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					                                                    24th June 2011
Dear Applicant,

Re:      VACANCY OF:– Harm Reduction Worker

Thank you for your interest in a post with Lifeline. Enclosed is an application pack containing the following:

1        Application Form
2        Job Description
3        Employee Specification
4        Statement about Relevant Convictions
5        Equal Opportunities Statement
6        Monitoring Form

Please complete the application form as fully as possible.

Using separate sheets, please respond to the criteria listed in the Person Specification.

Please address the criteria in the Person Specification in the order that they are listed and try to keep your response
to a maximum of two A4 sides of paper. Please initial and date each sheet. Please demonstrate your ability to meet
the requirements of the job by explaining your experience and giving clear and concise examples.

This is the information we use for short listing; we do not use CV’s or information given in covering letters, these
are separated and discarded on receipt of applications.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your application prior to submitting it please contact me on 0161
839 2054.

The closing date for completed application forms is: 7 th July 2011

The short listing will take place on:                   8th July 2011

The interviews will take place on:                      15th July 2011

Unfortunately, owing to limited resources we will only contact those short listed applicants. Therefore, if you do not
hear from us please assume that you have not been successful on this occasion. If you are not short listed, please
note that we actively encourage people to telephone us for feedback on their application.

Thank you for your interest in working for Lifeline Manchester.

Yours sincerely,

Evan Chiswell
Team Leader
Lifeline Manchester’s Harm Reduction Service

Please send completed applications to:                  Joanne McLeod,
                                                        Lifeline Manchester,
                                                        101-103 Oldham Street,
                                                        M4 1LW
Post:                  Harm Reduction Centre advice worker
Responsible to:        HRC Team Leader
Remit The post will involve the provision of clean injecting equipment and the delivery of harm
        reduction advice and information, as well as holding an active caseload; supporting
        individuals to reduce their substance use and precipitating factors. We are looking for
        someone who can proactively engage clients in structured interventions and respond to
        a range of individual needs.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

AH3 Supply and exchange injecting equipment for individuals
AH3.1 Conduct initial assessment and provide advice
AH3.2 Supply and exchange injecting equipment

AF3     Carry out comprehensive substance use assessment
AF3.1   prepare for a comprehensive substance use assessment
AF3.2   Assess possible risks and the individual’s understanding of services available
AF3.3   Assess the individual’s substance misuse and related problems

AA2     To establish, sustain and disengage from relationships with individuals.
AA2.1   Establish working relationships with individuals
AA2.2   Develop and sustain working relationships with individuals
AA2.3   Disengage from relationships with Individuals

AA3 To enable individuals to find out about and use services and facilities
AA3.1 To enable individuals to find out about services and facilities
AA3.2 To enable individuals to use services and facilities

AA4 To promote people’s equality, diversity and rights
AA4.1 To promote people’s rights and responsibilities
AA4.2 To promote equality and diversity of people
AA4.3 To promote people’s right to confidentiality of information

AG1     Plan and agree service responses which meet individuals’ needs and circumstances
AG1.1   Agree the objectives of services to meet individuals’ needs and circumstances
AG1.2   Explore and agree strategies for meeting individuals needs and circumstances
AG1.3   Determine and secure recourses to implement agreed strategies to meet individuals’
        needs and circumstances.

AC1 To develop your own knowledge and practice
AC1.1 Reflect on and evaluate your own values, priorities, interests and effectiveness
AAC1.2 To incorporate new knowledge into the development of your practice

AB2 Support individuals who are substance misusers
AB2.1: Enable individuals to adopt safe practices associated with substance use
AB2.2: Support individuals when they have used substances
AB2.3: Support individuals in reducing substance use
                               Person Specification


ESSENTIAL                                                          HOW IDENTIFIED
Ability to engage and work creatively with problematic substance   Application Form /
users                                                              Interview
An understanding of how substance misuse affects people, their     Application Form /
health relationships and the wider community.                      Interview
                                                                   Application Form /
The ability to manage time and resources effectively
                                                                   Application Form /
Direct experience of working within the drugs field
A good working knowledge of the Misuse of Drugs Act and other      Application Form /
legislation relevant to the post; including Safeguarding

The ability to work as part of a multi disciplinary team           Application Form /
                                                                   Application Form /
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Experience of case-working vulnerable people                       Application Form /

Commitment to equality of opportunity and anti-oppressive          Application Form /


                                                                   Application Form /
Experience of working in a Needle exchange
                                                                   Application Form /
Experience of delivering information to groups
                                                                   Application Form /
Understanding of the therapeutic relationship