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									Tata plans to go even wider
5 June, 2009

Tata Communications is sticking to its business strategy of expanding its
footprint in emerging markets, specifically to all the usual suspects—the
Middle East, India, China, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines,
Sunil Joshi of Tata Communications told CommsDay in a NetEvents
press briefing.

The firm is focusing on global voice, global data, as well as investments
in emerging countries. It recently signed deals with Neotel in South
Africa, China Entercom, as well as a few in Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Middle
East, said Joshi.

Elaborating its achievements during the year, the company said it recently
completed the TGN Intra-Asia submarine cable system with a focus
on emerging markets and forged strategic partnerships with key telecom
players such as Etisalat for enterprise network services, including dedicated
Ethernet services for customers seeking connectivity to and from the

Joshi also said that Tata was “looking forward” to the go-live of Pipe
International’s submarine cable between Sydney and Guam. Pipe’s decision
to build the cable in 2006 kicked off with a memorandum of understanding
with Tata subsidiary VSNL International, which owns the landing
station at Guam.

In addition, Joshi also mentioned that its TelePresence studio in the
Philippines will be up and running anytime this year, in collaboration with
PLDT and Cisco. The venture will bring the first public Cisco
TelePresence service in the Philippines, enabling more organizations in the
country to take advantage of this next generation video-based communications

To be operated by PLDT, the Public TelePresence Studio will connect
to Tata Communications’ growing global network of public Cisco
TelePresence rooms, which currently includes Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai,
Hyderabad and Gurgaon in India; Boston in the United States; and
London in the United Kingdom.

Pamela Perez

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