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					                                              Somik Raha
                               1329 Park Drive #12, Mountain View, CA 94040
                              Phone: 650-450-8246, E-mail:
Power Statement
Value Analyst with Strategic Analysis and Software Engineering experience
STANFORD UNIVERSITY, USA                                                           Sep 2004 – Jun 2010
 Ph. D. (Decision Analysis – GPA 3.875), dissertation title: “Achieving Clarity on Value,” Masters in
  Mgmt Sc. & Engg. (Org Behavior & Strategy)
 Relevant Courses: Decision Analysis I, II & III, Strategy for Hi-Tech Companies, Org. Behavior and
  Mgmt., Org. Design for Projects & Companies, Probabilistic Analysis, Optimization, Quantitative
 Other Research: Credit Risk Modelling (07), Global Teamwork (Dr. Fruchter, Win 05-Spr 06)
 Projects: Strategy Analysis for Danoo, Decision model for Daimler Chrysler engineering decisions,
  Brainstorm tool for Intel, Strategy Analysis for Google

BANGALORE INTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Bangalore, India                                   Sep 1995-Aug 1999
 Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Graduated First Class with Distinction
 Projects: Computer Vision Toolkit, Parking Bay Simulation for Bangalore Airport, Identifying IC Engine
Professional Experience
The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, Palo Alto, CA                                         Jul 2010-Present
  Analyzed where in the Amazon the foundation should focus its strategic efforts to support the REDD+
   framework (Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation)
  Developed valuation framework for tactical decisions involving forest conservation in the Amazon
  Provided clarity of action to the decision team and made the decision process transparent

SmartOrg, Inc., Menlo Park, CA                                                           Jun 2009-Sep 2009
Summer Intern
  Designed online version of Portfolio Game for executive education
  Simplified architecture of core decision analysis module of SmartOrg’s flagship product
  Helped with testing strategy to make complex mathematical logic more testable and transparent

Strategic Decisions Group, Palo Alto, CA                                               July 2008-Sep 2008
Summer Intern
  Created 1st version of Decision Professionals Network(DPN), now called Society of Decision Professionals
  Utilized Decision Analysis and Software engineering experience to manage development process of DPN

Nucleus Software & Exports Ltd., Noida, India                                          July 2007-Sep 2007
Decision and Risk Analyst (Summer Internship)
  Modeled business strategy decision on pricing new products
  Modeled credit risk and operational risk for BASEL 2 compliance
  Modeled software process adoption decision
  Modeled HR recruitment decision
Intel Corp, Chandler, AZ                                                                   June 2005-Sep 2005
Summer Intern
   Implemented interventions to improve human visibility, mitigate effects of time difference, negotiate over
    common currency in planning sessions and brainstorm in large groups
   Received three awards over the course of the internship and an “outstanding intern” rating
   Created virtual brainstorming tool that became very popular in the groups I worked with and was used for

Industrial Logic, Inc., Berkeley, CA                                                    Nov 2002-Aug 2004
Extreme Programmer & Coach
  Coached two teams at Nielsen Media Research Center, Florida to be agile
  Taught Industrial Logic’s workshops on Extreme Programming, Design Patterns and Testing &
  Interviewed in Better Software Magazine’s feature story “Don’t just break software, Make Software” (Aug
   2004) as the coach of Nielsen’s SOLAR team and in Mar Cover Story

Kizna Corporation, Tokyo, Japan                                                         Sep 1999-Sep 2002
System Architect & Product Manager
   Developed Photoboard and Mobile Gateway, first Japanese mobile photo blogging platform
   Product Manager for Photoboard, eCollab, Kizna’s browser based multi-lingual classroom chat program
Publications and Awards
   Course Assistant Award (2009), Department of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford
   Chih-wei Ho, Raha Somik, Gehringer Edward, Williams Laurie, Sangam – A Distributed Pair
    Programming Plug-in for Eclipse, OOPSLA 2004
   Raha Somik, James Sojan, Vaidyanathan Vidya, B. G. Lakshmi, C. V. Jawahar, Design Patterns for a
    Computer Vision Toolkit, Emerging Technologies for the Network Era in Eighth Annual Symposium
    (1999), IEEE Bangalore
Open Source Software Contributions
 Founder and Lead Contributor of a popular java html parser –
 Founder and Lead Contributor of a pair-programming plugin for Eclipse –
  Ron Howard, Professor, Dec. Analysis, Dept. of Management Science & Engg.,
  Stephen Barley, Professor, Work Technology & Organizations, Dept. of Management Science & Engg.,
  Renate Fruchter, Director, PBL Laboratory,
  Ron Dickson, Research Manager, KLSS, Intel Corp.,
  Joshua Kerievsky, Founder & Coach, Industrial Logic, Inc.,
   Yoga
   Philosophy

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