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                                                              serving west leesburg carver heights areas

   community partners:
   combining resources for our children
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                                                   Neighbor Aid
                        Your first line of defense in the aftermath of a disaster
                                A plan for Neighbors helping Neighbors
NEIGHBOR AID is a program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for the
aftermath of a disaster. A single disaster causes many individual emergencies at
                                                                                                For more information contact:
one time. Unfortunately, the police or fire department may not be able to respond
to your call for help in a timely manner. Fire departments are mandated to perform                      VolunteerLAKE
Damaged Assessments of their entire districts and then to respond to the situations      Lake County Board of County Commissioners
where crews can do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.                                P. O. Box 7800
                                                                                                  Tavares, FL 32778-7800
Professional emergency response to your situation may be delayed for hours, even                   (352) 742-6590 Office
days. Of necessity you and your neighbors become the first responders to your                       (352) 742-6588 Fax
Preparing your neighborhood is vital. Neighbors that are prepared are more           
effective in their response to a disaster and have an increased capacity to be self- 
sufficient for the first 72 hours after a disaster. This plan works. The concept was     
developed by Washington State Department of Emergency Management and has
been successfully implemented in hundreds of communities.
                                                                   Acknowledgement of Thanks
                                         3rd Annual STOP THE MADNESS Celebration
 Harvard University - FREE No
                                                          May 29, 2010 – Berry Park/Carver Heights
 tuition and no student loans
                                        The STOP THE MADNESS, Inc. and Carver Heights Neighborhood Advisory
 Harvard University announced
                                          Council Members would like to take this opportunity to express a heartfelt
   over the weekend that from
now on undergraduate students           “Thanks” to the many who participated in, as well as attending our 3rd Annual
  from low-income families will        STOP the Madness Celebration. We appreciate your support and we look forward
  pay no tuition. In making the                                                        to many years to acknowledge
    announcement, Harvard’s                                                             this celebrate this community
      president Lawrence Hl
                                                                                               awareness event.
Summers said, “When only ten
 percent of the students in elite
   higher education come from
families in the lower half of the
   income distribution, we are
 not doing enough. We are not
 doing enough in bringing elite
 higher education to the lower
half of the income distribution.”

     If you know of a family
  earning less than $60,000 a
   year with an honor student                  Participation
  graduating from high school
    soon, Harvard University
                                      You are invited to participate in our city
 wants to pay the tuition. The
 prestigious university recently       commission meetings and voice your
 announced that from now on             concerns about your drinking water.           Subsidized Child Care Funds are
 undergraduate students from          We meet beginning at 5pm on the third         Currently Available for Lake County
 low-income families can go to        floor of City Hall of each month. City       Residents If you or your child/children
  Harvard for FREE…no tuition            Hall is located at 501 W. Meadow           meet criteria, you may be eligible for
      and no student loans!
                                                 Street in Leesburg.                   child care at REDUCED COST.
                                                                                   To see if You Qualify, Please Call Us At
To find out more about Harvard                                                                  352.315-3905
                                       Paid Internship for ages 16 and up
offering free tuition for families                                                       or 866.463-3905 (toll free)
   making less than $60,000 a             Check out these Paid Internship                    Or visit our Office at
year, visit Harvard’s financial aid
                                         Opportunities for those in need of                   1017 W. Dixie Ave.
website at: http://www.fao.fas.                                                               Leesburg, Fl 34748 or call the school’s                 employment:
financial aid office at (617) 495-     http://www.workforcecentralflorida.
               1581.                  com/summerwork/$8.25hr for ages 16           Congrats
                                       – 21; 35 hours per week for six week
                                                                                   to our
   To find out more ways on                        this summer
  how you can help improve                                                         2010
    your community please               http://www.workforcecntralflorida.
  contact Wynderlon Blue at                                                        Graduates!!
                                       for ages 22 and up; 40 hours per week
     or visit our website at                                                       Dominic L Hayes                           for twelve weeks                 Class of 2010
 (Adolescent Development & Parent Training)
                                                                            Phat & Heavy
   ADAPT will focus on assisting young mothers needing support in            Rock Show
   transitioning into parenthood. It is a safe, nurturing environment                 July 30 – 31, 2010
                                                                             The Father’s House Christian Church
   where young mothers will be led in a small group setting and will
                                                                            2301 South Street • Leesburg, FL 34748
  be assigned a mentor for additional guidance and parenting support
 during the week. You will learn basic parenting, child development,
 coping, and life skills, as well as have a better understanding of how    Entertainment include: The Battle of the Bands /
                                                                                    Inflatable Games / Car Smash
 they can find strength, peace and comfort through welcoming Christ              FREE Musical Workshops Schedule:
                              into their lives.
                                                                                     Friday, July 30, 2010
        Starts May 20th (Thursday), Rm 20 • 5:30 -7:30pm                                5:00pm Registration
              Transportation provided • Meal included                                6:00pm General Session #1
                   Contact Info: Evelyn Ritchie                           7:00pm until 8:30pm Workshops 1 (Beginning and
   or call 407-744-8222                       Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboard, Sound

                  PLEASE JOIN US !!
                                                                                     8:30pm Music Tasting Party
     Carver Heights Neighborhood Advisory Council Meeting                      9:30pm Group Photo, pass out T-shirts
    We would like to enlist your participation to help identify, create
                                                                                    Saturday, July 31, 2010
 and share new resources and implement programs that are beneficial
                                                                              9:00am until 10:00pm General Session
   to our community. Together, we can help people build the trusting                 10:00am - 4:00pm Workshops
relationships necessary for long-term change in our community. Your         Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboard, Sound
 input and help with this project is greatly appreciated! We Need Your                           Mixing
                                                                              12:00 pm Lunch (Bring your own lunch)
                    HELP! Your input is Valuable!
                                                                                      6:00pm Dinner (Provided)
         Meetings are held every 2nd Thursday @ 5:30pm                                     7:30pm - Concert
 Leesburg Rec Center / 1815 Griffin Rd. • Carver Heights/Leesburg                   Participants: 3rd Grade and Up
             Meetings will resume on August 12, 2010

   Kids Central Kinship Care
                                                                             Contact: Andria Roberts @ 352.315-1815

 Support Groups Strength for the                                               July 4th Celebration
     “Second Time Around”                                                     Sunday, July 4th, 2010
   ADAPT will focus on assisting young mothers needing support in
                                                                           Venetian Gardens - Leesburg
   transitioning into parenthood. It is a safe, nurturing environment
   where young mothers will be led in a small group setting and will
  be assigned a mentor for additional guidance and parenting support       3rd Annual Family
                                                                           Fun Fest is coming!
                             during the week.
  You will learn basic parenting, child development, coping, and life
   skills, as well as have a better understanding of how they can find    Saturday, August 14th. The 3rd Annual Lake
strength, peace and comfort through welcoming Christ into their lives.     Family Fun Fest!!! 10:00am until 2pm at
                                                                          Faith Lutheran Church and School in Eustis
                Starts May 20th (Thursday), Rm 20                           This is an entire day of FREE FAMILY
                          5:30 -7:30pm                                               FUN! Even the FOOD!
             Transportation provided • Meal included                          Organizations/Vendors can contact:
                   Contact Info: Evelyn Ritchie                       
   or call 407-744-8222                                 for more information
     P.O. Box 490630 • Leesburg, FL 34748                                                                           PRESORTED-STD
                                                                                                                      US POSTAGE
 serving west leesburg • carver heights                                                                                   PAID
                                                                                                                      Leesburg, FL
                                                                                                                      Permit #1176

Whether your child is a special needs child or just a well-
adjusted kid who may feel lost over the summer months, here
are some things you can do to help bring on a smile to your
child’s face.

Stay connected with books, magazines, and newspapers.
If you do not have a variety of reading material in your home,
don’t fret. Your public library usually has everything.
• Don’t forget to have your child get his or her own library
  card. It promotes ownership in the reading experience.
• Make sure your child chooses books that are of high interest
  with lots of picture support, especially for the younger
  reader. Middle school children usually have a good idea of
  what kinds of printed material peaks their interest – comedy,
  things that crash, animals, things that fly. The subjects are
• Check out several books at a time. Be sure there is a special
  place at home to put the books so that they are protected
  from the toddler or the new puppy.

Take daytime road trips or visit museums, zoos, special
There is a lot of history in your community and other
neighborhoods. Just driving around to places like DeLeon          writing, math,) and ultimately the serving of the food (social
Springs can motivate children to know more about the history      interaction.) HAVE SOME FUN!
of Central Florida. And don’t forget the Orlando Science
Center. It has a wealth of activities during the summer.          Tutoring comes in many shapes
                                                                  A parent does not have to be the only tutor. An older brother
Don’t kick the kids out of the kitchen. Involve them in           or sister can sit and read 10 minutes with a younger sibling.
planning the menus. They could even plan a Crazy Day Meal.        So can a neighbor, and uncle or a grandma. A quick review
This could involve the children in sending out invitations to     of math facts can be done any time and any place. Just
the family or friends (writing,) reading recipes and writing      remember to keep the lessons short. You don’t want your
down a grocery list with amounts to be purchased (reading,        child feeling as if he is back in the regular classroom.


                1390 W North Blvd
                Leesburg, FL 34748