Networking and Professional Interactions by liaoguiguo


									   Career Paths Contrasted

    Kathryn S McKinley, The
  University of Texas at Austin
Andrea Lawrence, Spelman College
    Susan Dumais, Microsoft
   Joann Ordille, Avaya Labs
       Kathryn McKinley - Work
Timeline                         Clairifying events
  1985: CS undergraduate, Rice     1986: fail qualifying exams
  1992: CS PhD, Rice               1987: pass qualifying exams
  1993: Post Doc, Ecole des        1992: first 5 submissions
  Mines, Paris                     accepted, #6 rejected
  1994 - 1999: Ast Prof, UMass     1994: my most highly cited
                                   paper accepted @ ASPLOS
  1999: Tenure, yipee!             after 3 rejections
  1999-2000: Sabbatical,UT         2004: ASPLOS PC chair
  2001-2005: Assoc Prof, UT        2007: PLDI PC Chair
  2005-present: Professor UT       February 7, 2007: Advisor
                                   Ken Kennedy dies
                     Research Topics
Parallel programming tool
    Artifact: PED
Compiler optimizations
    parallelization opts., memory hierarchy opts; & together
Compiler infrastructure
    Artifact: Scale compiler
    Architectures are going to change...
5 years later, compiling for EDGE architectures
    Artifacts: TRIPS chip & Scale TRIPS compiler
Garbage collection & explicit memory management
    Artifacts: MMTk, Hoard, Heap Layrs
Cooperative dynamic optimizations
    Artifact: research archives in Jikes RVM (Java-in-Java VM)
Benchmarking & Evaluation Methodologies
    Artifacts: DaCapo Benchmarks, Dynamic SimpleScalar Simulator
Debugging & profiling
    Artifact: research archives in Jikes RVM
Back to parallelism?
1985: Married Scotty Strahan
1992: Sabbatical in Paris
1995, May 14: Cooper Strahan born, 3 months off
1997, March: sleep through the night for the first time
since 1995, get pregnant,
1998, Jan 7: Dylan Strahan born, 3+ months off
1998-present: weekly housekeeper in lieu of marriage
1999-2000: Sabbatical in Austin
2001, May 25: Wyatt Strahan born
2001, August 1: move to Texas, go crazy
2006-present: exercise more regularly
2007, fall: sabbatical at IBM Watson
A Different Pathway– Andrea Lawrence
                              1st African American
                               CS PhD, GA Tech
             PhD. Student                              Math Major,
             Georgia Tech                            Spelman College

    Instructor                                                   Math Graduate,
 Spelman College                                               Purdue University ‘70
                               Chair, Computer

     CS MS student
        And TA

                                           Graduate Student,
                      Math Teacher             Education
                                            U. Of Cincinnati
           Andrea Lawrence- Work
Timeline                       Clarifying Events
   1964 Spelman College Math
   major                           1967 – Marriage and first child
                                  Moved from Purdue/no MS
   1970 BS, Purdue                Life as a homemaker/mother;
   1979 Teaching Certificate      two more daughters
   (math 7-12)                    1978 Began education study
   1983 – 1985 Grad Student       1983 Move to Atlanta; Entered
                                  MS , CS;
   1985 MS, CS                    TA appointment
   1985 Teaching CS, Spelman      1989 IBM Fellowship for Ph.D.
   College                        Study for me, Ford for daughter
   1989 Entered Ph.D.             2000 Faculty Exodus
   program                        Opportunity to explore
                                  Information Assurance (Peter
   1993 Ph.D. GA Tech             Freeman)
   1995 Tenure                    2004 Faculty returned to full
   1997 Department Chair          2006 Began new research area
   2000 - 2002 Director of        2008 Sabbatical scheduled
   Academic Computing
            Research Topics
 Computer-Assisted Instruction for the Georgia Criterion
  Referenced Test
Ph.D. - Empirically Evaluating Animated Algorithms
Cooperative Development of On-line Course
An Application of String Algorithms to
Developing Information Assurance Curricula for
Smaller Institutions
Factors Affecting Retention of Women in
Computer Science
Visualization of Remote Sensing Data of Antarctic
Ice Sheets
Acquire 3 daughters, one
epidemiologist, one lawyer, one
returning student
Acquire 6 transcripts from colleges
Live roles of student, homemaker,
high school teacher, grad student,
college teacher, department chair
Reapply skills from bullet one to two
       Arriving In 2007 With
An increased interest in encouraging
women and underrepresented minorities to
remain in computing and attend graduate
   ADMI
   CDC
   Other workshops and efforts
While not neglecting teaching,
administration, undergraduate research
and mentoring younger faculty
 Or family!
                Susan Dumais - Work

Timeline                                 Clairifying events
  1975: BA, Math & Psych, Bates            1975: First paper published
                                           in Nature
  1979: PhD, Cog Psych, IU
                                           1990: Most highly cited
  1979-1984: Bell Labs, MTS                paper accepted after 3 yrs
  1984-1995: Bellcore, Research Sci        1993: PC Chair CHI, HLT,
    1986: Visiting Prof, Stevens Tech     SIGIR, WWW
    1990: Visiting Prof, Univ Chicago     1995: Editorial boards …
    1995: Visiting Prof, NYU              1999: Chair ACM SIGIR
  1995-1997: Bellcore, Director IS         2003: BillG Keynote at
  and CG & IM                              Comdex, crash
  1997–2001: MSR, Senior Researcher        2005: CHI Academy
                                           2006: ACM Fellow,
  2001–: MSR, Principal Researcher         celebration last night !!!
      2002–: Adjunct Prof, UW             2007: NYT, “I should be fired”
     Susan Dumais - Research
Algorithms and interfaces for improved information access
Information retrieval theory
   Latent Semantic Indexing; Statistical semantics
   Text classification, incl spam filters
   Modeling context
   Information combination and federation
   Information and interaction dynamics
Information retrieval practice
   Stuff I’ve Seen, Windows Desktop Search, Live Search
   Evaluation methods
Human-computer interaction
   Data Mountain, Implicit Queries, SWISH, Memory Landmarks,
    Keeping Found Things Found, Exploratory Search
Individual differences
Models of human memory
Human attention, skill acquisition, Visual development, Visual
        Susan Dumais - Life
1979: First real job, Bell Labs
1980: Sports mania
~1985: Let others do the housekeeping,
house painting, car repair
1987: Two month vacation to New Zeland
1994 Married Thomas Stanley
 Step-mother to three grown daughters
 Large extended family
2000 & 2001: Weddings
2002: TAS retires
2003-: Five grandchildren
2006: Sabbatical – Two months off w/
             Joann Ordille - Work
Timeline                            Clairifying events
   1979: BA, Math, Philos., GWU        1981: Advanced study in philos.
   1982: MA, History and Philosophy    isn’t as expected – still would like
   of Science, U. Pittsburgh           to teach
   1981-86: CS Work, CMU, DEC          1987: I like CS grad school
   1986: Start CS PhD, UW              1991: I like research at Bell Labs
                                       1993: Paper rejected, accepted,
   1989-93: AT&T PhD Scholar           wins best paper
   1993: PhD, CS, UW - Madison         1992-93: 15 interviews, prefer
   1993-96: MTS, AT&T Bell Labs        labs to universities
   1996-00: MTS, Lucent Bell Labs,     1995: Creating a product is hard
   start lead architect role           1996: Company is splitting into
   1998-00: Speaker, Bell Labs         1998: I enjoy presenting to
   Seminar                             customers and representing the
   2000-02: MTS, Avaya Labs, start     company to the press
   managing teams                      1999: First product
   2002-04: DMTS, Avaya Labs           2006: 10 year best paper for
   2004-2007: CMTS, Avaya Labs         paper at first rejected
   2007: Avaya goes private            2007: Second product
 Research and Product Interaction
Meta-Directory, my PhD research                     Demo at trade show well received, great
   Artifact: Nomenclator                            press
   Used by Internet NIC                           Lucent buys a company is in this niche
   In the San Jose Mercury News                   Convince the acquisition to use DLS
   Million dollar business not of interest to     Product: Enterprise Directory Gateway,
     multi-billion dollar company                    Directory Enabled Management
   Other companies (e.g. Novell) field            Additional results: a marriage proposal
     products, ask for consulting                Right Time Communication for the Enterprise
Integrating structured heterogeneous             (ROME)
information sources                                Artifacts: communication flow
   Artifact: Information Manifold                   expressions, Xui Notification & Response
   Collaboration disrupted by split into
                                                     System, Forum Publish-Subscribe Server
     AT&T and Lucent                               CEBP and what’s a comlet?
   2006 VLDB 10 year best paper award             Trial in Avaya Services escalates repairs
Residential Gateway for fiber to the home            Leads to publish-subscribe research
                                                   Transforms how Avaya Services does
   Artifact: MOM (the network has POPs,
     so it should also have MOMs)                    business
   In a movie!
                                                 Communication Enabling Business Processes
   Lucent sells division that would create
                                                   Artifacts: Via (previously Xui), Forum,
     the product                                     collaborative applications
Back to Meta-Directories                           Convincing the architects
   Artifacts: data integration lang., DLS
                                                   Working with the first customers
   Lucent has many products with internal
                                                   All the product services are from ROME
     directories. Would you help?
                                                   Product: Communication Process Manager
   Taking the architectural lead
  From Research to Product

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey
Moore (1991)
The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton
M. Christensen (1997)
1991: Decide to tour places where I travel on business
1991: Marry
1993: Attend Inaugural Ball           
1993: Living in two places: Wisconsin/DC, then New Jersey/DC
1994: Take up regular long distance bicycling
1995: Buy a home in DC and soon thereafter hire cleaning staff
1997: Divorce, resume downhill skiing, take up scuba diving
1997: Start restoring a Victorian house in NJ
1998: Take flying lessons from Ken Thompson
2000: Meet Bill bicycling, and soon thereafter take up x-country skiing
2002: Pursue investing in stocks, real estate (Do this earlier ! )
2005: Start learning to race cars

By 2007: Have explored Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, The Czech
Republic, Italy, Turkey, The Philippines, Italy, Malaysia, Belgium, Germany,
Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Korea, Japan, India,
China, France and many places in the US

Throughout: Work to increase the participation of women in CS

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