North Carolina

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					      North Carolina

North Carolina was established in
the year of 1663. The largest city
  in North Carolina is Charlotte.
   Major cities in North Carolina
• The largest cities in North Carolina is Charlotte (2006
  population, (630,478), Raleigh (356,321),
  Greensboro(236,865)Durham(209,009)and Winston-
  Salem(196,990). All are located in the Piedmont region.
  Charlotte is the chief distribution center for that area.
  Raleigh the state capital, has a modern legislative
  building designed by Edward Durrel Stone. Greensboro
  is the sight of much textile and tobacco manufacturing ,
  and many insurance companies also have there home
  office there. Tobacco Ville, near Winston Salem, has the
  worlds largest plant for manufacturing cigarettes.
  Ashville is the largest industrial city in the state of outside
  of Piedmont. It is the central city of the mountain region
  and is an important resort cultural center.
     Charlotte North Carolina
• Population is 630,478
      Raleigh North Carolina
• Population 356,321
   Greensboro North Carolina
• Population 236,865