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									Request for Pro forma invoice

Name of Requesting organization:

Street address, city and country of
Organization’s head quarters:

Fax Number:                            Tel Number:

Contact person:                        Email address of contact person:

Consignee (if different from above):

Consignee street address, city and
Country of destination:

Consignee Fax Number/s:

Consignee Phone Number/s:

Name of Contact person at
Consignee address:

Contact person’s email address:

Requested Commodities: (Refer to commonly requested contraceptives for reference)

 Item   Commodity description:              Quantity      Unit measurement,      Remarks:
 No:                                                      i.e. vials, cycles,
                                                          tablets, pieces etc.




Mode of transportation (check one):           SEA            AIR

UNFPA/PSB/3rd Party Procurement/Invoices/047cd553-9b46-44cc-8827-
Special requirements/markings:

Please click on the “Submit” bottom below when you have filled in all the fields. Your
request for pro forma invoice will be processed with 3 working days.

Along with UNFPA’s pro forma invoice, you will also receive a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) outlining UNFPA’s terms and conditions for reimbursable
procurement (please click here for a preview of UNFPA’s standard Memorandum of

If the pro forma invoice and the Memorandum of Understanding are acceptable to your
organization, please transfer the payment to our bank account (indicated on the pro forma
invoice) and send us the signed Memorandum of Understanding. Upon UNFPA’s receipt
of funds and signed Memorandum of Understanding, we will issue firm order/s/ to the
respective manufacturers/supplier/s/.

                           Submit Request for
                           Pro Forma Invoice

Note: You can also fax this document to the Procurement Services Branch, Fax No: +45

UNFPA/PSB/3rd Party Procurement/Invoices/047cd553-9b46-44cc-8827-

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