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									                          Oakland Unified School District

                         New Teacher Support & Development

           BTSA Induction Mid Year Survey and OUSD Working Conditions

                                     Coach Responses

The Oakland BTSA Induction Program administered its annual Working Conditions and Mid Year
Survey from February 3, 2010 through March 2, 2010. There are currently 166 BTSA Induction
Coaches working with Participating Teachers in the program. Of these, 161 responded to survey.

1. Please mark the number of years you have been a BTSA coach.

                              Number of Years Coaching BTSA







   0.00%       5.00%      10.00%      15.00%       20.00%       25.00%     30.00%     35.00%

                                     Response Percent (n=160)

2. Type of school where your participating teacher/s work: (mark all that apply)

       OUSD School                     Charter School                    Private School
          153                                13                                 4

Because respondents were asked to mark all that applied, there are 170 responses from the 159
participants who responded to the question.

                                                 BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                               Coach Responses
  1                                                                                   7/14/2011
3. Grade level of the PT/s that you are coaching? (If you are coaching PTs at
different grade levels, mark all that apply)

      Elementary School                Middle School                    High School
             80                             59                              55

Because respondents were asked to mark all that applied, there are 194 responses from the 161
participants coaches who responded to this question.

4. Are you well matched with your PT/s based on your grade-level and content

                               Well Matched With PT




           0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00%

                                     Response Percent (n=161)

5. How many years, including this one, has the Principal been working at the site?

                                                BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                              Coach Responses
  2                                                                                  7/14/2011
                    Number of Years Principal at Site







    0.00%   5.00%      10.00%     15.00%       20.00%       25.00%       30.00%

                           Response Percent (n=138)

                                         BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                       Coach Responses
3                                                                             7/14/2011
6. Is this support provided by your site administration? If you answered “YES,” how would rate the value of the site
administrator support?

For this question, participants were intended to mark either “YES” or “NO” regarding each of the listed services and then rate how valuable each
of the services for which they responded “YES” was. Some participants were confused by this and neglected to mark either “YES” or “NO” but
rated the value of the service anyway. Others marked that they did not receive a service, but rated it anyway. Still others marked that they did
receive a service, but failed to rate its value. Because of this, totals will not equal the 161 participants who took the survey.

             Service                      YES             NO        Very Valuable       Valuable         Somewhat           Not At All
                                                                                                          Valuable          Valuable
Observations and debrief                   91             23              55                28                9                  5
Protected time provided for BTSA           71             46              40                25                10                 2
Coach meetings with PT
Protected time provided to learn
about BTSA requirements                    63             46              27                29                7                  3
Administrator observes and
                                           96             18              37                28                26                 7
debriefs with teachers
Protected time provided for staff to
engage in collegial investigations
about teaching practice (PLC;             102             10              54                27                15                 3
Professional Learning
Other support/services of benefit          22             17              11                5                 5                  2

                                                                                                   BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                                                                 Coach Responses
                                                   4                                                                                    7/14/2011
If "other support/services of benefit" (please specify)
     BTSA team
     reading coach/writing coach
     Please note: I coach at two sites - this is for one in particular.
     Independently Contracted, so not onsite and not certain to all the supports
     gives us staff development time to meet
     Release Day for Common Planning
     If I need to go to another site to observe for BTSA, I just arrange it with the Principal
       and she lets me go.
     content and grade level coaching is the norm at this site, all teachers have appropriate
     Because I work at so many sites, it is difficult to speak about the administrative staffs..
       specifically, I am at one school whose prinicipal does not seem to know, understand, or
       care about BITSA. The other three, however, all support the BITSA program, and try to
       give their staff some collegial sharing time but it usually turns into orders about policy
       changes at the school or some imminent crisis. Teachers, overall, in OUSD don't seem to
       have positive experiences with their internal PD's.
     Observations to other schools
     Music department directors will communicate program/teacher needs to various
     PD(s) Collaboration Time
     Time as an on-site coach
     Regular release days for assessment and planning. Extended contract for team meetings.
     Always available and helpful
     We meet after school. Intern is not a classroom teacher, but a PEC/ASIP Coordinator.
     I meet with my Mentee after school
     Offers professional development opportunities off-site (e.g. conferences, workshops,
     I meet with my coach outside of school time
     Content Coach
     I am not a classroom teacher so this does not apply to me. Also, I am at several
       different schools with several principals which would make this section impossible to
       answer but I can't move on in the survey without doing it. I find most of the principals
       in the schools where I coach just not around.
     Readily available.
     Responsive to e-mail queries and referrals.
     NA
     I am full time coach -- these do not apply.
     She pays me to spend extra time in the classrooms

                                                  BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                Coach Responses
  5                                                                                    7/14/2011
7. If the support is not provided, how would rate the potential value of this site administrator support?

             Service                     Very         Valuable       Somewhat         Not At All         Response
                                       Valuable                       Valuable        Valuable            Count
Observations and debrief                  48             13               5                1                 67
Protected time provided for BTSA          49             17               7                1                 74
Coach meetings with PT
Protected time provided to learn
about BTSA requirements                   36             25              10                2                 73
Administrator observes and
                                          32             22               7                5                 66
debriefs with teachers
Protected time provided for staff to
engage in collegial investigations
about teaching practice (PLC;             43             15               4                0                 62
Professional Learning
Other support/services of benefit         12              4               4                2                 22

If "other support/services of benefit" (please specify)
     got PT other support like voyager coach time not issue for me because I am not currently teaching
     Provided by BTSA team at Sankofa
     Again, at the one school whose administration seems oblivious to BITSA, it seems that when the teachers are observed, they are not
       given much support or guidance in how to make the class better. Most of teachers seem pretty unhappy with their administrators'
     PT & Coach are at 3-4 schools each. Music director is more in charge of scheduling, etc. Protected time is not easy to coordinate because
       we are at so many schools. Our meetings have to be after school hours.
     Providing the PT with materials needed for instruction.
     See above.
     My complaint was the one time i needed to get BTSA to give me and my mentee a sub, BTSA screwed it up!

                                                                                                   BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                                                                 Coach Responses
                                                  6                                                                                     7/14/2011
8. When you were accepted as a coach, do you feel you received timely information
about the BTSA Induction Program and your role as a coach?

                    Received Timely Info Regarding BTSA Role



      0.00%           20.00%       40.00%         60.00%         80.00%         100.00%

                                  Response Percent (n=154)

9. Please rate the overall quality of coach training through NTSD.

                       Overall Quality of NTSD Coach Training

       Not At All Useful

  Only Slightly Useful


            Very Useful

                      0.00%    10.00%   20.00%    30.00%     40.00%    50.00%    60.00%

                                         Response Percent (n=154)

                                                 BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                               Coach Responses
  7                                                                                   7/14/2011
10. Quality of ongoing support for your coaching from NTSD

                                Very                                     Not At All    Response
                                             Useful         Slightly
                               Useful                                     Useful        Count
Liaison communication             88           49              11             3            151
Liaison assistance                84           47              15             3            149
                                  46           69              24             6            145
Forums                            50           66              24             3            143
Other                             15            4              1              0            20

If you selected "Other," please specify.
     liasons that weren't mine were most helpful as was Kafi with Intern support
     Trainings
     Team Science Meetings
     extremely approachable and available people at NTSD
     I still miss the small cohorts of the last two years. This year has not initiated much
        coach solidarity which I have felt for the past two years. Feel more on my own this year.
     Some email confusion. Didn't always get communications in a timely fashion.
     Networking w/Others Coaches
     orientations
     coaching tools/templates and resources, articles,etc.
     be more specific between liason comm & assist
     on-going conferences as needed by coach
     Announcements about classroom management workshops
     Bonnie is amazing!
     People have gone out of their way to accommodate my inability to put the new
        paperwork on line. Bonnie has been especially helpful but everyone has responded in an
        especially supportive manner.
     I have been able to shadow a veteren Coach, Alison.
     special training like that on bullying, take and make center
     The Team Science mentor forums are invaluable!

                                                    BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                  Coach Responses
  8                                                                                      7/14/2011
11. Please rate the impact of the following support to improve your coaching practice

                                  Very                                 Not At All    Response
                                           Useful         Slightly
                                 Useful                                 Useful        Count
Coach training                    82         58              9              0            149
Liaison communication             73         53              17             3            146
Liaison assistance                75         54              12             3            145
                                  44         60              31             5            140
Forums                            55         55              24             6            140
Other                              4          2              0              0             6

If you selected "Other," please specify.
     allison came and observed with me, Kafi went over my papers and suggested next steps
     Team Science Meeting
     Networking
     The staff of our district BTSA is very kind and helpful at all times.
     trainings and forums allow opportunities to speak with other coaches and get insights
        that come from real coaching experiences
     nothing, this survey is not helpful to me and is only time consuming, like many of the
        BTSA requirements for new teachers...reallly all those written reflections....?

12. If you are a classroom teacher/BTSA Coach, to what extent does your own
participation as a BTSA Coach help you to become a better teacher?

                 Extent to Which Coaching for BTSA Improves Own

        Not At all Useful

  Only Slightly Useful


            Very Useful

                       0.00%   10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00%

                                          Response Percent (n=91)

                                                  BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                Coach Responses
  9                                                                                    7/14/2011
13. Do you understand the roles and responsibilities of your work with your BTSA

                   Understand BTSA Roles and Responsibilities




           0.00%             20.00%    40.00%       60.00%       80.00%        100.00%

                                      Response Percent (n=152)

14. How appropriate is the match with your BTSA PT (participating teacher?)

                              Appropriateness of Match with PT

   Not At All Appropriate

  Somewhat Appropriate


        Very Appropriate

                        0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00%

                                             Response Percent (n=153)

                                                BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                              Coach Responses
  10                                                                                 7/14/2011
15. For all of the following activities, rate how they contribute to your PT's growth as
a teacher to help meet the needs of their students.

                               High     Moderate          Low           No
          Activity            Impact     Impact         Impact        Impact
                               on PT      on PT          on PT         on PT
BTSA Coach observation
                                70         76               2             2           150
BTSA Coach observation
                               117         30               2             1           150
followed by debrief
Set and reflect on
                                80         63               7             1           151
professional goals
Follow case-study student
                                52         72              17             3           144
Reflective thinking guided
                                91         53               6             1           151
by BTSA coach
Reflective thinking, self-
                                86         54               9             1           150
guided by PT
Informal collaboration with
                                98         43               7             1           149
Formal staff collaboration
(PLC; Professional              64         63              20             1           148
Learning Community)
Analysis of student test
                                52         79              15             2           148
Analysis of student work
                                94         51               2             1           148
Ongoing Analysis of
multiple data sources           83         57               6             2           148
(formative assessment)
BTSA Coach-assisted
                                71         61              11             3           146
lesson planning
District PD                     27         61              36            14           138
Out-of-district PD              17         53              18            16           104
Other PD (please specify
                                9           5               1             1            16
Other activity (please
                                7           2               0             2            11
specify below)

                                                BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                              Coach Responses
  11                                                                                 7/14/2011
16. If you selected "Other PD," or "Other activity" in question #15 above, please

Other PD
    Systematic ELD
    special education Alameda County Office of Education - example GATE Training
    I'm using this space to tell you we've not gotten to some of these steps, so I'm leaving
       blank; survey seems incomplete for me to tell you things!
    Site based PD in learning targets and school culture
    Institutes of higher learning
    Math Circle for teachers At Laney Collegeevry Thurdday 4:30 to 5:00 during the school
    Oakland Teaching Fellows Workshops
    Social Justice PD
    exporatorium
    university of the Pacific
    kagan
    PLC Training

Other Activity
    classes at SFSU
    Observations of other teachers and co-observations with coach of other teachers
    answers based on the need of PT. some PT's have a lot of experience when they come
       the BTSA and don't need as much "Coaching"
    observation of veteran teachers seems to have helped my pt's
    PT Participation in Bay Area Writing Inquiry Group
    Internship requirement for credential at another site
    outside events
    Opportunity to observe other teachers at grade level.
    Observation of other teachers and debrief with coach
    Participating in Algebra Academy as a teacher.

17. When do you MOST OFTEN work with your PT? (mark all that apply)

Because respondents were asked to mark all that apply, subtotals will add up to more than the
number of people responding.

 Prep Time          Time         Lunch Time      Conference           Site           Work
                   Outside                         Periods        Allocated/        Within
                   School                                         Protected       Site’s Prof.
                    Hours                                            Time            Learn.
       57            123              41              32               17              19

                                                 BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                               Coach Responses
  12                                                                                  7/14/2011
18. How often are you having instructionally-related sessions with your BTSA PT?

                               Frequency of Meetings with PT

    Average 1 per month or less

           Average 2 per month

           Average 3 per month

               Average 1 per week

  Average more than 1 per week

                               0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00%

                                                         Response Percent (n=153)

19. For instructional support, how effective are the following modes of
communication with your PT?

          Mode                    Very        Effective         Somewhat      Not At All     Response
                                Effective                        Effective    Effective       Count
Email                               56           51                 29              12          148
Phone                               22           55                 34              26          137
Face to face                        142              9               0              1           152

20. How satisfied are you with how your PT fulfills his/her roles and responsibilities
as outlined in the BTSA memorandum of understanding?

                               PT Fulfills Responsibilities

   Not At All Satisfied

  Somewhat Satisfied


        Very Satisfied

                      0.00%     10.00%      20.00%        30.00%    40.00%     50.00%      60.00%

                                             Response Percent (n=152)

                                                         BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                       Coach Responses
  13                                                                                          7/14/2011
21. What support, service, or activity would be most helpful for improving your
coaching practice?
    jump start paperwork
    Make Year II Trainings available on weekends, so that I don't have to miss my own
    not having had all the hassles with the district about insurance that were not
       communicated to me in a ttimely manner and then saying one was okay and then
       changing their mind kept me out of the classroom at a critical time and ingterferred with
       the development of my relationship with my PT asnd my effectivemness through neither
       of our faults and stopped momentum so my experience was very different than other
       years and i hated evaluated relationship because of outsie issues that influenced it
    Continuing the forums
    time. time. time
    Examples of FAS tools
    Continue the ongoing support with Liaison
    Continuity with the BTSA materials from year to year.
    I liked the collaborative meetings last year because they felt more authentic than the
       new Forums. But the new Forums are more valuable than the previous ones.
    not sure
    Release time
    Learning how to manage time and timelines
    shadowing an experienced coach; talking with others about effective work flow; I have
       personal need to "go through training again (I know there are DVDs)" after working in
       overlapping programs.
    Turning in copies of documents rather than doing a computer log.
    Have better writing so my PT's can understand me better, along with more examples of
       what I really want them to understand.
    For PTs to be required to a training session on the BTSA program.
    It will just take time; I'm new and my PT is in a different content area, so I don't feel I'm
       helping him that much. I am certainly giving it my best shot!
    Less paperwork and more open dialogue. "New teachers" who aren't really new to the
       profession (like teachers from Spain or teachers who've been subbing several years, etc.)
       They don't have the same needs as a NEW teacher who doesn't have the experience.
    My PT has not met with me YET!!!!! communication is basically zero
    More time. Always, more time.
    I missed a coaching class and had to use the DVD. I was surprised at how helpful this
       was. It was very useful to be able to rewind, review, etc. This strikes me as a very
       efficient way to train!
    Simplify the PT portfolio guidelines, so that it is clearer to PT what will be expected. Stop
       changing forms and practices. Eliminate current forum content. Use forums to cover
       what activities PT should be engaging in to fulfill BTSA work.
    re-establishing the small cohorts which specific issues can be addressed in the learning
       community-- each pt, each school site, each situation, is so full of its own complexities,
       sometimes it would be helpful just to debrief with a handful of solid colleagues.
    I believe that meeting with the PT every week for the first trimester is a good practice
       but that once everyother week after that would be enough.
    PDs on culture competence
    protected coaching time coaching PD
    Having more school, family and community resources to address the needs of all
    Release time to prepare for meetings
    Clear, consistent delineation & coordination of BTSA submission requirements set at start
       of school year
                                                  BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                Coach Responses
  14                                                                                   7/14/2011
    I f my PT is at the same site as mine, I could have spent more time with him. I could
     have observed his classes more often. And if we have met more often I would have
     gained more experiences working with P.T.
    A sample of completed portfolio at a Forum to make sure we are on-track for meeting
     BTSA goals.
    TIME...shared prep.
    videos from Santa Cruz
    Time to meet with experienced coaches
    Release time during school hours. PTs are somewhat elusive elusive after school. They
     are busy and it is hard to keep up a regular schedule.
    I appreciate the email reminders and the cover sheet for the potrfolio that the PT has to
     turn in. Things like that help me to stay organized. I would really like a list of
     kindergarten teachers to go observe with my PT.
    I'm satisfied with my coaching practice this year in light of my complications with medical
     treatments. I probably could benefit from having another coach or my liaison observe
     me coaching my PT.
    More protected time for coaching and reflection, ie, a lighter load for PTs so they have
     the mental, physical and emotional energy to engage in reflection and next steps. More
     support services for students--counseling, tutoring, medical, special needs.
    I need to adapt my schedule to be more involved in BTSA training!
    observe a veteran BSTA trainer while in conference with PT.
    more coach training and more time in my own schedule to think about my coaching
    don't give me these surveys to fill out. Where is the data that shows that a new teacher
     completing BTSA has lead to better teaching and staying in the field?
    observation of experienced coach with PT
    Satisfied with the current support.
    I wish that the forums met more ofter--like we did last year!
    collaborative meetings with other mentors discussing topics related to coaching i.e.
     resistance, mediational questions
    There is simply too much paper work. Instead of having good discussions, we spend
     time filling in forms. There has got to be less forms and forget the case study
     requirement. With today's testing schedules, all kids are now "case studies." There is
     SO much that a new teacher has to do, and BTSA is simply adding to that pile with new
     requirements every year. This year for example: Make a home visit. Do you realize how
     dangerous that idea is? If you don't, go with just one of the inner-city teachers to visit a
     home. Look back into the 60's, that requirement was dropped from the credentialling
     program when a teacher was murdered on a "home visit." Let's let up on these souls.
    More forums but with budget cuts it probably isn't possible. But if they were monthly
     around what we should be focusing on as the year goes along would really help. For
     instance when it is time to begin case studies have a forum on case studies etc.
    Advice on how to get the PT to understand that, just because he isn't required to write
     lesson plans at his school site, he needs to accept the value of lesson planning.
    Not changing the PT & coach requirements so often
    The forums are helpful because it gives me a chance to talk with other coaches.
    Continued development of mentor teacher work as in year 3
    More clearly defined goals for portfolio submission. Checklist, etc.
    More flex with meeting time per week
    Things seem to be going well as is, and I know I can access any supports which seem
     useful from NTSD.
    Shadow another coach at similar grade level
    less paperwork

                                                BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                              Coach Responses
15                                                                                   7/14/2011
    More time to observe and give feedback as I have done in the past and much less time
     spent fulfilling BTSA requirements that the PTs need to do. I am much less able to give
     really good quality support because there is always something else we need to do. I
     have turned into a paper pusher and a box checker rather than the highly skilled mentor
     I was able to be in the past. I had learned to use the BTSA materials we used previously
     as tools, but now it has turned into a set of requirements that I continuously need to
     keep working on with my Pts.
    Time- it is very difficult to get some of the tasks completed within the 50 minute
     conference time.
    Watching other people coach...having a coaching coach. NOT watching the videos at the
     training - they are too contrived.
    Forums throughout the school year have been informative and helpful. We need reliable
     coaches, especially veterans and retired educators, to coach the next generation of
    To have less demands on PTs in terms of what they have to do for their portfolios. I find
     too much of our collaboration time is spent negotiating that binder and figuring out how
     to fulfill requirements. This time could be MUCH better spent on authentic discourse,
     discovery, and reflection, which is what's needed, and which improves student
     achievement as well as student/teacher satisfaction.
    Meetings with cohorts; financial support for out-of-district workshops or conferences;
     professional courtesies; timely follow-ups
    Better coordination at the beginning of the school year with the Classroom management
     program. My PT did not complete the Context tools with the CMP coach.
    If I could go observe my PT's during prep time and get reimbursed for missed prep,
     rather than having to take a whole or half day with all the planning and stuff that goes
     with subs, I'd do more observations more easily.
    Online support with a chronological llist of deadlines for forms, forums, etc.
    My support person coming with me on a meeting once in the first of the year and role
     playing my part.
    More contact with the person who oversees me.
    more practice using coaching language. fishbowl with experienced coaches (in person)
    It is difficult to manage being a full-time classroom teacher and a coach to two teachers.
     I need a common prep-time with my PT's so that we don't have to use after-school time
     when we are both tired and have other obligations (like tutoring students and other
    I am satisfied with my (our) current situation.

                                               BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                             Coach Responses
16                                                                                  7/14/2011
22. Have you ever visited the NTSD/BTSA website?

                          Visited NTSD/BTSA Website?



       0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00%

                                 Response Percent (n=151)

23. If you have visited the NTSD/BTSA website, was the website helpful in finding
the information you needed about the BTSA program?

                       Find NTSD/BTSA Website Helpful?



       0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00%

                                 Response Percent (n=120)

24. Comments about the NTSD/BTSA website?
    no i like having on line options good for environment . i don't like having to get on
      distrivt e to sign up for workshops.. so web site better...
    I don't know what to say. I have had constant problems with the computer in my
      classroom. I missed one meeting and did not find any information about an expected
      February meeting. My computers were taken out of the classroom for two months and

                                               BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                             Coach Responses
  17                                                                                7/14/2011
         were just replaced yesterday so I did not see this survey until today. It coincided with a
         note in my box from Bonnie.
        none
        I especially like the contact info.
        It is very impressive and complete.
        none
        Good program
        Helpful
        somewhat hard to navigate
        The site was helpful
        It is a very helpful to visit from time to time.
        It's fine.
        Good to have access to the forms.
        I like the support/program tabs to the left - easy access to specifics
        Didn't find Coach Forum date info I was looking for the first time.
        It was somewhat confusing but it was helpful once I somebody emailed em the link.
        well organized easy to find informatio; pretty up to date
        However, it would be even more helpful if schedules for meetings and forums were more
         easily accessible.
        TOT list still not up
        The BTSA calendar was not user friendly. I wasn't always sure what was a forum and
         what was a training. I would like each of the liasons to name their topics for their
        Calendar was useful until it went down.
        One of the best programs in OUSD.
        I have use the website to download forms and to check how they are to be filled out.
        There's a lot of information on the site and it's well organized, easy to access.
        Basic.
        Needs to be updated and the information better managed for eaiser access.
        I need to have a resource to check in on what I need to do, fill out, submit and when.
         Lots of good stuff on site, but I struggled to find the basics.

25. Do you feel that your teaching assignment is challenging?

                         Teaching Assignment Challenging



       0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00%

                                     Response Percent (n=97)

                                                   BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                 Coach Responses
  18                                                                                    7/14/2011
26. Please rate the extent to which any of these conditions make your teaching
assignment challenging.

Rating scale is from 0 (Low Challenge) to 10 (High Challenge)

                       Condition                               Rating Average
Limited planning and prep time                                        6.64                101
Inadequate materials and/or technology                                5.28                 99
Lack of building maintenance/inviting environment                     4.44                 98
Lack of input choosing professional development (PD)                  4.99                 98
Lack of autonomy in curricular decisions                              4.45                 97
Lack of collegial support to practice skills from PD                  3.47                 96
Additional meetings/workload after school                             6.66                 97
Disrespect from students                                              4.43                 95
Not enough support in improving my behavior
                                                                      3.11                 96
management skills
Not enough admin support with disruptive students                     4.73                 97
Not enough support from parents                                       4.77                 95
Not enough respect/support from colleagues                            2.20                 94
Not enough respect/support from administration                        3.35                 95
Obstacles in communication/responsiveness from HR                     3.86                 96
Obstacles in communication/responsiveness from
                                                                      3.56                 97
Obstacles in communication/responsiveness from
                                                                      2.96                 97
Obstacles in communication/responsiveness from
                                                                      3.03                 95
Instructional Services (IS)
Obstacles in communication/responsiveness from
                                                                      3.15                 95
Research and Assessment

Please articulate details regarding your responses to any of the above: (regarding
challenging conditions)
    problem with getting a po number as an outside contractor . i suggested to make sure
       we get things notices should be sent with our pay stubs...
    We have a new Principal at our school and she is having a difficult time learning the
       ropes. She is not supportive for a myriad of reasons. There is little morale support; in
       fact, it is the opposite.
    * R and A is responsive enough, but the math benchmark system is a disgrace, at least
       at 6th grade level. Overtesting is the biggest problem. * Nexo is worse problem than
       principal. * I don't mind afterschool meetings, but they are a drain for a widely involved
       senior teacher.
                                                       BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                     Coach Responses
  19                                                                                        7/14/2011
    I am retired. The directions seemed to apply to those currently working in their own
     classroom for OUSD.
    I am an "outside" coach. I do not have a teaching assignment.
    The students I work with need more than instructional support, many need emotional
     support as well. The current financial obstacles that faces the OUSD makes it difficult to
     address all our students needs. My biggest challenge I would say is structural oppression
     which impacts our students lives from all angles.
    I'm not in the classroom
    At this particular site, the administrative assistant is very competent, which enables us to
     have resources readily available, but I know this to be untrue at many sites. We are
     not provided open prep and planning time as needed by the district. The PLC's are too
     narrow and rigid in their focus. There is too much curricular decision-making done by
     district, which stifles teacher autonomy and creativity. (The means don't matter as much
     as meeting the end goal.) On a separate note, I have tried to push back about all of
     the extra duties that I have been assigned in the last two years, but I was instead given
     no sympathy, no accomodation and my complaints were denied and lies were fabricated
     when I attempted to push back in a principal/coach meeting regarding coaching
     priorities. We now have an Assistant Principal who has not assumed any of the extra
     duties that I do that make it very difficult to get all of my duties accomplished. I have
     been hired this year also to do intervention, but yet still, none of the extra duties have
     been removed.
    I feel as though all teachers are undervalued and disregarded as being the experts in this
     district. Downtown administration provides too many roadblocks and challenges to my
     daily classes.
    Research and Assessment, which strikes me as being a small group of individuals doing a
     lot, has been always helpful and eager to help. Dr. Keyes and her staff are always
     responsive and get back to my questions immediately!
    Currently not in the classroom
    I am only currently coaching, so did not answer the questions which seem directed to
     those also teaching.
    The dibels assessment does not provide teachers with information that aligns with
     curricular objectives and the California Standards. I find myself resorting to other
    Research/Assessment survey didn't reach me through email. It was good that I was
     alerted to look for it through BTSA. I wasn't clear about some of the language on the
     survey, i.e. "protected time".
    This is a very challenging year. I do not have a lot of parent/student support and
     respect. The class/school is very loud. Our reading program is scripted and "one size"
     does not fit all when you have students on all levels in one classroom.
    N/A Retired
    There have been issues with correct printing and test items on benchmark exams.
    Not currently teaching in OUSD
    I t would benefit the pt and coach to be given more planning time on Wednesday PD.
    Our school administration values teacher leaders, but time is always an issue.
    I do not teach in OUSD
    I am not a classroom teacher. These are from my perspective as a literacy coach--and a
     13 year emplyee for the district.
    I am a TSA working out of instructional services. While I responded to the questions,
     they don't exactly fit with my current role - I'm not in the classroom.
    I haven't had to deal with any of the central administration entities recently, which is why
     they are "low challenge". This has not always been the case, especially with HR.
    what does this have to do with my BTSA mentor/mentee relationship and program?

                                                BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                              Coach Responses
20                                                                                   7/14/2011
    I have had to follow-up my initial communications with the above noted OUSD services
     because generally they did not respond to my first attempt.
    I am a retired administrator and therefore, I am not teaching and coaching at the same
    I am not a teacher in OUSD. I am the site coach for a Charter school. I cannot address
     anything pertaining to OUSD.
    I do not teach in ths district
    I do not teach in a classroom at this moment.
    I'm not teaching in K12. So the answers don't really apply. Ihave had trouble with
     Benefits and Payrole in the past.
    I am retired so I really can't answer these questions unless I need to go back to the last
     year that I taught (2002-2003). If you need a response from that time, I would say that
     all of my answers would fall in the 0-2 range.
    I am a retired teacher, consequently, none of this applies.
    I am an outside coach who teaches PT in another district.
    I am a TSA and not a teacher
    The data above is misleading due to a transfer in sites over the summer. I am extremely
     happy at my current site, despite inadequate supports/interventions for struggling
     students. Which I believe is one of the few issues that remains universal. My
     assignment is challenging because of the level of support my students need. The rest is
     rated on how it ties into that.
    My job is quite doable and I am blessed with a supportive work environment: I just need
     more time!
    I am no longer a classroom teacher
    I am teaching all of they strategic Math classes to students who have to have a 2nd
     period of math. Unfortunately, these classes only meet every other day and these
     students are falling further and further behind because they are missing many
     foundational skills. So, they are still failing their core math class and do not understand
     how the 2nd class is actually helping them and therefore do not take it seriously.
    Overall number of students!
    The biggest challenge in my job is improving student learning. If I said this job were not
     challenging it would be clear that I was not doing a good job!!
    Retired teacher -- not currently a classroom teacher
    HR should set up appts with teachers who plan to retire so that they know how to
     complete the necessary retirement forms and continue on as an employee of the district
     in the BTSA program. They should also do a more diligent job in offering retired/retiring
     teachers opportunities to continue part-time employment in the district in order to utilize
     their skills and experience to improve the schools.
    although the staff in the btsa office have been good to work with i find the general
     machinations and red tape of ousd to be a royal pain each year in one way or another.
    Student disrespect of materials, school environment, teachers, administrators, and each
     other chips away at teachers' spirit.
    My school has curricular autonomy and is high-functioning. Support from the District
     (PD's, IS Coaches, Assessment) has not been great; the time I spend at their PD's and
     doing their requirements is the least effective time I spend during the school year.
     Limited prep time was listed as an obstacle, simply because I work, like most teachers, at
     least 10 - 15 hours a week beyond my contract hours. This makes my job challenging,
     but that, for me, is simply the trade-off for getting many weeks off every year. If anyone
     thinks teachers are paid for all the hours they work, they don't understand the reality of
     teaching. I don't need or expect it to change; it is simply the reality. All I ask is that the
     district and state don't load me up with paperwork that wastes my precious time. The 45
     hours a week (minimum) I spend during the school year is time well-spent; if I'm forced
     to then complete endless, low-utility paperwork made mandatory by some adult with a
                                                 BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                               Coach Responses
21                                                                                    7/14/2011
     title, that's less time I can spend developing learning experiences for my children, which
     is what I am here to do.
    I am retired, but I could rate from my experience and or my PT's experience.
    I think my site admins do not recognize my efforts or results often enough. My faculty do
     not respect each other or students enough.
    I am not currently teaching in the classroom.

                                               BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                             Coach Responses
22                                                                                  7/14/2011
27. Please rate the extent to which improvements in the following conditions would
compel you to stay in the district.

Rating scale is 0 (Least Compelling) to 10 (Most Compelling)

                       Condition                            Rating Average
More planning and prep time                                        7.99                105
Adequate materials and/or technology                               7.15                102
Better building maintenance/inviting environment                   6.27                100
More input choosing professional development (PD)                  6.50                104
More autonomy in curricular decisions                              6.74                101
More collegial support to practice skills from PD                  5.77                103
Limited additional workload after school                           7.45                100
Greater respect from students                                      6.16                 97
More support in improving my behavior management
                                                                   4.54                 98
More admin support with disruptive students                        6.25                101
More support from parents                                          6.05                 97
More respect/support from colleagues                               4.13                 96
More respect/support from administration                           5.81                100
More responsiveness/support from HR                                5.10                100
More responsiveness/support from Payroll                           4.89                101
More responsiveness/support from Benefits                          4.83                 99
More responsiveness/support from Instructional
                                                                   4.62                 99
Services (IS)
More responsiveness/support from Research and
                                                                   4.30                 98

Please elaborate on any of your responses: (regarding compelling changes)
    While this past year has had a minimum of disruptive behavior the past years have been
       replete with unstable behavior on the part of students and parents. Our campus is not a
       safe one and there are risks taken every day with the lack of genuine security. We are
       also unprepared (in my view) for safeguarding ourselves and the students from disasters.
       Our campus is unclean, to say the least. There is so little parent involvement and so
       little concern about absenteeism and tardiness. The relentless pressure on teachers to
       perform well on the tests in unbelievable. Rarely is there an expressed concern for the
       students' education. Teachers are subjected to humiliation because their test scores are
       not what the Principal wants to see. Often the students in the upper grades are not the
       same students who started Kindergarten at M.l.K. I'm going to quit now.
    not currently a teacher in OUSD
    * Already get a lot of support from colleagues, parents. * Benchmark/testing cult is
       huge drag. I mostly stay to fight it. I'm close to retirement and hope to recruit others to
       continue the fight. *More paidanning time would be a pleasant windfall. I don't expect
       it in my time.
                                                    BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                  Coach Responses
  23                                                                                     7/14/2011
    I am retired.
    I am an "outside" coach. I do not have a teaching assignment.
    I didn't respond to these because I work for a charter school not the district.
    Do I hear a salary increase??? I think I'm going to lose my PT because she can make a
     lot more money in other districts. If OUSD holds on to new and veteran teachers this
     year, it is a sign of the horrible economy. We have few choices.
    I am retired, so these questions do not apply.
    I am a retired OUSD teacher
    It would be a joy to have support from students/parents/district as I teach daily.
    N/A retired
    MORE money equals more willingness to stay!
    Not relevant
    Again, these responses are through the lens of a coach at a highly collaborative school.
    In terms of payroll. In my opinion all extra hours worked should always be paid on the
     15th of the month and never should be included with regular monthly pay check.
    More time to reflect on practice and work in collaboration with other teachers would
     probably keep me teaching longer.
    not having to fill out these silly surveys allows me more time to concentrate on my
    This indicates what I think the priorities are for me, not what is lacking at my school site.
     I am happy to say that we have many of the compelling qualities present at my site; that
     is why I have stayed at my school site my entire teaching career and why I have stayed
     in Oakland.
    The above is non-applicable as I am a retired administrator
    This section is not applicable to me.
    I am not teaching in a classroom at the moment. Therefore I left the answers blank.
    I'm not teaching K12 currently
    Again, I am retried. I no longer work in the district except out of the substitute office.
    It's kind of obvious, but a higher salary. (I'm sure that was left off the list intentionally,
     but it would certainly be a compelling factor.)
    Teachers in Oakland are underpaid, mistrusted, and poorly evaluated. Bad teachers
     continue to be the face and voice of this district often, but purely at the fault of the
     district for allowing them to flourish. Time to clean house, starting with the positions
     downtown that have no impact on student learning (including overpriced "consultants"
     such as Si Swun), then the corrupt or apathetic principals who value complacency over
     innovation and enthusiasm, then moving to the teachers. Each level should be evaluated
     thoroughly, then the instructional leadership should be moved back internally to the star
     teachers we have among us.
    I am no longer a classroom teacher because I have retired
    I want to stay in the district because I have a relationship with the students, with the
     parents, and with my colleagues.
    Retired teacher -- not currently a classroom teacher
    Protecting my curricular autonomy and health benefits are all that really matter to me.
     Get research off my back and let me teach. Keep your coaches, IS, and let me teach.
     Empower staffs to coach themselves by developing and sharing their expertise. Most of
     this is in place at my present site, but other sites I've worked at labored under ridiculous
     excessive paperwork, limited autonomy, ineffective coaches, and an ineffective,
     mandatory PD program that crushed initiative, collaboration, innovation, and good
     teaching in general. Health care, of course, is still a critical concern for all Americans,
     including us public servants who want little more than an iota of security for our families
     in exchange for our lifetime of work.

                                                 BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                               Coach Responses
24                                                                                    7/14/2011
        A comparable salary to neighboring districts would most likely keep me in this district.
         We work with the most challenging population of students for the lowest pay. It is
         difficult to afford a mortgage and a family at our current pay rate.
        I am not working in the district except for BTSA and independent consulting.

28. Do you intend to return to OUSD next year?

                        Intend to Return to OUSD Next Year?



       0.00%         20.00%          40.00%          60.00%          80.00%          100.00%

                                     Response Percent (n=132)

29. Have adverse conditions caused you to seriously consider leaving the Oakland
Unified School District?

            Adverse Condistions Cause Consideration of Leaving?



       0.00%     10.00%     20.00%      30.00%     40.00%      50.00%      60.00%     70.00%

                                     Response Percent (n=126)

                                                    BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                  Coach Responses
  25                                                                                     7/14/2011
30. If you said "Yes" to #29 above, please explain. This is to help improve our
programs and our services to new teachers.
    HR, Payroll and Benefits, on 3 occasions have frustrated me with their lack of responsive
       customer driven attitude. They can be rude.
    don;t know if program will exist and if you will use outside coaches so i can;t answer, If
       i have to pay out of pocket for insurance i will not return .. that would cost me almost
       1/4 of what i make
    The challenge of the work does not match the pay. I have been tempted by higher
       salaries in surrounding districts, and by less challenging conditions.
    Please see the response on the previous page.
    Independently Contracted, but did leave my teaching position with OUSD.
    We took on principal and nexo last year. Did pretty well and got some reform. It was
       living hell, but the fight for justice is inspiring. Where do they get these people?
    The district places all administrators at the forefront, and teachers in the background.
    The list of grievances I have with OUSD is far too lengthy to chronicle here. At the top of
       the list is the top-down imposition of curriculum such as Si Swun math and Kagan
       strategies. The palette of teaching strategies is a lot wider than these two, and the
       expense for their services is money down the drain, as far as I'm concerned. We have
       teachers within OUSD that could easily do a better job training in these areas with just
       some time and money to plan and present.
    Once again, I don't work for OUSD.
    The issues that would cause me to leave OUSD has nothing to do with the BITSA
    I've been seriously thinking about leaving the district for several years now, and for
       several reasons, but it's mainly about what feels like a general lack of respect on many
       levels. I'm not quite ready to leave, especially with little to no guarantee that another
       district would be much better, but I'm just tired of the overall disfunctionality of OUSD,
       and I honestly just don't feel that teachers are adequately compensated for what they
       (we) do. Other factors are the ridiculous and disturbing emphasis placed on high stakes
       standardized testing, as well as, I must admit, general teacher burn out. It's somewhat
       complex and difficult to explain, but ultimately my love for educating Oakland's children
       keeps bring me back.
    Budget constraints and shrinking program areas are causing me to leave my position.
    The District and the Administrators show a clear lack of respect for the teachers and the
       students. The priorities are not about helping the students, they have more to do with
       stroking the empire's egotistical engine. I might get in trouble for espousing my opinion,
       but if I never say anything, I might become too bitter!!
    Cost of living increase (pay not increased enough) Students disrespectful Principal
    The contract is offensive. Also, the district mandating policies has stifled the creativity of
       all of us. They have chosen time and time again to implement new policies and rarely
       consider the voices of the experts-- the teachers!
    the pay scale is low...even struggling districts in the area are eager to offer better
       packages to veteran teachers for high need areas, in Oakland, the assumption is we
       want to work in high needs areas for some intinsic reason....
    Some students think OUSD is a joke. They know they are acting bad and they know that
       they wouldn't act this way in other school districts. But for whatever reason, because it is
       OUSD, the students think it is fair game to misbehave and disrespect or even harass
       teachers to "run them out."
    I will remain coaching, if there is a need.
    I would like to continue to be a coach
    The cuts for next year
                                                   BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                                 Coach Responses
  26                                                                                    7/14/2011
    it just gets tiring fighting the same frustrating battle every year.
    Low school moral, increased pressure around testing, lack of autonomy, larger class
     sizes, decreases in funding for resources.
    I would make up to $20,000 more annually in other districts doing my same job with my
     same experience and qualifications.
    Incentives for staying in the district. Recognition for teachers that are doing well at the
     district level.
    The challenge of teaching difficult and underprepared students and ELD students is a bit
     demoralizing at times, especially when you feel your admin is not as supportive as they
     could be, and they expect more consistency and accountability from you than they show
    Loss of hiring autonomy as a school
    Oakland teachers are underpaid for their work. Surrounding districts pay more, and
     teachers have more prep time.
    I'm told I may not have my current assignment, so I'm open to looking in other districts,
     if I must.
    More prep. time, smaller class sizes, and differentiated classes to aid stuents below grade
    not knowing what's happening to position. budget madness/lack of clarity.
    Administrators lack instructional supervision skills to assist new teachers. It has an
     impact on BTSA coaches and the approach we are taking to support new teachers.
    Teachers do not have enough time to reflect on their practice and make the necessary
     changes to be effective. This includes having time to prepare materials and lessons for
     each day.
    I would be interested in continuing as a coach
    This section does not apply to me.
    Having more opportunities to voice opinion and for my opinion to actually be heard. For
     instance attending PD that is relevant not necessarily mandated.
    Behavior of students in inner-city schools.....loud, lack of effort and concern for learning
     to eventually get an honest job in the community.
    lack of consistent leadership at school site
    Budget cuts and threats of lay offs.
    I am retired. I intend to work with BTSA next year and to continue coordinating the
     STAR and CELDT tesing at my prior school.
    Who hasn't? The job is incredibly hard. I have thought about teaching elsewhere at
     least to learn what other districts (and age groups) are like. What's it like to teach in a
     district that is well funded and has plenty of parent involvement? I know there would
     also be new challenges dealing with administration, colleagues, parents and students in
     those other districts. But since my own teaching experience is limited to OUSD, I have
     certainly thought about how moving on might allow me to develop more as an educator.
     I would probably make more money too and very possibly teach fewer preps.
    I had a corrupt principal who could not recognize good instruction, let alone celebrate it.
     She lied to parents and her staff in order to maintain control and made decisions that
     benefit only her image, not the progress of the school (refusal to file CPS reports,
     "unofficial" suspensions that lowered our rates but screwed kids over for attendance). If
     I would not have been able to transfer sites, I would have left. Additionally, the constant
     turnover in the teacher corps as a result of low pay and low value is discouraging. It's
     hard to build momentum if every position has a three year limit on it. Fix that and the
     rest will follow.
    There is a reluctance to suspend students who severely disrupt the class. I understand
     the idea that we must have alternatives to suspension but there is often undue
     pressure put upon teachers to keep very disruptive students in class to keep the
     principals suspension numbers down.
                                                BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                              Coach Responses
27                                                                                   7/14/2011
    I had a disappointing experience with fingerprinting and waiting for my contract to be
    Very poor leadership in the district.
    As a new teacher, I was given a near-impossible position at a struggling PI school.
     Because I taught the only SDC of its kind within several miles, I was isolated from
     colleagues with similar caseloads and very little collaboration was built in. I did not have
     many of the resources I needed (including enough paraprofessional support to ensure a
     safe environment given student tendencies to aggress and run away), and almost left the
     teaching profession entirely at the close of my second year in that position. I now
     mentor the new teacher who replaced the replacement of my replacement's replacement
     in that EXACT classroom: OUSD continues to make the same mistakes with many of its
     new teachers. This saddens me, but I am glad I can help the new teacher avoid some of
     the pitfalls I experienced at the beginning of my career.
    New teachers are being asked to do too much. They do not get enough time to
     understand the curriculum, and plan effectively for their student populations.
    I no longer work for the school district except for things like being a BITSA coach.
    Infrastructure -- ongoing systemic problems that are allowed to continue. OUSD can be a
     pain in the butt to work with. Constant contract negotiations, ridiculous politics
     mandating unreasonable teaching requirements, pressure, intimidation, lack of respect
     for our professionalism, lack of raises, cutting benefits, lack of honesty, integrity...I'm
     talking about the district and folks at the district level. My school rocks, and that's why I
    see previous questions about red tape snafus
    Pay is an issue also.
    salary, district level disfuction
    Ignorant and corrupt leadership at all levels have produced many schools where good
     teaching is under siege. I fought for 16 years in West Oakland to stand up for best
     practices in teaching, before being driven out (via voluntary transfer) by the stress
     involved in daily confrontations with "reformers" who knew nothing about how kids learn
     or what they should learn. As a National Board Certified Teacher, I know something, and
     I am so glad to now be at a school where good teaching is honored. I will stay in OUSD
     as long as I can be in a place where good teaching happens. I am in that place now.
     We'll see.
    Low pay. Low performing students. Inadequate materials. Shoddy gym. Multiple preps (I
     have 5)...
    No qualified literacy coach at our school since it started 3 years ago. Few experienced
     teachers. Lots of support staff but they aren't well managed and therefore provide little
     actual support.

                                                 BTSA Induction Working Conditions and Mid Year
                                                                               Coach Responses
28                                                                                    7/14/2011

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