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									St. John the Evangelist
Catholic School
Parent newsletter
December 2, 2009

    Be Responsible   Be Respectful   Be Kind
           Be Honest    Be Your Best!
Special thanks to…                                          Congratulations to…
Kathy Osborne and her fantastic team (Laura Alberton,       our students whose “Be” cards were drawn this week:
Janet Colucci, Mary Corrao, Adriana Cruz, Marlene                           Ana Briggs (5th grade)
Cruz, Karen and John Curtin, Pauline Gronstad, Lena                      Sofia Contreras (1st grade)
King, Annie Strazerri, Julie Vianna) who distributed all                 Brady Cutler (kindergarten)
the wrapping paper and cookie dough in such an efficient                Claire Fernandez (2nd grade)
manner.                                                                     Ray Gazzo (4th grade)
                                                                           Andrew Ivy (1st grade)
Mrs. Cohen, Ms. Heller and our 8th grade girls who pro-                    Talia Kraus (5th grade)
vided the beautiful music for the funeral Mass for Mr.                  Cassandra Lucciani (1st grade)
Hughes.                                                                 Sabrina Mangseth (5th grade)
                                                                        Johnny McMahon (5th grade)
our students and parents who graciously volunteered to                      Ray Smith (7th grade)
serve for the senior luncheon on November 19.                              Melia Stubbs (1st grade)
                                                                           Jenna Viana (4th grade)
all of you who attended our parish Turkey Fest on Novem-
ber 21.
                                                                   Hands Across Saint John Day
all of you who joined us for our Thanksgiving prayer ser-              Friday, December 4
vice on November 24.
                                                                 This is our 2nd year to ask each student
                                                                    to bring a quarter or any donation
          Please see enclosed thank you from                              for Our Lady’s School.
                      Lisa Hughes.                                 Our entire student body joins hands
                                                                    around the school and we pray for
                                                                             our sister school,
Please keep in your prayers…                                                Our Lady’s School.

the Kidneigh family. Grandma Carol Kidneigh died last
week. (Liam is in 1st grade and Ayanna is in 4th grade.)
                                                                           SANTA’S VILLAGE
the Brady family. Grandpa Edward Dunne died last week.
(Aiden is in 3rd grade and Devin is in 6th grade.)                        Friday, December 4
                                                                          10:00A.M.- 4:00P.M.
the Picciano family. Grandma Joan Young died last
week. (Lana is in 8th grade.)                                                   shopping
                                                                            photos with Santa
Michael Hobrock (5th grade) who will be having surgery                         the Grinch
tomorrow, Thursday.
Announcements…                                                     SEE’S CANDY SALE
                                                                Please remember that the See’s Candy Order
DINE-OUT EVENTS                                                 Forms need to be turned in to the office by this
We just received checks from our latest dine-out events.        Friday!!! The original due date was Wednesday, December 2
                    Rubio’s          $323.44                    but due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we are extending the
                    Panda Express $123.34                       deadline to Friday, December 4th. Additional order forms and
Thank you to everyone who participates in these events. This envelopes are available in the office. Call Lena King at 760-
year all of our proceeds are going toward Project PLAY to get a 845-1209 if you have any questions! What an easy way to do
new play structure.                                             some Christmas shopping!

AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES                                            PARISH CALENDAR
Be sure you have seen the latest two flyers for after school ac-   Please see the December parish calendar so you can be a part of
tivities. One is for Simply Spectacular Science regarding a        the many available activities.
one-day experience this Friday. The other is for DramAntiks
which begins in January. Please be sure you register if inter-                         CHRISTMAS
ested. Academic Chess just cancelled the next session because
of a lack of enrollment.                                                               PROGRAMS
                                                                           Angels, Lambs, Ladybugs and Fireflies
                                                                              Tuesday, December 8 6:30P.M.
This is a great opportunity for our middle school students. Mrs.
Smith has sent out information. Please contact her if you have
any questions.                                                                        Angel Chorus
                                                                              Wednesday, December 9 6:30P.M.
ACADEMIC DECATHLON TEAM 2010                                                            Preschool
Tryouts for our Academic Decathlon Team will be happening
soon. Mrs. Smith will be sending out more information. We                             Silent, Holy Night
are dedicating this year’s Academic Decathlon’s team work to                   Thursday, December 10 6:30P.M.
Mr. Kuhn’s memory.                                                                            3-5
                                                                              We’re on Our Way to Bethlehem
LOST AND FOUND                                                               Wednesday, December 16 6:30P.M.
The lost and found area is overflowing. Please look for any of                             6-8
your lost items. The items will all be cleared away over the
Christmas break, so please claim your items by December 17.

                                                    SCRIP SCOOP!
      The next scrip special order will be due this Friday, Dec. 4th. This order will be in for pick-up before
      Christmas vacation. It will be your last opportunity to order gift cards for Christmas gifts or Christmas

      You can plan to turn in your next special order at the school office, or if you prefer, stop
      by Santa’s Village on Friday, December 4th to check out the gift card inventory available
      to you that day. Scrip will be sold all day at Santa’s Village. If your desired gift card is not
      available for immediate purchase, order forms will be available to you at the event for special
      orders. There is a drawing and any scrip purchases made that day, will make you eligible to
      enter the drawing. There will be three prizes in the form of $10, $ 20, and $25 denomination gift
      cards. You choose the retailer of your choice!

      Here are some ideas for some retailers to keep in mind during Christmas, Children’s Place, Gymbo-
      ree, Gap, American Eagle Outfitter, Macy’s, JC Penney’s, Home Depot, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond,
      Bath and Body Works, a wide selection of restaurants, as well as entertainment retailers. Don’t forget
      grocery stores for your Christmas meals as well.

      Quick update: Thanks to all who have signed up for e-Scrip. The program has already provided returns
      to the school. Keep using your registered cards during your holiday shopping!
                           COMMUNITY OUTREACH
        "God made the world rich enough to feed and clothe all human beings."
                                   -Mother Teresa

This month our students will learn that children just like them anywhere in the world will feel
warmth and love because they responded to our Lord's call to "Clothe the Naked." Our De-
cember outreach will help four different charities, among the poorest of the poor, to bring
clothing to children--an act that will bring true "Joy to the World." Details will come from the
classes but the following is a breakdown of whom we will be serving:

K/1—Little Dresses for Africa - Reconfiguring existing pillowcases into dresses for girls in Af-
rica who, because they are orphans, face abuse and oppression.

2/3—Providing sweatsuits (sweatshirts and sweatpants) for children living in an extremely
poor colonia in Tijuana. This is a neighborhood where the actual living structures and school
are made out of garage doors and is located right next to a dump.

4/5—Collecting new or gently used clothes for poor children that our military is trying to help
in the Horn of Africa, a region constantly in crisis.

6/7/8—Collecting clothing and diapers for infants through 5 years old for Birthline of San
Diego, an organization that assists pregnant women and mothers with small children who
don't have the means to provide for their family.

                               CHRISTMAS BASKETS
                       Again this year, we will be helping to fill the
                       Christmas baskets sponsored by Saint John
                       Parish. Please send in new toys for any age
                        level. No wrapping necessary. The food
                            items which are most needed are:
                                         stuffing mix
                                       canned goods:
                                        chicken broth
                                         turkey broth
                       All items should be sent in by December 15.

                          For Food Pantry Friday, December 4,
                        you might want to pay special attention to
                         these items also. Thank you for always
                         helping out with this wonderful ministry.
Santa’s Village this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4 from 10am to 4pm!
Ho!Ho!Ho! Forget going to the Mall!
Join us in the Parish Hall during school without kids (for shopping),
or after school with kids (for photos)

CHRISTMAS DRESS for photos with Santa for those with pre-paid photos (includes All Stars!)

Bring a CANNED FOOD ITEM for the food pantry and receive a raffle ticket for one of three great Christ-
mas prizes. You may purchase additional tickets for $1 each.

Photos with Santa by Pam Birmingham Photography $15 for a 5x7

Your kids' ornaments (trees decorated by each grade) $5 each

Cookies for Santa and Hors d'oeuvres for Elves Cookie and Appetizer recipe book $10 or 2 for $15

Bake Sale, Cookie Decorating, Meet the Grinch and get a Who-Hairdo

Shop our vendors including: Pashmina scarves, hats, jewelry, candles, Scrip, and more

Jamba Juice will be there from 11:30-1:30 for 8 oz. smoothies and assorted salads
(LIMITED QUANTITIES, buy yours early) and Pizza by the slice for the kids!

                                     DATES TO REMEMBER

       Thursday, December 3              Bike, Walk, Carpool Day
                                         Spirit Day
                            6:30P.M. First Reconciliation Meeting for Second Grade Parents

       Friday, December 4                 Food Pantry Friday
                                          Hands Across Saint John Day
                                          Christmas Accessories
                                          10:00-4:00 Santa’s Village
                                          11:20 Rosary
                                          12:00 Dismissal

       Sunday, December 6                 Second Sunday of Advent

       Tuesday, December 8                Feast of the Immaculate Conception
                                          8:00 Mass Grades K-3
                                          10:30 Mass Grades 4-8
                                          Dress Uniform
                                          6:30P.M. Christmas Program K-2

       Wednesday, December 9              6:30P.M. Preschool Christmas Program

       Thursday, December 10              6:30P.M. Christmas Program 3-5
     Tuesday, December 8                             It is not too late to start an Advent
                                                    observance. Begin using your Ad-
              Dress Uniform                           vent wreath, Advent calendar or
             8:00 Mass K-3                          Jesse tree. Let this remind you daily
             10:30 Mass 4-8                                 that we are waiting for
                                                                 Christ to come.

     FOOD PANTRY FRIDAY                                CHRISTMAS BASKETS
           December 4
                                                    Toys and canned foods needed
  Please start bringing in lots of
                                                    Bring to school by December 15
Items for our Christmas baskets.

                                                               You can reach us at…
We are the Body of Christ.                                        p. (760) 944-8227
   Our life is mission.                                           f. (760) 944-8939

                                   MISSION STATEMENT
             St. John School, a Christ-centered environment, empowers our children
to gain a thorough understanding of the Catholic faith, achieve their highest academic potential,
                        and share Christ’s love through Christian action.

              School Wide Learning Expectations (SLEs)
             A graduate of St. John School will be a spiritual and well-rounded
                             CHRIST-CENTERED PERSON who:
                    Follows the teachings of Jesus to love God and others.
                   Respects and protects everything that God has created.
                                  Prays any time, any place.
          Learns and understands the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.
                   Takes part in the Mass, other liturgies, and sacraments.
                        Demonstrates thankfulness for the gift of faith.

                             ACTIVE, LIFE-LONG LEARNER who:
                                Always tries to do his or her best.
                            Is excited to learn as much as possible.
                       Is a polite and careful listener and communicator.
                          Thinks carefully to plan and make decisions.
                           Learns from both mistakes and successes.

                               RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN who:
                     Accepts responsibility and consequences for actions.
                              Shares time and talent with others.
                                  Respects self and others.
                                   Makes healthy choices.
                                  Is helpful and courteous.
                             Demonstrates good sportsmanship.

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