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									                                                                          7 Westbrook Court ▪ Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567
                  Maxine Mina                                                 914.384.4528 ▪

                                                     CAREER SUMMARY
Telecommunications specialist with extensive experience juggling domestic and international suppliers and internal customers, as well
as negotiating cost-effective contracts. Additionally coordinated service requests and resolved issues from the corporate IT help desk.
Recognized as the internal expert on all wireless communication devices and carrier specifications.
 “I have known and worked with Maxine… on various Facility Projects that included the telecommunications segment along with the
build out, relocations and expansions of XL's offices throughout the U.S.A. Max plays an active role in containing costs and/or
reduction of costs and expenses in the telecommunications segment of XL Global Services. She has proven to be a very reliable
resource in this regard.”                                      Frederick Hauck, Vice President - Dir of Facilities, XL America Inc.

                                                     TECHNICAL SKILLS
                      Blackberry Enterprise Server Administration ▪ Call Express Voice Mail ▪ Lotus Notes ▪ Lotus 123
                       Microsoft Outlook ▪ Word ▪ Power point ▪ Excel ▪ Access ▪ Nortel Option 11C and 61C

XL Capital; Stamford, CT                                                                                               1988 – 2008
World-Class international investments and insurance provider with approximately 4,000 employees in 77 offices and 27 countries.
Corporate offices are based in Bermuda.
                              Global Lead Telecommunication Wireless Specialist (2007 – 2008)
Team lead for all global wireless communications for the corporation, encompassing the United States, United Kingdom, Pacific Asia,
Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Bermuda, Canada and Latin America. Coordinated with colleagues in each country to handle day-
to-day service issues for 2000+ BlackBerry and PDA devices. Reported to VP of Global Network Services.
      Constantly evaluated and tested new wireless cellular and PDA technologies for efficiency and cost-savings enhancements.
      Created policies and procedures consistent with XL Global standards for provisioning devices with specific services.
       Provided all users with current “Hints & Tips” updates to improve their efficiency.
    Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert for wireless devices, and directed users toward specific models to satisfy their usage
    Reviewed and ensured that BlackBerry Enterprise Servers are provisioned with correct licenses to handle global users.
       Coordinated purchasing licenses through procurement as needed.
    Communicated with Managing Directors and executives around the world regarding changes in service coverage and plans.
    On-call to troubleshoot technical service issues by directly interfacing with account representatives or technical support
       personnel at either Research in Motion (RIM) or the appropriate carrier.
    Brought the Global Business Service and Global Technology Service departments in line by facilitating meetings to improve
    Coordinated monthly headcount reports with Human Resources to comply with company policy of allocating devices to no
       more than 10% of users in a department.
    Negotiated with AT&T Wireless to boost wireless signal strength in 3 buildings on the XL Global campus. AT&T installed
       additional satellite repeaters and antennas at no charge for 2 buildings, and for a nominal fee in the third building. All 1200
       users noticed an immediate improvement in network speed and reliability following the installation. .
Cost Savings Initiatives:
     Saved the company $250K by aggressively analyzing usage patterns and devices around the world and recommending
        reclaiming devices or removing little-used features.
     Point person between procurement and global suppliers to identify savings based on changes in local carrier costs.
     Developed detailed global wireless usage reports to pinpoint opportunities for savings, and presented findings to IT
        Executives and Senior Management.

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                                Telecommunication Specialist – Wireless Domestic (2004 – 2007)
Team lead for the U.S. portion of wireless communications, encompassing over 200 cellphones and 700 BlackBerry devices between
21+ offices around the country. Deployed devices and handled maintenance of all cellular/BlackBerry devices.
     Project Leader for 5 BlackBerry Enterprise Server Basic Administration program upgrades. Added personnel and created and
         edited policies to ensure devices were only utilizing functions that XL supported. Directed local carrier meetings with
         Messaging Engineers to troubleshoot high level issues between Exchange and BlackBerry servers.
     Trained by technicians at BlackBerry RIM to complete advanced troubleshooting techniques and to amend policies.
     Took the initiative to attend BlackBerry road shows to better understand efficiently using and repairing the devices.
     Broadened the wireless team’s responsibilities to encompass the basic functions of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and
         decrease turnaround time of data confirmation between the Exchange and Enterprise server.
Cost Savings Initiatives:
     Improved negotiation leverage with AT&T Wireless by consolidating all XL Global accounts into one corporate account.
     Compiled monthly expense reports for senior executives detailing budget variances to identify and proactively rectify
         potential overages before year end.
     Decreased service plan expenses by $20K by aggressively negotiating the current contract and consolidating cellular services.
                                    Technical Specialist -- Telecommunications (2000 – 2004)
                                        NAC RE/XL Global Services (Acquired by XL Capital)
Liaison between local and long distance carriers, ordered telephone services, coordinated and supervised the provisioning and
installation of circuits and lines pertaining to voice/data for startups, relocation and consolidation of companies consisting of 9 sites
and over 500 users throughout the United States.
      Telecommunications project manager for 3 separate major office relocations and corporate consolidations. Negotiated to keep
          users’ extensions and supervised on-site carrier technicians to resolve issues.
      Authored training documentation for end users on Nortel phones and Call Express voice mail systems.
      Upgraded desktop telephones and videoconferencing equipment throughout the United States and administered
          videoconferencing of point-to-point and 3 or more location conferences.
      Conceptualized and implemented a disaster recovery plan to seamlessly route in-bound calls and faxes in the instance of a
          catastrophic circuit failure.
               o Negotiated with a local carrier to acquire additional T1 and DID phone lines with extensions which corresponded to
                     current users. Following installation and mapping the extensions to new exchanges, the system successfully re-
                     routed all calls during testing.
Cost Savings Initiatives:
       Saved the company $60K by recognizing that a call forwarding service fee which had been negotiated at no charge 5 years
           prior was included on a current invoice.
       Negotiated the procurement of over 300 phones and saved significant maintenance charges by bringing the reconfiguring,
           installation and training in-house.
                                Administrative Assistant – CIO and IT Operations (1988 – 2000)
Coordinated IT Help Desk service requests, incidents and assigned technical resources to resolve issues. Supported staff of 40.
Cost Savings Initiatives:
     Saved the company $100K by performing basic changes to the voice system and not contacting a technician.
     Decreased Messaging Tier Three technicians work hours by routing changes to Lotus Notes distribution lists.

                                EDUCATION and ONGOING ADVANCED TRAINING
MS Education from Lehman College, Bronx, NY                                    BS Education from State University College of Buffalo
        Oct. 2008: 4G Wireless – Fierce Wireless Virtual Webinar : 4G wireless network and future advantages.
        Dec. 2008: Research in Motion – BlackBerry Groundbreaking News : BES administration and policies.
        Dec. 2008: Introduction to Wireless – Telecom Careers Virtual Webinar : Discussion of the growth of subscribers
         globally, local carrier costs, types of mobiles and direction of the industry.
        Jan. 2009: 3G to 4G conferences.
        The College of Westchester, NY : Advanced Certification in Microsoft Office Suite. Anticipated Graduation: Nov. 2009.

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