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          OCAS ..................................................................... 2
          Algonquin College ................................................... 4
          Collège Boréal ........................................................ 6
          Cambrian College .................................................... 6
          Canadore College ...................................................10
          Centennial College .................................................12
          Conestoga College .................................................14
          Confederation College ............................................16
          Durham College .....................................................18
          Fanshawe College ..................................................20
          Fleming College .....................................................22
          George Brown College .............................................24
          Georgian College ....................................................26
          Humber College .....................................................28
          Kemptville (University of Guelph) ..............................30
          La Cité Collégiale ...................................................32
          Lambton College ....................................................34
          Loyalist College .....................................................36
          Michener Institute ..................................................38
          Mohawk College .....................................................40
          Niagara College .....................................................42
          Northern College ....................................................44
          Ridgetown (University of Guelph) ..............................46
          St. Clair College .....................................................48
          St. Lawrence College ..............................................50
          Sault College .........................................................52
          Seneca College ......................................................54
          Sheridan College ....................................................56


College Dialogues 2011
College Dialogues 2011

New Application
In May OCAS is launching an improved application-to-
college, featuring enhanced navigation and more user-
friendly screens.

Paper applications will no longer be produced.
                                                                      Electronic Transcript Management
                                                                      System (eTMS)
New High School and Board Portal
Also launching is the new High School and Board Portal,               The eTMS system is a secure, web-based method to
replacing the EOL system. The new system offers high school           receive and fulfill transcript requests from past high school
and board staff similar functionality as was available in EOL,        graduates.
but with one simple login.

High school and board staff are able to:
    •    view information, including offers, for students who
         have applied to college
    •    view, edit and add grade information

    •    upload grade transmissions

Tutorials and user guides are available on the
website. Check your email and our website for updates.

Pre-Order Publications for                                            To learn more about eTMS and what it can do for you,
Fall Delivery                                                         visit:
Once again, OCAS is giving high schools the opportunity
to pre-order print publications in early June for fall 2011           To arrange a meeting, presentation or virtual demonstration
delivery. Watch your email for more details and information           of eTMS, or to opt-in to use eTMS at your school, contact:
about the publications available for the 2012-2013                            Rick Niesiobedzki
application cycle.                                                            Tel: 519.400.3300 (direct line)
To complete your pre-order go to and click on
‘Publications’ and then ‘Online Order Form’.

Login using the online order system username and password
supplied in previous years (not the EOL/Portal login info).
Each high school has its own account. Click on ‘View Past
Orders’ to see previously placed orders by your school.

Need Help


                                                    Your guide to Ontario Colleges

Important Dates for Programs
Beginning Fall 2012
apply                                                                    transmission of data*
october 2011                                                             Data files are due at Ontario College Application Service
•   Access to the online college application at                          (, by the dates specified below.
                                                                         October 11 - 14, 2011
november 28, 2011                                                        Demographics, marks history, current and projected
•   First date that 2012/2013 application data will                      registration due. OCAS requires marks history for all
    be sent to colleges.                                                 courses (grades 9, 10 and 11).

•   Earliest date that colleges may acknowledge                          november 18 - 23, 2011
    applications.                                                        First semester mid-term marks due with this
                                                                         transmission. Schools may send interim marks for
february 1, 2012                                                         full-year courses as soon as they are available, in
•   Applications received and paid for on or before                      a subsequent electronic update.
    this date will be given equal consideration by
    the colleges.                                                        february 10, 2012
                                                                         Final first semester marks and currently enrolled second
Note: Applicants are encouraged to apply before this date                semester courses for semestered schools, as well as
as website volumes are at their highest at this time. This is            interim marks for non-semestered schools.
not a deadline for submitting applications. After this date,
applications are still processed, but are considered by the              april 23 - 27, 2012
colleges on a first-come, first-served basis.                            Mid-semester marks for semestered schools and updated
                                                                         interim marks for non-semestered schools.
                                                                         july 6, 2012
february 1, 2012
                                                                         Second semester final marks and proof of graduation
•   Earliest release of offers by the colleges to all
                                                                         for semestered schools, and final marks and proof of
    applicants. Offers will continue to be issued until
                                                                         graduation for non-semestered schools.
    programs are filled or wait-lists are established.

                                                                         august 24, 2012
accept                                                                   Second semester final marks (and/or summer school
february 1, 2012                                                         final marks, if applicable) and proof of graduation for
•   Earliest date that applicants may confirm an
                                                                         semestered schools. For non-semestered schools the data
    offer of admission.
                                                                         consists of final marks (and/or summer school final marks,
                                                                         if applicable) and proof of graduation.
NOTE: Students who do not have the entrance
requirementmay be notified that they do not qualify for
                                                                         *Data transmissions are supplied to OCAS by the boards
admission at any time during the application process.
                                                                         and/or high schools.

may 1, 2012                                                              Guidance counsellors requiring assistance with
•   Applicants must confirm their acceptance of an
                                                                         transmission files are encouraged to
    offer of admission to their chosen program through
                                                                         email: by this date. Each college will
    determine the due date to confirm offers made after
    May 1, 2012. Check your offer letter for details.

june 15, 2012
•   Earliest date that colleges may require payment
    of tuition fees.

                                                          College Dialogues 2011
Algonquin College

 Perth Campus                                     Pembroke Campus                               Woodroffe Campus
 7 Craig Street                                   315 Pembroke Street East                      1385 Woodroffe Avenue
 Perth, Ontario, K7H 1X7                          Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 3K2                    Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 1V8
 Phone (613) 267 - 2859                           (613) 735 – 7400                              (613) 727 - 4723

                                                     CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:               Louise Mitchell -
 Admissions:               Norma Haddad -
                           or Pauline Sawyer -
 Scholarships and          Linda Fielding -
 financial aid:
 Campus tours:   
 Upcoming events:
                           Open House – CIP Nov 3 Woodroffe Campus
                                                 INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:       Full – time Over 18,000 Continuing Education Over 36,000 Registrations
                           International Over 1,000 international students enroll at Algonquin from more than 100 countries. Recent
                           activity abroad includes projects in countries such as India, China, South Africa, Tanzania, Yemen and
 New programs:             Court Support Services, Powerline Technician and Welding and Fabrication Techniques, Adaptive Reuse of
 Program Changes:
                                                   ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for     Applications are evaluated based on the published admission requirements. Some programs are ranked by
 Highly-competitive        the average of the required subjects; some programs are ranked by assessment (test) results. Please refer
 (oversubscribed)          to the following link:
 programs:        or page
                           282 in the College Calendar for detailed selection processes.
 2011 Admissions           The cut-off scores vary from year to year; due to this we do not publish these scores.
 scores for
 Selection process for     Applications are evaluated based on the published admission requirements; once the applicant meets
 non-oversubscribed        these requirements, an Offer of Admission is issued, as long as space is available in the program.
 Grade 11 marks:           How are these used in the admissions process?
                           Grade 11 marks are used of ranking purposes only for our highly-competitive programs.
 Dual credits/SHSM         Integrated, Dedicated & Integrated OYAP Courses
 programs:                 Email for any questions.
 Alternate offers of       Does your college provide alternate offers, if so, how are offers made?
 admission:                Yes, approximately 400
 Supplemental              First aid, CPR, immunization records, portfolio, admissions testing.
 admission                 Please refer to our publications to see which programs require these.
 Differentials:            Information on how C,M,U level courses are considered as part of your admissions process. We do not
                           differentiate between C, M, U level courses; they are treated equally.
 Workplace pathways:       Information on opportunities for students who completed workplace courses.
                           Each student is assessed on an individual basis.
 Upgrading pathways:
 Post-graduate             Graduate certificates, university articulations.
 Deferral policy:          Must be done before July 15 with Registrar’s Office or Financial Aid depending on how you are paying.
 Tuition deposit:          July 15 for 1 semester tuition (Fall) then registration begins


                                                     Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                            Algonquin College

Student experience: - Contact Wayne McIntyre
Students with  Toni Connolly-
Career Services: Joanne McDonald
                                  SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and   Algonquin College’s Financial Aid Office offers Entrance Bursaries to students who are enrolling in the
awards application          first term of their full-time post-secondary programs. Approval for these Bursaries is based on financial
information and             need. Students enrolled in a Diploma Program could receive a $500 Entrance Bursary; students
deadlines:                  enrolled in a Degree program could receive a $1,000 Entrance Bursary. In 2010/2011 Algonquin
                            College’s Entrance Bursary budget was in excess of $520,000. The Additional information and the
                            Entrance Bursary application is both available on our web-site:
                            The Financial Aid Office also administers the Algonquin College Student Assistance Bursary (SAB)
                            program. Applications for this financial need Bursary are available online each semester and are
                            available to both registered full-time and part-time students. In 2010/2011 Algonquin College’s
                            Student Assistance Bursary budget was approximately $3,500,000.
                            Of special note is the Algonquin College Dual Credit Bursary. This Bursary is available to secondary
                            school and adult high school graduates who have successfully completed the Dual Credit program at
                            Algonquin College and are planning to attend any full-time degree or diploma program at Algonquin
                            College in the subsequent Fall/Winter period. In 2010/2011 the budget for this bursary was $10,000.
                            Information concerning deadline dates for this Bursary and the Dual Credit Bursary application is
                            available on our web-site:
                            Algonquin College also is proud of its growing Donor Bursary program. (2010-2011 budget was
                            $475,000) Specific information about the many Donor Bursaries available is available on our Financial
                            Aid web-site:
                            Finally, on behalf of Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Algonquin College’s
                            Financial Aid Office also administers the following programs:
                            The Aboriginal Postsecondary, Education and Training Bursary (2010/2011 budget was $33,000)
                            This Bursary provides direct support to Aboriginal students with financial need to aid their
                            participation in post-secondary education and training, including apprenticeship programs.
                            Applications for this Bursary are available from our College’s Aboriginal Student Office (Mamidosewin
                            Ontario First Generation Bursary (2010/2011 budget was $60,000)
                                                RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:          Woodroffe Campus residence houses 1050 students in 525 shared two bedroom suites.

Residence application       Until it is full. Then you would be placed on a waitlist with no guarantees.
Residence guaranteed?       Residence is on a first come, first serve basis
Room deposit fee:           $500
Online application:         Yes you may apply online.
                                                        WHAT’S NEW?
Pembroke Campus
    -   New Radiation Safety Co-Op Program in September 2011
    -   New $36 Million Ottawa Valley Waterfront Campus opens September 2012.
    -   New Environmental Technician Program in September 2012
Perth Campus
    -   $12.3 Million Environmentally Friendly Student Focused expansion opens Fall 2011
    -   45wk Early Childhood Education Program in September 2011
    -   38wk Adaptive Reuse of Building Graduate Certificated program that builds upon our existing Heritage Trades Programs
Woodroffe Campus
    -   $79 Million Centre For Construction Excellence building opening Sept 2011
    -   $52 Million Student Commons building opening Fall 2012


                                                      College Dialogues 2011
Collège Boréal

                     Hearst • Kapuskasing • New Liskeard • Nipissing • Sudbury • Timmins • Toronto
                                                  CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                    Christine Ethier, Liaison Officer, 1-800-361-6673, ext. 1045
                                 Isabelle Chenard, Liaison Officer, 1-800-361-6673, ext. 1007
 Admissions:                     Louise Descoteaux, Admissions Officer, 1-800-361-6673, ext. 1090
 Scholarships and financial      Elizabeth Cousineau, Financial Aid Office, 1-800-361-6673, ext. 6017
 aid:                            Julie Ethier, Financial Aid Officer, 1-800-361-6673, ext. 1160
                                 Terry Zanutto, Financial Aid Officer, 1-800-361-6673, ext. 1150
 Campus tours:                   1-800-361-6673, ext. 2640,
 Upcoming events:                Registration: August 24 to September 2, 2011
                                 Orientation: September 6, 2011
                                 Classes begin: September 7, 2011
                                               INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:             Full-time students: 1332 • Part-time students: 115
 New programs:                   Chef Training • Machinist • Stage Management Assistant • Stage Management
 Program Changes:                Dental Hygiene (3 years) • Pharmacy Technician (2 years)
                                                 ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for           Must have submitted application by Feb. 1• Must meet admission criteria • Average-
 oversubscribed programs:        based selection
 2011 Admissions scores for      Overall average of 70% for admission to all oversubscribed programs
 oversubscribed programs:
 Selection process for non-      Must meet admission requirements depending on program
 oversubscribed programs:
 Grade 11 marks:                 Will use grade 11 mark if grade 12 is not available
                                 *Exception if grade 12 mark is required for admission
                                 Mid-term marks will be considered if final grade is not available
 Dual credits/SHSM               Dual credits offered on line: Biologie humaine générale •Terminologie médicale
 programs:                       •Culture technologique• Métacognition•Intro à la psychologie•Intro à la
                                 sociologie•English Communications•Droit et affaires•Tenue de livre en ligne
                                 Dual credits offered in class: Intro au travail social•Enjeux et survie•Gestion et contrôle
                                 de risques en santé, hygiène et sécurité•Arts culinaires •Électricité et électronique en
                                 pré-technologie•Exploration des métiers•Exploration en santé•Gestion 1•Introduction
                                 à la gestion des richesses naturelles•Soins vétérinaires
                                 For additional information please contact: 1-800-361-6673, ext. 3044 or email
 Alternate offers of             Alternate offers will be given on oversubscribed programs to the Pre-health and
 admission:                      General Arts and Science program
 Supplemental admission          Observation period required for FSFU and ERPH programs.
 requirements:                   Certain programs may require: First aid and CPR training, immunization records,
                                 portfolio, criminal record check, admissions testing, etc.

                                                Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                    Collège Boréal

Differentials:                There are no grade differentials on C, M and U level courses.
Workplace pathways:           Academic upgrading through ACE, admission may be given to the General Arts and
                              Science program
Upgrading pathways:           Academic upgrading through ACE
Post-graduate                 Graduate certificates: Ultrasonography (16 months) • Administration des services de
opportunities:                garde à l’enfance (web based)
                              University Collaborations: Laurentian University • Athabasca University •Université de
                              Hearst • York University-Glendon College • University of Sudbury • Marine Institute of
                              Memorial University in Newfoundland • Moncton University, Edmunston campus
Deferral policy:              No deferral policy, student will have to re-apply the following year
Tuition deposit:              $200 deposit required by July 8 to reserve a seat for fall 2011
Student experience:           Several student council organized events • Gym membership included in tuition fees
                              •Pub on site • Music group «Beaux Réals»
Students with disabilities:   Denise Bellehumeur, Special Needs Coordinator, 1-800-361-6673, ext. 2130
Career Services:              Available on site through the employment services office
                                 SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and     Application for bursaries from September 1 to 30, application available at
awards application  
information and deadlines:    Clic pour du Fric :
                              Five $1000 bursaries available to students registering in the Éducation en services à
                              l’enfance (ECE), offered in Niagara in September 2011
                              Ten $1000 bursaries available to our students registering for September 2011, in the
                              Chef Training program
                              Twelve $1000 bursaries available to our Stage Management Assistant and Stage
                              Management Technician students registering for September 2011
                              Five $1000 bursaries available to students registering in our Machinist program for
                              September 2011
                              Ten $1000 bursaries available to students from Southwestern Ontario who will be living
                              in residence in September 2011
                                              RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:            138 places available at the Sudbury campus
Residence application         April 22, 2011
Residence guaranteed?            No
Room deposit fee:                $1000 by June 3, 2011
Online application:              Application is available on line,
                                 etudiants/logement/residences/ • $25 administration fee
Fitness centre • Bookstore • Residence • Pub «L’Étang» • Several services offered to students and public such as:
Dental Hygiene Clinic, Hairstyling, Esthetician, Massage Therapy Clinic and Day Care
                                                       WHAT’S NEW?
     22 million dollar investment…Phase II of our Trades Building to be ready for September 2011!
     New labs and equipment for our Chef Training, Stage Management Assistant, Stage Management Technician,
         and Machinist students!
     Éducation en services à l’enfance (ECE) to be offered in Niagara as of September 2011
     In order to centralize the services provided to the francophone community in Toronto, Collège Boréal is looking
         to regroup the two sites into one central location; this to be accomplished in 2012!


                                                College Dialogues 2011
Cambrian College

                                           Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology
                                                         Sudbury, Ontario
                                                CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:        Nancy Ewen, Manager, Liaison/Student Recruitment 705.566.8101 ext. 7544
 Admissions:         Tony Skopyk, Manager Admissions, 705.566.8101 ext. 7503
 Scholarships and    Richard Fedec, Manager, Financial Aid, 705.566.8101 ext. 7564
 financial aid:      Brian Soucie, Scholarships/Bursaries,
 Campus tours:       Ask Me Centre, 705.566.8101 ext. 7289
 Upcoming events:    Cambrian Day, November 2011
                     Spring Open House, April 2012
                                              INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student             4,500 full time students
 population:         9,000 part time students
 New programs:       Two Year Business – Accounting Diploma
 Program Changes:    Suspended programs: Mechanical Technician – Tool and Die Machining; Advertising Diploma;
                     Advertising Graduate Certificate; Travel and Tourism Diploma; Computer Programmer Analyst
                     Advanced Diploma; Advanced Care Paramedic Graduate Certificate
                                               ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process   Applicants to limited enrolment programs must apply by the equal consideration date (February 1
 for                 or the first working day immediately following) – applications after that date will only be
 oversubscribed      considered on a chronological basis if space in the program remains.
 programs:           All applicants must meet the institutional and program requirements. The selection process uses
                     only the courses that are prerequisite subjects, and only uses final grades (no mid-terms except in
                     the case of non-semestered schools). As per Ministry requirements, we do not weight (C), (U), or
                     (M) level courses differently from one another. Cambrian requires that at least 50% of
                     prerequisite courses be completed in order to be considered for limited enrolment programs.
                     The deadline for submission of transcripts is usually ten business days after the equal
                     consideration date. After this deadline, applicants are ranked based on their performance in the
                     prerequisite subjects, and selection benchmarks are determined. The benchmarks are established
                     based on 3 factors: the number of spaces available in a program, the number of applicants for that
                     program, and the quality of applicants for that program. Students who meet and exceed the
                     selection benchmarks are granted an offer of admission; the next strongest candidates are
                     waitlisted based on their ranking; and finally unsuccessful applicants are notified, and provided
                     with an alternative offer of admission where appropriate.
 2011 Admissions
 scores for                     Program              Applicants       Seats Available   Minimum Grade       Minimum Average
 oversubscribed        BSCN                             441                 96             65% or C            75% or 2.85
 programs:             Dental Hygiene                   277                 48             75% or B            77% or 3.67
                       Medical Laboratory
                                                        230                 50             70% or B            70% or 3.00
                       Medical Radiation
                                                        587                 35             90% or A            95% or 4.00
                       Paramedic                        372                 45             75% or B            75% or 3.50
                       Power Engineering                125                 60             50% or D            60% or 2.00
                       Powerline Technician             325                 24             81% or A            83% or 4.00
                       Practical Nursing                339                 64             65% or C            65% or 2.50
                       Ultrasound                       365                 35             80% or A            85% or 4.00
 Selection process   Open enrolment programs (not oversubscribed) require that the applicant meet institutional requirements
 for non-            (OSSD or Mature Student status) and have met the specific program requirements. If these are met, offers
 oversubscribed      of admissions are made. Where any of the conditions are not yet met, conditional offers are made.
 Grade 11 marks:     Grade 11 marks are used only when the admission requirement calls for either Grade 11 or 12 marks. If the
                     requirement is Grade 12 Math, for example, we would not look at Grade 11 marks in the selection process.

                                                Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                            Cambrian College

Dual credits/SHSM      Art& Design; Surveying; Development Services; Early Childhood Education; Hospitality and Hotel
programs:              Management; Metal Fabricator and Welder; Trades & Technology through Precision Measuring; Transition to
                       College – Adaptive Technology; Chef Training; Baking & Pastry Arts; College Connection; Commercial Vehicle
                       & Heavy Equipment; General Carpenter; Health & Wellness; Theatre Arts; Health Sciences; Videography;
Alternate offers of    Yes, Cambrian provides alternate offers in a number of situations. Where the applicant does not meet the
admission:             admission requirement for a chosen program, we will make an alternate offer to a program that will prepare
                       the applicant (obtain the requirements). The alternate program can be to Pre-Health Sciences (for health-
                       related applicants), Pre-Trades (for technology-related applicants) or General Arts.
Supplemental           Currently, Cambrian College does not use admissions testing.
admission              Additional admission requirements are identified on the student’s secure web portal (Student 411).
Differentials:         Cambrian College does not apply differentials/weights, as per Ministry requirements.
Workplace              Applicants who have workplace/essential/basic levels in required courses will be offered alternate programs
pathways:              (pre-health, pre-trades) or may be counseled to pursue Academic Upgrading, depending on their
Upgrading              Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE) which is a grade12 equivalency
Post-graduate          Cambrian College has graduate certificate opportunities in the following: Human Resources Management,
opportunities:         Public Relations, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Environmental Monitoring Impact Assessment. Details of the
                       articulation agreements can be found on the college website (
Tuition deposit:       For fall enrolment, tuition deposits are due June 30.
Student experience:    Student life programming and opportunities
Students with          Students with physical or learning disabilities can obtain the necessary assistance to help them succeed
disabilities:          through the Glen Crombie Centre for disability services.
Career Services:       Cambrian College has a department focused solely on employment (on-campus and off-campus). The
                       Employment Service and Co-op Placement office provides students (and alumni) with a full range of services
                       from résumé writing to mock interviews, and maintains an active employment bulletin board.
                                   SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships,          All bursaries can be applied for at . We also have a strong First Generation
bursary and awards     program. This program has incentives for First Generation students to join as well as offering workshops and
application            strategy sessions to help these students succeed in college.
information and
                                                 RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:     2 Bedroom Suite Style and 6 Bedroom Townhouse Style
Residence              April 16, 2011
Residence              No
Room deposit fee:      $500
Online application:
Sustainable Energy Centre - to be completed Spring 2011 the centre will be located at the Barrydowne campus and will focus on
sustainable energy for residential and small commercial buildings and will support and promote green building, energy efficiency
and resource conservation.

                                                         WHAT’S NEW?
The Learning Account – students from grades 7 through 12 will have an opportunity to earn Cambrian Cash by attending approved
activities. Dollars earned can only be used at Cambrian to assist with the cost of tuition, books, parking, etc.


                                                      College Dialogues 2011
Canadore College

                                                                      College Drive Campus - 100 College Drive

                                                                      Commerce Court Campus - 60 Commerce Crescent
 P.O. Box 5001
 North Bay, Ontario P1B 8K9                                           Aviation Campus – 55 Aviation Avenue
                                                   CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                      Mike Starkes Ext. 5705
                                   Ryan Drouin Ext. 5460
 Admissions:                       Terry Thomason Ext. 5353
 Scholarships and financial aid:
 Campus tours:           
 Upcoming events:        
                                               INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:               3500
 New programs:                     Civil Engineering Technician, Mobile Application Development, Financial Services Certificate,
                                   Rural Recreation Certificate
 Program Changes:                  N/A
                                                 ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for             Each applicant is scored and ranked based on admissions requirement marks for the program
 oversubscribed programs:          being applied for. Canadore does use grade differentials when scoring applicants depending on
                                   levels achieved. By using this weighting factor, the College is able to recognize academic
                                   achievement in an equitable manner and increase academic success and retention of students
                                   entering college programs.
 2011 Admissions scores for        Practical Nursing - 84.8%
 oversubscribed programs:          Respiratory Therapy - 87.8%
                                   Dental Hygiene – Scores are based on a combination of academic marks and aptitude testing.
 Selection process for non-        Receipt of application at OCAS (prior to February 1 )
 oversubscribed programs:          Prerequisites
                                   Secondary school academic standing
                                   Test results ( where required)
 Grade 11 marks:                   Depending on program applied for, Grade 11 is accepted for Math, Biology and Chemistry for
                                   most programs. Depending on the course applied for, Grade 11 marks may be required to be at
                                   the U level.
 Dual credits/SHSM programs:       Culinary, Aviation, Practical Nursing, Business
 Alternate offers of admission:    Alternate offers are given if an applicant does not qualify for the program they applied for based
                                   on admission requirements, or have been placed on a waitlist; applicants will automatically
                                   receive an alternate offer of admission to a program of similar content.
 Supplemental admission            First aid, CPR, immunization records, portfolio, admissions testing, auditions. (Depends on
 requirements:                     specific program)
 Differentials:                    Canadore does use grade differentials when scoring applicants depending on levels achieved. By
                                   using this weighting factor, the College is able to recognize academic achievement in an
                                   equitable manner and increase academic success and retention of students entering college
 Workplace pathways:     
 Upgrading pathways:     
 Post-graduate opportunities:      Business Management Certificate, (New) Mobile Application Development, Personal Support
                                   Worker, Community Resource Consultant
 Deferral policy:                  OSAP applicants can defer their tuition payment by paying a deferral fee.
 Tuition deposit:        
 Student experience:     
 Students with disabilities:
 Career services:        


                                                   Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                               Canadore College

                                    SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and          First year full-time students may be eligible to receive an academic scholarship valued at $1,000.
awards application                 These scholarships are based on academic performance, and do not require a separate
information and deadlines:         application.
                                   To be eligible for these academic scholarships you must:
                                   1. Be a resident of Ontario
                                   2. Have been accepted into your chosen academic program
                                   3. Have achieved a final graduating average of 85% in your last year
                                   of high school (or other full-time postsecondary institution)
                                   4. Have accepted Canadore’s offer of admission by May 2, 2011
                                   5. Be enrolled at Canadore by November 2, 2011
                                   Many more scholarships, bursaries and awards are available based on merit, financial need, and
                                   emergency funding.
                                   Students can use the budget calculator to help them prepare their finances.
                                   For more information visit
                                                   RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:                 Canadore has two residences - a townhouse-style and an apartment-style residence. Both
                                   residences provide single rooms allowing students to have your very own space. Each residence
                                   complex provides the following services: cable television, telephone, mail service, internet
                                   access, and access to transportation and laundry facilities.
                                   2011/2012 Residence Rate Schedule*
                                   Townhouse Type 1 (Green)
                                   Annual Rate $4,681
                                   Townhouse Type 2 (Grey)
                                   Annual Rate $4,903
                                   Apartment Complex
                                   Annual Rate $5,351
                                   * Rates quoted cover the period from September 1 to April 30 only.
                                   Programs starting prior to September 1 or extending past April 30 will be subject to an extra
                                   charge to cover the extended period.
Residence application              Student interested in residence living should apply as quickly as possible. In order to apply
deadline:                          students must:
                                   1. Confirm their offer of admission to the program of their choice; they cannot apply to
                                   residence until they have been accepted into a program.
                                   2. Complete a residence application form and profile questionnaire.
                                   3. Pay $300 residence deposit.
Residence guaranteed?              Acceptance into residence is done by lottery. Your application must be received with the deposit
                                   by May 1 to be eligible. Students who are not successful in the lottery or whose applications
                                   arrive after the lottery has been completed will be placed on a waiting list and their deposits
                                   returned until such time that a spot becomes available.
Room deposit fee:                  $300 residence deposit.
Online application:      
College Drive Campus - 100 College Drive
Commerce Court Campus - 60 Commerce Crescent
Aviation Campus - 55 Aviation Avenue
                                                          WHAT’S NEW?
KPI Numbers;
89.5 % of students were satisfied with the knowledge and skills needed for their career (87.1 % provincial average)
82.7 % of students were satisfied with the overall quality of learning experience in their program (80.2 % provincial average)
79.7 % of graduates were satisfied with their education (79.1 % provincial average)
72.1 % overall graduation rate (64.2 % provincial average) *Highest graduation rate in Ontario
New Programs: Civil Engineering Technician, Mobile Application Development, Financial Services Certificate, Rural Recreation
Harris Learning Library
The new state-of-the art library and its friendly and helpful staff, provide access to learning and research materials, quiet study
space, group study space, wireless internet, electronic loan program and self-service printing and copying seven days a week.


                                                        College Dialogues 2011
Centennial College

                                                                                                    Ashtonbee Campus
                                                                                               75 Ashtonbee Rd., Toronto, ON, M1L 4N4
                                                                               Centre for Creative Communications
                                                                                                951 Carlaw Ave., Toronto, ON, M4K 3M2
                                                                                                       Progress Campus
                                                                                              941 Progress Ave., Toronto, ON, M1G 3T8
                                                                                                 Morningside Campus
                                                                                            755 Morningside Ave., Toronto, ON, M1C 5J9

                                            CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                 Ashley Evans, Christina Jodrell, Sarah Fimiani 416-289-5000 ext 5325
 Admissions:                  Kathy Mahony 416-289-5000 ext 2131
 Scholarships and financial   Nadine Stora 416-289-5000 ext 2444
 Campus tours:                Clifford Mark 416-289-5000 ext 2368
 Upcoming events:             Ontario College Information Fair Tuesday, October 25, 2011- Direct Energy Centre
                              Discover Centennial Saturday, November 19, 2011- Morningside Campus
                                         INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:          16,000 Full Time Students.
 New programs:                Food Science Technology (Advanced Diploma), Electrician/Electrical Engineering
                              Technician Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship, Refrigeration/Mechanical Co-op Diploma
 Program Changes:             Game Art and Design and Digital Animation –now offered with a semester 4 as a full 15
                              week semester.
                                          ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for        If a program is highly competitive we will rank applicants based on a pre-determined
 oversubscribed programs:     formula of required grades only. We will begin sending out offers for those programs to
                              our highest ranked applicants on February 1.
 2011 Admissions scores for   Aviation Technician-Aircraft Maintenance 50% (course code 8112 option M)
 oversubscribed programs:     Aviation Technician-Avionic Maintenance 50% (course code 8113 option E)
                              Medical Laboratory Technician 71% (course code 3506)
                              Paramedic 93% (course code 9101)
                              Police Foundations 70% (course code 1250)
                              Practical Nursing Flex 75% (course code 9351)
                              Practical Nursing 80% (course code 9350)
                              Social Service Worker70% (course code 1203)
                              Child and Youth Worker 70% (course code 1205)
                              Community and Justice Services 70% (course code 1206)
                              Occup. Therapist Assist/Physiotherapist Assistant (OTA/PTA) 70% (course code 9151)
                              These are based on Fall 2010 applicant pool and may change.
 Selection process for non-   All applicants who meet minimum requirements for a program are sent offers. Offers
 oversubscribed programs:     may be conditional, based on completion of OSSD or on final grades in specific courses.
                              We begin sending offers on February 1 and continue as applicants qualify, until the first
                              week of school or until the program fills.
 Grade 11 marks:              Yes, we look at grade 11 marks.
 Dual credits/SHSM            We do not give special consideration for Dual credit or SHSM courses for admission.
 programs:                    Some Dual credit course may be used as a transfer credit after beginning a program.
 Alternate offers of          Where possible, we will send alternate offers to related programs that best suit the
 admission:                   applicant, based on their original choice and their grades submitted (or test scores). For
                              some programs there is no alternate offer.
 Supplemental admission       Supplemental requirements for programs, ie: portfolios, writing samples or letters of
 requirements:                reference are listed in our full-time calendar. We will send reminder letters to
 Differentials:               Yes, we apply a 10 or 15% grade differential for some programs. These are by individual


                                             Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                  Centennial College

                               program and are based on the academic school’s determination for success in the
Workplace pathways:            Students with workplace English may apply to Hospitality Services or Early Childhood
Upgrading pathways:            EAP, GAS, Career and College Transitions, Language Instruction for Newcomers to
                               Canada (LINC) and foundations programs in most schools of Centennial.
Post-graduate                  Global Business
opportunities:                 Logistics Management
                               Culture and Heritage Site Management
                               Construction Management
Deferral policy:               We cannot defer an offer to a new academic cycle, i.e Fall 2011 to Fall 2012.
Tuition deposit:               $350 deposit upon receipt of fees statement if not an OSAP student. Balance due the
                               first day of classes.
Student experience:  
Students with disabilities:
Career Services:     
Scholarships, bursary and      In partnership with OSAP we have work study programs, where you can work on
awards application             campus to supplement your resources
information and deadlines:     Centennial has made available bachelor's degree entrance bursaries (non-repayable
                               funding) in the amount of $1,000 for those who qualify
                               You may be entitled to Child Care Bursaries, or Bursaries for Students with Disabilities,
                               depending upon your situation.
                      for a full list of bursaries and scholarships.
                                             RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:   
Residence application          First come, first serve. Accepting applications starting from February 2011. Residence
deadline:                      fees due July 8, 2011.
Residence guaranteed?          Residence is not guaranteed and acceptance is done on a first come, first serve bases.
                               (*Residence located across from the Progress Campus only, with easy access to public
                               transit to travel to other campuses.)
Room deposit fee:              Application/Room deposit $250. Shared accommodation September – April $4,500.00
                               and single accommodation September – April $7,000.00. (*Single accommodation
                               limited and not guaranteed.)
Online application:  
Excitement is building as the Progress campus at Centennial College undergoes major transformations. Construction is
nearing completion on a new building that will house a state-of-the art library and academic facility. This project
coincides with the construction of a new Athletic and Wellness Centre being overseen by the Centennial College
Student Association Inc. (CCSAI).
                                                   WHAT’S NEW?
Emergency Management and Public Safety Institute
Through its newly established Emergency Management and Public Safety Institute (EMPSI), Centennial’s School of
Community and Health Studies will provide leading edge integrated educational curriculum building future leaders
through multiple / flexible pathways and formats.
English Language Studies
Centennial is launching a new institute that will provide academic enrichment to individuals who need to upgrade their
English language skills to help them with their academic studies and/or career success. The new institute will be
composed of three Centres:
The Centre for Academic English will provide English tutoring, workshops and book clubs and conversations, among
other services and The Centre for English Language Studies will assist non-post-secondary students who wish to
improve their English language skills


                                                 College Dialogues 2011
Conestoga College

                                         CONTACT INFORMATION
Recruitment &    
Admissions:                Phone: 519 748 5220 ext 3656
Scholarships and           Numerous scholarships, bursaries and awards with various criteria and deadline
Financial Aid:             dates. For detailed information contact the Financial Aid and Student Awards
                           Office at 519.748.5220, ext. 3378
Campus Tours:              Nancy Hauck, Tour Co-ordinator
                  or 519.748.5220 ext. 2383
Upcoming events:           For Fall 2011 Event information please contact Nancy Hauck, Events
                            Co-ordinator or 519.748.5220 ext. 2383
                                      INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
Student Population:        Full-time students: 9,000
                           Apprenticeship students: 4,000
                           Part-time students: 42,000
Campus Locations           Kitchener (Doon), Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph, Stratford, Ingersoll Centre
                                       ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
2011 Admissions marks & Varies depending on the program. Minimum average for consideration is 70%
selection process for      (average of required courses), although for many oversubscribed programs, the
oversubscribed             minimum average for consideration is higher. Averages required for admission
programs:                  fluctuate depending on the size and strength of the applicant pool.
Selection process for non- Varies depending on the program. Some programs have minimum admission
oversubscribed             averages. Some programs require supplemental admission information.
Grade 11 marks:            Where the minimum subject requirement is grade 12, grade 11 marks in
                           required subjects may be used in the calculation of academic strength for those
                           applicants currently enrolled in the required subjects. For example, where grade
                           12 math is a subject requirement and the applicant is currently enrolled in that
                           course but no mid-term mark has been submitted, we will use the grade 11
                           math mark in the calculation of academic strength. In such cases, any offers of
                           admission would be conditional upon the successful completion of the required
                           Grade 12 course and the final grade in that course.
Alternate Offers of        Where possible, alternate offers of admission will be made to programs similar
Admission:                 in nature to the original program of application and for which applicants meet
                           the admission requirements.

Dual credits/SHSM           Conestoga College in partnership with the six area school boards, offers a variety


                                         Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                        Conestoga College

programs:                   of dual credit courses and dual credit OYAP programs. All six of the Conestoga
                            campuses are involved in delivering a variety of dual credit pathways. For more
                            information about Dual Credits please contact Rosie Hessian Dual Credit
                            Manager at 519.748.5220.2429 or
Supplemental admission      Depends on the program. Includes mandatory information meetings, portfolios,
requirements:               interviews, resumes and questionnaires.
Upgrading pathways:          Academic Upgrading and Preparatory programs provide the opportunity to
                            meet the required admission courses for entry to certificate and diploma
                            programs. Offered on a full-time and part-time basis with flexible start times.
Differentials:              For all certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma programs, secondary school
                            marks for required courses will be awarded a 10-mark bonus as follows:
                            Any U Level, any U/C or M level, any courses at the advanced level from the old
                            curriculum – Advanced Level, OAC

                            Note: differentials will NOT be applied to academic strength calculations for any
                            degree or post-graduate programs.
Post-graduate               In areas such as Accounting and Information Technology, Applied Health
opportunities:              Informatics, Event Management, Teaching English as a Second Language, and
                            Woodworking Manufacturing Management. For a list of programs, visit the Post
                            Graduate Programs link under Academics on Conestoga’s website.

                            Graduates of Conestoga’s Bachelor degrees are eligible to apply for Master’s
                            level study at universities world-wide. Note: University graduate admissions are
                            case-by-case and are based on academic excellence, research potential, and
                            communication and leadership skills.

                            Articulation agreements between Conestoga College and other post-secondary
                            institutions are designed to allow our students to study at another institution,
                            usually in the pursuit of a degree or other academic credential.
Deferral policy:            Not applicable at Conestoga College
Students with disabilities: Will receive amazing and excellent support through the Disability Services
                            department. Includes an array of services and resources for students with any
                            type of disability.
                            Conestoga offers an Adaptive Technology Lab with the latest technology and
                            state of the art equipment and software.
                            Students need to register with this department.
                                          RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:          525 rooms in residence.
(for Doon and Cambridge Traditional two bedroom $5146.00/Private two bedroom $6,100.00
students)                   Online application is available. Application deadline is June 15th. Guaranteed
                            residence is not available.
                            $500.00 deposit is required.
                            Connect with Residence at


                                             College Dialogues 2011
Confederation College

 Ontario College Dialogue 2011
                                                       CONTACT INFORMATION
 Location                         Main Campus:1450 Nakina Drive, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 4W1
                                  807-475-6110 or email
                                  807-475-6213 or email
 Scholarships and Financial Aid
                                  807-475-6637 or email
 Campus Tours                     Campus tours are available by request. Visit
 Upcoming Events                  Open House: Wednesday, November 23, 2011
                                                     INSTITUTIONAL INFORMTION
 Student Population               3200 Full Time
 New Programs                     Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training (0112)
                                  Protection, Security and Investigation ( 0120)
                                                     ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection Process for            Applicants who apply by the equal consideration date will be scored and ranked based on the
 Oversubscribed Programs          specific admission requirements for that program. Offers of admission will be extended to the top
                                  ranked applicants and a waitlist will be established. For specific program requirements, visit:

 2011 Admissions Scores for        Program
                                                        Minimum     # of
                                                                           Courses Required for Admission
 Oversubscribed Programs                                Average    Seats
                                                                           Grade 12 English, Grade 11 or 12 Biology and Grade 11 or 12 Chemistry at
                                   Dental Hygiene         85%        24    the College or University level.
                                                                           Note: Minimum midterm and final grade of 75% in each required course.
                                   Medical Lab                             Grade 12 English, Grade 12 Math, Grade 11 or 12 Chemistry, Grade 11 or 12
                                                          80%        33
                                   Assistant                               Biology OR Physics at the College or University level.
                                                                           Grade 12 English, Grade 12 Math-MCT4C or University Preparation, Grade
                                                                           11 or 12 Physics, Grade 11 or 12 Biology OR Chemistry at the College or
                                   Radiation              93%        14
                                                                           University level.
                                                                           Note: Minimum midterm and final grade of 75% in each required course.
                                                                           Grade 12 English, Grade 11 Math, Grade 11 or 12 Biology, Grade 11 or 12
                                   Paramedic              80%        28    Chemistry at the College or University level.
                                                                           Note: Minimum midterm and final grade of 75% in each required course.
                                                                           Grade 12 English, Grade 11 Mathematics, Grade 11 or 12 Biology, Grade 11
                                   Practical Nursing      80%        72
                                                                           or 12 Chemistry at the College or University level.
                                   Aviation Flight                         Grade 12 English, Grade 12 MCT4C or University Preparation.
                                                          76%        60
 Selection Process for Non-       All applicants that apply by February 1, and meet the minimum eligibility requirements, will be
 Oversubscribed Programs          extended an offer of admission. If the applicant applies after February 1, and meets the minimum
                                  eligibility requirements, he/she will be extended an offer of admission on a first come, first served
                                  basis. Once all seats are filled, a waitlist will be established.
 Grade 11 Marks                   Grade 11 marks can be used as substitutes for required courses.
 Dual Credits/SHSM Programs       A variety of dual credit options are available. Visit:
 Alternate Offers of Admission    We do extend alternate offers to programs based on availability. Eligible programs are reviewed
                                  on an annual basis.
 Supplemental Admission           Many programs do have additional requirements. For program specific requirements visit:
 Requirements           , select your program and find other requirements listed on
                                  the Program Info page.
 Differentials                    We do not use differentials.


                                                       Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                       Confederation College

Workplace Pathways                Workplace applicants will be eligible for our 1 year “College Access Certificate Program”. Visit:
                         for further details.
Upgrading Pathways      
Post-Graduate Opportunities       We offer Post-Graduate programs, Accelerated programs and have a variety of articulation
Deferral Policy                   We do not defer offers of admission. We also do not carry over waitlists from year to year.
Student Experience                The student union at Confederation College offers varsity athletics, campus recreation, health
                                  plan, on campus employment and universal bus pass. Please visit
Students with Disabilities Phone: 807-475-6618
Career Services          Phone: 807-475-6517
                                      SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION
Scholarships, Bursary and         Confederation College is giving out $150,000+ in Entrance Awards.
Awards Application      
Information and Deadlines
                                                  RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence Options                 On campus Residence-1) Single w/Bath 2) Super Single w/Common Bath 3)Single w/Common Bath
                                  4) Double w/Bath 5) Double w/Common Bath
Residence Application             First come-first served.
Residence Guaranteed              No
Room Deposit Fee                  A deposit of $250 plus a deferral charge of $50 is required with your application. Once you move
                                  into Residence it becomes a damage deposit. It will be returned to you, less any charges owing,
                                  after you move out of Residence.
Online Application      
Thunder Bay Campus Our main campus is situated on 130 acres of park-like property located in the heart of the city of Thunder Bay,
Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Our beautifully treed grounds, shallow, twisting river and network of walking paths provide a
unique setting for an educational institution.
If you have never been to Northwestern Ontario, it is hard to imagine the sheer size and scale of the area. Confederation College
serves an area of 550,000 sq. km. That’s about the size of France or Texas! We currently have 8 regional campuses, as well as our
main campus in Thunder Bay. They are in Fort Frances, Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Kenora, Red Lake, Geraldton, Marathon and Wawa.
Full-time and part-time programming is also available through Distance Education and Online Learning.

Dorion Building (renovations completed Summer 2009)
The Dorion building is home to our Welding, Multi-skilling, Power Engineering, Construction Techniques, Motive Power Techniques
and our Apprenticeship programs. The 31,000 square feet of newly renovated space also includes 670 square feet in a new building
addition to house the new Power Engineering Lab.

McIntyre Building (renovations completed Summer 2010)
The McIntyre building is home to our Mining Techniques, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation, Environmental Technician, Forest
Ecosystem Management Technician, Pre-Technology, Architectural Technology and Civil Engineering programs. The 22,000 square
feet of renovated space includes a 2640 square foot building addition that houses the new SUCCI Student Commons/cafeteria.

Aviation Centre of Excellence (renovations completed Summer 2003)
The Aviation Centre of Excellence is a 59,000 square foot facility that houses our Aviation Flight Management, Aviation Technician -
Aircraft Maintenance and Aerospace Manufacturing programs.

Take a virtual tour of our campus
                                                          WHAT’S NEW

The new REACH (Regional Education Alliance for Community Health) building is located and attached to the north end of the existing
Shuniah Building at the Thunder Bay campus. This three-story, 47,000 square foot structure, will house state of the art simulation
labs, classrooms and clinical space, including labs for our dental and nursing programs. An additional 10,000 square feet, located on
the first floor of the Shuniah Building, is also currently being renovated.

The new and renovated space will house the health and community services programs.


                                                       College Dialogues 2011
Durham College

                                                  CONTACT INFORMATION
                                            Email: Phone: 905.721.3000
                                            Email: Phone: 905.721.3000
 Scholarships and financial aid:  
 Campus tours & Upcoming events:  
                                              INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:                        7,400 full-time students
 New programs:                                       Chemical Laboratory Technician – Two-year diploma
                                                     Construction Carpentry – Sustainable – Two-year diploma
                                                     Construction and Hoisting Techniques – One-year certificate
                                                     Developmental Services Worker – Two-year diploma
                                                     Digital Photography – Two-year diploma,
                                                     Digital Video Production – Two-year diploma
                                                     Energy Management & Sustainable Building Technology- advanced diploma
                                                     Emergency Service Fundamentals – One-year certificate
                                                     Fine Arts –Advanced – Three-year advanced diploma
                                                     Science and Engineering Fundamentals – One-year certificate
                                                     Victimology – One-year graduate certificate
                                                     Welding Techniques – One-year certificate
 Program Changes:                                    Music Business Administration/Music Business Management – requires grade
                                                     12 English with a minimum weighted mark of 75%
                                                     Veterinary Assistant – requires grade 11 or 12 biology
                                                     Water Quality Technician – requires grade 12 mathematics
                                                ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for oversubscribed        Selection is based on the average of four prerequisite senior level subjects (Grade 11
 programs:                                   or 12 or postsecondary) excluding co-op. Please see full-time course calendar for
 2011 Admissions scores for                  Child & Youth Worker                                              75 per cent or higher
 oversubscribed programs:                    Dental Assistant                                                  66 per cent or higher
                                             Dental Hygiene                                                    65 per cent or higher
                                             Electrical Technician Instrumentation and Control                 67 per cent or higher
                                             Paramedic                                                         89 per cent or higher
                                             Practical Nursing                                                 80 per cent or higher
                                             Social Services Worker                                            73 per cent or higher
                                             Veterinary Assistant                                              74 per cent or higher

 Selection process for non-oversubscribed    Academic admission requirements, plus any other requirements (test, portfolio,
 programs:                                   questionnaire, interview, etc.) as noted in the full-time program calendar.
 Grade 11 marks:                             Where a grade 12 mark is not available because a student is in the process of
                                             completing, or is registered in a grade 12 pre-requisite, grade 11 courses will be
                                             substituted where applicable. Please see full-time course calendar for details.
 Dual credits/SHSM programs:                 While these credits may help to prepare students for success in their program choice,
                                             they are not considered in the admissions process for the purpose of a differential or
                                             advantage over applicants without SHSM credits.
 Alternate offers of admission:              Durham College does not make alternate offers. Applicants who do not receive an
                                             offer to their program of choice are advised to contact the Admissions office.
 Supplemental admission requirements:        Supplemental information such as first aid, CPR, immunization records, portfolio,
                                             admissions testing and certification in addition to the academic requirements are
                                             required for some program as per the full-time course calendar.
 Differentials:                              Durham College does not apply differentials to C, M or U level credits.

                                                  Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                               Durham College

Workplace pathways:                          Applicants to Durham College must have C, M or U level credits in order to be
                                             considered for admission to any program.
Upgrading pathways:                          For applicants 19 and older Academic Upgrading is available at Durham College.
Post-graduate opportunities:                 Graduate Certificates,
                                             University Transfer Agreements,
Deferral policy:                             A new application is required for each academic year.
Tuition deposit:                             Students have three payment options noted on their fee statement. OSAP applicants in
                                             possession of their OSAP assessment can defer tuition fee payment.
Student experience:                          Durham College offers extensive Student Life programming including a First-year
                                             Experience Coordinator.
Students with disabilities:                  The Centre for Students with Disabilities offers a variety of supports for student with
                                             documented disabilities.
Career Services:                             Career Services provides students with the skills necessary to successfully manage their
                                             personal career development. Services are free of charge for up to two years after
                                   SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and awards             Durham College offers a variety of scholarships, bursaries and awards totaling over $2
application information and deadlines:       million. Information and the application process are available at
                                                  RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:                           Residence Conference Centre- Private and open concept suites –
                                             Village Suites Oshawa – Apartment style –
                                             London Property Corporation – On campus –
Residence application deadline:              May 2, 2011
                                             May 1, 2012
Residence guaranteed?                        Residence is guaranteed for all first-year students
Room deposit fee:                            $ 500.00
Online application:                
         Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre including 10,000 square foot fitness complex, 2 ice pads, tennis centre, clinic and
         Integrated Manufacturing Centre for our industry-renowned technology related programs
         73,000-square-foot Campus Library with two-story fire side reading lounge
         200 seat Computer Learning Commons with a combination of PCs and Macs
         State-of-the-art Animation and Game Development labs with Alienware PCs, Wii Platforms and HD LCD televisions
         Electrical, energy auditing and building systems and computer simulation labs at our Skilled Trades facility
         A research incubation centre developed in partnership with the Durham Strategic Energy Alliance
         Living lab environment in several areas of renewable energy including: geothermal technology systems; solar cell systems;
         solar water heating; Trombe wall solar thermal collections; and wind turbines
                                                         WHAT’S NEW?
         New and modern Student Services building focusing on streamlined service and easy access for students to all service areas
         Addition of new classroom space for our growing student population
         New laboratories and customized space in almost all school areas
         20,000 square foot expansion of our Whitby campus featuring an expanded shop area
         Two houses on campus for program use - one older home with dated technology and wiring and a newer home offering the
         latest in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies

   Please note: Durham College students receive a Universal Transat Pass (U-pass) offering unlimited use of any Durham or GO
              transit bus operating in the Durham Region and reduced GO transit fare outside the Durham Region.


                                                      College Dialogues 2011
Fanshawe College

                                          Fanshawe College
                                   1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard
                                      London, Ontario N5Y 5R6

                                           CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                        Deborah King, Senior Marketing Officer – Recruitment 519-452-4492
                                     Brad Kerr, Marketing Officer – Recruitment 519-452-4491
                                     Devin Robinson, Marketing Officer – Recruitment 519-452-4430 ext. 4664
 Scholarships and financial aid: or
 Campus tours:             
 Upcoming events:          

                                        INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:                 Approximately 16,000 full-time
 New programs:                       Aviation Technician – Avionics – two year
                                     Bachelor of Applied Arts (Early Childhood Leadership) – four years
                                     Entrepreneurship Certificate – one year
                                     Internet Applications Web Development – two year
 Program Changes:                    Photography program now has an additional intake in January

                                       ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for     
 oversubscribed programs:
 2011 Admissions scores for
 oversubscribed programs:
 Selection process for non-
 oversubscribed programs:
 Grade 11 marks:           
 Dual credits/SHSM programs:         Yes
 Alternate offers of admission:      Yes
 Supplemental admission    
 Differentials:                      No
 Workplace pathways:                 Academic and Career Entrance Certificate
 Upgrading pathways:                 Academic and Career Entrance Certificate
 Post-graduate opportunities:        Graduate Certificates –
                                     University Articulations –
 Deferral policy:                    No
 Tuition deposit:                    $300.00


                                           Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                                Fanshawe College

Student experience:          
Students with disabilities:  
Career Services:             

                                    SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and   
awards application          
information and deadlines:

                                                 RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:                     Traditional Residence Suites and Townhouse Units – 1,600 in total
Residence application        
Residence guaranteed?                  Lottery
Room deposit fee:                      No
Online application:                    Yes

                                                           WHAT’S NEW?

                                 Centre for Applied Transportation Technologies
The new CATT will accommodate 1,500 full-time, part-time, apprenticeship and continuing education students who are seeking job-
ready credentials in trades and technologies that support the transportation industry. It will also provide much needed additional
classroom space to serve enrolment growth (previously accommodated in temporary leased space).

The finished building has a gross area of approximately 148,000 square feet and is comprised of 16 classrooms, 13 labs and 7 shops.
Also included is office space for the newly-renamed School of Transportation Technology (formerly, School of Motive Power
Technology), as well as a servery/cafeteria and several student lounges.

Students graduating from this Centre will have had the benefit of a state-of-the-art facility able to simulate real world scenarios.
They will enter the job market with the sort of hands-on experience that employers are seeking.


                                                        College Dialogues 2011
Fleming College

                                                            Sutherland & Mc Rae Campuses, Peterborough
                                                                        Frost Camus, Lindsay
                                                                    Haliburton School of the Arts
                                                                          Cobourg Campus


                                              CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                  Laura Gunning, Peterborough Campus, 705.749.5546
                               Brooke Lynch, Lindsay Campus, 705-749-5530 ext. 3301
                               Anya Rens, Manager, 705.749.5530 ext. 1649
                               Toll Free: 1-866-353-6464 ext. 1514
 Scholarships and financial    Peterborough: Linda Reeds 705.749.5530 ext. 1377,
 aid:                          Lindsay: Beth Harrington 705.324.9144 ext. 3302,
 Campus tours:                 Peterborough:, 705.749.5530 ext. 1408
                               Lindsay:, 1.866.353.6464 ext. 3301
 Upcoming events:              Welcome Days, July 11-15; Open House Fall 2011, Saturday November 19
                                          INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:           6,000 full-time and 10,000 part-time students
 New programs:                 Pharmacy Technician (Diploma)
                               Plumbing Techniques (Certificate)
                               Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Techniques (Diploma)
                               Child and Youth Worker (Advanced Diploma)
                               Community Integration Through Cooperative Education (Certificate)
 Program Changes:              New co-op opportunities in Sporting Goods Business, Earth Resources
                               Electrical Engineering Techniques: to progress to Electrical Engineering Technician, students
                               now require three additional courses instead of one.
                                            ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for         First consideration given to qualified applicants who submit applications by Equal
 oversubscribed programs:      Consideration deadline. Number of seats determined proportional to applicants in each
                               applicant pool (i.e. high school, post secondary). Selection of most highly academically
                               qualified applicants from each pool.
 2011 Admissions scores for    Fish and Wildlife Technology (FW) – 69% secondary school
 oversubscribed programs:      Paramedic (PMD) – 82.93% secondary school
                               Practical Nursing (PN) – 74.17% secondary school
 Selection process for non-    Selection based on meeting admission requirements (complete or in progress).
 oversubscribed programs:
 Grade 11 marks:               Overall average calculated on all Grade 11/12 courses completed (final grades only).
                               Individual Grade 11 courses required for individual programs considered as complete or in
 Dual credits/SHSM programs:   Extensive Dual Credit programming in the surrounding schools boards. Contact
                               Trudy Heffernan, Leader, Centre for Learning and Teaching,
                               Dual Credits earned will be credited toward diploma or certificate programs. No preferential
                               admissions given to SHSM graduates.
 Alternate offers of           Alternate offers are extended to related programs for qualified applicants to oversubscribed
 admission:                    programs who meet admission requirements. Acceptance of alternate offer does not
                               impact consideration of students on waitlist for initial programs of application.
 Supplemental admission        See individual program websites for information about First Aid, CPR, immunization
 requirements:                 requirements. No mandatory requirements for admissions consideration (ie. portfolio).
                               Assess for Success: Mandatory assessment of Communications and in some programs Math
                               skills for students entering 2 and 3 year diploma programs. Assessment results determine


                                              Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                           Fleming College

                                 level of support (e.g. increased course hrs) student receives in semester one.
Differentials:                   No differentiation for C, M, U level courses. Programs requiring particular C level courses
                                 will give equal consideration to M or U level courses.
Workplace pathways:              Personal Support Worker, Office Administration-General or Compressed, Office
                                 Administration-Executive, Esthetician, Welding Techniques, Electrical Techniques, Plumbing
                                 Techniques, Construction Skills, Heavy Equipment Operator, Blasting Techniques, Internet
                                 Applications and Web Development Fundamentals, Internet Applications and Web
                                 Development, Outdoor Adventure Skills, College Transfer.
Upgrading pathways:              Academic upgrading available and has continuous intake. In addition, University and College
                                 Transfer programs both offered.
Post-graduate opportunities:     8 Post Graduate Certificates, 70 Advanced Standing opportunities, and many University
Deferral policy:                 Students may re-apply for consideration to a subsequent entry point.
Tuition deposit:                 For September 2011 registration, due date is June 24, 2011. Several payment options
                                 available. Contact Financial Aid for OSAP deferral fee details.
Student experience:              Weekly e-bulletin for students featuring news, events and announcements, as well as
                                 activities in the College community.
                                 Peer tutoring, counseling available, and extensive athletics available.
Students with disabilities:      Peterborough: 705.749.5527 or toll free 1.866.353.6464, ext. 1527
                                 Frost, Cobourg, Haliburton: 705.324.9144, ext. 3320 or toll free 1.866.353.6464, ext. 3320,
                                 TTY connection for all campuses: 705.749.5521
Career Services:                 Workopolis Campus, including: on-campus, part time, summer jobs, as well as volunteer and
                                 field placement positions and career-related jobs and internships for after grad.
                                 SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and        First Year Student Bursary- 80% of students who applied were eligible and received a First
awards application               Year Bursary!
information and deadlines:       Visit for all award, scholarship and bursary information and
                                               RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:               Residence available at the Frost and Sutherland Campuses
Residence application            The application period for first year students is February 1 – April 11
Residence guaranteed?            No – lottery system
Room deposit fee:                $50 Application Processing Fee
Online application:              Yes –
Peterborough: State-of-the-art labs and classrooms fully renovated in 2011, Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, 6-
building student residence village, new Student Centre and food services for Fall 2012
Lindsay: Biodiversity Commons, Centre for Heavy Equipment Technology, Student Centre, Residence, Frost Campus Field
House, Lindsay Recreational Complex, CAWT, Atlantic Salmon Fish Hatchery, Greenhouse, Pathology Lab
Haliburton School of the Arts: Three spacious art studios, six classrooms, a library and a campus store. The heart of the
building is a three-storey Great Hall with an adjacent gathering place for the community and students.
Cobourg Campus: "Essentials, the Spa at Fleming" where all students do their placements. Classroom technology includes a
visualizer for detailed demonstrations, and iClickers for review and testing purposes.
Eastern Ontario Fire Academy: One of Ontario’s premier training facilities. On site are five separate buildings where students
practice real life scenarios including fire control, assessment, confined space survival, forcible entry and victim triage.
                                                       WHAT’S NEW?
$7.2 million food services renovations summer 2011
Renovations to McRae Skilled Trades campus
Completely renovated Pathology Lab at the Frost Campus with progress toward being certified with bio-security level 2
Construction Skills: Multiple intake dates: May 9; July 11; September 12, November 7, January 9, 2012, March 12, 2012.


                                                    College Dialogues 2011
George Brown College

                                       2011 College Dialogue
                                                    CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                  David Scott, Manager, Liaison & Recruitment
                      416-415-5000 ext 4842
                               Cynthia McDonagh, Liaison Officer
                      416-415-5000 ext 2267
                               Liz Henriques, Liaison Officer
                      416-415-5000 ext 2929
 Admissions:                   Lesia Gryschuk, Manager, Admissions & Enrollment
                      416-415-5000 ext 4878
                               Vicki Yazdani, Admissions Coordinator
                      416-415-5000 ext 4489
 Scholarships &                Peter Olteanu, Senior Manager, Financial Assistance
 Financial Aid:       416-415-5000 ext 2479
                               Patrick Bennett, Manager, Awards & Scholarships
                      416-415-5000 ext 4895
 Campus Tours:                 David Hayes, On-Campus Liaison/Tours Coordinator
                      416-415-5000 ext 3989
                               To book a tour visit
 Upcoming Events:              Program Information Sessions may vary by program and campus.
                               For most current information visit
                                                INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student Population:           Student body 22,000+ full-time (equivalent) students.
 New Programs:                 No new programs planned for 2012-2013 Academic year.
                               For more current up-to-date program information
 Program Changes:              For latest up-to-date information on program changes see link above.

                                                  ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for         Mandatory testing in English, Math and Science for all Dental Hygiene and Practical Nursing applicants.
 oversubscribed programs:      Oversubscribed programs can change year by year based on competition. Our first round of “Acceptances”
                               are to applicants with highest marks in program prerequisites in Math, English or Science.
 2011 Admissions scores for    Applicants who score highest in all components of the mandatory testing will receive an “Offer of
 oversubscribed programs:      Admission” in the first round of “Acceptances”. For other programs with no mandatory testing, highest
                               marks in program prerequisites will receive an “Offer of Admission” in the first round.
                               Wait List is determined by number and quality of applicants.
 Selection process for non-    Highest marks in program prerequisites will receive an “Offer of Admission” in the first round.
 oversubscribed programs:      Wait List is determined by number and quality of applicants.
 Grade 11 marks:               Grade 11 marks are considered for “Conditional Offer of Acceptance”.
                               Minimum mark requirement for consideration is between 70% to 75%.
 Dual credits/SHSM programs:   George Brown does not give any advantage to applicants for Dual Credits or Specialist High School Majors
                               (SHSM) in making admissions decisions.
 Alternate offers of           Applicants who do not meet the program admission requirements may receive an “Alternate Offer “of
 admission:                    admission to a related Pre-Program or Foundation course.
 Supplemental admission        Some programs require a letter of intent, applicant questionnaires, interviews, portfolios, auditions etc.
 requirements:                 The Academic Departments will issue notification to applicants regarding supplemental admission
                               Full Time Calendar online
 Differentials:                U and C level courses are considered equal in making admission decisions.
 Workplace Pathway:            College Vocational Program accepts students from “Workplace” programs. To learn more about our School
                               of Work and College Preparation Programs visit


                                                    Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                             George Brown College

Upgrading Pathway:              Academic Upgrading is available for Mature Students. High students are not eligible for Academic
                                To learn more about our Academic Upgrading program visit
Post Graduate Studies:          A diploma or degree is an admission requirement for most of our Post Graduate programs. Our Human
                                Resources Post Graduate program requires a degree (university or college). Other programs have a work
                                experience requirement. For full admission details at
                                Download Post Grad Viewbook
Deferral Policy:                George Brown does not defer Offers of Admission. It is best to apply in the year you are able to attend.
Tuition Deposit:                Partial or Full Tuition payment for September 2011 intake is due on June 24, 2011. For programs with
                                material fee, full material fee payment is also required on June 24. OSAP applicants must pay $145 deferral
                                fee to secure their seat in the program of choice. This deferral fee does not apply to material fees in Dental
                                and Orthotics/Prosthetic programs. For full details on material fees for all programs
Student Experience:             Our online Orientation Guide and Checklist offers 35 different services on “How get started as a Student at
                                George Brown College”. Learn about our Academic Policies, Athletics and Recreation, Bookstore, Lockers,
                                TTC/GO Transit, etc. To view the Orientation Guide and Checklist visit
                                If you have a question and cannot find the answer, just Ask George Brown at
Disability Services:            George Brown is committed to providing equal access to education for all students with disabilities. Staff
                                are trained to provide assistance and arrange accommodations for students who may have a physical,
                                emotional or learning disability. Services available include Notetakers; accommodation for tests and
                                assignments; peer tutoring; photocopy cards for large print; Brailled materials; tape recorders; CCTV’s;
                                alternative pointing devices; screen magnification; word prediction; reading support software; voice
                                dictation; portable spell-checks; working with a learning strategist. Visit our Adaptive Technology site at
                                Educational support services available for Deaf, Deafened and Hard-of-hearing students are free of charge
                                and services include: sign language interpreting, computerized notetaking, manual notetaking, academic
                                advising, program and test-taking accommodations, and loaning of Assistive Listening Devices. TTY users
                                contact 1-877-515-5559.
                                Student must complete an Intake Package at least 4 weeks before start of your program.
                                Intake Package available online at
                                If you need an Intake Package mailed to you, Call to request at 416-415-2000
Career Services:                Our Career Services offers an online job posting tool called GBCareers for students, employers and alumni.
                                Learn about our online networking events, connecting students to industry leaders, helpful resources for
                                finding a job and training in ‘soft skills’ that employers value. For more information visit
                       or to open an account go to
                                     SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, Bursary and       NEW GBC Awards Portal online application system will identify awards, scholarships and bursaries you may
Awards:                         be eligible for and track the status of your application. Open an account and check in May for Entrance
                                Awards for September 2011-2012 academic year. When you start college in September, check out the In-
                                course Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries available in the Fall semester. We will also notify you of any
                                external awards, scholarships and bursaries you may be eligible for based on your GBC Awards Profile.
                                NEW George Brown College Alumni Entrance Scholarship for Student Excellence for students
                                commencing study in September. This scholarship is awarded to high performing students with a record of
                                outstanding academic and personal achievements choosing to pursue their career goals by studying at
                                George Brown College. Value: $4,000 Deadline: January TBA. Full details at
                                                    RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence Options:              George Brown currently does not have a residence. We do have a Housing Office
                       with free support to help find off-campus accommodations.
                                We also have two partnerships, Ontario Student Housing and
                                University of Toronto Student Housing Services
                                                            WHAT’S NEW?
Our Game Design, Game Development and Advanced Digital Design programs are moving to 333 King St. E. to accommodate our enrolment
growth from 250 to 400 students next year. This new space will allow us to create a specialized digital sandbox with motion capture and 3D
scanners as well as an incubator for the game design industry that will support student, faculty and industry start-ups.
Our campus cafeterias and student space will get an extreme makeover this summer with open-concept student lounges and new food
options. The student lounges will have Wi-Fi, tables with outlets to power laptops, couches and lounge chairs which can be moved by
students to accommodate different activities. The new food options will be served from updated “food stations” offering custom salads to
international foods as well as traditional favourites such a burgers, pizza and subs. No long waits in line, new check-outs at each food
service counter.


                                                         College Dialogues 2011
Georgian College

                    Barrie, Orillia, Owen Sound, Orangeville, Collingwood, Midland and Muskoka
                                              CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                 Stephen Fennell (705) 728-1968 ext. 1004 Barrie
                              Rob Townsend (705) 327-2740 ext. 3200 Orillia
                              Kailey Thompson (519) 376-0840 ext. 2032 Owen Sound
                              Heather Dix (705) 728-1968 ext. 1048 University Partnership Centre
                              Chris Treschak (705) 728-1968 ext. 1087 Engineering
                              Jennifer Sheremeto (705) 728-1968 ext. 1234 Canadian Automotive Institute
 Admissions:                  Cathy Neuss – Associate Registrar – Barrie Campus (705) 728-1968 ext. 1700
 Scholarships and financial   Check this site for scholarship and award information Select this link
 aid:                         for a list of bursaries and financial aid services
 Campus tours:                Call or log-in to Campus Connections – (705) 722-1560
                      Campus tours available Monday – Friday
                              Virtual tours available online
 Upcoming events:             Design and Visual Arts Scholarship Show and Open House April 29 – May 18 – Barrie Campus
                                               INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:          10,000 full-time 27,000 part-time
 New programs:                Esthetician 2 yr. diploma – Barrie
                              Electrical Techniques 1 yr. certificate – Midland and Owen Sound
                              Environmental Techniques 1 yr. certificate – Barrie and Owen Sound
                              Pharmacy Technician 2 yr. diploma – Barrie
                              Automotive Business 2 yr. diploma – Barrie
                              Protection, Security and Investigation 2 yr. diploma – Orillia
                              Community Integration through Co-operative Education 1 yr. certificate - Barrie
                              Occupational Health and Safety Management 1 sem. graduate certificate – Barrie
                              Event Management 2 semesters graduate certificate – Barrie
                              Sustainable Systems 1 yr. graduate certificate – Barrie
 Program Changes:             Business Administration, Automotive Business, Aviation Management and Mechanical Technician –
                              Precision Skills all require grade 11 C Math at 60% as well as Grade 12 C or U level English
                                                ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for        Applicants are ranked using academic grades and other selection tools such as testing, resumes, etc.
 oversubscribed programs      Once the desired number of offers has been reached, qualified applicants are then placed on waiting
 2011 Admissions scores       Cut-off scores for the 2011 admissions cycle are all program based.
 for oversubscribed
 Selection process for non-   Applicants are ranked based on academic grades. Once the desired number of offers has been
 oversubscribed programs:     reached, qualified applicants are then placed on a waiting list.
 Grade 11 marks:              (Some programs will accept Grade 11 math with a minimum grade of 60 %) For programs requiring
                              Grade 12 courses and a Grade 11 final grade has been provided, we will use the Grade 11 grade as an
                              estimate until a midterm or final grade is received for the Grade 12 course.
                              Dual credits will be recognized at Georgian if applicants choose to attend a program for which the
 Dual credits/SHSM            course is a requirement. Georgian encourages applicants to prepare to the best of their ability in
 programs:                    order to accommodate the courses offered at college. At this time, Georgian does not offer advanced
                              standing or preferred entry to applicants with High Skills Major credits.
 Alternate offers of          Georgian will identify whether programs have a winter intake and provide alternate offers. If no
 admission:                   winter intake, we offer preparatory programs such as PreHealth Sciences for our health programs or
                              another program that may be of interest.
 Supplemental admission       First aid, CPR, immunization records are not part of admissions but are required for registration.
 requirements:                Portfolio, admissions testing are part of selection and must be completed before a decision can be
 Differentials:               Georgian does not differentiate between C, M or U level courses.


                                                   Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                              Georgian College

Workplace pathways:           For applicants with workplace level credits, Georgian encourages applicants to write our mature
                              student test to establish equivalencies. Applicants are also recommended to contact Student Services
                              or the Registrar to discuss upgrading opportunities.
Upgrading pathways:           Applicants taking upgrading can apply to all certificate and diploma programs.
Post-graduate                 Georgian has established over 400 agreements with 42 universities in Canada and around the world.
opportunities:                Students can also take advantage of agreements with our university partners on our Barrie and Orillia
                              campuses. Visit
Deferral policy:              Fees are assessed per term. Students have 2 deferral options: $135 deferral fee and a $100 tuition
                              payment (total $235) or a $50 deferral fee and a $950 tuition payment (total $1000.) Remaining fees
                              are due by the end of the first month of the term.
Tuition deposit:              Fees are due on June 23 for fall intake. Applicants can pay a deposit or defer a portion of their fees
                              until September 30.
Student experience:           Georgian provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved.
Students with disabilities:   Center for Access and Disability Services provides students with supports that are essential for their
                              success at college.
Career Services:              Centre for Co-operative Education and Career Services.
                                   SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and     Georgian offers over $600,000 in awards and scholarships funds to students each year. Check this
awards application and        website to find out about new awards and scholarships.
                                                  RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:            Georgian’s Barrie Campus offers residence Privately owned off
                              campus residences exist in Barrie through Georgian Green
                              green/info/ and London Properties Owen Sound offers privately owned
                              options through Campus Living Centres
Residence application         March 25 for early residence acceptance. After the March 25th deadline space will be offered on a
deadline:                     first come, first served basis.
Residence guaranteed?         Specific criteria for our residence and pay and go at the others – Georgian Green and London
Room deposit fee:             $50 non-refundable application fee and send a signed copy of the last page of the residence contract
                              available online to the residence office.
Online application:           Yes at
Georgian College has more than 100 excellent programs taught in state-of-the-art facilities across seven campuses. Most of our
programs have a paid co-op internship integrated into the program. Earn while you learn at Georgian College! Georgian College has
talented faculty, caring staff and top marks in quality and student satisfaction, and has recently been named as one of Canada’s
Greenest Employers for 2010! We offer endless possibilities – academic upgrading, apprenticeship, diploma, college degree,
university degree or graduate studies.
                                                         WHAT’S NEW?
Georgian is growing! The Barrie Campus will open the Centre for Health and Wellness this fall 2011. At 172,000-square feet, the
Centre is the largest academic expansion in Georgian College history. It will include community-accessible teaching health care
clinics where members of the public (including students) can access health care while at the same time offering students valuable
clinical experience. A new Aboriginal Resource Centre will also be part of the Centre for Health and Wellness, and will feature a
circular classroom, an outdoor patio with a medicine wheel (stone garden) and fire pit to be used for ceremonial gatherings.
Completion of the first phase will provide space for an additional 1,800 full-time students (completion of the second phase will
bring the total capacity to 3,000 students). Enrolment in Georgian’s health and wellness programs has tripled over the past 10
years. Without construction of the Centre for Health and Wellness, Georgian would have run out of space within the next two
years. Space in the new building will permit enrolment in health and wellness studies to double from current numbers, helping to
meet the region’s booming demand for health care professionals. Total project capital cost is estimated at $65 million.

In addition, a new campus in Collingwood is under construction and will be open for Fall 2011 intake. The John Di Poce South
Georgian Bay campus will offer 20,000 square feet of space and seven full-time programs, ready to house 250 full-time students
and 3000 part-time students.


                                                       College Dialogues 2011
Humber College

                    Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
           North Campus                          Lakeshore Campus                        Orangeville Campus
        205 Humber College Blvd.,               3199 Lake Shore Blvd. West,           Adler Street Recreation Complex
               Toronto                                   Toronto                       275 Adler Street, Orangeville

                                                CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                       Please contact us at
 Admissions:                        Please see
 Financial Aid:                     Please see
 Campus tours:                      Please see (online sign-up available)
 Upcoming events:                   Please see the events calendar on
                                    Experience Humber Open House – November 12, 2011 & April 21, 2012

                                             INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:                22,000 Full-Time students
 New programs:                      Bachelor of Child and Youth Care, Bachelor of Public Relations, Bachelor of
                                    Journalism, Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting
 Program Changes:                   General Arts and Science College and University Transfer Profiles: all students take a
                                    common first semester. Then, with support from professors and an academic advisor,
                                    students choose the College or University profile.

                                              ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Oversubscribed programs:           Oversubscribed programs include: Child and Youth Worker, Contemporary Music
                                    (guitar and percussion), Creative Photography, Film and Television, Paramedic,
                                    Practical Nursing, Pre-Service Firefighter.
 2011 Selection process for         Cut-off marks vary from year to year depending on the applicant pool.
 oversubscribed programs:           Child & Youth Worker: 4U/C English 75%, 3 elective courses.
                                    Contemporary Music: GPA 65%, 4U English 65%, admission decision based on
                                    Creative Photography: 4U/C English 65%, 5 elective courses, admission decision based
                                    on portfolio.
                                    Film & Television Production: 4U/C English 70%, 5 elective courses, admission
                                    decision based on writing sample, resume questionnaire and reference letters.
                                    Paramedic, Pre-Service Firefighter, Practical Nursing: admission decision based on the
                                    results of pre-admission testing.
 Selection process for non-         Grades are generally used for the admission to under-subscribed programs. Some
 oversubscribed programs:           programs do still require students to submit a portfolio or audition based on the
                                    nature of the post-secondary program. Please see program pages on for
                                    information on individual program selection processes.
 Grade 11 marks:                    Grade 11 marks are used to evaluate applications and issue conditional offers. For
                                    degree applicants, grade 11 marks will be used as placeholders for incomplete grade
                                    12 courses. For certificate and diploma applicants, grade 11 marks may be used as
                                    elective courses and be used for GPA calculation.
 Dual credits/SHSM programs:        Please see
 Alternate offers of admission:     Applicants may receive alternate offers to related or preparatory programs.
 Supplemental admission             Applicants are informed via email regarding portfolio submissions, auditions,
 requirements:                      admissions testing, etc. Requirements such as First aid, CPR, immunization records,
                                    etc are generally due at the start of classes.

                                                Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                       Humber College

Differentials:                   Humber does not use grade differentials.
Workplace pathways:              Humber does not accept Workplace credits.
Upgrading pathways:              Please see
Post-graduate opportunities:     Humber Transfer Guide:
                                 Graduate Certificates: (Postgraduate tab)
Deferral policy:                 Humber does not defer offers of admission
Tuition deposit:                 Due mid-June. Students are given deposit deadline at time of offer.
Student experience:              Please see
Disability Services:             Please see
Career Services:                 Please see

Scholarships, bursary and        Humber offers a wide range of scholarships and bursaries for First Generation
awards application               students, Aboriginal students, degree-bound students, students with financial need
information and deadlines:       and many others. On-campus Work Study jobs are also available. Please see
                        for more information available awards, application
                                 procedures and deadlines.

                                             RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:               Dorm and Suite-style rooms. Please see
Residence application            Residence applications are processed on a first-come first-served basis. Application
deadline:                        deposit is non-refundable after June 9th.
Residence guaranteed?            First year students are not guaranteed a Residence space at Humber.
Room deposit fee:                A $500 deposit is due with the submission of a Residence application.
Online application:              The hardcopy Residence application is sent with offers of admission.


   Humber’s North campus : Residence space for 1,000 students, library, on-campus amphitheatre, indoor pool and
   sauna, athletics facilities and a fully functioning spa, a variety of eating establishments, a pub, and a student-run
   fine dining restaurant, the Arboretum, a beautiful 100-acre park, close proximity to downtown Toronto.
   Humber’s Lakeshore campus: Residence space for 400 students, library, a variety of eating establishments, hiking,
   walking and biking trails, live theatre, music and comedy shows right on campus, close proximity to downtown
   Humber’s Orangeville campus: Study in wireless classrooms along with a student commons and computer lab, on-
   site fitness centre, including swimming pool, two hockey rinks, library, and food court.

                                                   WHAT’S NEW?

   Humber’s roster of degree offerings continues to grow with new degrees in Accounting, Child and Youth Care,
   Journalism and Public Relations all starting in September 2011. Please check regularly for updates
   including information on additional degree programs starting in September 2012.
   Expanded offerings at Orangeville now include: Business Management, Early Childhood Education, Home
   Renovation Technician, Interior Decorating, Police Foundations and Social Service Worker. Please see for more information.
   Encourage your students to take advantage of Humber’s new pre-enrolment advising service. One on one advising
   in-person or by phone or email to help prospective students choose a program that’s right for them. Please call
   (416) 675-5000 ext. 4048 for more information.
   Upgraded facilities at the North Campus include: The Centre for Trades and Technology, and complete renovations
   of the Student Centre and the Athletics Building.
   Upgraded facilities at the Lakeshore Campus include: the new L Building, which will include a Learning Commons
   and Cafeteria (opening September 2011), the Humber Arts and Media Studios, the Centre for Justice Leadership,
   and the new Lakeshore Student Centre.

                                                 College Dialogues 2011
 exceeds current industry standards and is adaptable to future developments in dairy production and herd-
 management, while serving as a model for technology transfer and best practices in dairy production.
Kemptville (University of Guelph)

                                    830 Prescott Lives.
                              Changing Street, Kemptville, Ontario K0G 1J0
                       Admissions Office - University of Guelph Kemptville Campus

                                613.258.8336 ext.16335

                                             CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                 Jenna Brenno, Coordinator, 613.258.8336 ext.61655
 Admissions:                  Heather Buck, Registrar, 613.258.8336 ext.61335
 Scholarships and Financial   Scholarships - Spring Williams 613.258.8336
 Aid:                         ext.61394
                              Financial Aid - Heather Buck 613.258.8336 ext.16335
 Campus tours:                Jenna Brenno, Coordinator, 613.258.8336 ext.61655
 Upcoming events:   

                                         INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:          The population for both full time and part time studies is approximately 400.
 New programs:                There are no new programs for Fall 2011 entry, at this point in time.
 Program Changes:             There are no new program changes for Fall 2011 entry, as this point in time.

                                           ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for        No additional testing is required on our oversubscribed programs. Our Admissions
 oversubscribed programs:     Office will use the scores in the box below for their first round of offers on February 1st,
                              2011with the deadline of acceptance for May 1st, 2011.
 2011 Admissions scores for   Agriculture Equine Option Diploma (K201) and Horse Industry Technician Certificate
 oversubscribed programs:     (K108):
                              Minimum average of 60% in Grade 11 math, Grade 12 English and a science in Grade 11
                              or 12.
                              Industrial Welding and Fabrication Certificate (K101), Diesel Equipment Mechanic
                              Certificate (K102), and Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship for Ag & Heavy Equipment
                              Technician (K402):
                              Minimum average of 60% in Grade 11 math, Grade 12 English and Grade 11 & 12
                              technical courses.
 Selection process for non-   Minimum average of 60% in final year of study is required.
 oversubscribed programs:
 Grade 11 marks:              Grade 11 U or M level math is considered. Grade 11 biology, chemistry or physics are
                              also considered for specific programs.
 Dual credits/SHSM            N/A
 Alternate offers of          N/A
 Supplemental admission       N/A
 Differentials:               N/A
 Workplace pathways:          This is not considered for any of our Diploma programs, however, it may be considered
                              for our Certificate programs when followed up by an interview.
 Upgrading pathways:          N/A
 Post-graduate                Graduates from the Agriculture Diploma (K200) who have achieved a minimum 70%
 opportunities:               cumulative average will be eligible to transfer to the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
                              program at the University of Guelph. Graduates from the Agriculture with Equine

                                             Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                              Kemptville (University of Guelph)

                               Option Diploma (K201) who have achieved a minimum 70% cumulative average will be
                               eligible to transfer to the may transfer to the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management
                               program at the University of Guelph.
Deferral policy:               We do not defer.
Tuition deposit:               A non-refundable registration deposit of $200 is required by August 12th, 2011, for all
                               students starting at Kemptville in Fall 2011.
Student experience:            Not considered.
Students with disabilities:    Students with disabilities are considered on an equal basis with the rest of the
                               applicants. Special services are available to these students while attending Kemptville
                               and a special needs coordinator will be assigned to the student to achieve success in
                               their program.
Career Services:     

Scholarships, bursary and      -Entrance scholarships are awarded during the student application/enrolment process.
awards application             -Scholarship awards are based on academics, demonstrated leadership achievements
information and deadlines:     and are awarded during first or third semester, for continuing study.
                               -Scholarship awards with a financial need component are based on a combination of
                               academic, leadership and demonstrated need. Awarded during first or third semester,
                               for continuing study.
                               -Bursary awards are cash awards distributed on the basis of financial need only.
                               Awarded during first or third semester, for continuing study.
                               -Graduation awards are based on academics, demonstrated leadership achievements
                               and are awarded upon completion of academic year (no application required).
                               -Post-Graduate Scholarship awards are available to Diploma graduates who wish to
                               continue their studies at the University level.

                                             RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:             Residence at Kemptville encourages student activities, while providing a suitable study
                               environment. Double occupancy or single occupancy rooms are both available with
                               internet, phone and cable included. Both residences require the meal plan.
                               -Bell Hall provides space for 200 students (in double occupancy rooms).
                               -Rorke Hall provides space for 60 students (in double occupancy rooms).
Residence application          The residence application and a $500 residence deposit must be submitted by June 2nd,
deadline:                      2011.
Residence guaranteed?          Residence is guaranteed to all first-year students provided they submit their deposit
                               and application by June 2nd, 2011.
Room deposit fee:              $500 is required with the residence application form.
Online application:            Yes!

                                                   WHAT’S NEW?
A recent investment totalling more than $1 million in robotic technology places Kemptville to the forefront of dairy
education and research by being the first educational institute in Canada to have such a system. The new facility design
exceeds current industry standards and is adaptable to future developments in dairy production and herd-
management, while serving as a model for technology transfer and best practices in dairy production.

                      Admissions Office - University of Guelph Kemptville Campus
                                          830 Prescott Street, Kemptville, Ontario K0G 1J0
                                      613.258.8336 ext.16335

                                                 College Dialogues 2011
La Cité Collégiale

 La Cité collégiale
 801, promenade de l'Aviation
 Ottawa (Ontario)
 K1K 4R3

 Téléphone : 613 742-2483
 ou sans frais 1 800 267-2483
 Télécopieur : 613 742-2481
 Courriel :

                                             CONTACT INFORMATION
 Scholarships and financial
 Campus tours:         
 Upcoming events:      

                                           INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:             4600 students
 New programs:                   Communication 911
                                 Service de restauration
 Program Changes:                none

                                            ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for           Residency: Ontario
 oversubscribed                  Best grades in High schools
 2011 Admissions scores
 for oversubscribed
 Selection process for non- First come - first admitted
 Grade 11 marks:            Final grade for grade 11 - non admission testing if grade are higher than 70.
 Dual credits/SHSM
 programs:                  Arts culinaires, Gestion culinaire, Tourisme et voyage, Cosmétologie, Techniques
                            d’esthétiques, Travail forestier, Techniques forestières, Éducation en services à
                            l’enfance, Techniques de travail social-gérontologie, Techniques de travail social,
                            Techniques d’éducation spécialisée, Intervention auprès des personnes ayant un
                            handicap, Administration des affaires, Adjoint juridique, administration de
                            bureau-adjoint administrative, Animation 3D, Soins paramédicaux, Techniques


                                              Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                            La Cité Collégiale

                              mécaniques-fabrication et prototype, Techniques des véhicules automobiles,
                              Technologie du génie mécanique, programmes en apprentissages
Alternate offers of           Yes
Supplemental admission        CPR, immunization records, portfolio, admissions testing.
Differentials:                Grades for U courses required are 5% lower than C courses.
Workplace pathways:
Upgrading pathways:
Post-graduate                 Over 30 university articulations
opportunities:                9 Post diplomas
Deferral policy:              No additional cost for deferral - fees must be paid by the end of week 1.
Tuition deposit:              $500 for students of semester 01 by June 15th
Student experience:           Internships in most of our programs ; on campus jobs
Students with disabilities:
                              1 800 267-2483, poste 2090
                              Courriel :

Career Services:    

Scholarships, bursary and
awards application            613 742-2483, poste 2059 ou sans frais 1 800 267-2483
information and     

                                          RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:  
Residence application         As soon as possible as number of units are limited
Residence guaranteed?         With deposit
Room deposit fee:             300$
Online application: 

Le campus principal de La Cité collégiale, ouvert en 1995, est composé d’une dizaine de pavillons construits
sur un terrain de 60 acres (environ 24 hectares). S’y trouvent notamment un complexe sportif (avec gymnase
et salle d’entraînement), une cafétéria, une résidence de 251 chambres et une centaine de laboratoires
modernes et bien équipés. C’est là que sont donnés les cours pour la grande majorité des programmes
offerts par le Collège.

En septembre 2011, le nouvel Institut 911 (centre de formation en services d’urgence), dont la construction
est actuellement en cours, sera inauguré. Il comportera notamment un poste de police, une caserne de
pompiers, des laboratoires de soins paramédicaux et des laboratoires de simulation en matière de sécurité et


                                              College Dialogues 2011
Lambton College

                                              CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                   Phone: 519-541-2403 – E-mail:
 Admissions:                    Visit – Click Admissions
 Scholarships and financial     Kim Graham - 519-542-7751 ext 3306,
 Campus tours:                  Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays - 2:00 p.m.
                                Last Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m.
                                Book a Tour at
 Upcoming events:               Bridging the Gap Camps – Fall 2011
                                College Night – Tuesday, October 18, 2011
                                Fall Open House – Saturday, November 19, 2011
                                Grade 12 Tour Days – December 2011

                                           INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:            3,100
 New programs:                  Law Clerk – Two-Year Diploma; Power Engineering Technology – Chemical – Three-Year
                                Advanced Diploma; Pharmacy Retail Assistant – One-Year Certificate
 Program Changes:               Esthetician – One-Year fast-track program
                                Alternative Energy, Millwright Mechanical Technician – Physics recommended, not

                                            ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for highly   We rank students on their best grades – either secondary school or post-secondary
 competitive programs:          grades.
 2011 Admissions scores for     Varies by program – We would recommend having a 78% average and above.
 highly competitive
 Selection process for non-     We ensure that the student has the required prerequisites.
 highly competitive
 Grade 11 marks:                We use all Grade 11 and Grade 12 marks for scoring.
 Dual credits/SHSM              We do not consider these credits in our selection process.
 Alternate offers of            Yes – we just add it to the program list and send the offer.
 Supplemental admission         None
 Differentials:                 C, U and M courses are treated equally.
 Workplace pathways:            Community Integration through Cooperative Education program.
 Upgrading pathways:            Academic upgrading (for prerequisites) available in-class or online. Pre-programs also
 Post-graduate                  Graduate certificates, university articulations.
 Deferral policy:               Students on OSAP can defer fees; a minimum payment of $100.00 is required. If the
                                student is not OSAP eligible a minimum deferral fee of $500.00 is required.


                                               Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                      Lambton College

Tuition deposit:               None
Student experience:            Students at Lambton are exposed to smaller class sizes and more one-on-one teach
                               interaction. Lambton College prides itself on making each student’s college experience
                               unique and memorable.
Students with disabilities:    Student with disabilities can access a variety of services in the Accessibility Centre. For
                               more information please contact or 519-542-7751 ext 3393.
Career Services:               Career services are available in our Co-op & Career Services department. For more
                               information contact or 519-542-7751 ext 3455.

Scholarships, bursary and      All available scholarships and awards are listed on our financial aid website which is
awards application             accessible from our Services link at
information and deadlines:

                                             RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:             Residence has 140 double occupancy rooms available.
Residence application          For the most up-to-date information, students should visit
deadline:             All residence fees are due at the same time as tuition
                               fees, which is generally early July.
Residence guaranteed?          First-year students have priority; residence rooms are not a guarantee. Once the
                               residence is filled, individuals will be placed on a waiting list.
Room deposit fee:              $250
Online application:  

Lambton College is centrally located in Sarnia, Ontario. The main campus is within walking distance of residence, movie
theatres, grocery stores, shopping and entertainment. Because of the central location, students at Lambton can easily
manage without the use of a vehicle. In addition to the main campus facilities, the college also owns and operates its
own Fire School which is currently being renovated and will be open to students September 2011.

                                                    WHAT’S NEW?
Fire & Emergency Response Training Centre: This new $10 million infrastructure will train Public Safety students (Pre-
Service Firefighter Education & Training, Fire Science Technology, Police Foundations, Protection, Security &
Investigation and Paramedic) by control burn practices and simulations. Students will experience first-hand the
interdisciplinary work between professions that is required in the field.

Lambton College’s Paramedic Program is now accredited by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), which will allow
graduates to work across Canada. The two-year program is also recognized by the Canadian Armed Forces and students
can gain guaranteed employment and educational subsidies through the Canadian Forces Non-Commissioned Member
Subsidized Education Plan.

Lambton is currently building a Sustainable Smart Home on campus which will be used by the Alternative Energy
Engineering Technology students and the local community. This house will be a great teaching tool, utilizing solar, wind
and geothermal energy for power generation.


                                                  College Dialogues 2011
Loyalist College

     Belleville, Ontario                                                                                    Bancroft, Ontario
                                                   CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:            Chantal Dilts (613) 969-1913 Ext.2100
 Admissions:             Kathy Luffman (613) 969-1913 Ext.2204
 Scholarships and        Joanne Farrell (613) 969-1913 Ext.2202 Pearl Vani-Hill (613) 969-1913 Ext.2226
 financial aid:          Laura Russell (613) 969-1913 Ext.2425 Cathy Hall (613) 969-1913 Ext.2131
 Campus tours: 
 Upcoming events:        Chantal Dilts (613) 969-1913 Ext.2100
                                                INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:     3800+
 New programs:           International Support Worker (post-graduate)
 Program Changes:        n/a
                                                 ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for   Initial offers of Admission were extended to applicants who were above the minimum published
 oversubscribed          requirements. This is determined using a combination of final grads & mid-term grades. The timing for
 programs:               completion of the required courses was a consideration; therefore, Grade 11 marks were reviewed, where
                         Grade 12 final or mid-term were not present. For Practical Nursing and the Nursing Degree program;
                         applicants are ranked by averaging marks of the required courses. Additional OSSD credits and overall GPA
                         are not calculated during the competition. In the event that the required credits are in progress, the
                         admissions team will refer to the applicant’s relevant grade 11 mark. Meeting the minimum admission
                         requirements does not guarantee admission.
 2011 Admissions         Loyalist College does not publish Admissions scores.
 scores for
 Selection process for   All qualified applicants who apply before Feb. 1 are issued an offer. Qualified applicants who submit
 non-oversubscribed      applications after Feb. 1 will receive offers on a first-come-first-served basis.
 Grade 11 marks:         For non-oversubscribed programs Grade 11 marks are not evaluated during the application process unless
                         the credit is a specific requirement of a program.
 Dual credits/SHSM       Applicants who have participated in a dual credit program from another Ontario College may be eligible for
 programs:               transfer credit subject to approval from the applicable faculty coordinator. For more information, please
                         contact: Savanna Morgan – Coordinator, School College Work Initiative
 Alternate offers of     Students who do not meet the minimum admission requirements for their desired programs or who are
 admission:              unsuccessful in an admissions competition are issued an alternate offer to a similar program for which they
                         qualify. (e.g. an unsuccessful Nursing applicant may be offered admission to Pre-Health Science)
                         Students who do not meet the minimum admission requirements for any Loyalist College program are
                         offered admission into our College Prep program.
 Supplemental            Supplemental admission requirements may be required in select programs. Requirements may include:
 admission               Portfolio, Criminal Record Checks; Immunization Records; and CPR, First Aid and Anaphylaxis certificates.
 Differentials:          C, M, U credits are all weighted equally where applicable. Applicants for our Nursing Degree program must
                         possess the required U level credits.
 Workplace               Where identified as an admissions requirement, workplace or essentials level credits are not accepted by
 pathways:               Loyalist College. Certain conditions may allow applicants to gain admission to their desired program by
                         completing our College Prep program or by successfully completing The Canadian Adult Achievement Test
 Upgrading pathways:     Certain conditions may allow applicants to gain admission to their desired program by completing our
                         College Prep program or by successfully completing The Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT).
 Post-graduate           Post-Graduate Certificates programs are available in the following areas: Public Relations, Sports Journalism
 opportunities:          and International Support Worker.


                                                    Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                                   Loyalist College

                         Loyalist College also offers over 70 University Transfer Agreements around the world.
Deferral policy:         N/A
Tuition deposit:         After confirming their offers, students are required to pay a minimum $150 deposit before registration can
                         begin. Deadlines for deposits are indicated on tuition invoices.
Student experience:      Student experience is not weighted in the application process. Applicants with significant related work
                         experience may be eligible for transfer credits or course exemptions once they are registered in a program.
Students with            The mission statement of the Student Office for Alternative Resources is to foster an accessible
disabilities:            environment where individuals are viewed on the basis of their ability, not their disability. The first step to
                         request any accommodations is to provide the Disability Services Office with the most recent (or in the
                         process) documentation that confirms and establishes your disability. Email:
Career Services:         The Career Centre provides a variety of services and resources that support students and alumni in their
                         career exploration, planning, job search and career development.
                                    SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary    Scholarships are available for students in all years of studies. The Awards Directory and deadlines for
and awards               bursaries are updated annually.
information and

                                                   RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:       First Year – Apartment style, 6 single bedrooms per apartment. Returning students have option of same
                         apartment style, or townhouse style accommodations – townhouses have 4 single bedrooms. Students
                         have the option of renting a fridge during their stay ($100 – Sept. to April). Students also have the option of
                         living in our Quiet building (longer quiet hours), and an alcohol-free building.
Residence                There is no application deadline. Students are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
application deadline:
Residence                Residence is not guaranteed.
Room deposit fee:        A $500 deposit is required in order to hold a space in Residence.
Online application:      Online application is available. There is a $20 application fee. This fee will increase to $50 for the 2012-’13
                         academic year.
Residence - A total of five residence buildings and one common building situated on campus in a wooded country setting, just
minutes from downtown Belleville.
Student Centre - A great place to relax, grab a coffee, or play a game of pool--after classes hang out in the Shark Tank.
Student Access Labs - Student-funded computer labs with 1,500 computers for student use. Free student email accounts and
internet access, including wireless, are included.
Fitness Centre - Exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical, stair climbers, rowing machines and more to help you get and stay fit.
Sports Dome - 35,000 sq.ft., year-round indoor sports facility that accommodates sports such as tennis, basketball and volleyball.
Cafeteria - The cafeteria offers many freshly made salads, pitas, pizzas, homemade soups, pastas, stir-fries, lunch entrees, fresh-
baked goods, gourmet coffee and juices daily.
Campus Bookstore - Loyalist operates a bookstore for all of your textbook needs. Plus, with gift items and essentials, you'll find what
you're looking for.
Library - The Parrott Centre is the hub for your information needs.
                                                           WHAT’S NEW?
New Hydrations Stations - Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in initiatives such as providing filtered drinking water with
the installation of hydration stations throughout the campus.
New Loyalist College Residence Complex - The residence is a project of Campus Development Corporation, in partnership with the
College. Work has been completed on Phase 1 (32 bedrooms), and work will commence in the near future on the remaining 18 units
(72 bedrooms), for completion and occupancy in May 2011. The new accommodations, combined with the College’s original
residence facilities, will result in a total of 580 on-campus rooms.


                                                        College Dialogues 2011
Michener Institute

                                                   Toronto, ON

                                             CONTACT INFORMATION
 Scholarships and financial  
 Campus tours:                               
 Upcoming events:                                          Open House – May 28th, 2011

                                          INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:                                       900 full time students
 New programs:                                                        n/a
 Program Changes:                                                     n/a

                                            ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for        Admission averages of all qualified applicants are calculated and then rank ordered.
 oversubscribed programs:     Top ranked students are invited to interview. After the interviews are scored,
                              applicants are re-ranked and top ranked applicants receive an offer of admission.
 2011 Admissions scores for   The minimum average required in the undergraduate programs is 75%. Usually all
 oversubscribed programs:     applicants who meet these minimum averages are invited to interview.
 Selection process for non-   n/a – all programs are oversubscribed
 oversubscribed programs:
 Grade 11 marks:              For undergraduate programs, Grade 11U level marks are considered only in cases
                              where a 12U mark is not available. Final offers are made on Grade 12 marks.
 Dual credits/SHSM            n/a/special consideration is not given for Specialist High Skills Majors
 Alternate offers of          Michener does not give alternate offers of admission.
 Supplemental admission       All applicants must complete a supplemental application form to complete the first
 requirements:                stage of their application. Once they are admitted, they must show proof of First Aid&
                              CPR, and submit completed immunization records to our health services.
 Differentials:               For our undergraduate programs, only U level courses are considered.
 Workplace pathways:                                                    N/A
 Upgrading pathways:                                                    N/A
 Post-graduate                Yes, we offer a number of post grad programs and graduates of our Medical Radiation
 opportunities:               Science programs can go on to graduate degree programs.
 Deferral policy:                              We do not defer admissions, applicants must reapply
 Tuition deposit:                                                       $500
 Student experience:          Michener is located in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in the world.
                              Students will find themselves in the middle of an exciting entertainment district,
                              several shopping districts and a diverse arts and cultural scene.

                              Led by the Dean of Students, Michener’s Student Success Network is responsible for
                              providing various supports to our students. Services available to students include


                                            Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                              Michener Institute

                              counselling, peer tutoring, support for students who speak English as a second
                              language, learning skills seminars, e-mentoring, and student health insurance.

                              Michener also has a Gymnasium, Squash court, Strength Training area and Cardio area
                              with treadmills, ellipticals, stairmaster, rowing machine, and spin bikes. The student
                              council organizes many social events including our intramural sport teams.
Students with disabilities:   We have an Office of Accessibility and counsellors for our student population.
Career Services:              On site counsellors are available for career planning and assistance.

                                 SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and     Scholarship will be awarded to a student entering one of the full-time entry level
awards application            programs or a full-time post-diploma program who has exhibited excellence in his or
information and deadlines:    her academic pursuits combined with either leadership skills or community
                              involvement. Each entry scholarship is valued at $1500.


                                              RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:            On Campus residence attached to main building, private room and bath, shared
                              kitchen facilities and common areas for socializing. Available to first year students.
Residence application         July 1st
Residence guaranteed?         Students residing greater than 100 km away are given first preference. If demand is
                              greater than availability, those that live greater than 100 km are chosen via a lottery
Room deposit fee:             No deposit, we use a credit card to hold for damages in lieu of deposit.
Online application:           No.


The Michener Institute is conveniently located in downtown Toronto, at the heart of one of North America's most
prestigious medical communities. It is housed in one building of 14 floors with an adjoining 5 storey residence
Students who choose Michener, get to use state-of-the-art technology in the classroom, laboratory and in the field.
In fact, Michener boasts some of the most advanced health science technology on the continent! In addition to a
fully equipped anatomy and physiology laboratory, computer facilities and microscopy labs, Michener is home to
North America's most advanced radiation therapy lab.

                                                    WHAT’S NEW?
Last May, Michener had the Grand Opening of the CAE/Michener Centre for the Advancement of Simulation and
In September, we opened the Michener Chiropody Clinic. The site will be a clinical education site for Michener
students and will provide care to regional clients. Chiropodists are primary health care providers who offer general
and preventative foot care for a wide range of foot conditions.
Radiation Therapy saw the introduction of two brand new technologies into Michener making it arguably one of the
most advanced education centres in the field of Radiation Therapy in North America. The Virtual Environment
Radiotherapy Training System (VERT) simulates a real-world radiation therapy treatment room. Through 3-D
computer graphics and life-size visualizations, VERT provides radiation therapists and interprofessional teams with
unprecedented opportunities for experiential learning. We also had the addition of two Elekta Linear Accelerator
(Linacs) machines. Linacs are multipurpose, radiation treatment delivery systems.


                                                College Dialogues 2011
Mohawk College

                                              CONTACT INFORMATION
Scholarships and
financial aid:
Campus tours:
Upcoming events:
Campuses:             Fennell Campus – Hamilton, Brantford Campus – Brantford
                      STARRT Campus – Stoney Creek, Mohawk-McMaster IAHS Campus – Hamilton
                      Mohawk Laurier Centre - Brantford
                                          INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
Student               16,000
New programs:         Advanced Radio Broadcasting, Ontario College Graduate Certificate (275)
                      Creative Photography Motion & Still, Ontario College Diploma (277)
                      Early Childhood Education Intensive, Ontario College Diploma (263)
                      Energy Systems Engineering Technician – Clean and Renewable Energy, Ontario College Diploma
                      Human Services Foundation, Ontario College Certificate (276)
Program Changes:      Graphics being moved from Brantford campus to Fennell campus (Hamilton), September 2011
                                            ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
Selection process     Eligible applicants to oversubscribed programs who have applied before the Equal Consideration
for oversubscribed    Date (Feb 1st) are ranked by grades of required courses.
programs:             Additional selection criteria may be applicable.
2011 Admissions       We do not publish cut-off scores for over-subscribed programs.
scores for
Selection process     All eligible applicants who have applied before the Equal Consideration Date (Feb 1st) receive an
for non-              offer of admission.
Grade 11 marks:       When an applicant does not have a midterm or final grade for their grade 12 requirement(s), we
                      will consider their grade 11 final grade when ranking for competitive programs only.
Dual credits/SHSM     - Active Citizenship, Society, Technology and Social Issues
programs:             SHSM Level 1 CYW Apprenticeship Dual Credit ,SHSM Level 1 ECE Apprenticeship Dual Credit
Alternate offers of   Applicants to waitlisted program and applicants not eligible to their program of choice who are not
admission:            pursuing upgrading or testing options may be sent an alternate offer for a related program.
Supplemental          Additional selection criteria may be used for oversubscribed programs. Examples are portfolios,
admission             interviews, reference letters, auditions, testing etc.
Differentials:        Information on how C, M, U level courses are considered as part of your admissions process.
                      As per the Ministry’s Binding Policy Directive all C, M, or U level courses are considered equally for


                                              Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                      Mohawk College

                        the purposes of admissions decisions.
Workplace               Information on opportunities for students who completed workplace courses.
pathways:               We currently accept workplace level courses for three programs at Mohawk:
                        Pre-Media (194), Business Foundations (248) and Small Business Management (179). Other area’s
                        are under review.
Upgrading                Upgrading opportunities exist through Continuing Education, College and Career Preparation, as
pathways:               well as adult learning centres within the city. For English as Second Language applicants we offer
                        the General Arts & Science-Applied Communications program.
Deferral policy:        Individual payment plans may be set up through our accounting offices, Room F104 Fennell
Tuition deposit:        If you have applied for OSAP funding you may make a $400 deposit to retain your seat in a
                        program once verification has been received that your OSAP application is approved. Any other
                        financial arrangements are made with the Accounting Office on an individual basis. Otherwise
                        fees are due in full at time of registration.
Students with           We have an extensive Accessible Learning department that will meet the needs of any
disabilities:           accommodations required.
Career Services:
                                 SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
bursary and awards
information and
                                      RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options: or
Residence               yes
application deadline:

Residence               no
Room deposit fee:       yes
Online application:     yes

                                                    WHAT’S NEW?


                                                  College Dialogues 2011
Niagara College

                                            Welland Campus Tel: 905-735-2211
                                            300 Woodlawn Road, Welland, ON L3C 7L3

                                            Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus Tel: 905-641-2522
                                            135 Taylor Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

                                                    CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:            Peter Manning, Tel: 905-735-2211, ext. 7543
 Admissions:             Tel: 905-735-2211, ext. 7619
                         Email -
 Scholarships and        Tel: 905-735-2211, ext. 7618
 financial aid:          Email:
 Campus tours:           Welland InfoCentre at 905-735-2211 ext. 7559 or the
                         Niagara-on-the-Lake InfoCentre at 905-641-2252, ext. 4208, or visit
 Upcoming events:        Please visit for all upcoming events
                                                INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:     9000 Full Time
 New programs:           *Office Administration – Medical – College Diploma
 September 2012          *Sport Management – Advanced College Diploma
                         *Electrical Techniques – College Certificate
                         *Advanced Law Enforcement & Investigation- College Graduate Certificate
                         *Autism Behavioural Sciences- College Graduate Certificate
                         *Exercise Science for Health and Performance- College Graduate Certificate
                         *Pending approval by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
                                                  ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for   For competitive programs, selection will be based on the highest senior level final grade available
 oversubscribed          at the time of ranking. Mid-term grades are not used for ranking purposes. Required pre-
 programs:               admission test and/or portfolio scores are also included in the ranking process.
 2011 Admissions         Cut-off scores for the 2011 admissions cycle or college policy related to cut off scores are not
 scores for              published on our website. Please contact the Admissions Office at 905-735-2211 ext 7619.
 Selection process for   Applications received on or before Feb 1st are considered equally, based on completion of the
 non-oversubscribed      OSSD and any required courses for admission. Applications received after Feb 1st are considered
 programs:               on a first come, first served basis.
 Grade 11 marks:         Grade 11 final grades are considered where the required grade 12 course is in progress. Mid-
                         term grades are not considered for competitive programs, however they are considered for open
 Dual credits/SHSM       Dual credits and SHSM courses are not given extra consideration for admission, however they
 programs:               may be considered for exemption purposes.
 Alternate offers of     Alternate offers of admission are given when established pathways to the desired program are
 admission:              available. (i.e. Child and Youth worker program is waitlisted. Pathway- admit to Pre-Community.
                         If student is successful and meets defined conditions upon completion of term one, student may
                         transfer directly to term 2 of Child and Youth Worker program.)
 Supplemental            Pre/Supplemental Admission Requirements:
 Differentials:          There is no grade differential between C,M or U courses.


                                                    Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                         Niagara College

Workplace pathways:      All programs at Niagara require a minimum of grade 12 English at the C or U level and remedial
                         learning is not offered. Applicants who have required English and/or Math at the workplace level
                         are invited to an information and evaluation session.
Upgrading pathways:      ACE program, Preparatory Certificate programs – Pre-Health, Pre-Community, Pre-Media, College
Post-graduate            14 Graduate Certificate programs are offered at Niagara College. Details regarding articulation
opportunities:           agreements with 48 institutions are posted on our website at
Deferral policy:         Deferral of admission may be considered when exceptional circumstances are identified.
                         Applicants are required to submit a new Ontario Colleges application if the deferral is approved
                         for a subsequent application cycle.
Tuition deposit:         A minimal deposit is required for students who receive OSAP or RESP funding. Students whose
                         fees are covered by a sponsoring agency must provide proof of sponsorship. If deposit and/or
                         tuition fee arrangements are not made by the due date shown on the fee statement, and the
                         program has a waiting list, the offer of admission will be revoked and the seat will be offered to
                         the next person on the waiting list.
Students with  
disabilities:            Tel: 905-735-2211Ext. 7602
Career Services:
                                  SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary    Website:
and awards               Email:
application              Tel: Welland Campus 905-735-2211 Ext. 7618
information and          Tel: NL Campus 905-641-2252 Ext. 4209
                                               RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:       Welland Campus Tel: 905-732-9700
                         Niagara on the Lake Campus Tel: 905-641-4435
Residence                Typically, March 31. For specific application deadline information, please visit the website at
Residence                Not guaranteed, lottery system used with priority given to out of region students.
Room deposit fee:        $500
Online application:      Yes. Please visit for the online application
Niagara College has 2 main campuses, one located in Welland and the other located in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Niagara College’s Welland Campus is near completion of its $90 million campus redevelopment project that includes an
Applied Health Institute, a state-of the-art Technology Skills centre, new classrooms and labs, a student centre, an athletic
centre and beautiful and bright new Learning Commons.
                                                      WHAT’S NEW?
Career Planning and Academic Advising Centre (CPAAC), will be launched in June 2011 at Niagara College. The primary
responsibilities of CPAAC will be to Increase student retention and success, supporting the achievement of career and
educational goals. CPAAC will be a fully integrated service assisting prospective students in choosing the right program
through the research of career and educational options and the selection of appropriate education plans.


                                                    College Dialogues 2011
Northern College

                       Haileybury, Kirkland Lake, Moosonee and Porcupine (Timmins)

                                            CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                 Jaret Dicks, Liaison/Recruitment Officer (705) 235-7134
 Admissions:                  Barb Akulick, Admissions Officer (705) 235-7222
 Scholarships and financial   Over $400,000 available in bursaries. For information please see the OSAP Officers at
 aid:                         each campus, or go to and click on bursaries.
 Campus tours:                Contact Jaret Dicks (705) 235-7134 or
 Upcoming events:             Please go to home page for monthly Open House dates per
                              campus and for news on events happening at Northern.

                                         INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:          1858
 New programs:                Companion Animal Physical Rehabilitation (Graduate Certificate)
 Program Changes:             Natural Resource Technician – 1 year compressed 2012-13 Academic Year

                                          ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for        Equal opportunity February 1st date, admission requirements, prioritized by highest
 oversubscribed               academic testing and other criteria as determined by the college.
 2011 Admissions scores       Varies from year to year, only minimum requirements are published.
 for oversubscribed
 Selection process for non-   Must meet minimum admission requirements, or be in the process of obtaining
 oversubscribed               requirements for conditional offers, provided proof of registration in high school
 programs:                    courses or upgrading required
 Grade 11 marks:              Marks from Grade 11 are used for students in highly competitive programs, and where
                              Admissions doesn’t have Grade 12 marks to base their offer.
 Dual credits/SHSM            List of dual credits & SHSM handout available at Northern College table.
 Alternate offers of          Yes. For applications that do not have admission requirements for selected programs
 admission:                   they maybe given an alternative offer that they do have the requirements for,
                              dependant on availability of seats in a given program.
 Supplemental admission       Yes, for Health and Community Services placement (First aid, CPR, immunization
 requirements:                records, police check). No admissions testing. Admission testing is offered to mature
                              students who do not have the required English or Math, (no testing available for
 Differentials:               Northern does not have a grade differential.
 Workplace pathways:          Animal Grooming and Veterinary Assistant.
 Upgrading pathways:          Preparatory programs; Pre-Health & Pre-Technology. Pathway to Health &
                              Trades/Technology programs.
 Post-graduate                Addictions Councillor, Plant Automation and Data Logging, Welding Design –
 opportunities:               International Certificate, Companion Animal Physical Rehabilitation Certificate


                                             Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                     Northern College

Deferral policy:              None, unless due to extenuating circumstances
Tuition deposit:              $100 for OSAP/Sponsored students, $500 for non-sponsored students. Must be paid by
                              June 15th to hold seat in program
Student experience:         First Year Experience Office, Mentoring Program
Students with disabilities: Learning and disAbilities Services
Career Services:            Student Advisors, Career and Job Fairs

Scholarships, bursary and     $400,000 available in scholarships and bursaries.
awards application            Online bursary information
information and               Open annually September 1st - September 30th deadline for Fall intake application.
deadlines:                    Open annually January 1st - January 31st deadline for Winter intake application.

                                            RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:            Porcupine Campus (120 single room/private bath/internet), Kirkland Lake
                              (Independently operated)
Residence application         June 15th for first year students. After June 15th it opens for returning students, and if
deadline:                     rooms are available it would then open to late applicants.
Residence guaranteed?         For first year students, based on capacity, deadline is June 15th.
Room deposit fee:             $260.00
Online application:           Yes.

Cafeteria, Gym, Wellness Centre, Squash Courts, Saunas, Student (Pub) Lounge, Aboriginal Lounge, East-end Health
Clinic (Porcupine campus), Libraries, Learning and disAbilities Services, Auditorium (Kirkland Lake), Residence
(Porcupine), Independent Daycare (Kirkland Lake), Daycare (Moosonee), Burn Building – Pre-Service Firefighter
(Porcupine campus), Centre of Excellence for Trades and Technology (Porcupine), Veterinary Sciences Centre

                                                     WHAT’S NEW?
       New College Logo launched in summer of 2010

       (October 2010) newly opened leading edge $17.4 million Centre of Excellence for Trades and Technology, over
       33,000 sq.ft. of training space

       Natural Resource Technician program being compressed to a 1 year (3 semesters) for Fall of 2012

       Companion Animal Physical Rehabilitation program – Graduate Certificate

       First Year Experience Office – All campuses (student portal)

       New Admissions Packages for students


                                                 College Dialogues 2011
Ridgetown (University of Guelph)

                                            CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                  Katie Hunter – 519-674-1500 ext. 63610
 Admissions:                  Barb O’Neill – 519-674-1500 ext. 63610
 Scholarships and financial   Scholarships - Carolyn Lucio – 519-674-1500 ext. 63524
 aid:                OSAP & Financial Aid – Catherine Chavis – 519-
                              674-1500 ext. 63506
 Campus tours:                Katie Hunter – 519-674-1500 ext. 63610
 Upcoming events:             Red Carpet Days – program specific – check out the website
                     November 18th, 24th and 25th
                                         INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:          670
 New programs:                Performance Horse Handler Certificate, Environment Health & Safety Certificate
 Program Changes:             None
                                          ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for        Only over-subscribed program is Veterinary Technology.
 oversubscribed programs:     Requirements for Vet Tech --- OSSD, Grade 12 C or U Math and English, Grade
                              11C or U Biology, Grade 12C or 11U Chemistry, each with a minimum 65%
                              average, College level or 60% final average, University level. Applicants are
                              required to complete pre-admission testing – HOAE exam. They also need proof
                              of 40 hrs of related work experience in a veterinary clinic.
 2011 Admissions scores       Vet Tech is the only oversubscribed program, but we can’t give cut off scores –
 for oversubscribed           as the entrance is based on marks in the 4 required courses, pre-admission test
 programs:                    score and work-experience form.
 Selection process for non-   Requirements for all non-oversubscribed programs is the OSSD. Other than the
 oversubscribed programs:     Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Degree, Environmental Management
                              Major, admission requirements for the degree is OSSD, 12 U English and12 U
                              Biology as well as 4 additional 12 U/M credits. Recommended that applicants
                              include additional credits in Chemistry at the 12 U level, typical cut-off mark is
 Grade 11 marks:              For application to the Veterinary Technology program we use grade 11 marks as
                              some of the required courses.
 Dual credits/SHSM            We have special events on campus for students in high school that are in SHSM
 programs:                    in Agriculture, Horticulture and Environment, if you have questions please
                              contact the recruitment office.
 Alternate offers of          If a student applies to the Veterinary Technology Diploma Conventional program
 admission:                   and is not accepted, but ranks high enough on the list they will be considered for


                                           Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                         Ridgetown (University of Guelph)

                              admissions into the Veterinary Technology Alternative delivery program.
Supplemental admission        Pre-admission testing is a requirement for the Veterinary Technology diploma.
requirements:                 HOAE testing is used.
Differentials:                We don’t have differentials, but in the Veterinary Technology program an
                              absolute minimum of 65% is considered in C level courses and an absolute
                              minimum of 60% is considered in U level courses.
Workplace pathways:           None available
Upgrading pathways:           None available
Post-graduate                 One new certificate in Environment Health & Safety is available through
opportunities:                Ridgetown, students must have a diploma or degree or equivalent work
                              experience to apply
Deferral policy:              No deferrals
Tuition deposit:              Students must pay their $200 tuition deposit in August and the remainder must
                              be paid in September for the first semester
Student experience:
Students with disabilities:   Students with an IEP can submit their documentation to the Registrars office
                              and they will get appropriate accommodations.
Career Services:    
Scholarships, bursary and     Students should look at the forms available through our scholarship and award
awards application            office or contact Carolyn Lucio 519-674-1500 ext. 63524
information and     

                                           RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:            Steckley Hall Residence, dormitory style residence
Residence application         May 27th 2011
Residence guaranteed?         Yes – as long as students apply by the deadline
Room deposit fee:             $500.00
Online application: 
Ridgetown Campus has great teaching facilities, lots of classroom and lab space available and many areas
that allow for hands on learning. We have animals on campus for students in our Agriculture, Vet Tech and
Vet Office Admin programs to work with, as well as horses in Clinton at the REACH facility where our
Performance Horse Handler Certificate is taught. Our campus is 500 acres and we have a greenhouse and
arboretum on campus for hands on learning in the Horticulture Diploma. We have Environmental research
facilities on campus as well including a Bio-diesel plant and a new anaerobic digester.

                                              WHAT’S NEW?
We have a new Performance Horse Handler Certificate being taught in Clinton, Ontario at the REACH centre.
The first intake for this program was September 2010.
We are also excited to be promoting a new Environment, Health and Safety post-grad certificate for students
that have already completed a diploma or degree.


                                              College Dialogues 2011
St. Clair College

                                             CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                 Laiman Ng:
 Admissions:                  Duncan Almond:
 Scholarships and financial   Elizabeth Weglarz:
 Campus tours:       or call 519-972-2760
 Upcoming events:             Please check website at

                                         INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:          8,500
 New programs:                Powerline Technician, Sustainable Energy Technician, Robotics Technician, Community
                              and Justice Worker, Food Service Management
 Program Changes:             N/A

                                           ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for        Ranking of the Average of ALL grade 11 marks and 1st semester of grade 12 marks
 oversubscribed programs:
 2011 Admissions scores for   Collaborative Nursing – 78.5 (Average of the Biology and Chemistry only)
 oversubscribed programs:     Dental Hygiene – 82
                              Medical Laboratory Science – 80.6
                              Medical Laboratory Technician – 81.3
                              Practical Nursing (Windsor)– 78.4
                              Veterinary Technician – 80.10
 Selection process for non-   An offer will be issued when a student meets the minimum academic requirements and
 oversubscribed programs:     has applied by the application deadline.
 Grade 11 marks:              See above
 Dual credits/SHSM            We offer a number of programs in the area of Dual Credits and SHSM. Please contact
 programs:                    Art Barron at
 Alternate offers of          No
 Supplemental admission       First aid, CPR, portfolio, admissions testing, audition, questionnaire
 Differentials:               We do NOT use differentials in the selection and admissions process
 Workplace pathways:          We do not offer programs specifically for Workplace students
 Upgrading pathways:          Pre-Programs: Pre-Nursing, Pre-Health and Pre-Technology
                              Free Academic Career Entrance (upgrading) day program
 Post-graduate                Autism and Behavioural Science, Child and Youth Worker, Developmental Services
 opportunities:               Worker, Early Childhood Education
 Deferral policy:             Students who have applied for OSAP are asked to pay a $100.00 deferral to register.
 Tuition deposit:             Nil


                                             Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                      St. Clair College

Student experience:             Visit to hear what students say about their
                                experience at St. Clair College.
Students with disabilities:     Mark Colangelo:
                                Laurisa Kapatenov:
Career Services:                Don Crowder:

Scholarships, bursary and       St. Clair awards over 1.5 million dollars in scholarships and bursaries annually. For
awards application              further information, please go to website at
information and deadlines:      Telephone: 519-972-2718

                                             RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:              Windsor – Apartment style – two bedroom suites
                                Chatham – Townhome style- four bedrooms
Residence application           Admission to Residence is based on “first-come, first serve” basis.
Residence guaranteed?           No
Room deposit fee:               $250.00 – refundable before June 15
Online application:             Website:

Windsor – South Campus
This campus is home to over 6,500 full time students and 15,000 part-time evening learners. Set on more than 112
acres of green space in South Windsor, our campus boasts great student learning spaces, computer labs, food outlets, a
huge pool, gym facilities, an on-campus residence and is wireless!
Windsor – St. Clair College Centre for the Arts (Downtown)
Without question, this campus in downtown Windsor has the best view of any college campus in the province. Nestled
on the banks of the Detroit River with walking trails, sculpture gardens and modern skyline at your door. More than
800 students study in the arts, hospitality, and our Border Services and Paralegal programs. This facility is also home to
the College’s 1,200 seat professional theatre – the Chrysler Theatre, where our Performing Arts students produce
memorable and entertaining productions.
Windsor- MediaPlex (Downtown)
Located two blocks from the riverfront, our newest campus is home to our Journalism and Tourism and Travel
programs. The MediaPlex has been especially designed to support “convergence” journalism – preparing students to
be journalist in the newsrooms of tomorrow.
Chatham – Thames Campus
An intimate campus of just over 1,300 students, Thames Campus in Chatham is set in a rural environment adjacent to
the beautiful Thames River. This is an ideal setting for those who want a “small campus” experience. Student success
is supported through comprehensive services that include peer tutoring, academic counselling, disability services and
health services.

                                                    WHAT’S NEW?
        5 million expansion to the Trades and Technology wing at Thames Campus in Chatham- scheduled to open
        September 2011 (New programs to include Powerline Technician, Sustainable Energy Technician, Robotics
        Technician, Electrical Engineering Technician, Electrical Techniques)
        9 million Healthplex at Thames Campus-scheduled to open September 2011 (will include a double gym with
        overhead running track, 5 thousand sq. ft of workout space, meeting and exercise rooms, labs for health
        science programs)
        32 million Applied Health Science Building at the Windsor Campus – scheduled to open September 2011 (New
        programs will include Medical Diagnostic Sonography, Respiratory Therapy Technologist)


                                                  College Dialogues 2011
St. Lawrence College

                                                     Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall
                                      CONTACT INFORMATION
 Scholarships and
 financial aid:
 Campus tours:  
 Upcoming events:
                                    INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:      Located along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, SLC has three campuses in Brockville,
                          Cornwall and Kingston. St. Lawrence College boasts 6,500 full-time students from Canada,
                          and more than 40 countries worldwide. Our college community includes 20,000 part-time
                          students, 1,000 staff, and more than 70,000 alumni.
 New programs:            Community Integration through Co-operative Education (0790) and Geothermal
                          Engineering Technician (0808)
                                        ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for    Note: Oversubscribed programs vary year to year.
 oversubscribed           Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Primary ranking on the average of the English, Biology and
 programs:                Chemistry core requirements (minimum of 2 of the 3 grades are required to be included in
                          the ranking) and a secondary ranking on the overall average of the grade 12 U or M
                          Other programs with pre-requisites: Primary ranking on the average of the pre-requisites
                          (minimum of 2 grades required to be included in the ranking) and a secondary ranking on
                          the overall grade 11 and 12 average with workplace credits excluded.
                          If there are no course pre-requisites: Rank on the overall grade 11 and grade 12 average
                          with workplace credits excluded.
 2011 Admissions scores   Note: These scores will vary each year depending on the applicant pool.
 for oversubscribed       Bachelor of Science in Nursing (1024) in Kingston: 75% average of core requirements.
 programs:                Practical Nursing (0491) in Kingston: 75% pre-requisite average.
                          Medical Laboratory Science (0134): 80% pre-requisite average.
                          Paramedic (0970): 75% pre-requisite average.
                          Veterinary Technology (0722): 80% pre-requisite average.
 Selection process for    We accept all qualified applicants, space permitting.
 Grade 11 marks:          N/A
 Dual credits/SHSM        Not used in our Admissions process.
 Alternate offers of      No formal process in place.
 Supplemental admission   Music Theatre – Performance (1012): Audition
 requirements:            Graphic Design (0309): Portfolio
                          Music & Digital Media (0965): Performance recording
 Differentials:           N/A
 Workplace pathways:      The following one-year certificate programs will accept applicants whose Ontario
                          Secondary School Diploma was or will be earned with workplace preparation level credits:
                          0141 Carpenter General; 1004 Culinary Skills-Chef Training; 0178 Fabricating and Welding;
                          0503 Hairstylist.


                                          Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                 St. Lawrence College

Upgrading pathways:           We offer a Career and College Prep (Adult Upgrading) program as well as the ACE
                              (Academic and Career Entrance) courses for entrance to college programs. There is a Pre-
                              Health certificate program that is used as a pathway to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing
                              program. There is a Pre-Bachelor of Applied Arts in Behavioural Psychology program
                              offered through General Arts & Science.
Post-graduate                 A variety is offered. Please see website for details. For the most current articulation
opportunities:                agreement information, please go to our website and click on Full-Time Studies >
                              University Articulation.
Deferral policy:              Deferred offers are not permitted.
Tuition deposit:              For Fall 2011, the full year fees or the first term fees are due by July 7, 2011. A tuition
                              deposit of $250.00 is only accepted for those wishing to defer their payment to their OSAP
Student experience:           Student experience is not factored into the admissions selection process.
Students with                 Disabilities are not factored into the admissions selection process.
disabilities:                 Accommodation requirements are handled by appointment with on campus Counsellor.
Career Services:              St. Lawrence College offers career services through an onsite Employment Ontario office
                              at the Kingston campus only. Career Fairs are held annually on each campus.
                                 SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary         SLC has a number of annual awards available to students and graduates. Students
and awards application        demonstrating a proficiency or potential in a variety of disciplines can win these awards.
information and               There are a number of other bursaries available to qualifying students from a number of
deadlines:                    agencies and organizations. Students who meet the criteria for these awards are invited to
                              $2,500.00 bursaries available at each campus for First Generation Students. For more
                              information on awards, bursaries and scholarships contact
                                              RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:            Fully furnished suites – both single and double rooms
Residence application         Application can be made as soon as a student has been accepted into a program.
deadline:                     Applications will continue to be taken until all rooms have been filled.
Residence guaranteed?         Spaces are allocated on a ‘first-come, first-in’ basis.
Room deposit fee:             $500.00 to be paid at the time of offer of accommodation.
Online application: 
Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston are all unique places with great features. All are located on the water, have tons of
green space, lively downtown cores, and are close to major cities, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, and just a short drive
across the border to upstate New York. So, if you’re craving the bright lights of the big city, want to have a ski weekend
in Quebec, or hop across the border, it’s all within easy reach of our communities. St. Lawrence College is known for its
vibrant campus life and a supportive, close-knit community environment. We have a full range of services designed to
help you succeed: state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, libraries; writing and math tutoring; peer tutoring; student
success facilitators; varsity and recreational athletics programs; fitness facilities; health centre; and counseling and
disability services.
                                                     WHAT’S NEW?
Beginning in June 2011, St. Lawrence College will be taking part in an exchange agreement with Florida State University
and Walt Disney World. It is a six-month academic/work term available to qualified business students. We may look at
expanding this exchange to other program areas.
The college has recently invested in the development of Applied Research with many exciting projects in progress. In
addition revitalization of our campuses is underway to support new and innovate new programs including; Wind Turbine
Technician, Game Development Technician, and Fine Arts, among others.


                                                   College Dialogues 2011
Sault College







  non-­‐         Check	


                                                                    Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sault College







   • 75,000	
   • $22-­‐million	
   • Nurse	
   • $1.2-­‐million	

   • Construction	


       •    Sault	
       •    “The	
       •    A	
       •    New	




                                                                                   College Dialogues 2011
Seneca College

                                            CONTACT INFORMATION
 Recruitment:                  Seneca College Liaison and Recruitment, 416-491-5050 ext. 2008
 Admissions:                  Seneca College Admissions 416-491-5050 ext. 2800
 Scholarships and financial   Information on scholarships and financial aid is available at:
 Campus tours:                To register for campus tours visit:
 Upcoming events:             To find out more about our upcoming events visit:

                                         INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
 Student population:          Over 20,000 full time students
 New programs:                Aviation Diplomas (Operations and Safety)
 Program Changes:             Four Bachelor of Commerce Degrees

                                          ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
 Selection process for        The most competitive students in an applicant cohort who meet or exceed the
 oversubscribed programs:     admission requirements, including pre-requisites and additional selection criteria, if
                              required, as outlined in the Seneca full-time calendar will be considered for admission
                              to an oversubscribed program. Due to the pool of highly qualified applicants meeting
                              the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.
 2011 Admissions scores for    The Seneca/ York collaborative BSCN requires a minimum 80% average to be
 oversubscribed programs:     considered for admission. Degree programs require a minimum of 65% to be
                              considered. For oversubscribed diploma programs average scores will depend on the
                              competitiveness of an applicant cohort within a given admissions cycle.
 Selection process for non-   Applicants who meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the Seneca College Full
 oversubscribed programs:     time Calendar will be given an offer of admission.
 Grade 11 marks:              In the absence of mid-term or final grade 12 marks for prerequisite subjects for a given
                              program grade 11 marks may be considered as criteria in the selection process.
 Dual credits/SHSM            Successfully completed dual credits will be applied as a Seneca credit in a relevant
 programs:                    diploma program. However, the completion of a dual credit does not give the student
                              any advantage in the applicant selection process.
 Alternate offers of          Students who do not meet the admission requirements for a program will be given an
 admission:                   alternate offer in a certificate program relevant to their proposed area of study.
 Supplemental admission       Many Seneca programs use additional selection criteria. These include but are not
 requirements:                limited to: portfolios, skills testing, additional professional certification, and required
                              orientation sessions.
 Differentials:               Seneca does not use differentials in the selection process. The grade attained in a
                              College, Mixed, and University level course is considered equally.
 Workplace pathways:          Seneca College accepts workplace credits for its College Vocational Program. Academic
                              upgrading options in English and Math are also available to students who need to
                              complete college level equivalences in these subjects.
 Upgrading pathways:          Academic upgrading in Math and English are available to students. In some cases a
                              Seneca certificate may fulfill the entry requirements for a program.
 Post-graduate                Seneca college has a variety of articulation agreements and joint programs with Ontario
 opportunities:               Universities. Information on specific requirements are available in the Seneca College
                              Degree Transfer Guide. Also, Seneca offers a variety of eight month to one year Ontario
                              graduate certificates for advanced diploma and degree graduates. Please visit:


                                             Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                      Seneca College

Deferral policy:               An applicant may change their start date through OCAS (e.g. from Fall to Winter) if the
                               program has a later start date. Depending on the competitiveness of an applicant
                               cohort for a given start date the student’s academic record may be re-evaluated.
Tuition deposit:               Full payment is required, unless the applicant is applying for OSAP, in which case a
                               deposit of $400 is required after confirmation to hold the applicant’s seat in a given
Student experience:            Seneca students can participate in the SSF (Seneca Student Federation) various clubs,
                               organizations, sports teams, and professional development opportunities as well as
                               events through First Year experience, please visit:
Students with disabilities:    Information on Seneca counseling and disability services can be found at:
Career Services:               Information on Seneca career services can be found at:

Scholarships, bursary and       Degree applicants may qualify for a maximum $4000 renewable, annual, merit based
awards application             scholarship. For information on Seneca degree scholarships visit:
information and deadlines:
                               Seneca College offers a variety of scholarship and bursary opportunities to incoming
                               students. Scholarships and bursaries range from $50 to $1,500.
                               Scholarship and bursary information as well as the procedure for application’s is
                               available at the following link:

                                             RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:             Residence accommodations are available at Seneca’s Newnham and King campuses.
Residence application          Full payment, or a portion thereof depending on the payment option chosen is required
deadline:                      by June 25 2011. Please visit: for a breakdown of
                               payment options.
Residence guaranteed?          Upon admission to a Seneca program Seneca College can guarantee a residence spot at
                               the Newnham campus.
Room deposit fee:              A deposit fee of $500 is required to reserve a spot in residence. For complete details on
                               payment options visit:
Online application:            Online applications are available at the following link:

Seneca College offers state of the art facilities for its program areas to ensure that both the quality of education and
training pursued as well as the student experience are of the highest standard. Our Fire Technology and the ECE
daycare centre at Newnham, the Veterinary Technician Labs, the Seneca Nursing training facilities at King, and Seneca’s
Aviation Training and Research Centre are a few of the many examples of the excellent facilities present at Seneca
College. Also, Fall 2011 will see the opening of a new building at Seneca’s Newnham campus.

                                                    WHAT’S NEW?
Seneca has expanded it’s pathways with Ontario Universities, added two new diplomas in aviation, and revamped four
degrees in business. Also, Construction is underway on our new 160,000-square-foot building at Newnham Campus.
The new building will include additional classrooms and faculty spaces as well as a new auditorium, which will have a
flexible design that can serve as a single classroom, be divided into multiple teaching spaces or host Seneca functions.
As part of the construction, the Computer Commons is being expanded and a collaborative student study space is


                                                  College Dialogues 2011
Sheridan College

                                                  CONTACT INFORMATION
Recruitment:                      Manager, Student Recruitment       Sara Rumsey
                                  Outreach Recruitment Officer       Karen Marlatt
                                  Outreach Recruitment Officer       Heather Fawcett
                                  On-campus Recruitment Officer Angela Wigfield
Admissions:                       Manager, Admissions               Sarah Peake
Scholarships and financial aid:
Campus tours:                     Book online at: (most Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 1 p.m.)
Upcoming events:                  Fall 2011 Open House – November 19, 2011 – EVERYONE WELCOME!

                                              INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
Student population:               16,000 full-time students
New programs:                              Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music Theatre Performance)
                                           Mechanical Technician Tool Making Coop Diploma Apprenticeship Program
Program Changes:                  Flexible Learning - Sheridan schedules some programs and courses in the evenings and on
                                  weekends. Some courses are a hybrid delivery model which combines in-class and online
                                  participation and delivery.

                                                ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
Selection process for             Applicants to oversubscribed programs are admitted based on a combination of both academic
oversubscribed programs:          criteria and the ranking of a supplemental assignment (e.g. portfolios, résumés, questionnaires).
                                  Such supplemental assignments are scored by the selection panel from the program/school.
                                  These scored assignments are used in conjunction with the applicant’s academic performance
                                  when selecting candidates for admission.
2011 Admissions scores for        Go to:, click on the “Admissions” tab at the top, click on “Information for
oversubscribed programs:          Counsellors”, click on “Minimum Average Academic GPA's for Highly Competitive Programs”. The
                                  grades listed on this site reflect the average academic GPAs used for admission to Sheridan's
                                  highly competitive programs in recent years. These grades should only be used as a guideline.
Selection process for non-        Applicants to some programs are admitted based on academic criteria alone. Such applicants are
oversubscribed programs:          selected on the average of their six highest senior-level credits, including required courses.
                                  Sheridan uses a limit of one Co-op mark as part of the applicant’s six highest senior level credits.
Grade 11 marks:                   For certificate and diploma programs, appropriate grade 11 courses can be used as electives in
                                  the calculation of an admissions average, as long as the applicant is registered in the required
                                  courses. Unless specified as an admission requirement, no grade 11 courses are used in
                                  determining eligibility for admission to degree programs.
Dual credits/SHSM programs:       Marks from dual credit and/or Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) courses will be used in the
                                  calculation of admission averages, and will be treated as electives if they are part of the 6 highest
                                  sr. level marks used in the average. They will be not be used as pre-requisite courses.
Alternate offers of admission:    Applicants who do not meet the admissions requirements for their program of choice will be
                                  assessed and advised, and may be considered for other, related programs.
Supplemental admission            Supplemental admission requirements can include portfolios, auditions, résumés,
requirements:                     questionnaires, creative projects, essays, etc.
                                  The Health Occupation Aptitude Exam (HOAE) is required for the Pharmacy Technician, Practical
                                  Nursing and Veterinary Technician diploma programs.
                                  Supplemental admission requirements are an important component of the admission decisions.
Differentials:                    Sheridan does not use grade differentials for U, M or C courses. Applicants may be admitted to
                                  Sheridan if they have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12) with senior-level credits
                                  achieved at the C, U, M or O designation, or equivalent. Admission requirements to degree
                                  programs include credits achieved at the U or M designation.


                                                  Your guide to Ontario Colleges
                                                                                                              Sheridan College

Workplace and Upgrading            Academic Upgrading provides students with the opportunity to obtain a Grade 12 equivalency
pathways                           certificate or to complete courses needed to apply to a college program. This program is
                                   personalized to meet the needs of the student. Call for more information: 905-845-9430, ext.
                                   8009 (Skills Training Centre, Oakville) or 905-459-7533, ext. 5727 (Davis Campus, Brampton)
Post-graduate opportunities:       Graduate Certificates are one-year post-graduate programs that offer college level study with
                                   practical hands on experience across a wealth of subjects. They generally require applicants to
                                   hold a postsecondary diploma or degree. Find out more at:
                                   A sample of Articulation/Transfer Agreements can be found in our 2011/2012 Viewbooks. We
                                   have agreements with universities in Canada and overseas that provide advanced standing into
                                   related programs.
Deferral policy:                   Sheridan does not defer offers of admission. Deferred offers of admission may only be granted
                                   under extenuating circumstances and will be considered on an individual basis.
Tuition deposit:                   Sheridan has a new payment plan that allows to students to pay their fees in 1, 2 or 4
                                   installments. The first fee due date for new students is June 22, 2011. All OSAP students who
                                   wish to defer their tuition fees must make a $300 down payment by the payment date specified
                                   on the fee invoice. Students who are ineligible for OSAP assistance, or if their funding is
                                   insufficient to cover their fees, are still responsible for paying all outstanding fees. For more
                                   information, go to:
Student experience:                Sheridan fosters a creative community where students are encouraged to collaborate, to
                                   experiment and to question. Many faculty members have come from successful careers or
                                   continue to work in their field while they teach. Many programs at Sheridan offer co-op
                                   placements, internships or field placements that encourage “on-the-job” learning.
Students with disabilities:        Accommodation plans and services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student and
                                   are determined based on documentation provided and program-specific requirements. Students
                                   are encouraged to identify early to access full supports. For more information, go to:
Career Services:                   For career planning assistance, your students can go to:
                                   For career services available to Sheridan students, including tutoring, please visit

                                    SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION
Scholarships, bursary and          Over $4 million in financial assistance is awarded each year at Sheridan, in addition to OSAP
awards application information     funds. While most applications for bursaries and awards are available online, others can be
and deadlines:                     accessed only after the student has been invited to apply. For more information, go to:

                                                  RESIDENCE INFORMATION
Residence options:                 Suite-style residences, 2 people per suite, separate bedrooms, shared bath and kitchenette, high-
                                   speed wi-fi internet, upgraded cable/satellite tv and utilities included. Bi-weekly housekeeping.
                                   Check out the virtual tour at:
Residence application deadline:    May 2, 2011 for the Fall 2011 term
Residence guaranteed?              Residence is guaranteed at our Davis Campus in Brampton - conditions apply, see website for
                                   details -
                                   For our Trafalgar Rd. Campus in Oakville, students are assigned a space in residence based on a
                                   lottery system.
Room deposit fee:                  $250 due at time of application
Online application:      

                                               FACILITIES AND WHAT’S NEW?
NEW for Fall 2011! The Hazel McCallion Campus in MISSISSAUGA - Sheridan’s newest campus will be leading edge in its design,
service and programming. This campus will house a state-of-the-art library/computer commons, a range of student services,
classrooms equipped for video-conferencing and technology-supported learning, and will be fully accessible. Business programs, as
well as programs and services designed to help newcomers to Canada will be offered here.
Our New Library Services - Sheridan’s 21st century libraries support student learning with a variety of e-resources including e-books
and journals, streaming video, online software tutorials, image databases, virtual research help and more.


                                                       College Dialogues 2011

Your guide to Ontario Colleges

College Dialogues 2011

Your guide to Ontario Colleges

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