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   Workforce Connections
     now has 23 Share Net-

                                      ACCESS IS KEY
     work Access Points

   Since we began in April
     over 5000 individuals
                                      V O L U M E        2 ,   I S S U E    2                                           J A N U A R Y       2 2 ,    2 0 1 0
     have received workforce
     services through Share
     Network Access Points
                                            Affirming Community Confidence Employability
                                                    Self-sufficiency & Self-esteem
                                     “If you always do what you have                                                 change their circumstances and practices to
                                 always done, you will always get                                                    make themselves more marketable in to-
                                 what you have always got”. “If you                                                  day’s work environment. These were 500
 INSIDE THIS                   are not satisfied with your current                                                   clients that received services, which they
 ISSUE:                        circumstances, you must make a                                                        may not have received if not for the dedica-
                               change.” This is the message that                                                     tion and innovation of the staff in the city and
                               the 23 ACCESS points currently                                                        county
 ACCESS is Innovative 1        functioning in Maricopa County and          ACCESS is key to fill the                 ACCESS Points.
                               the City of Phoenix are sharing with          community need.
                               their clients.                                                                        Do you know a church or community organi-
 ACCESS is Easy          1     They are informing clients that there                                                 zation interested in becoming an ACCESS
                               are jobs available; they just need to     provide services to these newly             POINT?
 Making a Difference     2     restructure their search methods, and     redesigned customers.
                               analyze themselves to see what                                                        Please contact Theresa Joseph,
                               “upgrades” they need to complete to       Through these innovative practices,         602-534-9672.
 Job Seeking Tips        2     make themselves marketable. They          ACCESS Points are making a differ- or
                               are informing their clients that they     ence in the City and County. During
                               need to become INNOVATIVE in the          this quarter ACCESS points serviced         Trina Jenkins
                               way they present themselves to the        over 500 clients. These are 500             602-372-4493
 Straight To the Point   3     employer, and the ACCESS Points in        clients that were given renewed   
 Featured ACCESS               turn have become INNOVATIVE in            hope. Five hundred clients that were
 Point Site                    the way they assess, advise, and          given motivation to innovate and
 1ST Quarter             4

                               ACCESS IS EASY!

 Workforce Connection 5
 Locations Near
                                                                                                                          1)   Many Phoenix area employers search
                                  The system that attaches the job       For those sites that missed the training,
                                                                                                                               this database to fill their current vacan-
                             seeker to needed services in the AC-        here is a brief overview of what clients
                             CESS points and One-Stops is the Ari-       can do to get started in the VOS system:
                             zona Virtual One –Stop System, better
                                                                                                                          2)   Phoenix and Maricopa workforce pro-
                             known as VOS                                Log on
                                                                                                                               fessionals utilize this database to pre-
                    The          Create a Username/Password
                                                                                                                               sent candidates to employers
                             City of Phoenix recently conducted a        Click on “resume builder”
                             VOS training for its ACCESS points to       Click on “create a new resume”
                                                                                                                          3)   Phoenix and Maricopa workforce pro-
                             make them more familiar with this system    Create multiple resumes using the job
                                                                                                                               fessionals will often contact candi-
                             that provides the job seeker with job       titles you want
                                                                                                                               dates based on the skill sets listed in
                             match services, tools and tips for effec-   Create a yahoo email account as some
                                                                                                                               VOS to participate in targeted hiring
                             tive interviewing, resume writing, and      employers use email as an initial contact
                             services for special populations of job     method
                             seekers such as veterans.                   Conduct a job search and apply                   To learn more about VOS please contact:
                                                                          The benefits to the clients are as follows:     Sherene McClemore

                                          MAKING A DIFFERENCE
              PAGE       2

                                               It is the flu season, and             To do this, it partnered with           To find out more about this
                                         “swine flu season. Unfortunately            One-Stop Career Centers                 program please contact
                                         as a result, Phoenix and Mari-              across the county to provide
                                         copa county have lost some of               $3 million in flu vaccinations,         Trina Jenkins
                                         its citizens this year to the flu.          100,000 free flu shots. Twenty          602-372-4493
                                         However, ACCESS Points and                  -five thousand unemployed job
                                         CVS Pharmacy have made a                    seekers, 18 years and older,  
                                         difference.                                 were eligible to receive a
                                                                                     voucher for a free seasonal flu
                                         Sixty-six percent of the unem-              shot at any MWC One-Stop
                                         ployed did not get a flu shot last          Career Center. One hundred
                                         year (per a CVS Pharmacy                    CVS Caremark flu vouchers
                                         Health IQ study). This year CVS             were given out to Access
                                         Caremark is working to ensure               Points, targeting those resi-
                                         cost and access are not barriers            dents who could not make it in
   Community                             for the vulnerable employed                 to a MWC One-Stop Career
                                         population.                                 Center.

                                     JOB SEEKING TIPS FROM VOS!                       employer before your interview. Good        ample time to sign in and fill out any neces-
                                                                                      sources of information include business     sary paperwork. Before you do anything
                                                                                      directories and periodicals at the li-      else, check in with the receptionist or let
ARIZONA                                                                               brary, newspaper articles, and Internet     someone else know you have arrived.
                                                                                      web sites. If possible, ask someone
VIRTUAL ONE-STOP,                                                                     other than the employer about required     In most cases, you will be asked to fill out an
                                                                                      or recommended dress codes for em-         employment application when you arrive for
“ A POWERFUL                                                                          ployees. Your general appearance and       your interview. Using your resume and iden-
                                                                                      attire will be an important factor in any  tification information for reference, fill out the
ONLINE JOBSEEKER                                                                      employer’s decision-making process.        application completely and legibly. Because
                                                                                       Thoughtfully prepare a list of          your resume may be filed separately from
AND WORKFORCE                 Preparing for an Interview                              detailed questions that you want to ask your application form, do not refer to your
                              Getting Ready for Your Visit-                           the employer. After all, an interview is a resume from the application form.
SERVICES SYSTEM”              When you receive an invitation to an                                                     
                                                                                      two-way street!
                              interview, we recommend that you pre-                                                              tips.asp?session=resbldr#step7
WWW.ARIZONAVIRTUALONESTOP.COM pare for your visit using these tips and                 If there are more than a few days
                              guidelines:                                             between your interview notification and
                                                                                      the actual interview date, use your
                                        If you are not familiar with the physi-
                                                                                      discretion in calling the employer the
                                    cal location where your interview will take       day before or several hours before your
                                    place, obtain an accurate set of directions       interview with a brief, cordial message
                                    or visit the building beforehand. Most            that you are looking forward to the
                                    often, you should be able to get driving          interview and will be there at the
                                    directions from the employer’s telephone          scheduled time. (If you believe that the
                                    receptionist. Try to accurately determine         employer may view this call as unnec-
                                    the time it will take for you to travel to the    essary, do not call.)
                                    interview location.
                                        If you are physically challenged in
                                                                                           Arrive at the interview location
                                                                                      about half an hour before your inter-
                                    any way, be sure to ask the employer's            view. Remember to bring your resume,
                                    receptionist or someone else familiar with        samples, references, and any identifi-
                                    the building about access, mobility fac-          cation information you may need
                                    tors, and so forth.                               (Social Security Number, passport,
                                         Learn everything you can about the         etc.). Arriving early should give you

                   ACCESS         IS      KEY
       PAGE   3

                          Straight to the Point: Featured ACCESS Site:
                          North Phoenix Baptist Church
                                                      them for his job search.       North Phoenix Baptist Church
                                                      While there, Lyle wanted to    5757 N. Central Avenue
                                                      help other people looking      Phoenix, AZ 85012
Affirming                                             for jobs and decided to be-
                                                      come an Access Point vol-

                                                      unteer. He was sent to Ac-
Community                                             cess Point training at the
                                                      MWC One-Stop where he
                                                      learned all about One-Stop
Confidence                                            services. Still unemployed,
                                                      Lyle used what he learned

                                                      of One-Stop services and
                                                      met with a Career Guidance
                                                      Specialist who helped him
                          North Phoenix Baptist
Self-sufficiency &        Church is an ACCESS
                          point in Maricopa County.
                                                      acquire funding for training
                                                      in Green Purchasing Fun-
                          They are a bright spot      damentals. Lyle graduated
Self-esteem               which serves up hope,
                          care, and pertinent em-
                                                      in December 2009 is now
                                                      looking for employment in
                          ployment advice to their    the Purchasing field.
                          clientele. Clientele like
                          Lyle Rich.
                                                      Want more information
                            Lyle Rich was laid off in about the North Phoenix
                          February 2009 from his job Baptist Church ACCESS
                          as a Purchasing Agent.      Point Services?
                          He later learned about the
                                                      Please contact:
                          employment services at
                                                      Marti Jo Anderson at:
                          North Phoenix Baptist
                          Church and began using

            ACCESS   IS    KEY
      PAGE   4

                          1st Quarter Results
                  This quarter, the ACCESS Points in
                  Phoenix and Maricopa county have                                                Emmanuel Church of God in Christ.
                                                           Mt. View Lutheran                      Sara Williams
                  serviced 500 clients. ACCESS
                                                           Charles Patrick                        1537 W. Buckeye Road
                  points have also provided volunteers     11002 S. 48th St                       602- 258-2722
                  opportunities to sharpen their skills,   Phoenix, AZ 85044
                  develop a sense of worth, and pride      480-706-9311                           Rehoboth Community Development
                  in helping members of their commu-                       Corp.
                  nity. The organizations responsible                                             Gwendolyn Relf,
                  for these wonderful results are listed   Phoenix First Assembly of God -        2315 N. 35th Avenue
                                                           Dream Center                           Phoenix, AZ 85009
                                                           Dave Jones
                                                           210 NW Grand Ave
                  Phoenix:                                 Phoenix, AZ 85017
                                                                                                  North Phoenix Baptist Church
                                                                                                  Marti Jo Anderson,
                  Bridge/                                  602-346-8700-office                    5757 N. Central Avenue
                  Rio Vista Community Center                Phoenix, AZ 85012
                  Tim Lesher                                                                      602-677-7308

“Coming           1431 E. Southern
                  Phoenix, AZ 85040
                                                           Phoenix First Assembly of God-         City of Peoria (Library)
                                                           Church                                 Jill Thomsen,
together,         480-518-7047                             Daniel Gonzales
                                                           13613 N. Cave Creek Rd
                                                                                                  8653 W. Monroe Street
                                                                  Peoria, AZ 85345
                                                           Phoenix, AZ 85022                      623- 773-7566
                  FIBCO Family Services, Inc.    
Sharing           Ben Robinson
                  1141 E. Jefferson                        Somali American United Council         Foster Youth and Alumni Transition
together,         Phoenix, AZ 85034
                                                           Mohamed Abukar
                                                           2450 E. Thomas
                                                                                                  Traci Gruenberger
                             Phoenix, Az 85016                      807 N. Stapley Drive, Mesa, AZ 85203
                                                           602-277-7662                           480-396-3795
Working           Fire & Water Church
                  Lazeel Hall
                                                                                                  For more information regarding the
                  1937 E. Diamond                          Tanner Community Development           ACCESS Points listed above please
                  Phoenix, AZ 85007                        Corporation                            contact:
                  602-246-1775                             James Mccullom
                        700 E. Jefferson # 300                 Please contact Theresa Joseph,
                                                           Phoenix, AZ 85034
Succeeding        Greater Love Ministries                  602-253-6904                           602-534-9672.
                  Kathy Riley                        or
Together “        7317 N. 61st Ave
                                                                                                  Trina Jenkins
                  Glendale, AZ 85301
                  623-570-2304                             Maricopa:

                  Keys Community Center                    Buckeye Outreach for Social Services
                  Deborah Chapman                          (BOSS)
                  602-243-0174                             Ted Burton,
                           501 E. Mahoney Street
                                                           Buckeye, AZ 85326
                  Lutheran Social Services of the          623-386-6365, Option 1
                  Southwest @ Christ the King
                  Lutheran Church                          Impacted for Purpose Ministries
                  Robert Sanders                           Yvonne Edwards,
                  10030 N. 32nd St                         4210 E. Main Street, Suites 11 Mesa,
                                                           AZ 85205
                  Phoenix, AZ 85028
                                                           480- 491-2878

                 ACCESS          IS    KEY
    VOLUME                     2,      ISSUE               2                                                                                                                 PAGE     5

      PHOENIX WORKFORCE                                               PHOENIX WORKFORCE                   MARICOPA WORKFORCE
      CONNECTION NORTH:                                               CONNECTION WEST:

      9801 N. 7th Street                                              3406 N. 51st Avenue                 735 N. Gilbert Road, Ste 134                               “Dare to reach
      Phoenix, AZ 85020                                               Phoenix, AZ 85031                   Gilbert, AZ 85234
                                                                                                                                                                     out your hand
                                                                      Phone: 623-247-3304
      Phone: 602-861-0208
                                                                                                                                                                     into the
      PHOENIX WORKFORCE                                               MARICOPA WORKFORCE                                                                             darkness, to
                                                                      WEST VALLEY:
                                                                                                                                                                     pull another
                                                                                                                                                                     hand into the
      4732 S. Central Avenue                                          1840 North 95th Ave, Suite 160
                                                                      Phoenix, AZ 85037
      Phoenix, AZ 85040
      Phone: 602-534-4732

Commonly Used Community Numbers
Bus Service                                                                                    Family Services Centers:
Discount Fare Certification                                                                    1250 S. Seventh Ave. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 534-1250
(youths 6-18, seniors 65 and older,                                                            914 W. Hatcher Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 495-5229
and persons with disabilities) . . . . . . . . . . 261-8506                                    3454 N. 51st Ave. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 262-6510
Ride Share . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 262-7433                            Senior Services Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 262-7379
Route & Schedule Information . . . . . . . . . 253-5000                                        Utility Assistance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 262-4520

Emergency Numbers                                                                              Senior Services
Police, Fire, Medical Emergency . . . . . .9-1-1                                               Reserve-A-Ride Registration
Accident Cleanup . . . . . . . . . . . …. .262-6441                                            & information . . .. . . . 262-4400
Crime Stop (Police) . . . . . . . . . … . .262-6151                                            Reserve-A-Ride Reservations . . . . . . . . . 262-4501
Gas Leaks - Southwest Gas . . …. . .271-4277                                                   Senior Centers, Senior Companion Program . . . . . . . 262-7379
Information (City Switchboard) …. . .262-6011
Parks Night Emergency . . . . .262-6386                                                         Social Problems
Poison Control . . .253-3334                                                                   (Emergency Food, Clothing, Transportation or Counseling………….262-6666
Power Outages
APS . . . . . . . . . .371-7171                                                                Youth Programs
SRP .. . . . . . . . . .236-8811                                                               Library . .. . . . . . . . . 262-6625
                                                                                               Parks and Recreation. . . . . . 262-7370
Home Maintenance Training Classes (Homeward Bound) . . . . . . . . . . . 495-0700              Youth & Education . . . 495-0314
Human Services

Phoenix Workforce Connection
Administration                                                         Phone: 602-534-9672
City Hall, 200 W. Washington                                           Fax: 602-534-3915
19th floor                                                             E-mail:
Phoenix, AZ 85003                                            

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