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					Online Marketing Tips for Ready Made Websites
by: Cheryll Cruz

These days, for a local store or any business for that matter, not having a
website is like missing half of your identity. As far as brand equity is
concerned, it would be best to have an online version of whatever you run in
the real world. People will talk about your brand online, whether through
forums, blogs or social networks. You can protect your brand by giving them
an official source of information. For local stores, this has become far easier
than it was a few years back. Pre made online shops are now available to
business owners who want to set up shop online immediately.

The world of ecommerce is more than just putting up a pre made ecommerce
site and letting it run. It is competitive. The internet is like the great equalizer
and no matter how big your brand is in the real world, when you set up your
easy to use online store for the first time, you will be in tough competition
with other merchants to rank for your target keywords.

The answer to this is online marketing. Like its traditional counterpart, it
requires work - there's the technical side to it that may not be the same as
offline marketing but essentially the goal is similar: to get people to notice
your brand.

On the technical side, you can start by employing search engine optimization
or SEO. These are little tricks you can do to your pre made online shops to
get it to rank for particular keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo
and Bing. For example, you can add keywords to the meta data of your
website, particularly to the page titles and your meta descriptions. Another
thing to focus on is adding keywords to the ready made website's content
itself. Search engines send out bots or spiders to crawl your website every so
often, the content they crawl is saved on their index which is served up to
searchers every time they type in what they are looking for - presumably
these are the same keywords that you are targeting for your pre made
ecommerce sites.

You also need to do some link building for
your This is actually a subset of search
engine optimization. Here, you need to get other relevant websites to point to
your pre made ecommerce sites, preferably using keywords as your anchor
text. In search engines, links to your site acts like a vote of confidence, the
more you have of it, the better you rank. You can try submitting your easy to
use online stores to directories under the retail category or doing link
exchange with other online merchants. You can also launch a press release
campaign with links pointing back to your site.

Search engine optimization is a long-term activity that will help your brand
achieve greater visibility online. There are many factors that can contribute to
the success or failure of your SEO efforts for
your It is something that you can do
yourself or hire a professional to help you out, but whatever you decide, it
needs to be done consistently.
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