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					                                The Idaho
                       DrinkingWater Newsletter
    Assistance for
    Public Water
                            Department of Environmental Quality       Idaho Drinking Water Program
                                                                                                                            April 2006, Number 40
Suggestions for small systems serving less than 3,300 people
Notifying the public of a boil water advisory
It is the responsibility of a public water system to protect
  public health by providing safe drinking water. In the event
that contamination is detected in drinking water, the system
                                                                  2. Make a list of reasons requiring a boil water advisory.
                                                                     For your list, here are the major reasons for issuing a
                                                                     BWA: zero or negative pressure; a sudden drop in
must notify customers quickly to protect them and to comply          pressure to below 20 pounds per square inch (psi)*; a lab
with the requirements of the Public Notification Rule.               confirms presence of E. coli; a break in a distribution
                                                                     line; a malfunction of the treatment system; a cross-
                                 Once a potential health             connection to a contaminated water supply; or the
                              hazard is discovered in a water        flooding of a supply well.
                              supply, system owners and
                              operators are required to notify        (* Water pressure falling below 20 psi does not necessarily
                              their customers using a public      constitute an immediate health hazard. It does signify the existence
                              notice. Public notifications are    of conditions that could allow contamination to enter the water
                              classified as Tier 1, Tier 2, and   system through backflow by back-pressure or back-siphonage.
                                                                  Drops in pressure below 20 psi should be considered on a case-by-
                              Tier 3 with Tier 1 being the
                                                                  case basis, and in conjunction with your regional DEQ office.)
                              most serious.

                                 Public notifications can cover
                              a range of violations including
                              hazardous or toxic chemical                               Setting up a phone tree
Boil vigorously for 1 minute. contamination, turbidity
violations or exceedances, and microbiological contamina-
                                                                                         - Some SuggeStionS -
tion. In practice, however, the majority of public notices
are boil water advisories (BWAs), which are microbiological               Phone trees (“telephone trees”) are easy to set up,
in nature - the result of coliform bacteria.                                   but a few suggestions may be in order:
    When the fecal coliform or E. coli maximum
contaminant level (MCL) is exceeded, a Tier 1 violation               n Select a lead person/coordinator and a set of volunteers.
is triggered. Consequently, a system is required to notify
the public as soon as possible, but not later than 24 hours           n Make a list with current telephone numbers (and/or e-mail
of the occurrence. And because coliform is present, the                  addresses) of all the people you want to reach.
system must inform its customers to boil their drinking
water until further notice.                                           n Write a brief script of what you want to say (this will vary for
                                                                         each particular situation, of course).

Be prepared - develop a Boil Water Advisory Plan of Action            n Have each volunteer phone one other person, or perhaps
                                                                         four or five others.
So, in the event of a boil water advisory situation, how do           n Each caller should keep trying to reach each person on their
you get the word out to customers immediately? The first                 list until they make contact.
step is to develop a set of procedures – a plan of action.
Here are some general suggestions for preparing such a plan           n If you cannot reach a person on the list, notify the
ahead of time:                                                           coordinator.

1. Decide who is in charge. Designate a first and second              n Finally, test the tree once before you need it.
   person in charge in case one or the other is out of town
   or unable to handle the emergency.

                                                                                                     continued, Notifying      the public, page 2
    Notifying the public, from page 1
    3. Develop a clear set of procedures. Decide which                                    n    Deliver fliers door-to-door. Type out notices or fliers.
       actions to take in an emergency situation, such as a                                    You could use hand-written notes, but customers may
       coliform MCL exceedance, and then write down the                                        take this approach as a prank. Fliers can be taped to a
       procedures and use these as your guidelines. Without a                                  door or placed where the message is easily noticed.
       plan of action, conflicting directives and public notices
       can lead to confusion and frustration on the part of your                               If you use the flier method, never place the notice
       customers, and endanger their health. (A suggested list of                              or advisory in a mail box because residents may have
       basic emergency procedures is given below.)                                             already checked their mail and may not find out until
                                                                                               the following day.
    4. Determine temporary
                                                                                                                                               Door hangers. Closely
                                                                   i      e              i               ...
       alternate water sources.                             n       t iS xtremely mportant                                                aligned to fliers are door
       Decide ahead of time
                                                                                                                                          hangers, which can be an
       how you will provide
                                                                                                                                          effective way to notify citizens
       alternative safe drinking                    to remember to contact the operators of all public                                    of a boil water advisory.
       water in an emergency if            facilities (schools, daycares, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)
       the situation warrants it.                         to notify them of the Boil Water Advisory.                                      If the door hanger is not
       Your choices may be to                                                                                                             made with an opening to put
       use bottled water or bulk                                                                                                          over the door knob, knot a
                                          If direct contact with the operator is not possible, ask to speak to a member of the facility’s
       water provided by certified             management staff. Valuable time can be lost if your message is routed incorrectly.         rubber band through a hole
       water haulers. (For a list                                                                                                         punched in the notice and
       of certified water haulers in your county, see DEQ’s                                            put the rubber band around the door knob. You can assist_business/pws/                                          also tape the hanger to the door knob.
       haulers_certified.xls or request a copy from DEQ or the
       local health district.)                                                                         You can use the door hanger examples (shown on page 4
                                                                                                       in the newsletter insert) as a guide to make your own
                                                                                                       copy or copy these notices ahead of time to have on
    When there is an emergency, follow the steps listed below:                                         hand, in case you ever have to use them.

    q Contact your local DEQ regional office or health                                    n    Post notices/fliers in public places. Post notices in
        department. As soon as you discover the problem,                                       public places normally frequented by residents, such as
        contact your local DEQ regional office or health                                       post offices, convenience stores, gas stations, etc.
        department to discuss the situation and to determine
                                                                                          n    Phone trees. Enlist volunteers to telephone customers
        what your next step might be. If the decision is to
                                                                                               (see “Setting Up a Phone Tree” sidebar on page 1).
        notify the public, the notification method and urgency
        will depend on the severity of the public health threat.                          n    Notify institutions serving groups of people. The
        If the circumstances call for a boil water advisory, you                               public water system must notify hospitals, nursing
        must notify the public immediately (no later than 24                                   homes, day care centers, schools, and other sensitive
        hours after lab notification).                                                         populations about the BWA. In addition to leaving
                                                                                               fliers or door hangers, making personal calls or contacts
        Depending on the actual contamination event, it may                                    to these institutions are recommended.
        not be necessary to issue an advisory to all system users.
        You should only contact those customers affected                                  n    Hold a community meeting. This would depend, of
        by the threat. For example, there may be only a few                                    course, on the circumstances of the contamination, and
        households on one street whose drinking water was                                      the size of the community.
        affected by a break in a spur main.
                                                                                          n    TV, radio, and newspapers. It is extremely important
    q Next, get the word out to your customers. Once you                                       to contact the media with a prepared news release, to
        decide to issue a BWA, here are some possible options                                  notify the public.
        for notifying the public for consideration by small water
        systems:                                                                               In a small community, however, TV and radio may not
                                                                                               always be the fastest way to spread the word, depending
        n    Door-to-door personal notification. This one-                                     on the time of day, the location of the stations and the
             on-one contact may be a feasible option in smaller                                water system, etc. Obviously in small communities
             communities. Of course, early evening is generally                                with perhaps only a weekly newspaper, or a non-local
             the best time to find someone at home.                                            newspaper, notices may not be practical.

       Additional suggestions. Contact the municipal
                                                           Boil Water Public Notification Door Hangers
       police department; include the public notice
       information on the greeting of your answering
       machine or voicemail; use sound trucks as a                                                                      When a public water system
       supplement to hand delivery; and make use of                                                                     detects fecal coliform or E. coli
       internet e-mail and home pages if available.
                                                                                                                        in routine and repeat water
   n   Finally, as a note, notices should match the                     Warning:                                        samples collected from the
       consumer. Notices for non-community systems                Boil all drinking water!                              distribution system, a Tier 1
       should be appropriate to the consumers’               ¡Hiervan el agua antes de usarle!                          violation is triggered and the
       situation. Visitors at a rest stop, for example,         £ Fecal coliform                                        system must be disinfected. As
       just need to be aware that they should not drink         £ E. coli bacteria
       the water, rather than be told to boil it.               £ Other:______________________                          soon as the system is notified by
                                                              were detected in the water supply on:
                                                               (date)_______________________________                    the laboratory of the presence of
       For systems (such as schools, day care centers,        Boiling kills bacteria and other
                                                                                                                        fecal coliform or E.coli, a public
                                                                 organisms in the water:
       businesses) with fecal coliform or E. coli
                                                                £ Bring water to a boil                                 water system must notify its
       violations, if the water is generally used for           £ Boil vigorously for 1 minute
       drinking only, simply tell consumers not to              £ Let water cool before using                           customers of the Tier 1 violation
       drink the water rather than to boil the water.        To avoid possible illness: Use only boiled water for
                                                             drinking, brushing teeth, diluting fruit juices, and all
                                                             other food preparations or consumption. Do not use
                                                                                                                        within 24 hours.
                                                             ice from a household automatic icemaker or use any
                                                             ice made from unboiled water.

q Send copies of notices to DEQ. Remember to send            What is being done to correct problem?                     Door hangers are one method of
   a copy of each type of notice and a certification         _________________________________________                  getting the word out quickly.
   statement to your regional DEQ office within ten          _________________________________________

   days after issuing a notice.                              Water System: _____________________________
                                                             PWS I.D.:_________________________________                 The sample door hanger (with

q When the danger is past, notify the public by
                                                             Date notice distributed:_______________________
                                                                                                                        front and back – see insert,
   lifting the BWA. The public water system rescinds            WARNING WARNING                                         page 4) can be photocopied and
   or lifts the boil water advisory when test results                                                                   used in an emergency.
   show that the problem is resolved.

   The same methods used to notify the customers           Once the drinking water problem
   of the boil water advisory are used to notify the
   customer that the notice has ended (see door hanger
                                                           is corrected, the public water
   inserts on page 5 for “BWA Advisory Lifted”).           system can lift (or rescind) the
                                                           boil water advisory. Do not, how-
Remember, when the health of the public is                 ever, lift the boil water advisory                                Boil Water
threatened, failure to notify the public can result
in an enforcement action with monetary penalties.
                                                           notice until bacteriological                                    Advisory Lifted
BWAs must always be issued with care.                      analyses conducted in accord with                              The ___________________________________
                                                                                                                          Water System is advising its customers that

                                                           EPA requirements confirm that                                  it is no longer necessary to boil their drink-
                                                                                                                          ing water.
Issuing a boil water advisory when there is not            the water is safe to drink.                                    Recent test show the absence of

sufficient reason will only lose the confidence of your                                                                   q Fecal coliform
                                                                                                                          q E. coli bacteria

customers. This may lead to customers ignoring a call                                                                     q Other:

to boil their drinking water at another time when the      If you have any doubts or concerns                             ______________________________________
                                                                                                                          We have completed inspections, water quality
                                                                                                                          sampling, disinfection, and flushing to resolve
situation is critical.                                     about lifting the advisory, contact                            the contamination problem.
                                                                                                                          The inspection of the water system indicated
                                                           your local DEQ regional office or                              (give description of the source of contamina-
                                                                                                                          tion, if known, and what will be done to maintain
Posted notices must remain posted for as long as the                                                                      good water quality.)

violation or situation persists. Postings about resolved
                                                           district health department.                                    If you have shut off or not used fixtures, water
                                                                                                                          fountains, ice machines, soda machines,
                                                                                                                          and/ or other equipment over the past several
violations must remain in place for at least seven days.                                                                  days, flush the fixture or equipment until

                                                           The sample door hangers (in
                                                                                                                          there is a change in water temperature before
                                                                                                                          putting it back into service.

If time allows, always contact the local DEQ office for    Spanish and English – see insert,                              Water System: __________________________

advice and assistance before issuing a boil water advi-                                                                   PWS I.D.:______________________________

sory. Remember, be prepared with an emergency plan,
                                                           page 5) can be photocopied and                                 Contact:________________________________

which perhaps you will never have to use. n                used once the BWA ends.                                        Date notice distributed:____________________

                      (Cut out)                                                  (Cut out)

                                                                         Additional Information
     Boil all drinking water!
¡Hiervan el agua antes de usarle!
     £ Fecal coliform
     £ E. coli bacteria
     £ Other:______________________
    were detected in the water supply on:

    Boiling kills bacteria and other
       organisms in the water:
                                                           (Fold Here)

     £ Bring water to a boil
     £ Boil vigorously for 1 minute
     £ Let water cool before using
To avoid possible illness: Use only boiled water for
drinking, brushing teeth, diluting fruit juices, and all
other food preparations or consumption. Do not use
ice from a household automatic icemaker or use any
ice made from unboiled water.

What is being done to correct problem?
Water System: _____________________________
PWS I.D.:_________________________________
Date notice distributed:_______________________

4                        (Front)                                                 (Back)
                   (Cut out)                                                          (Cut out)

      Boil Water
    Advisory Lifted                                               Se anula el orden
The ___________________________________
                                                                  de hervir el agua
Water System is advising its customers that
it is no longer necessary to boil their drinking
                                                                  Las autoridades del sistema de agua, la
Recent tests show the absence of                                  ______________________________________
q Fecal coliform                                                  le avisan que ya no es necesario hervir el
                                                    (Fold Here)

q E. coli bacteria                                                agua.
q Other:
______________________________________                            Los análisis muestran que de nuevo se puede
We have completed inspections, water quality                      utilizar el agua y que se ha eliminado todas
sampling, disinfection, and flushing to resolve                   las fuentes de contaminación posibles.
the contamination problem.
                                                                  Preguntas sobre éste aviso pueden ser dirigidas a:
The inspection of the water system indicated
(give description of the source of contamination,                 Oficial(es) del Sistema de Agua
if known, and what will be done to maintain good                  ____________________
water quality.)
If you have shut off or not used fixtures, water
fountains, ice machines, soda machines, and/                      ____________________
or other equipment over the past several days,
flush the fixture or equipment until there is a
change in water temperature before putting it                     Número de telefono
back into service.                                                ____________________

Water System: __________________________
PWS I.D.:______________________________
Date notice distributed:____________________

                      (Front)                                                            (Back)                        5
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Vulnerability Assessment (IRWA)                         Rexburg, April 13
                                                                                        (BE) = Brown Environmental, Inc.
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