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									                    Minutes of NCCL Members Business Meeting
                               Monday, April 19, 2010 (3:30 - 4:25 pm)
                                  Ballys Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

NCCL President Anne Roat called the NCCL Business meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. Board members
were introduced.

Approval of the Minutes from the Business Meetings on April 28, 2009 and April 30, 2009.
NCCL Secretary Joanie McKeown reminded those present that in May 2009 and again in April 2010
NCCL members were notified that the minutes for the 2009 Business meetings were available online.
   Joyce Crider motioned and Bryan Reising seconded the motion to accept the April 28th minutes.
Ann Pinckney motioned and Harry Dudley seconded the motion to accept the April 30th minutes. Both
minutes were approved without correction.

Financial Report:
NCCL Treasurer Kathy Kleinlein announced that the 2008 Audit was completed with no problems cited.
     The first quarter income from membership dues remains steady compared with the first quarter of
last year. Overall membership numbers are increasing even though the number of diocesan staff and
corporate members have decreased. If the first quarter trend continues we will have 2037 NCCL
members in 2010 compared to 1947 in 2008 and 1829 in 2009. Joanie McKeown worked with
Executive Director Lee Nagel and Office Manager Pat Dudley to alleviate a number of database issues
so that our numbers are more accurate than a few years ago.
     Income from product sales is up by $3566 in the first quarter of 2010 over the first quarter of 2009.
Income from the annual conference is trending higher over last year. The 2009 Annual Conference
profit was below budget. The 2010 annual conference should reach or exceed the budgeted profit.
Number of attendees at the conferences: 2008 Houston 663; 2009 Detroit 596; 2010 Las Vegas 629.

Executive Director Report by Leland Nagel, NCCL Executive Director
The NCCL Newsletter written by Lee Nagel has now been distributed for 145 consecutive weeks.

This year’s Catechetical Sunday book, Reflecting God’s Enduring Love, includes 12 pages of reflections
written by children, teens, and parents. Lee shared samples of some of the pages. The Catechetical
Sunday pin created by NCCL and the book are now available. (Catechetical Sunday materials from the
USCCB are now online or will be shortly.

The Echo the Promise campaign for 2009 raised $11,920. This is higher than the amount raised in 2008.
Half of this money goes into endowments; half is available for use by the three Forums. The kick-off
for this campaign is during the Annual Conference. The Annual Appeal brought in $3750 with 53 trial
memberships. Cost saving measures included reducing the office area by one room and reducing the
overall staff hours.

Available through NCCL are Source Book on Adolescent Catechesis: Volume II published by PAC
(Partnership on Adolescent Catechesis), Knowing Jesus and His Message: A Tool for Catechists, and
Conociendo a Jesús y Su Mensaje: Una Herramienta para Catequesis Parroquial.

NCCL continues to partner with NCPD (National Catholic Partnership on Disability) in providing
NCCL members free access to NCPD webinars. NCCL is involved in various national collaborative
projects: PAC (NFCYM, NCEA, NCCL), Diocesan Educational/Catechetical Leadership Institute
(NCEA, NCCL, USCCB), Alliance for the Certification of Lay Ecclesial Ministers (NPM, NALM,

NFCYM, FCDL, NCCL), co-sponsor of Lay Ecclesial Ministry – Co-Workers in the Vineyard which
continues the work of the first symposium held in 2007 at St. John’s University, Collegeville, and
consultants for Catholic Leadership Program: An Executive Program for Catholic Leadership offered at
Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame.

Office staff consists of two full time people and one student worker. Outsourcing: bookkeeper and
accountant (one day per week for each), conference assistance by TM Enterprizes, editor of Catechetical
Leader magazine.

Speaker’s Bureau Pilot Program:
The Combined Federal Campaign is an opportunity for federal workers to contribute funds to non-profit
organizations. NCCL does business as “CREED” – Catholic Religious Educators” in this campaign and
receives $20,000 to $30,000 each year. One of the requirements is that NCCL must provide service in
15 different states over each 3-year period. Up until now, Lee has been providing these services.
     Beginning this summer, a Pilot Program will begin whereby other members of NCCL will speak on
behalf of NCCL. In this pilot stage of the program, committee chairs and Board members were invited
to join the Speaker’s Bureau. The following speakers will participate in this pilot program: Charleen
Katra, Kathy Kleinlein, Leland Nagel, Ken Ogorek, Dr. Anne Roat.
     In promoting this bureau, it would be helpful to state the type of presentation the speaker will do
(lecture, interactive, etc). The diocese or PCL organization that hires the speaker is responsible for the
speaker’s stipend and travel expenses. A portion of the speaker fees will be given to NCCL. Spanish-
speaking presenters are in demand, so we will want to expand the Pilot Program as soon as possible.

NCCL’s Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan with its goals and 16 Action Items will be available online in May. This plan is
based on NCCL’s Mission Statement.
     The Board began by naming the goals and objectives. Rep Council developed the Action Items for
each goal. Progress on the Action Items includes:
1.1.1 NCCL now has a Facebook fan page and Twitter account at
2.2.2 The latest version of Catechetical Leader magazine is available at along
     with 3 podcasts recorded via Skype.
3.2.1 This annual conference includes a presentation of White Papers and panel discussion on
     implementing the curriculum framework. Plans are being made for a presentation and panel
     discussion on another topic at the 2011 conference.
4.1.1 NCCL’s Communications Committee are videoing people at this conference.

Editorial Board for Catechetical Leader magazine:
Rep Council gave input on the Editorial Board Guidelines draft which had been developed by the Board.
They suggested names of people to serve on this 6-9 member Editorial Board. Anyone wishing to
submit names of people to serve on the Editorial Board, please email NCCL.

Announcement of new at-large Board members (3-year terms) by Tish Scargill:
Members of the Leadership Discernment Committee are Tish Scargill (chair), Rebecca Titford (DDRE
Forum), April Dietrich (PCL Forum), and Evelyn Burton (temporarily replacing Michael Wagner,
Diocesan Staff Forum). All NCCL members had been invited to nominate people. The LDC presented
five candidates. Rep Council discerned Mary Jo Waggoner and Karen Pesek to the at-large positions.

Respectfully submitted,
Joanie McKeown, NCCL Secretary
April 29, 2010

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