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SEMESTER 1 Chapter 5 - Download as DOC


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									                     CCNA Exploration Module 2 Chapter 9
                     V 4.0

9.0.1     What features are found in
          EIGRP that are not found in
          other distance vector routing
          What type of protocol does
          EIGRP act like?
          What type of routing protocol is
          How is EIGRP similar to RIP
9.1.1     What protocol was the
          precursor to EIGRP?
          What are the metrics
          composed of?
          What algorithm was used in
          What two things does EIDRP
          not do?
          What table does EIGRP
          maintain that is separate from
          the routing table?
          What is included in the above
          Define loop-free.
          What is the result of using
          mechanisms to prevent routing
          loops and count to infinity
          problems in RIP and IGRP?
          What does EIGRP use to solve
          these problems?
9.1.2     What are the three
          type/length/value types in
          What is the protocol field value
          for EIGRP?
          What is the destination ip
          What is the MAC address for
          an EIGRP packet in a frame?   What are the four Opcodes for
          What are the two factors that
          EIGRP weights?
          Define delay.
          Define Bandwidth.
          What is the minimum length for
          a subnet mask in EIGRP?
          What is added to the subnet
          mask to reach the minimum
9.1.3     What are the three protocols
          does EIGRP support?
          What does EIGRP use to be
          able to support these
9.1.4     What protocol does EIGRP use
          to deliver and receive packets?
          Why does EIGRP have to use
          the above protocol?
          What are the two methods of
          delivery for RTP?
          What is the difference between
          the two methods of delivery?
          What are the two methods that
          RTP can send packets?   What are Hello packets used
          What are Update packets used
          When are Update packets
          What are ACK packets used
          When are ACK packets used in
          What type of delivery method
          does an ACK packet use?
          What are QUERY and REPLY
          packets used for?
9.1.5     What must happen before
          EIGRP can exchange packets
          between routers?
          What is a Hello packet used
          How often are hello packets
          How often are hellos packets
          sent on multipoint
          nonbroadcast multiaccess
          networks (NBMA)?
          What does an EIGERP router
          assume if it continues to
          receive hello packets from a
          Define Holdtime.
          What is the holdtime by
          What happens if the holdtime
9.1.6     Define partial.
          Define bounded.
          Why does EIGRP use partial
          bounded updates?
9.1.7     What is the Diffusing Update
          Algorithm (DUAL)?
          What problem is associated
          with DUAL recalculations?
          What does DUAL do to avoid
9.1.8     Define Administrative Distance.
          What are the two default
          administrative distances for
          What is the administrative
          distance for a summary route?
9.1.9     Can EIGRP be configured to
          use authentication?
9.2.2     Define an Autonomous System.
          Who is responsible for
          assigning AS?
          What is the length of an AS
          Who needs an autonomous
          system number?   What does EIGRP use a
          process ID for?
9.2.3     What is the command to enable
          EIGRP as the routing protocol?
          Who chooses the autonomous
          system number used in the
          above command?
          What is the range available for
          autonomous system numbers?
9.2.4     What are the two functions that
          the network command
          provides?   What is used in EIGRP to limit
          the number of interfaces within
          a network that will be
          What is the inverse of a subnet
9.2.5     What must be established
          before any updates can be sent
          or received?
          Define the following entries in
          the EIGRP neighbor table:
          H column
          Queue Count
          Sequence Number
          If a ping is successful but the
          router still does not see the
          other router as a neighbor,
          what else should be checked?
9.2.6     What is the command to
          disable automatic route
          What variably subnetted mean?   What happens if a packet
          matches the parent route but
          none of the child routes?
          What are the two conditions
          that must be met for EIGRP to
          include a null0 summary route?
          What happens to the summary
          route when the no auto-
          summary command is issued?
9.3.1     What are the metrics that
          EIGRP can use?
          What two metrics are used by
          default?   What command can be issued
          to see the K values?
9.3.2     What command can be used to
          examine the actual values used
          for bandwidth, delay, reliability,
          and load in the computation of
          the routing metric?   Define delay.   Define reliability.
          Define load.
9.3.3     Does the bandwidth command
          change the actual speed of the
9.3.4     What is the multiplier used to
          calculate EIGRP metric?   What bandwidth is used in
          calculating the EIGRP value
          between two interfaces?
          What is the reference value for
          bandwidth in EIGRP?
          How is delay calculated in
          How is the final metric that
          EIGRP uses calculated?
9.4.1     What is the algorithm EIGRP
          uses to determine the best
          What are the four main features
          that DUAL provides?
          What are the terms associated
          with DUAL?
9.4.2     Define successor.
          Define feasible distance(FD).
9.4.3     Define feasible successor(FS).
          Define feasibility condition
          Define Reported Distance (RD)
          or Advertised Distance (AD)
9.4.4     Where are the successor,
          feasible distance, and any
          feasible successors with their
          reported distances kept by a
          What command will show you
          the topology database?   Know each piece of the
          topology table.
9.4.6     What is the centerpiece of
          EIGRP is DUAL and its EIGRP
          route-calculation engine called?
          What does the FSM define?   What happens after the
          interface is shut down?   What state does DUAL place a
          route in if the successor goes
          down and there is no feasible
          What happens if the sender
          does not receive replies that
          have a route to the network?
9.5.1     What happens if a packet
          matches the parent route but
          not any of the child routes?
          What happens is you disable
          auto summarization?   What happens to all
          adjacencies after the no auto-
          summary command is issued?
9.5.3     What command is used to
          enter a manual route
          What happens to the routing
          table after the above command
          is entered?
9.5.4     What type of route can be used
          with any of the routing
          protocols we have used so far?
          What command is used to
          include a static default route
          with its EIGRP routing
          What does a default route
          provide a default path to?
9.5.5     What can be changed to
          improve EIGRP?   What are the two areas
          discussed that can also be fine
          What happens if the hold time
          is not adjusted when the hello
          interval is adjusted?
          What should the hold time be
          set to?

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