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					A Concerned, Considerate And                        Independence Is Happiness!
 Compassionate Approach To
   Renovating Your Home!                           W     hen dealing with elderly loved ones,
                                                         experience and dependability is important. Call
                                                   today and schedule your FREE in-home evaluation.
                                                   We look forward to helping you and your loved ones
                                                   continue to live a mobile lifestyle in your own home.

      ccidents in the home happen without
      warning and often times lead to loss of        Even the smallest changes can
      mobility and ultimately loss of indepen-          make a BIG difference!
dence. Don’t wait until the accident happens for        •   Stair Lifts/ Chair Lifts
you to make the appropriate changes to your
home and living space. Call today and schedule          •   Safety/ Grab Bars
your FREE Home Evaluation!                              •   Walk in Showers/ Baths
                                                        •   Non-Slip Flooring
Important Facts You                                     •   Wheelchair Accessible
Should Consider:
                                                            Accessible Kitchens                            Generation
                    • Among those 65 and
                      older, falls inside the           •   Ramps
                      home are the leading              •   Entire Home Renovations
                      cause and injury death            •   Additions & More                               Evaluate • Design • Renovate
                    •   1/3of seniors 65 and
                        older fall each year
                    • The average annual            Scheduled Home Maintenance Options Available
                      cost to stay in a            Call for a FREE In-Home Evaluation!                          To Helping You
                      nursing home in the
                      US is $76,680.
                                                      224.                                                      And Your Loved
• The average annual cost of nursing home
  care in the state of Illinois is $60,000 +
                                                                                                            Ones Continue To Live
• The average annual cost of assisted                                                                      An Independent Lifestyle
  living in the state of Illinois is $43,000 +
                                                                                                                  In Your Own
• 25% of baby boomers expect their
  parents to move in with them                                                                                       Home!
• 37% of home buyers are seeking a home
  to accommodate “multiple generations”

   PH: 224.                                              Generation Renovation, Inc.
                                                        113 N. Cook St. • Barrington, IL 60010
            E VA L U AT E                                                      DESIGN                                                 R E N O VAT E

Elderly Loved Ones Moving In?                                  “Age In Place” Stay In Your Own Home!                       Experience, Trust And Dedication.

O    nce you have
     made the difficult
decision that your
                                                               A     s we age, we
                                                                     begin to find
                                                               our daily activities,
                                                                                                                           M      ost of us will have to face this difficult decision at some
                                                                                                                                  point: When can you or your elderly parents no longer
                                                                                                                           live safely and independently in your own homes?
elderly relative can no                                        chores, and routines
longer live alone and                                          becoming more                                               Knowing that the majority of seniors prefer to live in
should move in with                                            difficult to manage.                                        their own homes or the home of a relative for as long as
you, how can your                                              One of the greatest                                         possible, how can you adapt a living space to fit the
home be renovated                                              fears of an aging                                           needs of an aging senior?
to accommodate the                                             person is leaving his                                                         Through my experiences while
current and future                                             or her home, family                                                           assisting my aging grandfather after a
needs of your loved                                            and friends, and                                                              fall and subsequent surgeries, it became
one? Is a chair lift or                                        moving into a retire-                                                         necessary to remodel his home and
elevator necessary?                                            ment home or an                                                               address his changing needs. Not knowing
                                                               unfamiliar assisted                                                           where to start and after calling numerous
Does your loved one                                            living facility.
require one-floor liv-                                                                                                                       contractors, it became clear that it would
ing? Are the door-                                             Many people prefer                                          Will Knight       have been much more productive and
ways wheelchair or                                             to stay in their own                                        Founder           less expensive to have had one source
walker accessible?                                             homes as they age.                                                            with knowledge and experience in
                                                               The principle of                                                              renovating living spaces for the elderly.
How much renovation is needed in the bathroom or kitchen?      “Age in Place” is simple: renovate a living space so that                      As a result, co-founder Dr. Timothy
Using the principles of “Universal Design”, we will evaluate   an elderly person can remain in his or her home as long                        Schneiderwind and I are both excited
your home and help you with these decisions to construct       as possible.                                                                   and proud to announce the launch of
an open, convenient, accessible and attractive living space.   Homes designed using the principles of “Universal                              Generation Renovation, Inc. With over
                                                               Design” and “Aging in Place” are becoming more and                             20 years experience, Dr. Schneiderwind
Remember, Generation Renovation provides a caring                                                                                             of Aldgate Construction has been
solution to help you Evaluate, Design and Renovate any         more popular. They meet the needs of an aging baby
                                                               boomer population as well as increase the value of the                         providing design and construction
space that will require special attention. We will work with                                                                                  services specializing in renovations for
you every step of the way to make the lifestyle of your        home itself.                                                Dr. Timothy
                                                                                                                           Schneiderwind      the handicapped and seniors. (To view
loved one fit with yours.                                                                    Military                      Co-Founder         more about Dr. Schneiderwind’s background
                                                                                                                                              and credentials, visit the ABOUT page on our
Call us today to set up a FREE in-home evaluation of your                                    Veteran                                          website:
needs and we will help provide the tools and the environ-                                    Discounts
ment that will make a difference in the independence and                                                                   Our specialists and experienced contractors at
happiness of your loved ones.                                                                Call For Details!             Generation Renovation can adapt your home to meet
                                                                                                                           the needs of the aging resident.
                                                                                                                           From simply installing safety bars in the bathroom to
                                                                                                                           renovating a bedroom, bathroom, entire floor of a house,
                                                                                                                           or constructing an addition, we can provide a convenient,
                                                                                                                           open, and accessible living space for your needs.

                                                                                                                                            To schedule your FREE in-home
                                                                                                                                            evaluation and estimate, call us at:


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