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									                                  Lena Daniels
39xx Olmstead Avenue Los Angeles, CA 900xx Phone: (323) 295-34xx Email:

                             PRESCHOOL TEACHER
Highly motivated, experienced preschool teacher with a creative approach to curriculum
                    planning and superlative communication skills

                         SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

   Over 8 years experience as a preschool teacher with a creative, energetic approach to
   Consistently establish and maintain friendly, positive communications with students,
    parents and co-workers
   Skilled in Internet research and locating credible sources of information related to
    children’s health, teaching methods, child psychology and curriculum planning
   Spanish—fluent speaking ability
   Artistic drawing ability & artwork planner—samples available
   Exceptional organizational abilities—consistently striving to meet & exceed set goals.
    Solid work ethic, and a friendly, professional attitude.
   Exemplary communication skills—adept at clearly relaying information, both verbally
    and in writing

                          PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Preschool Teacher, HG Private School, Los Angeles, CA (1998-present)

     Instruct over 85 preschool-aged children in activities designed to promote cognitive, physical
      and social development
     Maintain daily classroom schedule, which includes learning colors, numbers, alphabets and
     Created "Children on the Bus," a 15-minute session which combines dramatic play and
      learning through music and singing
     Designed and use 'hands-on learning' centers for science, social studies, language
      development & health
     Created "poster board story time," where children participate in storytelling by verbally &
      artistically creating their own story endings
     Developed and maintain "Gray Garden," the school garden area recently added to the
      curriculum with units on plant growth

  Artistic Achievements
   Develop art projects for holidays & learning units, including leaf painting for fall, zoo trains
      for "circus day" and rainy day collages for the weather
   Create seasonal artwork for hallway and display bulletin boards
   Coordinate and design artwork and background scenery for annual "Spring Graduation
   Serve as creative consultant for multicultural celebrations, which include Hawaiian, African,
      Mexican, Italian, & Japanese festivals
    Lena Daniels 39xx Olmstead Avenue Los Angeles, CA 900xx (323) 295-34xx (Page 2)

                              PARENT’S COMMENTS
"My child began preschool late, as an older 3-year old. He was only with Ms. Daniels for
 several months, but she helped make his transition to school so much easier--and fun even! He
 loves the art & gardening projects, and so do I."

"Ms. Daniels is talented, and brightens up the school with her beautiful artwork."

    o Career Certificate of Completion, Early Childhood Development, West Los Angeles
      College, Culver City, CA (1998)
    o UCLA Extension, Westwood, CA (1999) Key courses: “Art In Early Childhood
      Education,” “Extending Learning Through The Arts,” “Voices And Rhythms From Many
      Cultures: Storytelling In The Classroom.”
    o CPR/First Aid Certification
    o Computer skills include proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel,
      Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, and Internet research

                          VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

    Teacher’s Assistant: Alpha School, Los Angeles, CA (1997)
    Daycare Assistant: Center for Enriched Education, Culver City, CA (1996)
    Teacher’s Assistant: Golden Day School, Los Angeles, CA (1996)

                         ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

 Expertise for functioning independently and in a collaborative environment. Able to
  bring productive energy and accuracy to both individual and group tasks and assignments.
 Memberships: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

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