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					®   LENGTH      OF   PROGRAM       AND      COURSEWORK                                                                                           Distinguish Yourself with
Each course meets for three hours one evening a week for ten
weeks. If you take one course per quarter, you should
be able to complete the entire program in approximately
                                                                           BECOME A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL
                                                                           PLANNER (CFP) PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                                                           CFP® CERTIFICATION
20-22 months.*
                                                                       If not now, When? Now is the time for you to earn the Certified

* An accelerated track can be acheived by taking two or three
                                                                       Financial Planner designation. The CFP® mark is widely recog-
                                                                       nized by the public and professionals as the gold standard in
courses per week for completion within one year.

                                                                       financial planning services. The Merrimack College Certificate
                                                                       program in Financial Planning will help you distinguish yourself
All Merrimack College Financial Planning instructors are experi-
enced professionals. They have earned either the CFP® certifica-
                                                                       with prospective clients and energize your career. Whether you
                                                                       are an independent practitioner, a member of a large firm, or a
tion or other appropriate professional licenses or designations.
All instructors use the financial planning topics outlined by          career changer, you can leverage the knowledge and prestige
Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board)
                                                                                                                                            CERTIFICATE PROGRAM AT
                                                                       associated with CFP® certification.
as a framework for all courses and share their expertise through-                                                                         FIDELITY – MERRIMACK, N.H.
out the course. As a result, the courses combine sound financial
planning theory with practical skills development.                     The Merrimack College program has been registered by the CFP          • Introduction to Financial Planning
®                                                                      Board of Standards for 15 years as a provider of the educational      • Insurance and Risk Management
                                                                                                                                             • Income Tax Planning
                                                                       component for taking the CFP national exam. Our program is            • Investment Planning
Tuition for all required courses is $695 per course (subject to
change). Please inquire for additional fee on textbooks. Tuition for   designed to fit the needs of busy professionals who want to           • Retirement Planning
the FP 108 Review Course is $850, plus textbooks. All students         enhance or change careers and augment their skills in financial         and Employee Benefits
pay a one-time Student Matriculation fee of $35. Payment for                                                                                 • Estate Planning
courses and textbooks must be received in full prior to the first      planning.                                                             • Case Analysis
class meeting.                                                                                                                               • Comprehensive Review

®   EDUCATION PREREQUISITES                                            ®   MA, NH AND MAINE INSURANCE                                      This Certificate Program Qualifies You For
                                                                           CONTINUING ED CREDITS                                               The CFP® Certification Examination
The CFP Board requires candidates for the CFP® certification to
earn a bachelor’s degree before they can hold the CFP® mark.                                                                                          Register today!
Refer to the CFP® Board’s Web site www.CFP  .net for more infor-       Merrimack CFP courses are approved by the Departments of             Online at Merrimack.edu/profedreg
                                                                                                                                                   or call 978-837-5182
                                                                       Insurance in MA, NH, and Maine for continuing education
    YOU WILL FIND:                                                     credit. Licenses for Life, Health, Property/Casualty, and
       Small classes and interactive discussions                      Variable Annuities can be awarded 30 hours of CE units for
       Flexibility in scheduling courses                              completion of any CFP course from Merrimack College.
       Networking opportunities
       Continuing education credits
                                                                                                                                                Professional Education
        Convenient class times                                                 normand.langlois@merrimack.edu.
                                                                                                                                              School for Advanced Studies
       Nearby classroom locations                                      Visit our Web site at www.merrimack.edu/cfp
                                                                                                                                             Visit: www.merrimack.edu/cfp
                                                                           COURSE INFORMATION
     FINANCIAL PLANNING PROGRAM                                            ®   FP 101 INTRODUCTION                 TO   FINANCIAL PLANNING                    ®   FP 105 RETIREMENT PLANNING                       AND
                                                                           • Introduction to the financial planning process and related job skills                EMPLOYEE BENEFITS
                                                                           • Review of the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility         • Nature and function of retirement plans and employee benefits programs
• A CFP® Board Registered Program                                          • Elements of financial planning; insurance, investments, taxation,
• Training financial service professionals                                                                                                                    • Types of retirement plans: government and private pension, individual
                                                                             retirement planning and employee benefits, and estate planning                     retirement accounts, and other qualified and non-qualified plans
  for 15 years.                                                            • Fundamental refresher of economics, business law, quantitative
• Committed to providing quality                                                                                                                              • Calculating client eligibility to participate in retirement plans, tax
                                                                             analysis, accounting, money and banking, and time value of money
  up-to-date financial planning courses                                    • The financial planning industry and developing a financial planning practice     deductible contribution limits, and taxation of benefits upon distribution
• Personalized courses providing                                                                                                                              • Needs analyses to determining client monetary needs and associated
                                                                           Course schedule: Mondays, (2009)
  contact with instructors                                                                                                                                      cash flow required for retirement
                                                                             July 13 - September 21      September 28 - December 7                            • Developing appropriate plans of action, including retirement plan

® COURSE OBJECTIVES:                                                       ®
                                                                                                                                                                options, that achieve client goals and objectives and complement
                                                                               FP 102 INSURANCE              AND    RISK MANAGEMENT                             comprehensive financial plans
• Perform comprehensive financial
                                                                           • Determining and managing risk for individuals and business                       Course schedule: Thursdays, (2009)
                                                                           • Purpose, structures, and coverage options of health, disability, long-
  planning services                                                          term care, life, property and casualty, and other types of insurance
                                                                                                                                                                October 1 - December 10
• Satisfy the educational requirments
                                                                           • Taxation of insurance benefits and their effects on financial planning
  needed to sit for the CFP®                                                 recommendations                                                                      FP 106 ESTATE PLANNING
  Certification Examination                                                • Developing comprehensive insurance and risk management plans                     • Calculating the taxation of gifts, estates, and generation skipping transfers
• Strengthen your professional network                                     Course schedule: Wednesdays, (2009)                                                • Estate planning techniques such as lifetime transfers and gifting,
• Prepare students to take and pass the CFP® exam                                                                                                               charitable gifting, utilization of trusts and partnerships, and
                                                                             July 15 - September 18       September 30 - December 9                             postmortem planning
  and become CFP® professionals
                                                                                                                                                              • How to develop practical strategies focused on goals and objectives
                                                                               FP 103 INVESTMENT PLANNING                                                     • How to apply current tax law to develop effective estate plans
                                                                           • Concepts of risk and return, equity and fixed income investments,                Course schedule: Tuesdays, (2009)
                                                                             mathematics of investing, evaluation of investment theories and strategies,        July 14 - September 15
• Financial Planners                                                         and regulation of the industry
• Accountants                                                              • Modern portfolio theory, capital asset pricing model, arbitrage pricing          ®   FP 107 CASE ANALYSIS
• Investment advisors and brokers                                            theory, and efficient market hypothesis
                                                                                                                                                              • Students take an active role analyzing cases and working under time pressure
• Securities dealers                                                       • Investment fees and expenses, time weighted vs. dollar weighted returns,
                                                                                                                                                              • Designed to help students integrate their knowledge of the six core
• Stockbrokers                                                               arithmetic vs. geometric returns, risk adjusted returns, and after-tax returns
                                                                                                                                                                financial planning topics
• Trust officers                                                           • Developing investment portfolios and implementation plans to meet client
                                                                                                                                                              • Capstone course that helps students prepare for the CFP Board’s comprehensive
                                                                             goals and objectives
• Attorneys                                                                                                                                                     exam and serves as a model for application as a professional
• Retirement plan and employee                                             Course schedule: Thursdays, (2009)                                                 Course schedule: Tuesdays, (2009)
  benefits specialists                                                       July 9 - September 10                                                              July 21 - September 8
• Bankers
• Insurance agents                                                             FP 104 INCOME TAX PLANNING                                                         FP 108 COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW COURSE
• Anyone considering financial                                             • Current tax code concepts, issues, regulations and their resulting
                                                                                                                                                                  – NORTH ANDOVER, MA            CAMPUS     ONLY
  planning as a career                                                        consequences for individual clients, businesses and other legal entities
                                                                           • Calculating taxable income, exclusions and deductions, depreciation and          •   Review the 89 topics that comprise the body of knowledge for the CFP® Exam
                                                                              amortization schedules, the alternative minimum tax, and real estate            •   Help students determine strengths and weaknesses.
                                                                              and business sales and exchanges                                                •   This four day course covers core topics each day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
CFP Board Disclaimer                                                       • Tax management techniques such as excluding income, deferring                    •   A great learning opportunity with top-notch instruction
Merrimack College does not certify individuals to use the CFP®, CERTI-     income, shifting income, and managing or timing income                                  Course schedule:
FIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and                  certification marks. CFP®
certification is granted only by Certified Financial Planner Board of
                                                                           • Tax planning strategies to manage tax liability and to accumulate assets                 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (2009)
                                                                              while minimizing tax consequences
Standards Inc. to those persons who, in addition to completing an edu-
                                                                           • Integrating tax strategies into a comprehensive financial plan                           June 25 - 28 and October 22 - 25
cational requirement such as this CFP® Board- Registered Program, have
met its ethics, experience and examination requirements. Certified         Course schedule: Tuesdays, (2009)
Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks
CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and federally registered                  September 29 - December 8                                                                CFP® National Exam Dates - 2009
CFP         in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully                                                                                      March 20 - 21    July 17 - 18  November 20 -21
complete CFP® Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements.