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                                               Creative Project Option

 Teacher Name: Hanson

 Student Name:          ________________________________________

     CATEGORY              5 Points                  3 Points                   1 Point
Approval                   This topic was            The topic has changed      This paper is radically
                           approved by the due       slightly since Mr.         different than the
                           date, or was              Hanson approved it         topic approved of
                           submitted late due to     and he did not             without the
                           an excused absence. If    approve the change.        permission of Mr.
Product Quality            The final product         The final product has      The final product
                           demonstrates effort,      some flaw that             demonstrates some
                           rehearsal, attention to   detracts slightly from     effort, but is riddled
                           detail and skill,         it. This might be a skit   with flaws. It is
                           depending upon the        that is unrehearsed,       passable, but not
Use of Primary             The connection            The primary                The connection
Documents                  between the primary       documents and the          between the primary
                           documents and the         final product are well     documents and the
                           final project are         connected, and Mr.         final product is
                           obvious even without      Hanson can see this        tenuous.
Division of Labor (if      It is obvious that        The final product          The final product was
made as a group)           everybody                 shows a slightly unfair    made mostly by one
                           contributed to the        distribution of labels,    person.
                           final product in equal    with some group
                           ways.                     member doing
Bibliography and           The bibliography uses     The bibliography uses      There are not enough
Citation                   at least 3 primary        at least least 3           primary documents
                           documents and uses        primary documents          used or the
                           secondary documents       and uses secondary         bibliography and
                           as well. The              documents as well.         citation are riddled
Grammar and Spelling In the description    There were 2 spelling, There were 3 spelling,
                     page, there are 0-1   word choice or         word choice or
                     spelling, word choice grammar errors.        grammar errors.
                     or grammar errors.

Date Created: July 27, 2010
0 Points
This paper's topic was
never approved by
Mr. Hanson.

This was obviously
thrown together at
the last minute. The
skit is poorly written
or unrehearsed, the
Even with the
explanation paper,
there is no connection
between the paper
and the final product.
Only one person
worked on the final
product, with other
group members going
along for the ride.
No bibliography was
included or there
were no citations
throughout the
There were 4 or more
spelling, word choice
or grammar errors.