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					R&D Start Agreements signed in Financial Year 2003-04

Org State                        Applicant Organisation                      Project Description                       Agreed               Collaborative Organisation
ACT         BigWorld Pty Ltd                                The overall objective of the project is to develop an     4,614,908
                                                            innovative and entertaining wireless game networked
                                                            platform which facilitates single, multi and massively
                                                            multi player gaming across a pre-existing mobile
                                                            phones and wireless PDAs
ACT         Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd                   Laser De-Orbiting of Space Debris                         8,421,230
ACT         Vaxine Pty Ltd                                  A novel, aluminium-free, prophylactic vaccine providing     764,996
                                                            superior protection against Hepatitis B
ACT         Hatrix Pty Ltd                                  R&D of prescribing and administration by complex            795,211
                                                            protocols of intravenous fluids and chemotherapy
ACT         CEA Research and Development Pty Ltd            The CEA Identification Friend or Foe / Secondary          2,623,500
                                                            Surveillance Radar 'L' Band Radar
ACT         Statute Technologies Pty Ltd                    Next Generation Legislative Rulebase Technology for       4,133,302
                                                            Electronic Government
ACT         ITL Corporation Pty Ltd                         The TINA Project - Transfusion and Infusion Needle        2,418,112
ACT         MediaWare Solutions Pty Ltd                     Advanced Video Exploitation Capability                    1,491,954
ACT         Software Improvements Pty Ltd                   Electronic Voting Project                                   454,589
NSW         Biotron Limited                                 Clinical and pre-clinical development of HIV-targeted     1,661,064
                                                            inhibitor compounds
NSW         Milestone Group Pty Ltd                         Programme Starboard - Building on pControl software       1,676,303
                                                            for the Investment and Wholesale banking markets.

NSW         IBA Health Limited                              Clinical Pathways - Business Process Automation in        3,231,783
                                                            the Healthcare Sector
NSW         Asia Pacific Technologies Pty Ltd               The project is aimed at developing instrumentation for      654,647
                                                            on-farm crop testing.
NSW         Eiffel Research and Development Pty Ltd         Qualitative and quantitative prediction of                2,157,524
                                                            pharmacological enhancement of drugs re-engineered
                                                            by dense gas technologies.
NSW         Panda Ranch Trading Pty Ltd                     Stone Fruit Industry Market Development through             100,000 University of Western Sydney
                                                            Taste Enhancement Strategies.
NSW         Peregrine Semiconductor Australia Pty Limited   Integrated Power Amplifier for the Cellular Phone using   5,526,160
                                                            silicon-on-sapphire technology
NSW         Medivac Technology Pty Limited                  Trial production of clinical waste converters               899,143
NSW         Bronx International Pty Ltd                     Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) Taphole Replacement              555,804
NSW         Liquid Composites Australia Pty Ltd             Development of Prototypical Process for Manufacture         599,154
                                                            of Polymerisable Liquid Composites (PLCs).

NSW         Symbio Networks Pty Ltd                         Intelligent Gateway Switch - IGW                            712,150
NSW         Distra Pty Ltd                                  The Distra eSwitch - a High Performance Transaction         998,492
                                                            processing Switch for the Electronic Funds Transfer
                                                            (EFT) Market
NSW   Sensory Networks Pty Ltd                  High Performance Hardware Accelerated Integrated          1,768,241
                                                Gateway Security Appliance for Medium to Large
NSW   Energetech Australia Pty Ltd              Experimental Optimisation of a Wave Energy                1,210,922
NSW   Mainpac Pty Ltd                           Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Process on               956,123
                                                Demand - Longbow Project
NSW   LongReach Wireless Pty Ltd                Technology Platform for Point-to-Point Microwave          1,359,008
NSW   Redfern Broadband Networks Pty Ltd        8220 Flexible CWDM Sub-Rate Multiplexer                   6,142,084
NSW   Zorg Industries Pty Ltd                   The ideal collision avoidance system for motor vehicles     182,376

NSW   Australian Healthcare Equipment Pty Ltd   Intelligent pressure support surface bed and mattress      968,210
NSW   FPM Cereal Milling Systems Pty Ltd        Construction of a prototype plant to test the design      1,575,500
                                                concept of a new flour milling system that produces
                                                flour from any grain more precisely and at a lower cost
                                                than current technology.
NSW   Synop Pty Ltd                             Development of an RSS (Really Simple Syndication)          223,730
                                                reader tool to enable client based information
                                                aggregation exploration and analysis.
NSW   Risatec Pty Ltd                           Commercialisation of a scientific instrument for the       282,321
                                                measurement of sulphide sulphur (known as RISA)
NSW   Evolution Broadcast Pty Ltd               Evolution has developed the Nexus production system       2,245,550
                                                to revolutionise the way the television industry
                                                produces live and packaged events.
NSW   Intec Ltd                                 Intec Gold Process Pilot Plant                            1,434,930
NSW   Protech Research Pty Ltd                  The development of an improved flavour enhancer for         328,000
                                                the food industry
NSW   eDAQ Pty Ltd                              Development of hardware and software elements that         493,500
                                                will enable the rapid development of a range of
                                                instruments with performance targets to suit a broad
                                                range of scientific applications.
NSW   EnGeneIC Pty Ltd                          Development of a safe gene delivery vehicle which can     2,162,968
                                                be targeted to specific cells in vivo
NSW   IoteqIP Pty Ltd                           Early Commercialisation of Iodoclean System               1,641,525
NSW   CathRX Pty Ltd                            A new range of sensing and ablation for the diagnosis     1,496,593
                                                and treatment of Abnormal Heart Rhythms

NSW   Vaporex Pty Ltd                           Increasing food safety and shelf life                       752,451
NSW   Biosceptre International Ltd              A broad spectrum anti-cancer topical cream                2,091,077
NSW   Nucleics Pty Ltd                          Development of a novel proprietary DNA standard and         245,200
                                                trace reprocessing software, RapiTrace, that will allow
                                                a doubling of the sample throughput of the market
                                                leader automated DNA sequencers.
NSW   Portland Orthopaedics Ltd                 Margron Total Knee Replacement                            2,468,933
NSW   BTF Pty Limited                           Microbiological Testing Precision Standards                 847,222
NSW   Fluorotechnics Pty Limited                Multiplex proteomics using new fluorescence based          960,130
NSW   Zestwin Pty Ltd                               Non-toxic chemical coating for sheep                         175,000
NSW   Geocast Equipment Pty Ltd                     A prototype trenching machine                              1,098,036
NSW   Pempek Systems Pty Ltd                        Development of an internal combustion engine with an       1,209,700
                                                    electric generator and electronic control system, based
                                                    on a free piston configuration.
NSW   HydroMet Corporation Ltd                      An innovative process for purification and reuse of         310,760
                                                    spent acid generated from major oil refineries in
                                                    Australia and overseas.
NSW   Gilsal Pty Ltd                                OPAL 200 Opacity Monitor                                     171,142
NSW   Benthic GeoTech Pty Ltd                       The GEOSIS project concerns the development of a           2,071,459
                                                    suite of geotechnical tools and a launch and recovery
                                                    system that will be used on the PROD platform

NSW   Cirrus Real Time Processing Systems Pty Ltd   The Arbiter - Software Data Switch                          959,188
NSW   Identity Software Pty Ltd                     ID*Customer. An intelligent data integration software       247,634
                                                    product for organisations with large volumes of
                                                    customer data across multiple, disparate computer
NSW   iOmniscient Pty Ltd                           To enable the stitching/mosaicing of images and hence       100,000 University of Technology Sydney
                                                    create a continuous image for a pan-tilt-zoom camera
                                                    thus enabling it to be used for Non Motion Detection
                                                    using moving cameras.
NSW   FulfilNET Australia Pty Ltd                   This purpose of this project is the commercialisation of    485,693
                                                    the 4SiteCreation suite of products.

NSW   Epitactix Pty Ltd                             High performance semiconductors to be developed by         2,246,743
                                                    Epitactix will enhance electron transport through the
                                                    device, improving transistor performance and reduce
                                                    their cost.
NSW   Ausmetec Pty Ltd                              ProFlote Pre-Flotation Separation Equipment                 351,450
NSW   Amtex Electronics Pty Ltd                     Totally sealed industrial computers/monitors for harsh      182,331
NSW   Nautitech Pty Ltd                             Twin Clutch Marine Auto Transmission                        532,737
NSW   Romar Engineering Pty Ltd                     A platform technology for a range of mixing systems         331,835
                                                    which eliminates the need for conventional machine
NSW   Swan River Kaolin Pty Ltd                     Production of high quality kaolin in WA using a water       659,000
                                                    efficient mineral processing system. The project will
                                                    enable the economic production of high quality kaolin
                                                    products from known resources in WA.

NSW   Hydrocool Pty Ltd                             Develop a superior thermoelectric heat pump                1,943,037
                                                    incorporating advanced heat exchangers and nano-
                                                    materials technology that will use less electricity. The
                                                    heat pump will be used in refrigerators.
NT    In Motion Technologies Pty Ltd                Development of an automated motor manufacturing             101,120
NT    Cockatoo Tropical Orchards Pty Ltd            Tree Crop Sprayer                                           238,240
QLD   ImpediMed Limited                             Development and clinical evaluation of BodyComp             350,000
                                                    bioimpedance diagnostic device
QLD   Unicomp Group Pty Ltd                          Development of a Universal Composite Recycling               698,704
                                                     System (UCRS) - a fully integrated, multifunctional
                                                     manufacturing system capable of developing a wide
                                                     range of foam and rubber products.
QLD   Alchemia Limited                               New and efficient methods for preparing low molecular       4,548,595
                                                     weight heparin derivatives
QLD   MS Bishopp Pty Ltd                             Development of ProFila, a unique and innovative              100,000 Central Queensland University
                                                     medical services software solution. The re-engineering
                                                     of chiropractic software solution ProFila to a
                                                     commercial grade standard.
QLD   QLD Pork Pty Ltd                               Self-propelled Passionfruit Harvesting and Gathering         105,000
QLD   Creative Designer Software Pty Ltd             Development of a marketing and information system           2,499,967
                                                     that targets the homeowner. The software,
                                                     MyVirtualHome, will be a 3D home and landscaping
                                                     package that interfaces with a website of the same
QLD   Advanced Data Integration Pty Ltd              An artificial intelligence (AI) database management          774,485
                                                     system (AIDBMS) incorporating a dynamic, intuitive
                                                     user interface to real time information repositories.
QLD   A I Scientific Pty Ltd                         Pathology Specimen Processing System                        3,033,150
QLD   Oniqua Pty Ltd                                 Creation of an Enterprise Analytics Product Suite for       1,095,756
                                                     large, asset intensive enterprises. A software suite
                                                     which assists large organisations to analyse and
                                                     optimise their maintenance etc.
QLD   Interactive Communications Solutions Pty Ltd   The project is to provide a suite of visually interactive    484,074
                                                     software tools for the management of RF site safety.

QLD   SDP Pty Ltd                                    Soil-gas geochemical analysis applied to exploration         388,860
                                                     for deeply buried mineral deposits.
QLD   Protagonist Pty Limited                        Optimisation of lead compounds to create viable pre-         800,442
                                                     clinical candidates for the treatment of asthma.
QLD   Xenome Limited                                 Development of the novel pain therapeutic Xen2174           3,200,000
QLD   Excel Technology Group Pty Ltd                 Video imaging detection system for the intelligent            247,576
                                                     management of traffic control systems
QLD   Beeline Technologies Pty Ltd                   Autonomous Vehicle for Agriculture                          2,405,295
QLD   Agen Biomedical Ltd                            Continuation of ThromboView TM - Development of a           1,128,758
                                                     Radio-labelled Monoclonal Antibody for Imaging Blood
QLD   Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies Pty Ltd   Development of a Composite Railway Sleeper                  1,256,030
QLD   Quik Corp (Aust) Pty Ltd                       The Conservator Fire Fighting System                          401,922
QLD   Callidan Instruments Pty Ltd.                  Integration of microwave moisture (Moistscan)                 100,000 James Cook University
                                                     technology to the food processing, sugar and coal
QLD   Envirotec Group Pty Ltd                        To Develop an energy efficient refrigeration able to run     240,000
                                                     on off-peak power or alternative power supplies.
QLD   EasyPost Australia Pty Ltd                     EasyPost workgroup client and server                         244,600
QLD   Braintree Communications Pty Ltd                 Axon Network Gateways - an access device for faster,      1,798,374
                                                       secure, lower cost financial transactions from EFTPOS
                                                       devices and ATMs, using mobile phone networks

QLD   APP-TEK International Pty Ltd                    The upgrade of production facility for the OdaLog 6000     421,258
                                                       Multi-Gas Monitor and Market Driven Enhancements.

QLD   Deuar Pty Ltd                                    Integrated System for comprehensive testing of in-situ     497,181
                                                       Power Poles for strength and longevity
QLD   Genetraks Pty Ltd                                A gene expression-based diagnostic test for Equine        1,015,816
                                                       Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM).
QLD   Glykoz Pty Ltd                                   Preclinical Research of new Antibiotic Targeting          1,838,000
                                                       Enzymes Implicated in the Biosynthesis of the Bacterial
                                                       Cell Wall
QLD   Eracom Technologies Australia Pty Ltd            A system to secure transactions that take place within    2,552,960
                                                       the network of an organisation at an application layer,
                                                       through complimentary but quite different devices, at
                                                       the central site and branch level.

QLD   MOWECS Pty Ltd                                   MOWECS Beam is a novel concept which provides              392,268
                                                       comprehensive access to the underside of Jetties and
                                                       Wharves down to the low water level for blasting and
                                                       painting along with associated maintenance

QLD   Cypro-ssage Pty Ltd                              The Science of Cycloid Massage                              248,550
SA    Ellex Medical Pty Ltd                            Modular Multi Wavelength Photocoagulator Laser for        3,267,000
SA    Hydrotech Pty Ltd                                Commercial Chlorine Generating Controller - (Salt           95,964
                                                       Water Generator)
SA    Bionomics Limited                                Discovery of Novel GABA-Enhancing Drugs for the           2,865,711
                                                       Treatment of Epilepsy and other CNS Disorders
SA    Diesel On Gas (Australia) Pty Ltd                Commercialisation of Diesel Substitution Technology        273,910

SA    Seeley International Pty Ltd                     Environmentally sustainable integrated climate control    9,386,676
                                                       project - "Enviro-air"
SA    Ferguson Fisheries Pty Ltd                       Rock Lobster Value Added Products                          419,437
SA    Cohda Wireless Pty Ltd                           Entropic Mobile Broadband                                  731,022
SA    Nymet Pty Ltd                                    high flow water valve for irrigation                        99,500
SA    Federation Flags & Flagpoles Pty Ltd             Steel and aluminium tube tapering technology               161,256
SA    Sentek Pty Ltd                                   Development of a continuous, real-time fertilizer/soil     940,103
                                                       salinity and soil water management system
SA    KEE Technologies Pty Ltd                         Commercialisation of the GPS Seed Placement               1,046,677
                                                       technology with the development and integration of
                                                       Auto Steering and Ultrasonic System of machinery
                                                       height control
SA    DSpace Pty Ltd                                   Enabling technologies for advanced mobile satellite       1,195,083
SA    South Australia Aquaculture Management Pty Ltd   PROJECT SEAS: Sustainable, economic and export-           1,712,567
                                                       driven, Environmentally friendly Aquaculture Systems
SA    Ingenium Technologies Pty Ltd                               Improved methods of extracting electrical energy from         389,000
                                                                  solar cells using optimised power point tracking
                                                                  techniques and the subsequent development of
SA    Scantech Limited                                            Development of new generation elemental on-belt               971,184
                                                                  analyser for the minerals industries
SA    Sage Group Holdings Limited                                 Frontline will be a software system which incorporates        497,145
                                                                  and integrates business information systems used by
                                                                  manufacturing businesses with production lines.

SA    Morton Blacketer Pty Ltd                                    Spatial Vineyard Management Portal (SVMP)                     183,075
SA    Prophecy International Pty Ltd                              Velatte: Rapid application assembly tool re-architecture      879,338
                                                                  to deliver Java Software solutions without Java
SA    AJKA Pty Ltd                                                Enhancing SBT production through improved fish                100,000 South Australian Research & Development Institute
                                                                  husbandry practices
SA    D I Fishing Co Pty Ltd                                      Enhancing SBT production and product quality through          100,000 South Australian Research & Development Institute
                                                                  the use of optimal baitfish feeds and feeding practices

SA    Ratbag Services Pty Ltd                                     Ratbag Publishing Platform Project                           1,094,953
TAS   Botanical Resources Australia - Agricultural Services P/L   Identification of the causes of crop loss due to heating       350,750
                                                                  damage in harvested pyrethrum and the trialling of
                                                                  innovative solutions to this problem.
TAS   Predrill Stresses International Pty Ltd                     Predictive pre-drill stress model for oil & gas production    218,340

TAS   Lupara Motorhomes                                           Commercialisation of the Quick Hitch System via               231,000
TAS   Southern Containers Pty Ltd                                 Grain Master Bulk Storage Systems                             750,000
TAS   Carrowdore Pty Ltd trading as Houston's Farm                Development of sustainable production systems for             100,000 The University of Tasmania
                                                                  premixed salad products
VIC   RTUnet (Australia) Pty Ltd                                  SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) is          1,995,557
                                                                  an industrial measurement and control system
                                                                  consisting of a central host and a number of field data
                                                                  collection units.
VIC   Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd                            Extension of the RailBAM system for detection of              280,197
                                                                  bearing condition & failures in rail vehicles to freezing
                                                                  environments; axle box bearing designs; multi-track
                                                                  systems; passenger & higher speed vehicles

VIC   Intercontinental Metals Pty Ltd                             Crystallization of Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate                 166,594
VIC   Neuragenix Pty Ltd                                          Development of an Intelligent Workflow Module (IWM).          100,000 University of Melbourne

VIC   CMR Energy Technologies Pty Ltd                             Development of a building construction system and             331,643
                                                                  large-scale building panels based on HySSIL (high-
                                                                  strength, structural, insulative, lightweight) technology
                                                                  developed by CSIRO.
VIC   Cytopia Research Pty Ltd                                    Development of New Treatments for Chronic                    1,735,346
                                                                  Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
VIC   Environmental Resources Australia Pty Ltd                   INNOVATIONS IN RECYCLING WASTE TO                              66,427
                                                                  PRODUCE & DISTRIBUTE SODIUM SULPHATE
VIC   Chirogen Pty Ltd                            Chirotechnology: Research & Development and scale-          1,813,319
                                                  up for the low cost production of high-value advanced
                                                  chiral pharmaceutical intermediates.
VIC   Prana Biotechnology Limited                 Development of Metal Protein-interaction Attenuating        1,359,810
                                                  Compound Therapies for Alzheimer's disease.

VIC   Aviation Data Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd   Multi Protocol Ramp Tester                                   415,716
VIC   Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd                     Novel audio digital signal processor technology suite        880,691
                                                  for headsets and hearing aids.
VIC   Ultraspin Technology Pty Ltd                The development of an innovative oily water                  349,430
                                                  separation system to treat oily water runoff from
                                                  service station forecourts (i.e. the outdoor parts of the
VIC   Lochard Ltd                                 Aviation Data Services - Airport Noise Management           2,740,354
VIC   Clean Teq Pty Ltd                           Advanced, Resin-based Separation and Purification            800,000
VIC   Express Promotions Australia Pty Ltd        Local Government Integrated Billing System                    90,000 Deakin University
VIC   Scholefield Robinson Mildura Pty Ltd        Development of a wine grape quality index to quantify        100,000 Provisor Pty Ltd
                                                  wine grape quality.
VIC   Biota Respiratory Research Pty Ltd          Discovery and optimisation of pharmaceuticals for           2,694,424
                                                  treatment and prevention of human Respiratory
                                                  Syncytial Virus disease.
VIC   IntelliGuard I.T. Pty Ltd                   IntelliGuard Firewall - design and development of a          100,000 University of Melbourne
                                                  working prototype
VIC   Safetech Pty Ltd                            Safetech Automatic Stretch Tape Wrapper                      308,200
VIC   Maton Pty Ltd                               Guitar Body Manufacturing Machine & Neck and                 290,295
                                                  Soundboard Machine
VIC   GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd            Development of a new range of High Performance              1,837,555
                                                  Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) modules and
                                                  instrument control software targeted towards
                                                  biotechnology, life sciences and drug discovery
VIC   Hexima Ltd                                  Development of a competitive insect resistant                659,197
                                                  technology ready for commercialisation in cotton.
VIC   nSynergy Pty Ltd                            LegalNet Collaboration Project (LCP) for corporate           424,332
                                                  counsels and the legal industry in Australia and New
VIC   Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Ltd               Phase IIB Clinical Trials for Anti-Obesity Drug             2,101,814
VIC   GPSat Systems Australia Pty Ltd             Development of Global Navigation Satellite Systems -         245,767
                                                  Environment Monitoring System (GEMS).
VIC   Ultimate Medical Pty Ltd                    To deliver a novel single-use medical airway device          264,783
                                                  that will be used in place of current reusable medical
                                                  airway devices.
VIC   Rectifier Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd      Compact Rectifier                                             553,500
VIC   ARRB Transport Research Limited             ARRB Road Survey Platform. The design and                   1,465,805
                                                  development of an integrated, automated, road survey,
                                                  data collection and analysis system for road asset
VIC   Herlest Nominees Pty Ltd                                       To develop a revolutionary post harvest shellfish             962,512
                                                                     (oysters, mussels, scallops) handling product/process
                                                                     capable of cleaning and grading shellfish according to
                                                                     their optical size and weight.
VIC   J.C. Smale & Sons Pty Ltd (trustee for The Smale Head Trust)   Simulated Green Tumbled Brick System (SGTB                    242,358
VIC   Fleetcom Pty Ltd                                               F3000 Universal Logistics Management System                   839,405
                                                                     (F3000 ULMS)
VIC   e-wise Holdings Pty Ltd                                        FOCUS- Replication Service                                     194,730
VIC   Redflex Communications Systems Pty Ltd                         Development of Switchplus Generations III voice and          2,818,413
                                                                     data communications equipment and software
VIC   Viglo Holdings Pty Ltd                                         Development of Real Time Wireless Hand Held                  1,233,885
                                                                     Devices and Systems for counter terrorism and
                                                                     emergency management
VIC   Pathfinder Australia Pty Ltd                                   Pathfinder Leather Cutting Machine                            550,359
VIC   SARB Management Group Pty Ltd                                  Data-Comm-Demonstration Trial                                 812,593
VIC   Kenelec Scientific Pty Ltd                                     A gas-void fraction sensor for monitoring industrial          247,365
                                                                     mixing of gases/liquids/solids
VIC   Antisense Therapeutics Ltd                                     A Topical Antisense Therapy for Psoriasis and other          1,081,500
                                                                     Proliferative Skin Conditions
VIC   Extel Communications Pty Ltd                                   Expandsl - enabling DSL Broadband access in rural            2,761,058
                                                                     and remote regions
VIC   Bytecraft Research Pty Ltd                                     Development of a Multi-User, Multi-Machine, Cordless          434,713
                                                                     Remote Control System (ROCP) with High Safety
                                                                     Integrity (HSI) for Bytecraft's theatre automation control
VIC   Objectify Pty Ltd                                              Objectify Enterprise Content Management System                548,161
                                                                     Website Software
VIC   Jackson Transport Bodies Pty Ltd                               Widening Drop Deck Trailer. Development of a tri-axle         150,000
                                                                     drop deck trailer which can be hydraulically widened to
                                                                     carry over-dimensional loads.
WA    Peko Rehabilitation Project Pty Ltd                            The protection and commercialisation of mineral              3,268,910
                                                                     process technologies that enable the lucrative recovery
                                                                     of cobalt, copper and magnetite from Peko tailings
WA    JRB Engineering Pty Ltd                                        Trackside Inspection System for Railways                     1,590,004
WA    Micromine Pty Ltd                                              DOME - Dynamic Optimal Mineral Extraction                    2,634,271
WA    eBooks Corporation Ltd                                         EBL - eBook Library Distribution System                        478,154
WA    AMPAC Distributors Pty Ltd                                     Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) system Development           1,342,717
                                                                     (Hardware and Software)
WA    AOH Limited                                                    Self Propelled Dual Head (SPDH) Harvester                     289,760
WA    RF Innovations Pty Ltd                                         Proximity Detection System                                    999,978
WA    Computronics Corporation Ltd                                   Develop modules for complete on-the-go crop quality           945,050
                                                                     monitoring system to compliment the range of
                                                                     Farmscan controllers and monitors currently
                                                                     manufactured by Computronics
WA    HiTec Energy Ltd                                               Develop a pilot plant and conduct stability research for      357,575
                                                                     the use of solvent extraction which allows high quality
                                                                     Electrolyte Manganese Dioxide (EMD) for use in
                                                                     Alkaline Batteries.
WA   Pivod Technologies Pty Ltd        Distributed Digital Security Platform                   1,477,862
WA   Marine Farms Limited              Development of a land based production system and         825,000
                                       grow out technology for the aquaculture of the marine
                                       finfish mahimahi
WA   Crocker Data Processing Pty Ltd   Digital Signal Processors (DSP DataLogger)                443,838
WA   Two Rocks Abalone Pty Ltd         Development of a model for sustainable abalone          1,052,460
WA   Rojan Advanced Ceramics Pty Ltd   Establish a pilot plant and develop manufacturing       1,171,910
                                       processes capable of producing high value aluminium
                                       titanate products.
WA   IRC Asset Optimization Pty Ltd    Preparing Optimise software for commercialisation        403,627
WA   Fractal Technologies Pty Ltd      Three Dimensional Geospatial Information System          900,273
WA   Xelor Software Pty Ltd            Automated and guaranteed service quality (QoS) for      1,171,082
                                       'Voice over IP' services
WA   GP & GF HILL PTY LTD              Development of a combined use clay mixer / pugmill       125,550
                                       for the world craft - ceramics market

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