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					                                            CITY OF WESTMINSTER

                        ELECTION OF CITY COUNCILLORS
                                 TACHBROOK WARD
                                               Date of Election: 6 May 2010

I, Mike More, Returning Officer, give notice that the number of votes for each Candidate at the election of City
Councillors for the Tachbrook Ward are as follows:-

                                                                                                           Number of Votes.
                                                                                                          If Elected the Word
Name of Candidate                                 Description                                          'ELECTED' appears against
                                                                                                          the number of votes

Bradley        Alan                              The Conservative Party Candidate                     2092           Elected

Edwards        Rosalind                          Liberal Democrats                                    827

Evans          Nicholas Rodney Hammond           The Conservative Party Candidate                     1992           Elected

Garside        Owain Robert                      The Labour Party Candidate                           746

Harvey         Angela Ann                        The Conservative Party Candidate                     1967           Elected

Mathis         Ben                               Liberal Democrats                                    701

Segre          Daphne May                        The Labour Party Candidate                           723

Smithard       Jane                              Liberal Democrats                                    777

Thomson        William                           The Labour Party Candidate                           672

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows                                                         Number
(A)          want of an official mark                                                                            0
(B)         voting for more candidates than entitled to                                                          4
(C)         writing or mark by which voter could be identified                                                   0
(D)         being unmarked or void for uncertainty                                                              46
(E)         rejected in part                                                                                     0
                                                                                              TOTAL             50

        And I declare that :       Alan Bradley, Nicholas Rodney Hammond Evans and Angela Ann Harvey

                  are duly elected Members for the Tachbrook Ward

P.O. Box 240                                                                                                 Dated 7 May 2010
Westminster City Hall
Victoria Street                                                                                                 Mike More
London                                                                                                          Returning Officer

                                             Printed and Published by the Returning Officer