UFOs on Parade in Roswell

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					UFOs on Parade in Roswell
By Pollux Parker

Roswell is a city in New Mexico, USA. This city is famous for being the
place where an unidentified flying object (UFO) crash landed. This
incident is called the Roswell UFO incident. Although this event
happened in 1967, much is still said and written about it. A TV series
bearing the name of the city has been created whose story revolved around
aliens living among humans. The presence of the Walker Air Force Base
                      near the city further added to the UFO mystery as
                      some believe that the personnel of the base took the
                      object that crash landed, brought it to the base, and
                      declared the retrieved object to be a weather

                    The city of Roswell has embraced this identity. In fact, every year on the
                    first week of July, the city holds the Roswell UFO festival. This festival
                    celebrates the unknown and welcome believers and skeptics alike. Tourists
                        flock to Roswell to see this festival that features
                        several events where UFOs and aliens figure
prominently. There will be seminars and speeches. People can come in alien
costumes and anybody may join the Alien Costume contest. Of course, a
parade around the city will be held. And on July fourth, coinciding with
Independence Day, there will be fireworks display.

Anything and everything extraterrestrial is in Roswell during the festival.
The whole town will be decorated with things having to do with aliens. The
USA flag will be waving proudly amidst the colorful decorations. This
festival is a testament to the city's open-mindedness and acceptance of
ideas from people of all walks of life.