My name is Brittany Meyer; I am a student at Texas Tech University

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					January 26, 2007

Brittany Meyer
2202 Mac Davis
Apt 423
Lubbock, Tx 79401

Dear Mrs. Lane,

My name is Brittany Meyer and I am a retailing student at Texas Tech University. In the
retailing program, it is required that we arrange an internship as part of our last semester
in the program. I discovered the Executive Development Program on the Neiman Marcus
website. My desired job would be a buyer or merchandise planner and I feel that this
internship would grant me that opportunity. The rest of this letter will tell you why I think
I should be given an opportunity to participate in the Executive Development Program.

Your company is all about providing customers with your luxury fashion and top
designers. I, as a customer of Neiman Marcus, am aware of the trends and designers that
are in your stores. The Executive Development Program trains you how to be an assistant
buyer or an assistant merchandise planner. I feel that my education at Texas Tech and my
experience will help me to succeed greatly in this program as well as later on with my
future career. My experience as an assistant buyer for a local boutique, CHROME-
Beauty, has given me and opportunity to learn most aspects of being a buyer, as well as
analyzing trends. I was given a budget of $30,000 to split up between three different
luxury lines for the boutique. I have also worked at Bath and Body Works for over 2
years now and have been given a chance to deal with the merchandising side such as,
inventory management, and replenishment of product. I am aware there is much more to
learn about buying and merchandising and I would be excited to be a part of the program
to learn all aspects of both jobs. As a student of the retailing program at Texas Tech, I am
ready to take on this internship.

I am very enthusiastic about this Program and I think it would be another step in my
hopes to become a buyer or merchandise planner. I have found my passion, and have
worked very hard in achieving a GPA of a 3.4. Most of my retail classes have been based
on buying and merchandising and I would like to put my knowledge to use. I will do
whatever it takes to go above and beyond your expectations.

I am excited to discuss this opportunity with you. I hope to hear back from you by April
to further discuss the Executive Development Program. I appreciate your time. Thank


Brittany Meyer

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