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									The Differences between Wildcard SSL and EV SSL to secure e-Commerce

E-Commerce solutions to enterprise organizations are vital to increasing their ranks of customers as well
as maximizing their sales. Viruses and hacker tools are available worldwide; this must be acknowledged
for a real view of the threats to the online free market. Viruses can be implemented instantaneously via
the Web. Even if a virus is detected, even if that problem is addressed, companies and people can't be
too comfortable, because our understanding of security must maintain the same speed as that of the
hackers. A company's security infrastructure shows a concern and understanding for the reality of online
threats. However, security continues to be a challenge for many companies.

Wildcard SSL Security for e-Commerce Business:

In e-Commerce business, the Wildcard SSL Security certificate is important due to its unlimited scope.
Wildcard SSL Security allows users to authenticate access to multiple subdomains with a single digital
certificate, such as and You would specify the wildcard by placing
an asterisk before the primary domain name in question, such as * Securing each
subdomain with individual SSL certificates can get expensive, so a Wildcard SSL, securing all the
subdomains with a single digital certificate, can come in handy. The Wildcard SSL allows any e-
Commerce subdomain you choose to create to be authenticated automatically.

Mobile Device compatibility:

Some popular device operating systems, including windows mobile 5, don't recognize the wildcard
character and therefore can't use the Wildcard Certificate. For incompatible mobile devices, you need to
use a single certificate or get a Wildcard SSL Plus, which is specially produced to work on incompatible
devices in the subject alternative name of the certificate.

Key Advantages of Wildcard SSL Security Certificate:

Comprehensive SSL security solution for any eCommerce Business.

Single Server Certificate to Secure Unlimited Subdomains (*

Unlimited Server licenses without any extra cost.

Fast and Automated process.

Affordable SSL security solution for entire Business.
EV SSL Security for e-Commerce Business:

SSL security certificates are a key component of a reliable e-commerce enterprise, properly utilizing the
Public Key Infrastructure. Major aspects of any SSL security certificate are confidentiality, authentication
and integrity, so that online spectators can correspond securely with the website, so that the
information that an Internet user can't be interrupted or altered in transit without detection to ensure
that the Internet user is a valid organization's website, not an impostor's website.

Extended Validation SSL or EV SSL Certificates produces the power of the Green address bar on the
latest web browsers. Also, EV SSL will generate three additional and prominent user confidence
symbols: the closed Padlock, the https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) and an SSL Secure seal
from a Valid Certificate Authority (CA). All of these aspects of the website will instantly generate the
message that the website is authorized, that it is not likely to be a phishing site because the legitimate
server is communicating, and it's a safe place to perform business.

Key Advantages of Extended Validation SSL or EV SSL Security:

Highest available data Encryption

Free EV root updater code

Flexible unlimited reissues

Stand out from the crowd

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