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									  The College Application Process
       at Solon High School
                        Class of 2011
SHS College Counselors for Seniors:
Mrs. Wendy Dingman           A-C    &   Skok-Stawiarski
Mr. Rick Nowak               D-G    &   Steidley-Thomas
Ms. Ann Bruce                H-K    &   Thompson-Wang
Mr. Calvin Washington        L-O    &   Waters-Wood
Mrs. Anne Johns              P-Si   &   Wu-Zysek

SHS College Planning Support Staff:
       Ms. Carol Rymaz              Secretary
       Mrs. Marcia Elbrand          Financial Aid Consultant
       Mrs. Mary Jane Reed          Essay Consultant
So far, So good in               9th-11th

   Practice tests: Explore, PLAN, PSAT
   College/career search and discovery
   Annual meetings with counselors
   Résumé created in 11th grade
   ACT and SAT testing
   College exploration and visitation
   Beginning of              12th     Grade
 I have a list of colleges that match my profile and
 I have taken SAT and/or ACT. (SAT IIs ?)
 I have registered for a fall SAT/ACT if needed to
 raise scores.
 I have completed the Student/Parent
 Questionnaires & Transcript Release Form and
 submitted to counselor.
 I have updated my résumé and given copy to
Where do we go from here???
1. Meet with your counselor for specific help
   and guidance in September. (Counselors will
  send you a pass. Have your questions written down to
  bring to your appointment.)
2. Request letters of recommendation if
3. Register/Complete ACT/SAT/SATII testing
4. Meet with Mrs. Reed if essays are required
5. APPLY!!!
     Three Basic Steps in
      Applying to College
1. Apply online to the college/university.

2. Send test scores to college/university via
   ACT/College Board websites.

3. Submit form to Guidance to request mailing
   of transcript, counselor form and
   recommendation letters.
But there’s more to consider…
 Does this application need an essay?
 Does this application require teacher
  recommendation letters?
 Does this application have a counselor page
  or “school report form”?
 Does this college/university use the
  Common Application?
 Does this college/university require SAT IIs?
 Do I send all scores or only my best scores?
   College Admission Timeline
    Meet with counselor for individual appointment
    Write essays/consult with Mrs. Reed
    Request recommendation letters
    Complete ACT/SAT testing
    Attend College Representative Visits to SHS
    APPLY
    Seniors/parents may meet with Mrs. Elbrand

    Seniors/parents complete FAFSA form
    Seniors complete local scholarship applications

MAY 1st – National deadline for college commitment/deposit
    What is most important in
     college admissions?
Top three factors that “open the door”:
 Test Scores
 Strength of Curriculum

Next three factors that can help make
 the final decision:
 Letters of recommendation
 Extracurricular activities/leadership
       Pointers for Students
 Take charge of your college application process
 Stay organized: forms, deadlines, requirements
 Communicate with your parents, counselor and
  recommending-teachers throughout the process
 Focus on the right fit for you, not the most “name-brand
  school” or where your friend is applying
 Don’t panic! Counselors are here to help you through the
        Pointers for Parents
 Let your student control the application process. Offer
  support, but do not do the applications for him/her.
 Reassure your son or daughter that you will be proud,
  regardless of the admission decisions.
 Use the resources: the Guidance website, Prep HQ,
  Senior Packet and SHS information sessions, to help
  understand and navigate the process.

 Remember, there is a school out there for everyone.
  Help your student find the right fit.
                                                                                   IN OFFICE DATE STAMP:

                                         Solon High School Guidance Office
                  College Application Processing Request Form
                      Submit this form to the Guidance Secretary every time you need a transcript sent.
                                  Copy this form or print from website as many as needed.

STUDENT __________________ _________       ID# ____________
College/University: _______________________________
  (OR: Send transcript to ___NCAA ___Scholarship ___ROTC ___ Other)
Date Submitted to Guidance Office _________________
Using on-line application?          ___ YES ___ NO
Using Common Application?           ___ YES ___ NO
Scores sent to college by ACT/SAT? ___ YES ___ NO (Student must have scores sent!)
Must be postmarked by: ________________ (allow two weeks for processing)
Include rec letters from: _____________________________________________________
Include teacher forms from: __________________________________________________
Notes to Counselor:

_____ College Application Processing Request Form with completed info (in box above)
_____ Large envelope addressed by student to college AND postage
_____ Counselor/School Report form with student section complete and signed
               (printed by student from college website)
_____    Resume
_____    Postcard for proof of receipt (from Ms. Rymaz when you are ready to turn in materials)
_____    (Application/essay/check - if completed on paper)
_____    (Copy of essay for counselor to read - if applicable)

       Before submitting any applications you must be registered on Prep HQ and have turned in your signed Transcript
        Release Form. (Both can be accessed on Guidance Webpage.)
       Hand the application materials directly to Ms. Rymaz for review. Do not just leave it on the desk.
       Allow two weeks for processing. Watch your deadlines!
       If applying online, print out the counselor page if required and complete/sign the student section. The counselor will
        complete the form after you have turned in your materials.
       Be sure to sign your application if using a paper application, and write your social security number on the check for
        the application fee.
       The Guidance staff will add your transcript, complete the counselor form, and include rec letters (as indicated above).
        Be sure to send ACT/SAT scores through the testing companies. Do this ASAP to allow processing time.

Date ready but ON HOLD for letters/forms: ____________                   Date MAILED: ____________
Using the Common Application
Common App: Student Application Forms
Common App: School Report Form
Common App: Teacher Evaluation Form
Student Athletes: NCAA Eligibility
The College Essay, Mary Jane Reed

   Financial Aid, Marica Elbrand

   If I apply online, am I done?
 No! In addition to online completion:

 - Submit College App. Processing form
 - Submit envelope with postage
 - Submit counselor forms
 - Submit verification postcard
 - Have test scores sent
What happens if I apply online
and then receive an email stating
that the Admissions Office did not
yet receive my transcript and
other materials from Guidance?
 Don’t worry! Online submission needs
  to catch up with what is sent from the
  Guidance Office.

 Check PrepHQ to confirm status.

 Should I wait until I retake the
  ACT/SAT to submit my applications
  to colleges?
 Complete and send applications ASAP.

 Have scores sent later directly from the
  testing agency.

 Remember, scholarship deadlines will
  not allow for late scores.

 What is the advantage of
  completing college applications
 Goal: applications submitted by

 Advantage for rolling admissions:
  student will be notified sooner
  regarding admissions.

 Do grades really count senior
  year? Don’t high school transcripts
  just show grades 9 through 11?
 Yes! Transcripts in the fall only reflect final
  grades from 9th -11th grade.
 Senior year does matter!
 Colleges expect to see 7th semester transcript
  and a final transcript.

 Admission status can be revoked if your
  transcript shows a decline in performance.

 With the new “Score Choice” program
 implemented by the College Board, do
 you recommend just sending the best
 Some colleges require scores from all
  tests taken. Some use best sub-scores
  from different test dates.

 Generally, we recommend sending all
  test scores from all tests.

 Consult with your guidance counselor.

 Must my letters of recommendation
  be from teachers?
 Recommender should know you well.

 Recommender could be a teacher,
  administrator, coach, club advisor,
  employer, youth leader, or peer.

 Be sure to follow the instructions of the
 How has the economic downturn
  impacted student choices
  regarding colleges?
 Increase in applications to public universities
 Greater interest in merit-based scholarships
 Increase in Early Decision/Early Action apps
 Some adding financial-safety schools
 Some choosing two-year colleges then
  transferring to four-year universities
 Many choosing in-state schools to ensure
  credit for AP work
 Could you recommend any
  resources or books which would be
  helpful at this stage of the
  application process?
 SHS Counselors
 Cleveland Scholarship: Mrs. Elbrand (financial aid)
 Mrs. Reed (essay)
 PrepHQ - our college counseling website
 Guidance Website – which also provides many
  college resource documents and website links
 Guidance section in the monthly PTA Newsletter
 College Rep Visits to SHS for seniors
               ANSWER: (continued)
 Seniors may attend sessions of our
  2010-2011 College Seminar Series:

    Sept 29      Using the Common Application
    Oct 27       Reviewing the Application Process
    Dec 1        Seniors Seeking Scholarships
    April 13     College Decision Time for Seniors
               ANSWER: (continued)
 Helpful Books:
- Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope
- The Gatekeepers-Inside the Admissions Process of a
  Premier College by Jacques Steinberg
- Getting In-Inside the College Admissions Process by Bill
- Student’s Guide to Colleges-The Definitive Guide to
  America’s Top 100 Schools
College is not a prize
to be won . . .
but rather a match
to be found.

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