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                                   Winifred Walker-Wagner
                                   Distinguished Service Award
                                   as in Home Economics Education, 1970
                                   Director of Categorical Programs, Siskiyou County Office
                                   Education, Yreka, California

                                       Winifred Walker-Wagner has made education,
                                 counseling, mentorship, and women's equity the
                                 foundation of her life's work.
                                       Laying the groundwork for her future of serv­
                                  ice, Winifred joined a Midland Brownie Troop as a
                                  2nd grader and has been involved in Girl Scouts
ever since. In college, she worked as a Girl Scout camp counselor in California,
Colorado and in Germany. In 1970,Winifred also had the honor of visiting the
Chalet International Girl Scout House in Switzerland. She still remains active in the
Girl Scouts of the Permian Basin.
      After earning her B.S. degree from Texas Tech, she obtained her M.A. in Home
Economics from San Francisco State University in 1983 and a second M.A. in
Educational Administration from St. Mary's College of California in 1991.
      Over the years, she has taught junior high and high school, coached girls'
sports teams, administered school programs as a principal, directed projects for the
California Department of Education Gender Equity Statewide Technical Assistance
and Professional Development, facilitated in making decisions for a Siskiyou County
Domestic Violence Task Force, served as a delegate at the National Sex Equity
Conference in Washington, D.C., served as a board member for mental health, drugs
and alcohol abuse, and assisted vocational programs that provide women with job
skills that move them from low paying jobs to those that lead them out of poverty.
      Throughout her career she has been asked to speak internationally on equity
issues facing women and lecture at a variety of schools and conferences. Her writ­
ings have been published in several publications, and she wrote and published
"Talking Together," a manual for teens and adults discussing the role of balancing
work and home responsibilities.
      The Siskiyou Association of California School Administrators awarded Freda the
Citizen of the Year Award of Excellence in 2003. She has also been presented the
Outstanding Member Award from the National Vocational Education Equity
Council, Exceptional Leadership and Outstanding Service Award from the California
Department of Education, 25 Years of Outstanding Service Award from Etna High
School District and Ten-Year Recognition for Contributions to Gender Equity in
California. Freda also has been an honored mentor teacher.
      Winifred and her husband, Bob, live in Etna, California.

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