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					I would like to invite you to watch
my presentation about my hobby.
     It`s about music.
              During the show
               you could listen
         to some songs of Green Day.
          Well we can START! GO!
 Introduction and something about author:)
 The biography of Green Day
 Members of band
 Text of songs
 Some Green Day`s albums
 ”American Idiot” – The commercial boom
 Gallery
 Conclusion
 Ending show
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             Hobbies are the activities that we do regularly for our pleasure and satisfaction. A lot of
          people like going to the cinema, theatre, concerts and art exhibitions. Others practise
          sports, for ex. tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, exercise in fitness centers,
          train cycling and jogging. There are also more and more “extreme sports” enthusiasts who
          not only want to be in good shape but also try some unusual experience, have thrilling
          adventures and test their abilities. The most popular risky sports are surfing, scuba
          diving, rafting, caving, parachuting, bungee jumping, paragliding, hang – gliding, alpinism
          and motor racing.
              Those who prefer safer and more relaxing activities go fishing, take pictures, mend
          things in the house, cultivate the garden, play a musical instrument, keep a pet, collect
          things such as phone cards, coins, porcelain figurines or model cars, knit, sew, read books
          and watch TV.
              My name is Ann. I am 18 years old. I live in a small villlage - where is the popular
          Museum of Maria Konopnicka – in Żarnowiec. I go to the third class to High Shool in
          Krosno. I am interested in computers but my hobby is music.
              Music is very important in my life. I listen to music every evening at home and when I
          am on the bus with my personal stereo. I listen to many kinds of music but expecially rock,
          techno, and sometimes heavy – metal. My favourite music band is GREEN DAY.
              I would like to tell you some stories about this marvellous and popular (expecially among
          teenagers but the older people also ) group. They aren`t controversial like TaTu but they are
          a brilliant team. I like listening to Green Day`s songs because they have got very suprising
              From my presentation you may learn some facts about biography of this gorgeous band
          and about the divine singer - Billie. I admire Billie for his love to music and his rare voice.
              Certainly, you could read the texts of songs and watch unique photos.
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                Green Day is a pop punk band consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong (lead vocals, guitar), Mike
             Dirnt (bass, backing vocals, born Michael Ryan Pritchard), and Tra Cool (drummer, backing
             vocals, born Frank Edwin Wright III, in Germany). Since their sixth album, the band have
             included close friend and associate, back-up guitarist Jason White.
                    At the age of 12, Tra Cool became a member of the band The Lookouts. Their album
                  attracted some attention, and Tra began performing at an early age at the Berkeley,
                                  California punk rock all-ages venue 924 Gilman Street.
                   In 1988, Billie Joe Armstrong, (aged 16) and Mike Dirnt (also aged 16) formed "Sweet
               Children", with Armstrong on lead vocals and guitar, Dirnt on bass and backing vocals, and
                  John Kiffmeyer (a.k.a. Al Sobrante), on drums. Their first show was in 1988 at Rod's
                                          Hickory's backyard in Rodeo, California.
                  A couple of months later, they played a high school party with the Lookouts in a remote
              mountain location near Willits, California, where Tre and Kain Kong of the Lookouts lived and
              attended school. Only five kids showed up for the party but they left after the first song, and
              there was no electricity in the house and the toilet didn't work, so Sweet Children had to play
                  using a generator and candlelight, but they played, as Lookouts singer/guitarist Larry
                             Livermore put it, "as if they were The Beatles at Shea Stadium."
                 Livermore, who also ran the Berkeley independent label Lookout! Records, immediately
             offered them a deal, and in early 1989 they recorded their first EP, 1,000 Hours, and then
             decided, weeks before the EP release, to change their name to Green Day, a slang term for a
             day spent smoking cannabis. The band were smokers since puberty and Billie Joe got his
             nickname, "Two Dollar Bill", from selling joints at that price ($2) at his high school. The song
             "Green Day", written by Billie Joe, is about his first experience using marijuana. Many
             references to the drug appear in Green Day's music, though it is by no means their defining
                 One year later, in April 1990, Green Day released their first album ”39/Smooth”, and that
             summer they set out in a van on their first national tour. Before leaving, they recorded
             another four-song EP called Slappy and while in Minneapolis-St. Paul they recorded a four-
             song EP of some of their old songs for the local label Skene Records, and called it "Sweet
             Children". In 1991, 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours was released on CD, this re -issued
             ”39/Smooth” with all the tracks from Slappy and 1,000 Hours.
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                    After this tour, at the end of the summer of 1990, Al Sobrante left the band on what was
                  supposed to be a temporary basis to attend college in Arcata, California. By this time the
                 Lookouts had become mostly inactive, and Tra Cool, now 17 and living in Berkeley, began
                 playing with Green Day as a temporary replacement. The combination worked out so well
                                     that he soon became Green Day's permanent drummer.
                     During 1991, the band toured and played locally, building up a large fan following, and
                 also wrote and recorded their second album, ”Kerplunk!”, which was released on Lookout
                   Records in January 1992. The CD version also included the four tracks from the Sweet
                  Children EP. They continued to tour through 1992 and 1993, ranging as far afield as the
               United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, and Czechoslovakia (now
                    the Czech Republic) When the tour came through the UK, it was notable for a famous
                appearance at a Wigan social club called The rainbow. The gig would have been a standard
               stop on an independent punk band's minor UK tour, were it not for one small fact: the band
                decided to use their set to stage their own version of the Nativity, featuring Billie Joe as all
                 three schizophrenic Three Wise Punks, Mike as Santa Claus and a bad-taste version of the
                 Virgin Birth featuring Tre as Mary, a roadie as Jesus and a bag of rice pudding and tomato
              ketchup as the Holy Placenta. This sort of theatrical show would become common practice for
                                      the band ten years later, only on a much larger scale.
                    By 1993, Green Day had sold about 55,000 copies of ”Kerplunk!”, a large amount for the
              independent punk scene in those days, and attracted a great deal of attention from the major
                   labels. Eventually they decided to sign a deal with Reprise Records, leaving Lookout on
                  friendly terms, and spent the greater part of the year recording their major label debut,
                ”Dookie”, which proved to be an almost instant sensation, helped by extensive MTV airplay
                             for the videos "Longview", "When I Come Around" and "Basket Case".
                      In 1994, Green Day embarked on a nationwide tour and chose queercore band Pansy
                   Division as their opening act and backstage fun. At the time this was regarded as quite
               controversia, nonetheless, the tour was a huge success. Green Day had made their audience
              aware that they were not just another 'pop' band with a couple of hit singles. The band joined
                the lineups of both the Lollapalooza Festival and Woodstock 1994. Green Day's Woodstock
                gig included a gigantic mud fight between the band and the audience, leading to a melee in
                                                 which Dirnt lost his front teeth.
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                                                 Rise in popularity
                            Following the cancellation of the European tour, the band spent the next year-
                   and-half resting in reclusion and writing new material, issuing Nimrod in October 1997
                   with a more artistic and conceptual approach. It reached 10 at home and went double
                    platinum on the strength of the surprise crossover hit "Good Riddance (Time Of Your
                       Life)". After that the band took some time out of the spotlight, issuing the poppy
                   Kinks-like Warning, another Top 5 hit, three years later in fall 2000. In 2002 the band
                   issued their first b-side Album ”Shenanigans”, which was received warmly by fans and
                           included the song "Ha Ha You're Dead ", written by Mike Dirnt and recorded
                                                     exclusively for this album.
                          In 2003, during time Green Day spent in the studio, a New Wave band appeared
                      on the scene, known as The Network. Three of five members of the band are the
                        three main members of Green Day. The frontman, known as "Fink", is Billie Joe
                   Armstrong. Billie has referred to himself as Wilhelm Fink in the past. This is confirmed
                      on the Pinhead Gunpowder Web site bio of Billie. The bass player, known as "Van
                    Gough", is Mike Dirnt (both are vegetarians). The Network's drummer, "The Snoo", is
                     Tra Cool. John Roecker, director of 'Live Freaky Die Freaky', starring Green Day and
                    other East Bay punk alumni, and Green Day's DVD Documentary "Heart Like A Hand
                      Grenade", has spoken of various projects recorded at Studio 880, including a New
                    Wave album and a Christmas album, during the sessions of their latest album. Studio
                       880 is the credited studio in The Network's Money Money 2020 album and Green
                                                      Day's ”American Idiot”.

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     Fighting burnout after Warning, the band went into the studio to write and record new
material for an album. After completing 20 tracks&mdash. an impressive album according to
those few who heard it&mdash. The master tapes were stolen from the studio. The band chose
not to try and re-create the stolen album but instead started over with a vow to be even better
than before. The resulting 2004 album, American Idiot, was billed as a "punk rock opera", or
more accurately a concept album, which follows the journey of the fictitious 'Jesus of Suburbia'
and the characters he meets along the road, principally 'St. Jimmy' and 'Whatsername'. The
album could also be described as an anti-war allegory, as it features songs denouncing George
W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq. The story of Jesus of Suburbia is deliberately ambiguous, and
it is possible to interpret it as the story of a young man going to serve his country overseas.
Indeed, this is plausible, as this is the very narrative that features in the music video for the
fourth single to be taken from American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends.
     American Idiot won a Grammy in 2005 for Best Rock Album along with 5 other Grammy
nominations. The song "American Idiot" was featured in the video game Madden NFL 2005. The
band at the moment are touring, promoting the album with a largely failing dates, continuing
the theatrics of the shows from the Warning: and Shenanigans tours by featuring a horn section
dressed as a pink rabbit and a bumblebee, Billie Joe donning a crown and silk cape for the song
"King For A Day" and drawn-out performances of certain songs like "Hitchin' a Ride" and
"Minority", where Billie Joe uses the instrumental sections to make popcorn with the crowd, a
staple of Green Day's blue live performances. They also perform covers of the songs "We are the
Champions" by Queen, & "Shout (song)" by Otis Day & the Knights.
     Many long-time Green Day fans felt uncomfortable and even threatened when American Idiot
was released. The music was much more accessible, and was occasionally mistaken by younger
music fans and so called posers who had previously been oblivious to Green Day's work, for the
'boybands with guitars' style of Busted and McFly. This was particularly insulting, as some
would argue that such boybands exploit the very things that made the likes of Green Day, and
later Blink-182, strike a chord with young audiences and mimic them in a contrived and
insincere way, in what amounts to no more than a marketing ploy.
1.Billie Joe Armstrong
  2.Micheal Ryan Pritchard
     3.Frank Edwin Wright III
        4.Jason White
          5.John Kiffmeyer
 FULL NAME : Billie Joe Armstrong
 AGE/BIRTHDATE : 33; born February 17, 1972
 HOMETOWN : Rodeo, California, USA
 EYE COLOR : Green
 HEIGHT : 5'7
 MARTIAL STATUS : Married Adrienne Nesser (July 2, 1994)
 CHILDREN : Joseph Marciano; born in March of 1995, and Jakob Danger; born
September of 1998.
 FAMILY : Billie's father, Andy, died of cancer when he was 10 years old
(September 1982). His mom, Ollie, raised him from then on. He has 5 older
siblings (David, Allen, Marcy, Holly, and Anna).
 WHEELS : A black BMW convertible.
 INSTRUMENTS : Guitar, harmonica, mandolin, drums, piano, and most recently,
the saxophone.
 RECORD COMPANY : Billie and Adrienne have co-ownership of Adeline Records.
 OTHER BANDS : Billie still plays with Pinhead Gunpowder. He has also played
with The Influents, Corrupted Morals, Rancid, the Lookouts, Goodbye Harry, and
                                 Billie Childhood
One of the influental people in punk rock music, as he was ranked, Billie Joe, was born
on February 17, 1972 in Rodeo, California, as the youngest of 6 children. His dad, Andy,
was a jazz musician and a truck driver for safeway, who passed away of lung cancer, in
September 1982, Billie Joe was only 10. His mother was a waitress at a restaurant called
Rod's Hickory Pit. As far as he started to talk he also began to sing and got used to go
around to hospitals and sing to patients to cheer them up! Billie Joe's first song was
Look For Love. W hen he was 5, he recorded this song for the locally based Fiat Records.
Billie has green eyes. His hair color is naturally brown, but through the years has gone
many coolers ranging from blue to blond. He currently has black hair. He is 5'6. He once
had a nose ring, which he no longer wears as it kept getting caught on his guitar. He has
the names of his family tattooed on his arms, also 5 piercing which can all be found in
the ear.
                                     Sweet children
    At the age of 10, Billie Joe met M ike in the school canteen and they got hooked up
on punk rock music... Soon after they had formed their first band named Sweet
Children. At the age of 11 Billie Joe got his first guitar he called Blue, as a present from
his father. At 14 he wrote his first song was a song named W hy Do You W ant Him? (This
can be found on 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, track 12). This song was about Billie
Joe's mum, and how his step dad who he and his fellow siblings hated. It's obvious that
Billie Joe's biggest love was music so he dropped out of school to devote to the band.
                                        Green Day
    As soon as band's first drummer Al Sobrante quit the band in a purpose of going to
college, was quickly replaced by Tre Cool. W ho was at the time playing with the
lookouts. Then Sweet Children was renamed Green Day. In a matter of time they were
playing around the country, traveling in a bookmobilie driven by Tres's father. In 1997
(Just after the release of Nimrod) Green day played a show at tower records, the show
only last 40 minuets. During this time they totally wrecked the place, which cost up to
$50,000 the band however were not charged.
      Billie Joe's dad died when he was only 11. In 1990 in Minneapolis Billie
Joe caught a glimpse of Adrienne for the first time. They got married on July
2, 1994, there service only lasted 5 minutes!! The next day came another
little surprise, Adrienne was pregnant!! Now they have 2 kids, I mean, 2 sons,
Joseph Marciano who was born on March, 1995 and Jakob Danger, born on
September 12, 1998.
                             Some interesting Facts
      I believe that you'd be interested in the first album Billie Joe bought.. It
was Elvis Presley's The Sun Sessions. I guess you'd agree with me that Billie
Joe is known for his odd and amusing actions on the stage and kinda
rebellious sense of humor. I think you know that bit I'll mention it anyway,
Billie Joe is co-founder and partial owner of the independent label Adeline
Records. He's a member of a band named Pinhead Gunpowder. He was also
member of Blatz, Rancid, The Lookouts, Goodbye Harry, Corrupted Morals.
When Billie Joe was in high school he was given the nick name "2$ bill"
because he used to sell joints for $2! On the topic of joints, he smoked his
first joint with his best friends mum.
    Speaking of his guitars, he has since had a copy of Blue made by Fender.
It's just like the original one but with different stickers on. Billie Joe's
original Blue had two single-coil pick ups and a Seymour Duncan "Jeff Beck"
Humbucker pick up. Billie Joe has a Fender Jazzmaster, a sonic blue Fender
Jagstang, a Gibson classic Series ES-135 and ES-335, an SG, Rickenbacker,
and a Guild sunburst acoustic(Played in the good ridance video). And to play
them lovely gutiars he uses a Dunlop Tortex standard size (0.88mm) picks.
  Name: Micheal Ryan Pritchard
  Date/place of birth: 5.4.1972 /
           Rodeo, California
         Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Band position: bass player, backing
 Plays: bass, guitar, drums, farfisa,
             baseball bat..
  Songs he has written: Emenius
 Sleepus, J.A.R., Scumbag, Ha Ha
  You're Dead, Nobody Likes You
         (from Homecoming)
   Other bands: The Frustrators,
    Screeching Weasel, Crummy
        Musicians, Squirtgun
   Current Residence: Oakland,
   Mike owns a BMW and likes to
            show it around.
                              Difficult childhood
    M ike Dirnt (actually, M icheal Ryan Pritchard) was born in California on M ay 4th,
1972, to a heroin-addicted mother. W hen Dirnt was seven, his adoptive parents
divorced (since then, they have gotten back together), and Dirnt bounced between
the two until finally settling in with his adoptive mom and older sister. That, too,
was short lived, and soon Dirnt struck out on his own, working, among a handful of
jobs, at Rod's Hickery Pit where Billie Joe's mom was a waitress. He had a difficult
childhood but let's say it this way, Billie Joe brightened up his life. They met each
other in the school canteen at the age of 10 and M ike got used to go to Billie Joe's
house to play guitar. M ike and Billie Joe (dream team) did a load of covers together
and M ike decided to switch to bass. Dirnt rented a room on the side of Billie Joe's
house when he was 15. Unlike Billie Joe, who was expelled from 2 schools and
eventually dropped out, M ike got good grades in school, and even completed a few
courses at a local community college. In 1986, M ike and Billie Joe founded their
first band called Sweet Children which, in 1989, changed its name to Green Day.
Eventually Billie Joe and M ike moved out and lived in a punk rock commune called
Seventh Street (some sources say that they dedicated a song called W elcome To
Paradise to that place).
   M ike married his girlfriend Anastacia in August of 1996, they now have a
daughter named Estelle – Desiree born in April 1997. The pressures of being in
Green Day have become to much for M ike and Anastacia marriage to withstand and
they got divorced. Unfortunatellt, they couldn`t patch the things up but they are
still good friends and M ike also re – married in 2004 to Sarah, but that too was cut
short because he was ”spending to much time in the studio”. W orld is, he is
currently engaged, but it all could just be rumors.
Other bands
       He also played for Screeching Weasel, Crummy
Musicians, Squirtgun, and still plays with The
Frustrators, who are signed by Adeline records, the
company co-owned by fellow band mate Billie Joe. But
Green Day needed him the most soo...

M ikes Caffine mad!
   Many fans know by now that Moke loves
star buck coffee... He actually opened a
cafe in Oakland, California and sells a lot of
coffe there too, star bucks style people.
   All of Green Day freaks would be batty at
me for not mentioning Mike`s bass. The
Mike Drint Precision Basse has been
designed to Mike`s unique specifications
and comes in three colours: two colour
Sunburst, Black and Vintage White so if
you tend to buy one... Way to go He also
uses the Fender `62 American Standard
Precision Basse and a Gibson G-3 Bass. He
also uses a Mesa\Boggie ”Bassis M-2000”
amp and custom made 6x10 and 1x18
Mesa\Boogie cabinets. He plays Ernie Ball
strings, and he custom made yellow
Dunlop, 73 mm picks. So long!
*FULL NAME : Frank Edwin Wright III
*AGE/BIRTHDATE : 32; born December
9, 1972
*HOMETOWN : Willits, California, USA
*HEIGHT : 5'6 (?)
*MARTIAL STATUS : Married his long
time girlfriend Lisea Lyons in March of
1995. They divorced sometime after. In
May 2000, he married Claudia. In 2003,
he and Claudia broke up.
*CHILDREN : Ramona, born January
1995 to ex-wife, Lisea Lyons; Frankito
("Little Frank"), born 2001 to Claudia.
 *FAMILY : Tre grew up with his father
and 2 siblings. He now lives in Oakland,
California with his ex-wife, Claudia, and
son, Frankito.
*INSTRUMENTS : Drums, the accordion,
and the guitar.
*OTHER BANDS : Tre has also played
with The Lookouts, Sreeching Weasels,
and Samiam.
   Frank Edwin Wright III was born December 9, 1972 in Frankfurt, Germany,
making him the youngest member of Green Day. He lived in the Mendocino
mountains, California with his dad and his 2 older siblings. His dad, a helicopter
pilot in Vietnam, decided to move the family there to insulate them upon his return
to the United States. Tre's closest neighbor was none other than Lookout! Records
owner Lawrence Livermore, who also owned the punk band the Lookouts. At age 12,
Livermore recruited Tre to join The Lookouts, and that's when Livermore gave him
the name of Tre Cool (which means Very Cool in French). After Green Day's first
tour around the country (following the release of 39/Smooth), John Kriftmeyer
decided to leave Green Day. Looking no farther than Gilman Street, Billie Joe and
Mike recruited Tre, who was already a 5 year veteran of the Gilman Street scene.
     Tre decided to drop out of high school his sophmore year. However, he did pass
an equivalency test and earned his GED, and he even began taking classes at a
nearby community college. He had to drop out of college however, when the
demands of Green Day's touring intensified. Tre's father, who owns a small trucking
company, overhauled a used bookmobile, and even served as the driver on three
seperate tours. Frank Wright. "On their first tour or two, it was more of a party
than anything else. I still scratch my head and say, 'How in the hell did they make
it?' They used to practice in my living room here - a lot of the songs they did on
Dookie. You hear it coming together, and you don't expect people are going to go
out and buy it. But when it does, you just say, 'Wow, that's so cool.'‘
      Tre had a daughter named Ramona in January of 1995, then he married his
long time girlfriend Lisea Lyons in March. Him and Lisea are divorced now, but Tre
remarried in May of 2000, to Claudia. Claudia and him have a son named Frankito,
which means "Little Frank". Tre and Claudia divorced in 2003, but they still live
together with Frankito in Oakland, California. Recently, Tre has been linked to
Donna C., drummer of The Donnas, however they are no longer together.
FULL NAME : Jason White
AGE/BIRTHDATE : 31; born November 11, 1973
HOMETOWN : Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.
HEIGHT : 5'10
MARTIAL STATUS : Jason recently got married in February 2005.
INSTRUMENTS : Guitar and bass.
RECORD COMPANY : Co-founder of Adeline Records.
OTHER BANDS : Pinhead Gunpowder, The Influents, Chino Horde,
and The Big Cats.
                                          Adeline Records
   Jason met Billie Joe when he moved California and lived in the Bay area. They soon became
good friends and started a record company named Adeline Records with Adrienne Armstrong (Billie
Joe's wife), Jim Thiebaud and Lynn Parker. As well as co-owning a record company with Billie Joe
he is also in a band with him, Pinhead Gunpowder, where he plays guitar and vocals. Jason joined
Pinhead Gunpowder in 1995 to replace Mike Kersh. On the album 'Shoot the Moon' Jason wrote
'Cabot Gal'. He and Bill Schneider (bass) wanted to try something new, recruiting Bill's brother,
Greg Schneider (vocals and guitar) and W illie Samuels (drums) of The Receivers. Jason and Greg
began writing songs and sharing the vocal duties - sometimes collaborating, other times bringing
in their own compositions. After taking their time working and playing together for a little over a
year, and after only a handful of live shows, they went in and self-recorded and produced their
debut album, 'Check Please', in the summer of 2000. The articles and reviews came in. They were
taken back by the praise it was receiving in the press and in magazines from all over the globe.
'Check please' was a Top Five Artist Pick in Rolling Stone and a Top 10 Best Seller at local chain
Rasputin's that same year.
                                             Green Day
   Soon Billie Joe needed his help on an album (Jason to the rescue) and became second guitarist
for Green Day on the W arning album to add a richer sound. If that wasn't enough he then played
on tour with Green Day on the Pop Disaster, W arning and American Idiot tours. Green Day must
like this guy a lot as he has appeared in two of their videos, W hen I Come Around, he's the guy
kissing his, then, girlfriend by the car whilst that man is perving on them, and their most recent
W ake Me up W hen September Ends. W hist playing with Green Day he likes to stay out of the
spotlight. He says "I'm just a helping hand to the band; it's all about them three" A lot of people
have been wondering and saying that he is the fourth member now but that isn't true at all and
isn't planning to be. Billie Joe has said "He'll be playing with us for this tour, but we're not going
to a four-member band from now on." Jasons going to carry on working with Green Day whilst they
are on the American Idiot tour, after that he is going to be recording new material with The
    Name: John Kiffmeyer
    Date / place of birth: ?
    Family: wife Greta
    Band position: ex drummer
    Plays: drums
    Song he has written: I Was There
    Other bands: Ne'er Do Wells

Early Days
       Al Sobrante was the original drummer for Green Day (then Sweet Children). He drummed on
    1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and several other EP's. He did one tour with them and then
    dropped out to go to college. After that he produced Kerplunk and seemed to drop off the face of the
Underground bands
        However he has been seen around Berkeley 'hanging out, drinking beer, and playing in
    underground bands'. As for Ne'er Do Wells they changed their name to the Hi-fives and he no longer
    plays for them.
      John now lives in San Francisco with his wife Greta (they were married in the summer of '94). And
    as far as we know he no longer plays music.
Release Date: April 19, 1991

        Track Listing:
      1. At the Library
      2. Don't Leave Me
        3. I Was There
     4. Disappearing Boy
         5. Green Day
   6. Going to Pasalacqua
             7. 16
   8. Road to Acceptance
            9. Rest
 10. The Judge's Daughter
      11. Paper Laterns
12. Why Do You Want Him?
13. 409 in Your Coffeemaker
        14. Knowledge
       15. 1,000 Hours
          16. Dry Ice
       17. Only Of You
  18. The One That I Want
   19. I Want to Be Alone
Release Date: January 17, 1992

Track Listing:
1. 2,000 Light Years Away
2. One for the Razorbacks
3. Welcome to Paradise
4. Christie Road
5. Private Ale
6. Dominated Love Slave
7. One of My Lies
8. 80
9. Andriod
10. No One Knows
11. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield
12. Words I Might Have Ate
13. Sweet Children
14. Best Thing In Town
15. Strangeland
16. My Generation
Release Date: February 1, 1994

   Track Listing:
   1. Burnout
   2. Having a Blast
   3. Chump
   4. Longview
   5. Welcome to Paradise
   6. Pulling Teeth
   7. Basket Case
   8. She
   9. Sassafras Roots
   10. When I Come Around
   11. Coming Clean
   12. Emenius Sleepus
   13. In the End
   14. F.O.D. (Fuck Off and Die)
   15. All by Myself
Release Date: October 10, 1995

         Track Listing:
      1. Armatage Skanks
              2. Brat
       3. Stuck With Me
     4. Geek Stink Breath
           5. No Pride
      6. Bab's Uvula Who?
               7. 86
          8. Panic Song
     9. Stuart and the Ave
         10. Brain Stew
            11. Jaded
      12. Westbound Sign
       13. Tight Wad Hill
   14. Walking Contradiction
Release Date: October 14, 1997

 Track Listing:
 1. Nice Guys Finish Last
 2. Hitchin' a Ride
 3. The Grouch
 4. Reduntant
 5. Scattered
 6. All the Time
 7. Worry Rock
 8. Platypus (I Hate You)
 9. Uptight
 10. Last Ride In (Instrumental)
 11. Jinx
 12. Haushinka
 13. Walking Alone
 14. Reject
 15. Take Back
 16. King for a Day
 17. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
 18. Prosthetic Head
Here you can find the text of some songs.
           Choose the lyrics.
”Boulevard of broken dreams”
 ”Wake me up when September ends”
 ”Basket case”
 ”American Idiot”
I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known      I walk alone
Don't know where it goes                  I walk alone
But it's home to me and I walk alone      I walk alone
I walk this empty street                  I walk a
On the boulevard of broken dreams
W here the city sleeps                   M y shadow's the only one that walks
And I'm the only one and I walk alone    beside me
                                         M y shallow heart's the only thing that's
I walk alone                             beating
I walk alone                             Sometimes I wish someone out there
I walk alone                             will find me
I walk a                                 Til then I walk alone

M y shadow's the only one that walks     I walk alone
beside me M y shallow heart's the only   I walk a
thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there       I walk this empty street
will find me                             On the boulevard of broken dreams
Til then I walk alone                    W here the city sleeps
                                         And I'm the only one and I walk a
I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my          M y shadow's the only one that walks
mind                                     beside me
On the borderline of the edge            M y shallow heart's the only thing that's
And where I walk alone                   beating
Read between the lines of what's         Sometimes I wish someone out there
Fucked up and everything's alright       will find me
Check my vital signs to know I'm still   Til then I walk alone
And I walk alone
Hear the sound of the falling rain,       The representative from California has
Coming down like and Armageddon           the floor
The shame,                                Zieg Heil to the president gas man,
The ones who died without a name,         Bombs away is your punishment,
Hear the dogs howling out of key,         Pulverize the Eiffel towers,
To a hymn called "Faith and M isery",     W ho criticize your government,
And bleed the company lost the war        Bang, Bang goes the broken glass,
today                                     Kill all the fags that don't agree,
                                          Trials by fire setting fire,
I beg to dream and differ,                Is not a way that's meant for me,
From the hollow lies,                     Just cause,
This is the dawning of the rest of our    Just cause because we're outlaws, yeah!
On Holiday                                I beg to dream and differ,
                                          From the hollow lies,
Hear the drum pounding out of time,       This is the dawning of the rest of our
Another protester has crossed the line,   lives,
To find the money's on the other side,    I beg to dream and differ,
Can I get another Amen?                   From the hollow lies,
There's a flag wrapped around the score   This is the dawning of the rest of our
of men,                                   lives
A gag,
A plastic bag on a monument               This is our lives on holiday
   Don't wanna be an American idiot
Don't want a nation under the new mania
 And can you hear the sound of hysteria
   The subliminal mind fuck America
   W elcome to a new kind of tension
        All across the alien nation
W here everything isn't meant to be okay
     Television dreams of tomorrow
   W e're not the ones meant to follow
        For that's enough to argue

     M aybe I am the faggot America
   I'm not a part of a redneck agenda
   Now everybody do the propaganda
  And sing along to the age of paranoia
   W elcome to a new kind of tension
        All across the alien nation
   Everything isn't meant to be okay
     Television dreams of tomorrow
   W e're not the ones meant to follow
        For that's enough to argue

  Don't want to be an American idiot
  One nation controlled by the media
      Information age of hysteria
      Calling out to idiot America
   W elcome to a new kind of tension
       All across the alien nation
   Everything isn't meant to be okay
    Television dreams of tomorrow
  W e're not the ones meant to follow
       For that's enough to argue
  Summer has come and passed          Ring out the bells again
   The innocent can never last      Like we did when spring began
W ake me up when September ends    W ake me up when September ends

  Like my fathers come to pass        Here comes the rain again
   Seven years has gone so fast         Falling from the stars
W ake me up when September ends       Drenched in my pain again
                                        Becoming who we are
   Here comes the rain again
     Falling from the stars               As my memory rests
   Drenched in my pain again          But never forgets what I lost
     Becoming who we are           W ake me up when September ends

       As my memory rests            Summer has come and passed
   But never forgets what I lost      The innocent can never last
W ake me up when September ends    W ake me up when September ends

  Summer has come and passed         Like my father's come to pass
   The innocent can never last       Twenty years has gone so fast
W ake me up when September ends    W ake me up when September ends
   Do you have the time to listen to me whine
  About NOTHING and EVERYTHING all at once
               I am one of those
              Melodramatic fools
             Neurotic to the bone
               No doubt about it

      Sometimes I give myself the CREEPS
     Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
              It all keeps adding up
           I think I'm CRACKING UP
             Am I just PARANOID?
                 I'm just STONED

                 I went to a shrink
               To analyze my dreams
 SHE says it's lack of sex that's bringing me down
                 I went to a whore
              HE said my life's a bore
And quit my whining cause it's bringing HER down

             Grasping to CONTROL
             So you BETTER hold on
                      Thank you for
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”1039/Smoothed Out Slappy hours”
 ”American Idiot”
    Green Day's first album, was released
later that year. Shortly after its released,
Sobrante quit the bandand, as I said,
”Kerplunk” was quickly replaced with Tre Cool who became
the band's permanent drummer.
In that time they changed their name to
Green Day. Yep, they owe their name to CA slang, actually kinda
humorous name for wasting your day smoking pot..
Released under Lookout! Records. Recorded at Art of Ears Studio,
San Francisco. Produced by Andy Ernst and Green Day. All lyrics by
Billie Joe, except Knowledge, which is a cover by Operation Ivy.
1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours is a combination of the vinyl EPs
Slappy and 1,000 Hours. This album is the only entire album that
features John Kiffmeyer on drums. He later quits the band and Tre
Cool joins the band.
    Throughout the early 1990, Green Day continued to
cultivate a cult following, which only gained strength with
the release of their second album ”Kerplunk”, 1992's. The
underground success of ”Kerplunk” led to a wave of
interest from mayor record labels: the band eventually
decided to sign with Reprise Records.
   Released under Lookout! Records. Recorded in May &
September 1991 at Art of Ears Studio, San Francisco.
Produced by Andy Ernst and Green Day. All lyrics written
by Billie Joe Armstrong, except for My Generation written
by Pete Townshend for The Who, Dominated Love Slave,
written and sung by Tre Cool, and Sweet Children, by Billie
Joe and Mike Dirnt. Drums for tracks 13 - 16 by John
     Released by Reprise Records. Produced by Rob Cavallo and Green Day.
 All lyrics by Billie Joe, except Emenius Sleepus, which was written by Mike.
 Green Day's mayor label debut was released in the spring of 1994.
”Dookie” The album continued to gain momentum throughout the summer,
 with the another single Basket Case, spending 5 weeks on the top of the
 American modern rock charts. At the end of summer, the band stole the
 show at Woodstock 1994 which helped the sales of Dookie increase. By the
 time the 4th single When I Come Around began its 7 weeks stay at number 1
 in the modern rock charts in
 early 1995, Dookie has sold over 5 million copies in the USA alone: it
 would eventually top 8 million in America, selling over 12 million
 copies internationally. ”Dookie” also won a Grammy in for best
 alternative music performance of 1994.
     An interesting fact about ”Dookie” is that on the back of the original
 copies, it showed a crowd holding up a stuffed Ernie doll from Sesame Street.
 The band had to later reprint ”Dookie's” back minus Ernie because they were
 threatened with lawsuits. Also some copies of ”Dookie” come with a brown
 tray for the CD.
    Day quickly followed ”Dookie” with ”Insomniac” in the fall of
charts with J.A.R., their contribution to the soundtrack of the
movie Angus. ”Insomniac” performed well initually, entering the
U.S. charts at number 2, and selling over 2 million copies by the
spring of 1996, yet none ofits singles, including the rado favorite
Brain Stew/Jaded, were as popular as those from ”Dookie”.
In the spring of 1996, Green Day cancelled an European tour,
claiming exhaustion. Released by Reprise Records.
    All lyrics by Billie Joe. Produced by Rob Cavallo and Green Day.
The artwork for this album is titled "God Told Me To Skin You
Alive", by Winston Smith.
   Released by Reprise Records. All lyrics by Billie Joe. Produced by Rob Cavallo and Green Day.
                  Following the cancellation, the band spent the rest of the year resting
                 and writing new material. The end result is what was called the best
album of their career: ”Nimrod”. ”Nimrod” was well received by most critics and fans. The album sold
 80,000 copies in its first week to land at 10 on the Billboard charts. The first single from ”Nimrod” was
             ”Hitchin” a Ride. The single made it to 5 on the modern rock charts and was in
                  heavy rotation on Much Music and MTV. The next single the band
                              released would not make it to 1 but it's now
                probably the most well known song Green Day ever wrote. Featuring
               Billie Joe on accoustic guitar and vocals, Good Riddance (Time Of Your
                Life) became the song to play in any remotely sad situation. The song
                  was even used on the final episode of the hit TV show Seinfeld (the
                  most watched finale in the history of TV). Along with Seinfeld, the
              song was also played on 2 episodes of E.R.. ”Nimrod” has sold just over 2
                 million, the lowest sales total out of their 3 mayor label albums, but
                   it probably garnered the band more respect than they could have
                            expected with another ”Dookie” or ”Insomniac”.
Click on the picture.
                             Billie Joe's Tattoos
                    Here is a list of all the known tattoos of the guys of Green Day.

    1. Right arm: Adrienne's (his wife) name, a vine, and 2 angels facing each other and praying
(Jesus Christ Superstar logo).
2. Left arm: A baby smoking a cigar, a clown bracelet (clowns holding hands), E.B.P.M. (East Bay
Punk Mafia) with a star on each side.
3. Left arm: Jakob's (his son) name in block letters with a soccer ball, stars, and rockets around it.

    4. Right arm: All Ages written with a star on each side, the Japanese symbols for pot and pinhead,
the Riverdales logo (the 27 with the circle around it), Joseph's (his son) name.
5. Right arm: Looks like a photostrip of his wife, Adrienne.
6. Waist/Hips: The number 80 on the left side, PUNX on the right side (not shown).
                                      Mike's Tattoos

    1. Left shoulder/arm: Building blocks, a cross with a pyramid that has an eye in the middle, water with
a can that says "Product of East Bay", a key with a heart at the end.
2. Right shoulder/arm: Estelle's (his daughter) name with yellow and red stars, E.B.P.M. (East Bay Punk
Mafia) with a smilie face on the left side and a sad face on other side, a picture of 45 RPM adaptor for
playing vinyls, the face from 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.
3. Right leg: A tribal around his ankle.

    4. Left shoulder/arm: A dagger with a snake around it with the word "brother" inside of it
(Jason Andrew Relva, a friend who died in a car accident, had the same tattoo), the Screeching
Weasel's symbol (inside right arm).
5. Right upper arm: The skull and cross symbol for the Frustrators.
6. Right arm: The Japanese symbol for pot, another Japanese symbol
Tre's Tattoos

1. Right shoulder: E.B.P.M. (East Bay Punk Mafia), a
     broken window with a TV falling through it.

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