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					                                  John Woodard
                                Datacenter / I.T. Project
                              & Migration Manager /w PHP

Starting in my late teens I have over 20 years experience in the computer and networking
field. Starting with BBS’s and token ring networks, I progressed to building and
maintaining some of the largest web farms on the internet for some of the largest
companies. I have managed Clients such as while they were still big, Foliofn,
Cross Pen’s, and web infrastructure management for Nike, Colehann, and Liz Claiborne.
I am a model self starter and motivator with over 99% of my success and knowledge
coming from self education, drive, and working with other professionals. Although I am a
great manager in almost any situation, my greatest success comes from having a detailed
technical background in what I manage. By this technical knowledge, I better organize
projects, participate in project design, avoid pitfalls, manage technical staff with greater
success, and better translate technology issues to upper management. Although I have a
break in my resume for IT based project management, I am still very up to date, I have
been actively upgrading my knowledge, and I am very confident in my continued success.

Experience Summary:
20+ 24x7 Network Migration Projects          14+ Years IPv4 Network Design Experience
10+ Corporate Network Migrations             7+ Years Novell and NT Domain Design
4 years Datacenter & NOC Experience          20+ Years Proven Self Education & Background
4 Years VLAN Networking Experience           20+ Years Project Management Experience
4 Years Web Farm Design and Management       20+ Projects Using BigIP Load Balancing
2+ Years 20+ Team Member IT Management       5+ Years with Multi-Site Corporate Networks

I am very experienced in project management, staff management, client
management, and outage management. I also excel at documenting processes and
environments along with creating and improving outage and issue reporting
processes using diagrams and web development utilizing PHP and MySQL.

Education: This is my week point. I was 6 credits short of two associate’s degrees one in
programming, and the other in networking before I stupidly paused. I will though pursue
its completion in the near future. I possess two older Cisco networking certifications
(CCNA and CCDA.), and I am aggressively pursuing my CCDP & CCNP upgrades. In
addition I am also pursuing several Microsoft Server 2008 specialist certifications as well.

Employment History:
Current: 10-21-09 – Current – Self Employed

Packets and Bytes was one of my first steps in getting back into the IT business. It is a
great site where I implement all of my latest programming skills and post all of my past
network, project, design and management work. The web site includes custom session
support, MySQL based access logging, dynamic menus, and database driven dynamic
data using PHP and MySQL. It also includes sample web based visio diagrams of past
                                   John Woodard
                                Datacenter / I.T. Project
                              & Migration Manager /w PHP

networks and environments managed, built, and designed via my prior project
management positions. My prior management success over all others was due to my
detailed knowledge of systems, networking, and applications. Being a technical manager
allowed me to avoid pitfalls, keep projects focused, become a better translator of
technology to higher management, and better define the true project goals and needs.
This along with standard project management practices made me the best at what I do.

Current: John J Woodard III Custom Homes: - Self Employed

I am sure that this entry will make you wonder or stop reading all together, but don’t let it
as it is a great example of my diversity and abilities to learn. Without ever managing
home construction before, I went from my first home using minor assistance to building
homes completely on my own in just three months and progressed to building the
absolute best homes in just one year.

      Within one year I had almost mastered state and national building codes for
       footing and foundation construction, framing construction, and the hurricane
       extensions for 110mph wind zones.
      Through traditional project management techniques, I brought my homes in with
       great time and top quality, managing three to four homes at a time.
      By the end of my first year I was designing and drafting homes to state and
       national building codes.
      Built homes in some of the toughest inspection regions with minimal inspection
      Obtained my contractors license in my second year on my first attempt. This is a
       tough exam that most people fail their first several attempts.
      Built over 20 custom homes.

VeriSign / Network Solutions:
Project Manager February 2002 - October 2002
Supervisor John Kersse: VP Mass Markets Operations. WK: 703-890-2800

As PSINet went out of business one of my main managers, who is the contact for both
positions, hired me to join him at his new location. The main project was to be the lead
manager for the migration of all servers and infrastructure in their existing datacenter
except the root servers, and a few internal corporate servers to a new datacenter in an
adjacent town.
                                  John Woodard
                                Datacenter / I.T. Project
                              & Migration Manager /w PHP

      Well over 75 servers and devices in all were a part of the move. The services
       included their website generation service, their web mail service, and their
       domain registration service, along with many others.
      This job included overseeing a database migration team, a networking team,
       systems support engineers, and an IBM logistic team responsible for physical
      IBM was originally hired to perform the migration, but I was chosen over them.
      We had at maximum 20min outage for any given service, handled constant
       software updates during the entire project, and ended with complete success.
       Upon completion, I resigned for the reasons listed in my construction company
       resume entry.

Project Manager - July 2000 - February 2002
Supervisor John Kersse: Director Herndon Hosting Center. WK: 703-326-2813

Hired as a project manager who had never been in a datacenter before, I went from being
the worst PM they ever had to the best in JUST one year surpassing six other PM’s.

Major highlights include:
    Designing and managing small to large scale web farms.
           o Including IPv4 network design.
           o Vlan and load balancing design.
           o Project design and documentation
    Working with other datacenter members to improve DC and site level security
       design, documentation, and process standards
    I was promoted to a two man contract review team responsible for designing all
       PSINet web farms and approving all contracts sold by the sales department.
    My biggest achievement was when PSINet was consolidating datacenters as they
       were going out of business. Here I was tasked by John Kersse to design and
       implement a migration solution for all 24x7 sites in the closing datacenters of Los
       Angeles , Atlanta, and New York City. Since this operation was unknown in the
       company, I had to do the planning and design completely on my own. Once
       migrations became public and open meetings were held over 99% of my plan
       remained in tact. We migrated over 20 websites and farms with complete success
       with less then 20 minutes outage for any site.
    Stayed with PSINet to the end of their closing process.

NetTek –
Network & PC technician - Unk start – February 2000
John Almeter – Owner Norfolk, VA
                                   John Woodard
                                Datacenter / I.T. Project
                              & Migration Manager /w PHP

Primary Duties: Run internal internet service, install, configure, and support customer
networks, servers, and workstations in small to medium sized single and multiple site
networks. Main products include Novel Netware, Windows NT, and Cisco routers and
switches. Major achievements include growing a lot in supporting multiple clients, won
employee of the month several times, was able to solo install my first multi-location
Cisco network using NAT, Cisco firewall, & Netware 5.

Coastal Training Technologies / NetTek - July 1996 - February 2000
Primary Duties: Diagnose and repair systems, servers, networks, and PBX phone punch
downs in medium sized five building network. Major achievements include: taking lead
in two mass outage situations where on two occasions lightning had damaged over 50%
of our network infrastructure and over 25% of our systems; and managing a small set of
subcontractors for the expansion into a new building. Learning a lot as this was a big
position for me at the time, and included a lot of new responsibilities.

If you’re still with me, I have the following.

       I have over 10 years experience alone in internal corporate networks. This
        includes Coastal Training Technologies, NetTek, and the Mitre Corporation a
        large 10k user multi building government think tank in Northern VA.
       You can find more background information on my website including an example of a medium sized web farm I
        both designed and managed.
       Note that if I were to list all of my experiences you would run out of printer ink.
        Although I am only 41 I have been in this business since my late teens.

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