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    Produced by Marshall University Human Resource Services
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The content of this web site is provided for
information purposes only. It is not a contract.
Each benefit provider maintains its own legal
statement of benefits in the form of summary plan
documents or contracts.
While efforts have been made to provide accurate
information in this web site, if there are any
differences between this information and
authoritative sources such as summary plan
documents or contracts, the latter will prevail.
Arriving benefits-eligible employees have various
choices to make with regard to benefit providers
and types of coverage.
Human Resource Services does not make
recommendations as to which benefit providers to
choose or which coverage to select. Those
decisions are the responsibility of the arriving
employee. However, Human Resource Services will
provide sufficient, objective, and factual information
to assist you in making personal decisions.
How will the process work?

First, information about a particular benefit
will be provided.

Second, opportunities to ask questions for

Third, completion of appropriate forms.
Which benefits will be discussed?
•Health and Life Insurance
•Retirement Plans
•Supplemental pre-tax benefits, i.e.
     dental, vision, etc.
•Disability Plans
•Leave accrual and usage
•Other benefits
There are two health benefit plans offered by
the West Virginia Public Employees
Insurance Agency (PEIA):

1. PEIA PPB Plan (A and B)
2. Managed Care Plan (HMO)
PEIA offers the standard Preferred Provider
Benefit (PPB) Plan A, which includes
benefits for hospital, surgical, prescription
drug, and other medical expenses. Plan B
offers the same coverage with lower monthly
premiums BUT with higher deductibles,
higher out-of-pocket maximums, and higher
co-payments for prescription drugs.
Coverage begins the first day of the month
after enrollment.
Deductibles and coinsurance amounts vary
based on where care is received.
A deductible is the amount one pays toward
approved medical expenses before the Plan
begins to pay within the plan year. Once the
deductible has been met, the Plan will
generally pay 80% of the allowed amount for
a covered service. The member’s
responsibility, referred to as coinsurance, is
generally 20% of the allowed amount.
A co-payment is a flat dollar amount the
insured pays when services are rendered.
An out-of-pocket maximum is the most
coinsurance that an insured has to pay for
covered services in one plan year. The out-
of-pocket maximum includes only medical
Co-payments do not count toward the out-
of-pocket maximum.
Carelink is the available Managed Care Plan
(HMO) in Southern West Virginia.
The managed care plans offer a more
comprehensive benefit package, but their
premium costs may be more than those for
the PEIA PPB Plans.
You must live within the enrollment area of a
plan to be eligible to enroll in that plan.
Monthly premiums for all plans are based on
the employee’s annual salary and type of
coverage selected, such as employee only,
employee and children, family, etc.
Tobacco-free premium discounts apply on
health and optional life insurance plans.
            LIFE INSURANCE
PEIA offers active employees under age 65 a
basic $10,000 decreasing term life insurance
policy with accidental death and
dismemberment (AD&D) benefits.
For active employees, the value of the basic
life insurance policy drops to $6,500 at age
65, and to $5,000 at age 70.
There is no cost to the employee for basic
life insurance. Employees may enroll for
basic, optional and dependent life
insurance, even if they choose not to take
any health insurance through PEIA.

Note . . .
After the initial enrollment period, a
statement of health form to PEIA is required
for approval of insurance coverage.
PEIA offers active employees up to $500,000
of optional life insurance which is also
decreasing term coverage.
There are 18 options available by the
employee’s age. However, if an employee
chooses more than $100,000 of coverage, he
or she will be required to complete an
Evidence of Insurability Application form.
Premiums for optional life insurance are
paid by the employee. Tobacco-free rates
are available to those who submit an
affidavit stating that the policyholder does
not use tobacco.
Active employees may increase their
optional life insurance at any time by
submitting an Evidence of Insurability form
and being approved by the life insurance
PEIA offers four dependent life insurance
plans for eligible spouse and dependent
children. The plans range from $5,000 to
$20,000 for a spouse and $2,000 to $10,000
for each eligible child. Premium is paid by
Coverage begins the first day of the month
following enrollment for basic, optional life
and dependent life plans.
PEIA sponsors this plan as a vehicle to
provide additional benefits to eligible state
employees and a tax savings to the
participating employees and the State. The
Plan qualifies as a Cafeteria Plan authorized
by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue
Mountaineer Flexible Benefits makes
available to benefits-eligible employees
dental, optical, disability, group legal, and
flexible spending account plans for medical
and dependent care.
There will be NO cards issued for any of
these plans.

Fringe Benefits Management Company is the third party
administrator under PEIA.
Coverage begins the first day of the month
after enrollment. Premiums are paid by
employee with pre-tax dollars.
Open enrollment for current employees is
held during April of each year, with changes
becoming effective July 1; this also includes
cancellation of plan participation unless a
qualifying event occurs at another time of the
Available through The Standard Insurance.
Disability coverage from The Standard
provides benefits-eligible employees with
income protection against disabilities and
illnesses that prevent them from working.
Income benefit totals 60% of employee’s
salary at the time of the disability.
Benefit waiting periods are either three or
six months based on employee class.

The risk of disability is greater than most
people realize.

Consider whether you and your family can
meet financial obligations if you are no
longer receiving a salary.
Enrollment for this plan is any time during
the month of employment.

Total cost of the premium is paid by the
employee and is based on salary.

An important note . . . during a long-term
disability period, this Standard policy not
only protects income, but also insures the
six percent retirement contribution of both
the employee and employer.
    Mountaineer Flexible Benefits
  Long-Term Disability Income Plans
These plans also are offered by The
Standard Insurance Company.
The monthly LTD benefit is based on your
earnings, referred to as “pre-disability”
You may apply for coverage under one of
two Long-Term Disability (LTD) plans . . .
Plan 1 – 40% of the first $5,000 of your pre-
disability earnings, reduced by deductible
Plan 2 – 60% of the first $4,167 of pre-
disability earnings, reduced by deductible
Monthly premiums are paid by the employee
and are based on employee’s salary and age
and are adjusted on an annual basis
according to age and salary.
If an LTD claim is approved by The Standard,
benefits become payable at the end of a 180-
day (six months) benefit waiting period.
Exclusions and limitations apply. Refer to
plan booklet.
There are two retirement plans offered and
benefits-eligible employees are required to
select one. They must contribute 6% of their
gross salary, which is matched by the
institution, to the retirement plan of their
Employees may allocate monthly
contributions to a variety of investment
options available in their plan of choice.
Contributions begin on the date of
employment and are vested 100%
The two plan options from which to choose
are . . .
• Great-West
1. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association-
   College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) –
   A major financial services organization with a
   longstanding reputation for service and value.
   This nationwide retirement system for people
   working at education, research, and healthcare
   institutions offers high quality investment
   management at expense levels that are among
   the lowest in the insurance and mutual fund
2. Great-West Retirement Services (GWRS) – Great
   West is the umbrella company under which the
   Educator$Money defined contribution plan
   operates. Educator$Money is a retirement
   savings program designed specifically for
   educators. The Great-West Family of Companies
   has provided communication, administration,
   recordkeeping, and investment services to the
   education, healthcare, and government markets
   for years.
Additionally, both retirement plans have two
voluntary retirement programs available in
the form of a 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity
plan and a 457(b) deferred compensation
These two plans are optional to the required
6% contribution by the employee and are
NOT matched by the institution.
Traditionally held during the month of April, Open
Enrollment affords employees the opportunity to
change health insurance plans, i.e. move from PEIA
PPB to HMO or vice versa, add/drop optional or
dependent life insurance, enroll in a Mountaineer
Flexible Benefits Plan, etc.
The Plan Year is based on the fiscal year, July 1
through June 30.
Changes made during Open Enrollment
become effective July 1.
Unless a qualifying event occurs at another time
of the year, Open Enrollment is the only time
changes can be initiated.
Qualifying events are defined in the PEIA
Summary Plan Description booklet.
Wells Fargo   Express Scripts
 Carelink         FBMC
Annual Leave provides leave with pay to benefits-eligible
employees. (Not available to nine-month faculty.) Accrual Rates:

Classified Staff
Less than five years of service = 1.25 days/month (15 days/year)
Five years of service = 1.50 days/month (18 days/year)
Ten years of service = 1.75 days/month (21 days/year)
Fifteen plus years of service = 2.00 days/month (24 days/year)

Non-Classified Staff and 12-month Faculty are eligible for 24 days of
annual leave per year, calculated at the rate of 2.00 days/month.
Employees who are benefits eligible and work less than full-time
(between 20 and 37.5 hours per week) accumulate annual leave
on a pro-rated basis.

Notification Procedure

Employees are required to follow unit, department, division, or
institutional established procedures when requesting leave and
notifying supervisors of their absences.
Sick Leave provides benefits-eligible employees
(does not include nine-month faculty) the opportunity to take paid
leave for the purposes of sickness, injury, or temporary disability, as
well as the serious illness or death of a member of an employee’s
immediate family.

All full-time employees and 12-month faculty accumulate sick leave at
the rate of 1.50 days per month (18 days per year).

Other benefits-eligible employees accumulate sick leave on a pro-
rated basis.

There is no limit to the number of sick leave days an employee may
Verification Requirements

Sick leave for more than five consecutive days shall not be granted to an
employee for illness without satisfactory proof of illness or injury, as
evidenced by a statement of the attending physician or by other proof
satisfactory to the institution.

The institution may require evidence from an employee for verification of an
illness or other causes for which leave may be granted under this rule,
regardless of the duration of the illness.

Falsification of documentation or abuse of sick leave may result in
disciplinary action, including dismissal.

Further detailed information regarding various leaves is available at: and
A picture I.D. card will be issued to each
employee. Some departments require that
the card be worn in a visible manner; the
supervisor will inform the employee if this is
a requirement.
The I.D. card enables faculty and staff
members to use several on-campus services
and facilities.
Human Resource Services verifies
employment by giving new faculty and staff
members a form to submit to the Campus
I.D. Office, located in the basement of the
Memorial Student Center, Room BW9.
Carry your card with you . . . some local
businesses offer MU employee discounts.
Take your newly acquired MU I.D. Card to
Computer Services, located on the fourth
floor of the Drinko Library, Room 430.
At the reception desk, show your I.D. and
request your Marshall user name and
password. You will receive an MU Net
Account Information Sheet containing
instructions on how to access myMU.
              PARKING PERMITS
Permits and annual renewal stickers may be
purchased from the Parking Office located
in the Public Safety Building at 1801 Fifth
Avenue .
Employee Parking Permit Application can be
accessed at
Please note that payroll deduction is a
payment option.
               PAYROLL OFFICE
You will need to visit the Payroll Office, located in
Old Main, Room 205, to:
• complete a W-4 Form.
• arrange for direct deposit.
• complete a Huntington City Service Users Fee
Waiver if your worksite is not located within city
limits. All others pay $2.00 per week.
• confirm home address on record.
When is pay day?
Direct Deposit to your checking account
occurs twice a month. If a month has 30
days, pay dates are the 15th and 30th. If a
month has 31 days, pay dates are the 16th
and the 31st. In February, pay dates are the
14th and 28th with the obvious exception of
Leap Year which would result in pay days on
the 15th and 29th.
If pay dates occur during a weekend or
holiday, direct deposits will be made on the
last work day prior to said weekend or
Please note that the Payroll is one pay
period in arrears. Example: If you begin
working on August 17, your first pay check
will be September 15.
Please click on the HRS website at and save it as a “favorite”
for future reference with regard to
announcements, news, training and
development opportunities, forms, and other
Thank you for your attention during the
benefits enrollment process.

We are here to serve you and we encourage
you to contact any Human Resource
Services staff member with questions or

Best wishes for a long, prosperous, and
fulfilling career!

                   Produced by Marshall University Human Resource Services
                 207 Old Main, 304.696.6455,

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