations’ airports

      Tour agencies


      Divided into four main areas: north, south, east, and central

      Each area provides information about: tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels,
       promotional packages, and transportation choices

      Maps


      The brochure serves as motivation to come to Thailand

      The brochure serves as a travel guide

      The brochure urges serves as a reminder

      The brochure gives tourists more ideas

Product placement

Strategy: Special episodes of television program broadcasted via the local channels in
targeted countries.
Objective: To build awareness about the attractions and activities available in Thailand
such that it creates want for the targeted audience to come to Thailand.

Locations of distribution: Channel News Asia, ……

Frequency: Once a week

Time allocation: Friday 7 p.m.


      Program host acts as a tour guide

      Visit various attractions including beaches, temples, local art centers, and Thai
       traditional villages

      Festivals such as Loy Krathong and Song Kran

      Food introduction

      OTOP products introduction

      Interactive communication- answering questions through SMS to win tour
       package to Thailand


      45 minutes per episode

      Run for three moths

   o To make people think of coming to Thailand
   o To serve as a reminder for the campaign

Big-Idea: People smile due to many reasons. Yet, their smiles are the widest when they
               are in Thailand because that’s when they feel happiest.
Distribution: Given out for free to people in various places in crowded places and
               bookshops of targeted cities

Duration: October

Radio Spot
Objective: To make listeners want to come to Thailand by triggering their senses: mainly
touch, sight, and taste
Types and techniques used: Conversation
                          Interview and testimonial
                          Familiar sounds such as sound of the ocean and water droplets

Jinny: INDIAN ACCENT I’m Jinny and I can give you three wishes.
Sir: Oh great! I want to take a break from my work. I want to eat the most delicious food
in the world. And I want to be happier!
Jinny: INDIAN ACCENT At your command Sir!
Jinny: Here! It’s a ticket to Thailand where you can fulfill yourself with soothing spa,
       heavenly beach, divine delicacies, and delightful arts.
Sir: It’s Thailand, where everything comes alive! Thanks!!!
MVO: Thailand, the splash of refreshment. For more information, please visit or call 1800-THAI-LAND.
FVO: ALMOST WHISPERING VOICE Can you hear the touch?
FVO: NORMAL VOICE come and fulfill all your senses in Thailand, where everything
       comes alive.

Natalie:I’m Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005.If you want to know how a
       princess feels, come to Thailand.
MVO: How about Leonardo Dicaprio?
Leonardo: The beach, the shows, the food, and the spa…. Being in Thailand was like
       being in a completely different world. I just couldn’t stop smiling.
MVO: Thailand, the splash of refreshment. For more information, please visit or call 1800-THAI-LAND.
FVO1: You look fresh! How was your first time in Thailand?
MVO2: PLEASED VOICE It was amazing. The tender touch, the heat, the soothing
       music, and the sound of ocean in my ears; once wasn’t enough for me.
       Thailand was just what I needed.
FVO1: I told you so. The arts, the spa, the food, and the beach… They were just
       extraordinary right? We should go to Thailand together this November, what do
       you say?
MVO2: You bet!!
MVO3: Thailand, the splash of refreshment. For more information, please visit or call 1800-THAI-LAND.

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