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The Wedding Planner! by theleopardus


									The Wedding Planner!

You’re engaged! Now what?
Use this checklist for a perfect Wedding Day!

6 to 12 Months Ahead.                                      3 Weeks ahead.
O Plan an engagement party                                 O Call guests who have not yet responded
O Set a date for your wedding                              O Plan reception seating arrangements
O Set a time                                               O Meet with hair stylist and make-up artists
O Prepare a budget                                         O Finalise transport arrangements
O Choose your reception venue and reserve your place
O Contact an officiant/cleric to preside at the ceremony
                                                           1 Week ahead.
O Start compiling the guest list
                                                           O Give final guest count to caterer
O Decide on the type of wedding and the size
                                                           O Pack your honeymoon suitcase
6 Months ahead.                                            O Create detailed schedule of activities for your
O Set your menu and bar requirements                          wedding day
O Select a caterer                                         O Select someone to be in charge of the schedule
O Choose a florist                                         O Pick up the rings
O Choose your retinue                                      O Pick up the dress
O Hire someone to make your cake                           O Get car cleaned/checked/serviced if necessary
O Hire a photographer and/or videographer
O Select a seamstress to make the dresses                  Your wedding day.
O Choose and hire musicians for the reception              O Eat a good breakfast
O Finalise guest list
                                                           O Attend hairstylist and make-up appointments
O Select gifts for the registry
                                                           O Give yourself plenty of time to get ready
O Start planning your honeymoon
                                                           O Relax and have fun
1 to 3 Month ahead.
O Send out invitations
O Order the wedding cake
O Finalise ceremony plans
O Purchase gifts for the bridal party
O Finalise floral arrangements
O Attend final dress fitting
O Finalise all legal requirements
O Select first dance song
O Give caterer preliminary guest count
O Arrange necessary rentals for reception
O Schedule wedding rehearsal
O Select and order wedding rings

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