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					                             PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS

1. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS -- Proposals shall consist of three
   a. Previous Experience Proposal;
   b. Technical Qualification Proposal; and
   c. Price Proposal.
An original and two (2) copies are required. Proposals shall be submitted to:
        Department of Veteran Affairs
        VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
         Contracting Office (90C-H)
        Attention: Pamela Rayburg
        7180 Highland Drive
        Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Proposals are due by the date/time specified in block 13 of Standard Form 1442.

Offerors shall submit a single package to the address shown in Block 8 of the Standard Form 1442. The
package shall include one (1) envelope containing the signed original documents listed below, and two
separate envelopes containing photocopies of the same documents. Documents to be submitted consist of
the following:
A. STANDARD FORM 1442: with Blocks 14 through 20 properly filled-out by the offeror.
B. OFFER GUARANTEE (BID BOND): In accordance with solicitation provision 52.228-1, Bid
Guarantee. Failure to furnish a bid guarantee in the proper form and amount, by the time set for opening
of bids, may be cause for rejection of the bid.
C. DOCUMENTATION OF TECHNICAL ACCEPTABILITY: Proposals received in response to
this solicitation will be evaluated in accordance with procedures outlined in Federal Acquisition
Regulations (FAR) Part 15 for the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable Offer (LPTA). The following
significant evaluation factors will be used as the basis for technical acceptability:
         1. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE. To be technically acceptable, offerors must provide evidence
that they have already performed at least project that involved experience pertaining to MEP (mechanical,
electrical, plumbing) and audio visual system installation including lan/data and cabling, in particular
hospital and office renovations, similar in size and scope to the requirements of this solicitation. Provide:

   a. Contract Descriptions. Include the following contract information:
       (1) Contract/Order Number and Award date.
       (2) Contract /Order Type. (e.g., indefinite delivery/ indefinite quantity (IDIQ), firm fixed
           price (FFP), time & material (T&M) labor-hour (LH), Cost Reimbursement).
       (3) Contract /Order Total Dollar Value. Initial and final or projected final, if contract is
           ongoing. For projects under IDIQ contracts, include total capacity and give the actual
           amount of money obligated.
       (4) Contract/Order Period of Performance. Indicate, by month and year, the start and
           completion, or “ongoing”, dates for the project
       (5) If the prime contractor, provide name of subcontractor(s), place of performance,
           CAGE Code and DUNS number. If the work was performed as a subcontractor, also
            provide the name of the prime contractor and POC within the prime contractor
            organization (name, address, email and telephone number).
        (6) List of Quality Awards or Quality Certifications
        (7) Procuring Contracting Officer’s name, address, phone number, Fax number and email
        (8) Administrative Contracting Officer’s (if different from the above) name, Address,
            phone number, FAX number and email address
        (9) Government (Customer) Technical POC’s (Contracting Officer’s Representative)
            name, address, phone number, FAX number and email address
        (10) Relate each contract listed with task areas in our requirement. Identify in specific
            detail for each contract listed, why or how you consider that effort relevant or similar
            to our effort. In determining relevancy, consideration should be given, but not limited
            to, such things as service similarity, size and complexity, contract type, contract
            environment, division of company proposing, and subcontractor interaction, if
        (11) Provide a narrative explanation on each contract listed describing the objective
            achieved and any cost growth or schedule delays encountered. For any Government
            contracts which did not /do not meet original requirements with regard to cost,
            schedule, or technical performance, a brief explanation of the reason(s) for such
            shortcomings and any demonstrated corrective actions taken to avoid recurrence.
        (12) A copy of any cure notices or show cause letters received on each contract listed
            and a description of any corrective action by the offeror or proposed subcontractor.
        (13) The offeror shall provide the required information concerning termination actions.
            The information shall be submitted for ALL contracts it has had terminated, in whole
            or in part, for default during the past 3 calendar years and any contracts which are
            currently in the process of such termination. This information is required for any
            contract, similar or not to the proposed effort.

         2. TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS. To be technically acceptable, SDVOSB construction
firms who submit an offer must provide information regarding the technical qualifications of the proposed
project staff, to include the individuals who will be responsible for (a) Project Management, (b) Quality
Control, and (c) Safety Compliance. Include management approaches used to control cost, construction
schedules, managing detailed technical requirements for MEP and audio visual installations, and a brief
resume of each key individual. These items will be evaluated to determine if they meet the technical
requirements for a project of this nature.
         3. PRICE. As an LPTA source selection, price is the most important factor in determining the
award selection among those offers that are technically acceptable. Offers that are not technically
acceptable cannot be selected, regardless of price. The Government requests a supplemental cost
breakdown in a sealed envelope marked “Cost Breakdown Information”, in excel format to be included in
with initial price proposal. Price will be evaluated for fairness and reasonableness through the use of
price analysis. The price evaluators will also check for appearance of unbalanced line item prices. Price
is to be submitted in Block 17 of the Standard Form 1442.
   I) PRICE PROPOSAL CONTENT --- Submit the following:
   a. Fully completed Standard Form (SF) 1442 and Price/Cost schedule.
   b. Price breakdown for price analysis.
   c. Fully completed provisions at the Online Representations and Certifications Application
      (ORCA) web site,

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