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									                       How To Find Really Cheap Flights

Airline competition has always been intense, but there are more and more
resources available today that allow travelers to quickly compare fares
without relying on travel agents. Here are a few of the strategies savvy
travelers use.

First, start with the major airfare search engines to get a base idea of the
lowest rates for your trip. ,, and will do the job. Next, you’ll need to cover the
individual airlines that aren’t covered by these engines. Southwest is one of
these, so check .

Your next step should be to check the airlines website for the lowest fare that
you’ve found from the search engines. Before you do, make sure the fare
that you’ve gotten includes all taxes and other fees. Often you can save a
little by going direct to the airlines website.

Your ability to find the cheapest fares will depend greatly on your degree of
flexibility in departure and return dates, and amount of time ahead of the
trip that you start looking. With the number of routes being reduced by the
airlines in order to fly at high as capacity as possible, it’s even more
important to plan in advance these days.
If you do have some flexibility, Orbitz will allow you to select a flexible date
option which will enable you to scan for the best prices up to 3 days before
or after a specified date.

If you have maximum flexibility then simply wait for a good deal. Orbitz,
Southwest, and others will notify you when sales run on destinations you are
interested in. Check a few of the websites for the airlines that you’ve found
deals on up to this point to see if they offer any type of notification service
on sales. is a good resource to check for sales also.

The next strategy is to see if any special deals are available for a group that
you can be associated with. Seniors, students, single women, etc. often have
websites that offer discounted fares.

One last approach that’s worth a try is to bid on Use the
lowest fare that your search has found, then place your bid 30% below it.
There are more hints and resources at

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