Stop Spam Zombies by imrankhan777


									Stop Spam Zombies
Zombies are negatively popular characters in Hollywood movies but in
the cyber world Zombies are notorious characters known as spam
zombies. In cyber world Zombies are most hated entities by Netizens.
Recently Microsoft Internet Safety Enforcement investigators carefully
experimented with a tiny piece of malicious code used by computer
criminals to hijack personal computers. They started by placing a single
copy of that malicious code onto a healthy computer and then connected
the computer to the Internet. he infection spread so rapidly that the
infected computer sent an alert with its Internet location and hijack
status to a distant server. Then, connection requests from hundreds of
Internet Protocol (IP) addresses move in large numbers into the machine,
commanding the infected computer to distribute millions of illegal Spam
e-mails. Thus the investigators successfully created a zombie computer.

Microsoft and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have launched a
campaign aimed at helping consumers prevent their computers from
getting turned into zombies. They alert computer users against the threat
of zombie computers and how to protect their personal computers from
being infected with malicious code. Microsoft also announced a legal
enforcement action against illegal e-mail operations that connect to
zombie computers to send spam.

How does PC Turn into Computer Zombie?

As you know zombie computers are silent stalkers similar to Zombies of
Hollywood movies. People, who use the unprotected Internet PCs from
computer criminals, may never know that their machines have been
compromised, causing problems for other people. Since the strict action
has been taken by FTC and Microsoft against computer criminals to
protect the interest of the innocent users, many computer criminals have
turned their attention to creating zombies. Instead, they spoof the people
by sending the e-mails embedded with malicious code as attachments in
the form of music, video or other downloadable files. According to
studies conducted by experts illegal Spam sent by zombie computers has
increased dramatically in recent months and as of this summer now
accounts for more than half of all Spam. The red alert has been given by
the experts that computer criminals might have been using zombie
computers to launch phishing attacks that try to steal personal
information, such as password, Social Security and credit-card numbers.

The increase in the density of high-speed Internet users at home is the
bonanza for the computer criminals. They have set their targets on a
growing population of potential zombies that never sleep. According to
Microsoft's Internet-safety enforcement attorney "High-speed
connections are an extremely convenient and powerful way to access the
Internet, but people need to realize that their connections don't turn off
when they walk away from their computers."

Within a span of three weeks, the Microsoft lab's zombie computer
received more than 5 million requests to send 18 million Spam e-mails.
These requests contained advertisements for more than 13,000 unique
domains. On a regular computer, these Spam mails would have ended up
in e-mail inboxes or, if nabbed by a Spam filter, in junk e-mail folders.
But Microsoft's researchers quarantined the zombie machine, preventing
it from sending any Spam onto the public Internet.


Regards : Imran

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