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   Date                What’s on                   DIRECTOR                  Spare Player
 Tuesdays          Chicago Aggregate              Roy Ashmore              Always available
 Thursdays       Learners and Improvers         George Collins et al       Partners provided
 2   Fri       Bank Holiday Duplicate             As available            Arthur Whittaker
 5   Mon       Bank Holiday Duplicate             As available             Helen Kinloch
 9   Fri               Duplicate                  Richard Ray              Mike Thresher
11   Sun     Tessa Henshaw Ladies’ Indiv.        Chris Kinloch                 None
12   Mon            Teams of Four               Arthur Whittaker               None
16   Fri       Duplicate “Six Partners”          Maurice Dyer               Guy Turner
19   Mon               Duplicate                 George Collins             David Lewis
23   Fri               Duplicate                   Stan Babb              Ken Smallbone
26   Mon          Individual Round 6             Helen Kinloch            Manny Navarro
30   Fri               Duplicate                  Richard Ray              George Collins
 3   Mon               Duplicate                 David Lewis                Ann Varrow
 7   Fri            Teams of Four              Dennis Chambers                 None
10   Mon               Duplicate                Barry Williams             Frank Sanjana
11   Tues    Jan Forbister Aggregate Pairs      Roy Ashmore
14    Fri             Duplicate                  Maurice Dyer               Eric Clucas
17   Mon       Duplicate “Six Partners”         Arthur Whittaker            Chris Comer
21    Fri             Duplicate                  Chris Kinloch             David Rawden
24   Mon              Duplicate                  George Collins           Arthur Whittaker
28   Fri              Duplicate                    Stan Babb                Mary Lucas
29   Sat     Play against Alençon visitors       Chris Kinloch                 None
31   Mon       Bank Holiday Duplicate             As available
If you can’t attend on a day for which you are nominated, please swap with someone as soon as
possible. New directors and spare players are always welcome.
Club:             Maydene, Sherborne Road, (01256) 322690
                  Basingstoke RG21 5TG
Chairman:         Helen Kinloch                 (01189) 813210
Vice-Chairman: Dennis Chambers                  (01256) 326886
Treasurer:        Arthur Whittaker              (01256) 334496
Secretary:        Stan Babb                     (01256) 781789
Committee:        Mary Lucas                    (01256) 882670
                  Jean Anderson                 (01256) 842984
                  Viv Morris                    (01256) 889946
                  Richard Ray                   (02380) 253239

                          Web site:

County Events – entries to Lillian Craigen 02380 254276 or on
  18th April             Pottage Semi-Final +               Romsey             2.00pm
                         Bayer No Fear Pairs
  25th April        Phillip Graham Swiss Teams              Romsey             2.00pm
  9th May                    Pottage Final                  Romsey             1.30pm
                              Farley Pairs                                     2.00pm
     rd         HIWCBA green pointed Swiss teams            Andover           12.30pm
  23 May
                                     Issue 186 April 2010


Congratulations to our junior chess players who have won the title of Under 11 Junior Chess
League Champions 2010. They won all their matches and scored 37/40 board points.

Charity event in aid of Romsey Hospital
The Basingstoke team of Mary, Gill, Clare and Martin came second out of 20 in this Swiss Teams
charity competition on 14th March. Well done!

Club Events
Teams this month will be on Monday 12th April. The Tessa Henshaw Ladies’ Individual will take
place on Sunday 11th April. The next duplicate “Six Partners” will be Friday 16th April. Round 6 of
the Individual (the last round) will be on Monday 26th April. Remember if you have missed one
round you are still the competition, and if you have played in every round your worst score will be
There will be bridge at the club on both Friday and Monday Easter bank holidays.

County events
The semi-final of the Pottage is on Sunday 18th April. On the same day there is the Bayer No Fear
Pairs. This is a good event to enter if you would like to make a start at playing in county
competitions as everyone plays the specified simple system. The Pottage final is on Sunday 9th
May. The Farley trophy, which is open to any county members who did not qualify for the Pottage,
is also played on that day. On Sunday 25th April the Phillip Graham Swiss Teams takes place. This
consists of 7 eight board matches and is one of the main county events of the year.

Universal EBU membership (Pay to Play)
As from 2nd April table money on Mondays and Fridays will be £2.00 for members and £4.00 for
visitors. From that date all club members will automatically be members of the EBU with no
subscription to pay. Instead, 29p of each player’s table money will be paid to the EBU, and 4p to
the county, every Monday and Friday. All members will automatically be members of Hampshire
and therefore eligible to play in any county events. Clubs will no longer pay the EBU for master
points. In the next few months the new grading system will be introduced, so that as well as
earning master points as usual, each player will have his/her own personal rating based on current

The Kibitzer
At the AGM of HIWCBA last year it was decided that it was uneconomical to continue publishing
their magazine, “The Kibitzer” in hard copy, as any articles could be posted on the county web site
at no cost. For all county news, results of county competitions and any Kibitzer articles go to
A few hard copies of Kibitzer articles will be printed and put in the newsletter box for members
who do not have access to the internet. If anyone wishes to contribute to the Kibitzer they should
contact Chris who is editing all articles.

Repairs to the fence
You will have noticed that the fence dividing our car park from the nursery has had to be repaired
because a car had damaged it earlier in the year. The repair had only just been started on Tuesday
9th March when it was damaged again (!) by someone’s car that very same evening. As a result we
have had to have a protective metal barrier fixed. (Total cost for fence and barrier: £650.) If anyone
drives into it now there will probably be some damage to their car, but not to our fence! The club
will not be liable for any damage to the cars of members who drive carelessly into this barrier!
Please let me have any articles you would like to have published in the newsletter.
This month I have received a very useful item from David on claims and concessions and an
amusing contribution to Bridge in Wonderland from Miriam.

Bridge in Wonderland

“You are old, Mrs. Walpole,” the young man said,
“And your hair is exceedingly white.
 Yet you keep quoting bridge books that you have read.
 Do you think, at your age, it is right?”

“In my youth,” Mrs. Walpole replied to this one,
“I feared books would injure my brain.
 But now that I’m perfectly sure I have none,
 I read them again and again!”

“You are old,” said the guy, “as I mentioned before,
 And your books are quite out of date!
 You must know straight Acol is out of the door,
 And learn the new bidding – before it’s too late.”

“In my youth,” she replied, as she took a good swig,
“I’d call six no trumps and I’d make it!
 But now that I’m old, I don’t give a fig
 If I make it, or break it, or fake it!”

“You are old, my dear lady,” his eyes were sad,
“And your bidding’s the worst I have seen.
 Other players’ results can often be bad,
 But ours go right off the screen!”

“It is true, my dear partner, we do not do well.
 And I’m sorry if that gives you trouble.
 But just grit your teeth and give them all Hell,
 For if doubled I’ll surely redouble!”

M.W. (With apologies to Lewis Carroll and my long suffering partner)