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Who target private Brainwashed perpetrators, stalkers are paid informants . . .
  for whatever reason.

            Illuminati/New World
This is what I saw in the night sky where I
live. It’s called direct energy. Looks like
electrical worms. You will need a camera
            to catch the currents.
This is what I look and feel like in the morning
when they have scoped me out and constant
vibrations, pulsations that permeates your whole
body during the night.
This is what I feel when I’m
shocked, burned or stung in
different areas of my body with
direct energy.
This is what I feel in the corner of my
eye when I know they are watching
what I’m watching, etc.
This is what they do to me to
keep me from sleeping.
This is what I feel when they
have me sleep too long or
not long enough during
sleep interrogation.

      Remote Control Heart Attack Weapons

                                             Chest feel like
This is what it feels when they                 arrhythmia
were hitting and changing my                  and skipped
heart rhythms                                  heart beats.
continuously. They kept
touching and retouching on
right side of the                    Chest cavity
heart. Sometimes they made            tighten and
my heart skip beats from 1-3       mimicked heart
seconds. There were times                  attack.
that I thought they were going
to stop my heart from beating -
heart felt heavy.
When a “handler” or agent doesn’t approve about what I say or do or think or don’t listen to
them, I will get hit with an incalculable amount of energy and would increase the energy that
  feel like electrical tentacles upon my body and/or crawling sensation. - Especially in the
     sensitive groin area where I’m struck inside occasionally. They even left me a mark.
                                                   Audio Cortex

I wasn't able and taste since November 2006 and noticed
different smell occurring since 2005. They must have done
something to my brain. I am able to feel electrical signals and
can feel them moving to different parts of my head. There are
times when they decided for me to smell something quickly, then
it's shut off completely. I’m only smelling a programmed odor or
nothing at all.
         Somatosensory Cortex – Phantom Touch Senses

These are areas that you can feel when
you’re receiving different touches on your
body. Sometimes the handler will poke,
scrape, push, light touches, pulsations,
punches and pressure in the fingertips,
itchy fingers, toes, etc. As well as
levitation and movements of body parts
and excruciating pain.

                                             During the intensity of
                                             the weapons, you’ll also
                                             feel feet burning,
                                             pulsating and intense
                                             redness will show on
                                             your feet.
While I was relaxing on my
couch, the handler slid my whole
body from my right leg. Also will
feel current/vibration under my
couch and/or chair
 The eye is upon

   I’m being
   spied upon

coming in or out of
  the bathroom.
See thru-the-wall radar -
read body electricity
from radar
I did not feel so
good at work that
When I started to stand up and walk,
my body started to get stiff. A short   Fainting and panic attacks
time later, I fainted for no reason.    are the easiest to induce.
                                        There is no way for medics
                                        to determine and diagnose
Every part of the brain has             the artificial causes.
been mapped and therefore
every symptom of every illness
can be induced perceptually.
Walking down the school hallway,
handlers were ready for me. I could
feel that energy coming like mosquitoes
ready for fresh blood.
They used direct energy that went
up my dress, pricked and stung
my thighs, legs and prickled
private area.

                                    Fight the Good Fight of
 I won’t say what
 happened there.

The use of frequency weapons upon humans toward behavioural
control and murder is not new.
For well over 50 years, Neuro-electromagnetic Frequency Weapons
have been perfected by their covert use in warfare.

These 'non-lethal' or 'silent' weapons, as they are known in the trade,
have also been perfected by experimenting on an innocent and
unsuspecting public since their early development.

Presently, thousands of individuals, from all walks of life, are claiming
that they have become targets of assault and attempted murder by
our Masonic secret government agencies and police hierarchy via the
use of these weapons.

                                                                  The symptoms highlight a
                                                                 fraction of the vast array of
                                                                     Frequency Assaults
                                                                  perpetuated by the Police
                                                                   and Military Intelligence
                                                                       Agencies toward
                                                                    Remote Mind Control
                                                                  Experiments, Behavioural
                                                                  Manipulation and Murder.

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