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					                 Weather Powers The Web

                                          June 11, 2007

April 14, 2008
MyWeather Overview

 Founded in 2000 as a division of Weather Central.
 MyWeather is a leading supplier of private-brand weather data, services and
  applications to over 200 TV station web sites and 350 online newspapers,
  personalized forecasts and severe weather alerts to 2,000,000 registered
 Multiple service offerings that are private-branded to support your marketing

A Few of Our Premier Partners Nationwide

        NBC Owned and Operated Affiliates
        Cox Television Stations
        Hearst Television Stations
        Raycom Group Stations
        Sinclair, Fisher, Freedom, Quincy

        Large and Small Stations Coast to Coast

          San Francisco   New York     Chicago    Dallas   3
Total Online Weather Page Views
Weather is the #1 entry point for local media websites

           Rank     DMA                    Weather Page Views - Universe
               Total US                     13.4 Billion 2006     (30+% Growth in 2007)
                                            22.5 Billion+ in 2007

       Local media is well behind in online weather;
        70% share of online weather page views

           At $3.00 cpm and 2 ad impressions/PV, the value of this traffic in your market is $
           What is your share?

           MyWeather can help…

                                                          Source Nielsen Net Ratings, 8/07        4
Accessing Weather Information – Frequency

 In order to participate in this study, all respondents must have accessed weather information via the
  Internet at least once in the seven days prior to taking the survey.
 A majority of respondents (57%) had accessed weather information via the Internet one to five times in
  the previous seven days.


Unaided Awareness
 Unaided awareness of Weather Channel was significantly higher among respondents ages 18–24 (87% ), and it
  decreased as age increased, dropping to 36% among those 65 and older.
 Unaided awareness of local TV Web sites was significantly higher among respondents ages 45–54 (64% ) than
  among most other age groups.

 Primary Usage
 Just over three-quarters of respondents (77% ) indicated that they have one or two on-line weather information
  sources that they prefer to all others; the remaining 23% said that all weather sites are basically the same to them.
 Among respondents who use more than source, 32% use Weather Channel most frequently.
 Rates of primary usage for Weather Channel tended to be higher among younger respondents (43% among ages
  18–34), and rates of primary usage for local TV Web sites tended to be higher among older respondents (18%
  among ages 55 and older).

Primary Usage – Heavy Users versus Light Users

 Light users were significantly more likely to use Weather Channel and local TV Web sites as their
  primary source of on-line weather information, while heavy users were significantly more likely to use
  WeatherBug as their primary source.

Reasons for Using Primary Source
 Overall, respondents cited many different reasons for using a particular on-line weather information
  source more than others.

Reasons for Using Primary Source
 Classified into two broader categories of 1) attributes related to brand or URL (such as an easy to
  remember Web site) and 2) attributes related to site features (such as radar, maps, and graphics), this
  data suggests that brand/URL is a more important driver of using a particular on-line weather
  information source.
 Brand/URL-related attributes were cited by 57% of respondents as reasons for using their primary on-
  line weather information source; feature-related attributes were cited by only 35% of respondents.

Attribute Importance
   Overall, respondents rated Trustworthy, Provides accurate forecasts, Is easy to use, and Understands weather where I live as the
    most important characteristics when selecting an on-line weather information source.
   Heavy users tended to give higher ratings of importance on most attributes and had a significantly higher mean rating for Relevant
    to my lifestyle, Interactive maps and radar, Educational weather content, and Environmental and climate content.
   Is easy to use, Understands weather where I live, Relevant to my lifestyle, and URL/address that is easy to remember were
    significantly more important to females.

n=516                                 Not at all important (1)                                                 Extremely important (10)
Attribute Performance Matrix – Total Sample

 The table below displays the relative performance of each competitor on each attribute, ranked from 1
  to 10, for the total sample.
      The attributes are listed in descending order from most important to least important.
      The competitors are listed left to right from best overall performance to worst overall performance across all
       attributes (based on a composite score weighted to account for the relative importance of each attribute).
      The best and worst scores for each attribute are highlighted in green and pink, respectively.

Category III – Desktop Application, “On
Ramp to Your Site”

 Live: “Online” Desktop Application
      Drive at-work audience to your web site
      More than just weather alerts
      Customizable to station
      Local ad positions
      Video capable
      Simple download

Category III – Additional Applications

 Interactive Radar
    Hyper-local view of Nexrad radar over a Virtual Earth Map
    Interactive and user-defined map views to pan, zoom, and scroll within the map and see the
     precise location of Nexrad radar and clouds
    Highest resolution Radar Imagery
    Zoom down to street level

Category III – Additional Applications

 Personal Microcast
      Proprietary Microcast forecast model
      Personal forecast page
      Twice daily emails from your weather team
      Severe weather alerts
      Premium Weather rev share
      5-10% HH in DMA subscribe

Category III – Additional Applications

 Venue Forecasts
    Hyper-local interactive weather maps for market exclusive venues (You
         High School football stadiums
         Golf Courses
         Neighborhood forecast
         Ski Forecast
    Customizable to station
    Very Sponsorable
    Creates Localization

Content – MyWeather WebHD™

 A total online content solution to compete with Build page views and keep
  viewers on your weather page with compelling content packages
    Health
    Home and Garden
    Kids Weather
    Weather Maps
    Outdoor Lifestyle
    Seasonal
    Severe Weather
    Sports
    Travel

Category III – Additional Applications

 Weather at Hand
    A branded, sponsorable mobile weather solution
    Current conditions
    Your radar, and regional radars
    3 and 5 day forecasts; US and
    Zip code weather search

Category III – Additional Applications

 RouteCast / Greenlight™
    Traffic and Weather together
    Best Locally Available Data
        Flow data, Incident, Construction, Cameras, Weather
    Traffic mobile and email alerts
    Customize routes