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									Writing Project
        1. Personal Traditional Resume-Chronological of Functional.                  Write either a
        chronological or functional resume-which ever would be most suitable if you were looking for a
        particular position that you could fill immediately while continuing your college education. If you
        have solid employment experience in the field in which you seek employment, the traditional
        chronological format will probably be your choice. If you are short on experience but long on the
        skills this job will require, select the functional format. If you are devising your resume in
        response to a real job listing, copy the listing and attach it to your resume.

        2. Collaborative Project-Narrative or Online Resumes.            Find three or four classmates who
        are pursing the same field of study as you are. Assume that all of you all have extensive
        experience in your field. Review the duties of a collaborative team, as discussed in Chapter 2.

        Step 1             Parcel out the following tasks: one member of the team should obtain copies of
                           the DOT and OOH job descriptions and any other library materials that define
                           the training requirements, job outlook, and salaries in your field. Another team
                           member should obtain job postings from the Internet, local or out-of-town
                           classified ads, and trade magazines or newspapers. The third member should
                           check the college career center and call one or two employment agencies to
                           obtain additional position postings.

        Step 2             Collaboratively, devise realistic details for a narrative resume and design it
                           carefully. If you are responding to an actual position, attach it to the resume.

        Step 3             Using the same information, convert the data into an online resume suitable for
                           posting on the Internet at a specific job bank or your own Web site.

        3. Collaborative Project-Cover Letter.         Each member of your team is to use his or her
        traditional or functional resume format and write a cover letter to a specific person as a specific
        company, agency, or institution. Be brief, persuasive, and self-confident. Exchange letters with
        each member of the group and critique each other’s work. Be specific about possible additions,
        deletions, rewording, and other possible improvements. Peer evaluation is one of the most
        valuable tools in writing an effective cover letter.

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