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					Wireless Data Solutions
Rogers AT&T Wireless
                     Wireless 101: Cellular Network Evolution
Rogers AT&T              GPRS                EDGE        WCDMA
                            CDMA 1X                          CDMA2000
  Telus / Bell

 Telus (Mike)
Rogers AT&T


 Bell Mobility

    2G, 1995              evolved 2G, 2002             3G, 2004+
   9.6 - 19.2 kbps          64 -144 kbps            384 kbps - 2 Mbps
GSM = Voice                                GPRS = Data

    Erik Anderson
    Manager, Enterprise Solutions              Rogers AT&T WIreless
                                            1700, 715 - 5th Avenue SW
                                             Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2X6

                                     GSM:         +1.403.681.9255
                                      Fax:        +1.403.730.2940
GSM: World Class Network

                                                              (mainly NA,
                                                             Korea, Japan)

                      Network Subscribers – 3Q2003

 Source:      CDMA Development Group -

              GSM World -
What is the growth rate of of GSM/GPRS users
compared to other platforms globally?
   Market share of wireless technologies globally, December 2000             Market share of wireless technologies globally, December 2001

                         Analog                                                                     5%
                          10%                                                                   TDMA
                  TDMA                                                                           10%
                  PDC                                                                        6%
                 CDMA                          GSM
                  11%                          63%                                                                   GSM

    Market share of w ireless technologies globally, December 2002            Market share of w ireless technologies globally, May 2003

                                  Analog                                                      TDMA Analog
                                   3%                                                          9%   2%

                     PDC                                                                    PDC
                     5%                                                                     5%

                  CDMA                                                                   CDMA
                   13%                                                                    13%

                                                GSM                                                                 GSM
                                                69%                                                                 71%
                                  71%(864M) of the worlds digital cellular users are on GSM.
                                                  GSM is available in 207 countries.
                  Source: EMC World Cellular Database, June 27, 2003
 Coverage - Canada
Rogers GSM/GPRS network currently provides coverage to over
95% of the Canadian Population.
             The Rogers AT&T Wireless Advantage
We’ve transformed our networks for the next generation of wireless services. Using GSM/GPRS, the most widely
deployed wireless technology standard in the world, we’ve built Canada’s largest integrated voice and data network.
GSM/GPRS is the global standard for wireless communications, currently operating in 207 countries with over 909
million users worldwide, over 72% of the world’s cellular market.

Features and Benefits of GSM/GPRS
• Most commonly used worldwide technology standard for wireless voice and data capabilities.
• Global standard technology brings better quality, lower priced handsets with the most innovative technology.
• Clear and reliable voice calls, with less dropped calls.
• ‘Always-on’ mobile internet availability for instant accessibility.
• Secure mobile data connections.
• Worldwide access on one device.
• GSM/GPRS wireless devices work with a SIM card that makes them quickly and easily interchangeable. Just insert
the card into another device and you’re instantly connected to your wireless account and services.

                                   Rogers AT&T Wireless in Alberta
Our network covers 95% of the Canadian population. Simply put – we’ve got you covered.
• 150 sites were built in Alberta in the last 3 years.
• We have tripled the number of sites in Alberta since 1996.
• $150 million invested in the Alberta network in the last 3 years.
• Nationally, we have invested over $1 billion overlaying our network with GSM/GPRS, $230 million in Alberta.
• Recently we have expanded coverage in the rural areas of Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat,
 and Red Deer along with enhancing the network in Calgary and Edmonton.
• We now offer dual-band GSM/GPRS services in Canada on the 1900 MHz and 850 MHz spectrum bands. We have
completed 100% of our 850 MHz GSM/GPRS network enhancement in Alberta and have completed 99% of our 850
MHz rollout in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Nationally, we have completed 92% of our 850 MHz rollout and will be
completed by Q4 2003.
Our goal
• Providing a quality network with solid coverage is at the core of our regional business plan.
• We are there where you need us with an exceptional network and local cellular specialists.
Gibsons … Areas of Activity ...
Cadec On Board Computers and TMW deliver E-
“Learning faster than competitors is the only
  sustainable competitive advantage in an
environment of rapid change and innovation”

                Aire de Geus
  Gibson Energy Ltd.

! Links producers and upstream suppliers with the refining and
  downstream markets
! Integrated transportation network moves millions of barrels of oil,
  liquids, propane, asphalt and other energy products to market
Gibsons Truck Transportation

 ! 500 trucks
 ! 1000 trailers
 ! Travel from the Northwest Territories to the
   Western United States, from the Pacific Coast to
 ! Move more than 70 million barrels of energy
   products a year across Western Canada
! New process to manage 30,000 paper
  tickets each month
! Improve Customer Service
! Wireless On Board Computers (OBC)
! New Management System (TMW)
Systems Strategy

Project Tiger
     !   On Board Computers (OBCs) – CADEC
     !   GPRS Wireless Communications – Rogers AT&T
     !   Enhanced Dispatch/Management information System – TMW
     !   Equipment Management System (EMS) – IVARA
     !   System Integration
     !   Web Initiatives
Why Look at On Board Computer

! Meets a business need by allowing for an improvement in a key
  business process
! Allows for reduced cycle time of information
! Regulatory Requirements
! Improved Customer Service
  Gibson’s OBC Selection

! System chosen is Cadec Mobius
! Provides constant communication through the use of various
  communication modes
! Provides for Ticket information capture
! Delivers Truck location
 thru GPS
Cadec On Board Computer

                Custom Gibson Designed Stand
    Wireless Communications

!   GPRS from Rogers AT&T
!   GPRS a more mature technology
!   Cost of GPRS vs. Satellite
!   Secure connection (private APN)
!   Near real-time data desirable
!   Western Canada Coverage Required
!   BlueTree/RIM dual band Modem
!   Several Modem Choices
!   Utilize external antenna
System Diagram


                                                                                                                   OBC Management Software

                                                   Secure APN Connection

                                      GPRS Wireless Data                                        www server

                                                                                                                       Application Interfaces

                                                                                                                Transportation Management System

          Gibson Fleet (500 Trucks)

                                                                                                                       Application Interfaces

                                                                     Customer Reporting and E-Business Portal       In House Developed Systems
  Gibson Benefits

! Operational Savings
! Administrative Savings
! Required to meet reporting deadlines, Regulatory compliance
  and customer requirements
! Efficient integration of acquisitions
! Facilitates new products and currencies
Customer Benefits

 !   Enhanced customer service
 !   Timeliness of information
 !   Enhance customer relations
 !   Cost reductions
Vendor Management

 !   Cadec On Board Computers
 !   TMW Management Software
 !   BlueTree OEM GPRS Modems
 !   RIM GPRS Module
 !   Rogers AT&T GSM/GPRS Wireless Network
 !   AccuFlo OBC Stand Design and Assembly
 !   ICOM Training Materials
 !   DataMirror Application Integration
 !   Tiger Team Consultants
Timeline 1996-2000

                Search for OBC Solution

                                                 Cadec Demo

                                                                    Build Internal
                                                                Prototype (CE/CDPD)

                                                                          Define OBC

         1997                     1998    1999                2000
 1996                                                                                   2000
Timeline 2001-2002

           Select Cadec
          as OBC vendor

                          Select TMW to
                          replace Gator

                                                         TMW Implementation sub-project

                                                                                          Evaluate future
                                                                                            of CDPD

                                          January 2002
January 2001                                                                                       December 2002
Timeline 2003-2004

         GPRS vs. 1xRTT Trial

                            Select GPRS                                   QA

                                     Cadec GPRS
                                                                               System/UA Test                       Live!
                                Interface Development

                                                                                         Truck Installations
                                                        Design Complete

                                                                                                     January 2004
January 2003                                                                                                                March 2004
Technology Review

 !   Cadec Windows CE Rugged Computer
 !   GPRS Wireless Modem
 !   GPS
 !   Truck Interface
 !   Cadec/TMW Management Software
 !   DataMirror Integration
Success Factors

 ! Gibsons involved in all aspects of design and
   problem solving
 ! Engaging Vendors with a keen interest and
   investment in our success
 ! Investment in Training