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Joe Sessoms

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 Vol. 4 No. 1 / December 2005

Joe Sessoms
    The voice of the
69th Annual Shrine Bowl

•225th Anniversary
 of Battle of Cowpens
•Secrets to a Healthy

 Marriage pt.8

•Special Insert: Shrine Bowl

 of the Carolinas

 and much more...
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 Prime Years | December 005
                Happy Holidays
                                                                      Ted Conrad


                                  from the                            David Conrad | 864-415-1257

                Prime Years Staff
                                                                      Ray Johnson | 864-237-7168

                                                                      Art Director
                                                                      Ryan Clark | 864-580-3900

December 2005

                                                                      Contributing Writers
                                                                      Art McQueen
                                                                      Candy Arrington
                                                                      Rev. James Williams
                                                                      Jules Bryant
LIFE & TIMES                                                          Jean Crow
                                                                      Kim Atchley
5. Rich local history celebrated with                                 Rev. Dr. Trey Kuhne
   anniversary of Revolutionary War                                   Joyce Heitler
9. Holiday Calendar                                                   Donna Stone
                                                                      Tony Dale
                                                                      Circulation Manager
10. On the job asthma                                                 Ray Johnson
11. Gimme Shelter
                                                                      Office Location
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                                                                      Spartanburg, SC 29303
19. Milestone advice
21. Around Town With Joyce                                            Mailing Address
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22. The Little Blue Book Series of                                    Spartanburg, SC 29304
    Secrets to a Healthy Marriage pt. 8
                                              TONY DALE’S             staff@primeyearsmagazine.com
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    Medicare Part D; Prescription Drug Plan
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                                                                          December 005 |    Prime Years 3
 Prime Years | December 005

   Rich local history celebrated with
   anniversary of Revolutionary War

                                                                                                    Dining at the Piedmont Club of Spar-
 By JEAN CROW                                                                                    tanburg, Benjamin Franklin, Cassie the
    Contributing Writer                                                                          slave, a Charleston lady, and the in-

           ho on earth would serve tea cold?! Certainly                  What                    famous Banastre Tarleton mingled in
                                                                                                 uniforms and long, billowing gowns,
                                                             A special four day event hosted
           no one from the 18th century. At a recent din-                                        toting swords, guns and painful cor-
                                                             by the National Park Service to     sets, as if it were just another Friday
           ner banquet during Spartanburg’s                  celebrate the 225th Anniversary     evening in colonial America.
Revolutionary War symposium, Athena Westeren por-           of the Battle of Cowpens, free and         But in fact, it’s been 225 years
trayed an 18th century Rebecca Mott, marveling at the               open to the public.          since their colonial America existed,
                                                                                                 when insurgents flexed their muscles
spread of silverware before her, wincing at the sight of                                         against British rule in a courageous
tomatoes on her salad, and gawking at the very idea of                   When                    fight for freedom. It was during the
iced tea. Westeren was one of a dozen Revolutionary War      Saturday, January 14th, through     fall of 1780 that the Revolutionary
                                                                  Tuesday, January 17th,         War campaign made its way through
period re-enactors who participated in a unique two-day                                          the backcountry of South Carolina.
event commemorating the 225th Anniversary of the                        Where                    During the struggles that took place
Revolutionary War’s campaign through South Carolina.                                             here, the Patriots turned the tide of
                                                               Cowpens National Battlefield      the war and defeated the strongest
    The symposium took place on November 4th and 5th          Please check park website for      military power in the world.
in downtown Spartanburg and was one in a series of           updates to the schedule and for          “The backcountry insurgency of
events organized to commemorate the war. The series               satellite locations at:        1780 in South Carolina, played a crit-
                                                                   www.nps.gov/cowp.             ical role in winning the Revolution-
will culminate in an action-packed weekend January 14th                                          ary War, ” said Dr. John Buchanan,
through 17th, including a two-day hike following General          A complete schedule            author of the The Road to Guilford
                                                                                                 Courthouse, and keynote speaker of
Morgan’s footsteps and reenactments and living history           is available on page 31         the symposium.
camps at nearby Cowpens National Battlefield.
                                                                                                           See Cowpens, page 6 

                                                                                                   December 005 |     Prime Years 5
             CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5
                                                        author of Come to the Cowpens! and other popular
                                                        children’s books, the symposium boasted an impres-
                                                                                                                   an hour, three-fourths of the British were killed or
                                                                                                                   captured, many of them the best light troops in the
                                                                                                                   army. For Cornwallis, the rout was another in a se-
                                                        sive cast of presenters that drew over a hundred
                                                        history buffs from the Carolinas and Georgia. The          ries of disasters that led ultimately to final defeat
     “It bought the time necessary for a continental    weekend also included an “Early Bird Tour” of revo-        at Yorktown.
 army under brilliant leadership to appear in South     lutionary war battle sites in the Old Spartan Dis-             In January, the National Park Service will host a
 Carolina, and together, with the partisan insur-       trict. Taking a group to 5 battle or skirmish sites in     four day event commemorating the battle.
 gents, drive the British to the coast.” Buchanan       the area, Fields explained, “These are sites that do            “We want to give people a chance to really
 stresses that without that insurgency it is possible   not have an interpretation and most are unprotect-         envision what the battle was like, to push their
 that both South Carolina and Georgia would have        ed, but they are no less important to the nation’s         imagination to understand the way of life back
 remained British. “We’d be celebrating the Queen’s     history.” South Carolina has 250 battle or skirmish        then and the historical significance of this single
 birthday and worrying about Prince Harry right         sites statewide, but approximately 20 percent have         event that is still very relevant today,” said Pat
 now,” he said.                                         been lost to development and another 40 to 50 sites        Ruff, Chief Ranger at Cowpens National Battle-
      While Buchanan hails from New York, few can       could disappear beneath buildings and asphalt in           field. The event will include reenactments, tacti-
 match his breadth of knowledge of South Carolina’s     the next 10 years.                                         cal demonstrations, and living history camps.
 role in the Revolutionary War. As a retired archi-         Executive Director of the Spartanburg Historical           “To some, I’m sure this place is seen as just a nice
 vist, having served at both Cornell University and     Association, Susan Turpin, describes the Upstate as        piece of Upstate scenery,” added Ruff. “But to those
 the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the 74-year-old        the region that “drew a line in the sand to stop the       who take a moment to really imagine what took
 historian has written three books chronicling the      Tory forces from continuing to press forward.” The         place here, it becomes a beautiful stretch of land
 southern campaign, with the long term goal of          battles here were cousin against cousin and brother        filled with intrigue, suffering, hopes, and courage.”
 completing a two-volume history of the Revolution-     against brother and “it was in this area that the in-      With over 600 re-enactors, 500 guns, and two doz-
 ary War. He brings an outsider’s perspective to        surgents really stood up and said ‘no more,’” Turpin       en horses planned for the January celebration, it
 the backcountry campaign, claiming himself as the      said.                                                      won’t take much imagination to feel the magnitude
 South’s emissary north of the Mason Dixon line and          One of the most crucial battles of the war was        of the Battle of Cowpens.
 earning an honorary title as “good ole boy” from       fought in nearby Cherokee County at what is now                  Jean Crow is a program manager for Palmetto
 Dr. George Fields, Director of the Military Heritage   Cowpens National Battlefield. The brilliant Ameri-             Conservation Foundation, a statewide nonprofit
 Program at the Palmetto Conservation Foundation.       can victory over the British Legion there in 1781             membership organization that conserves natural
     From Dr. Walter Edgar, author of the acclaimed     was one of the most skillfully fought battles in             and cultural resources, and promotes active living.
 South Carolina: A History, to Dr. Christine Swager,    the annals of the American military. In less than                   Visit www.palmettoconservation.org.
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 Prime Years | December 005
   “A Unique Retirement Community”

               Summit Hills cordially invites you to attend the

                                Please Join Us For The Celebration Of Our
                             Affordable Single Family Homes In Summit Hills
                                           Starting At $121,000.
                                           Sunday, December 4
                           2-4 pm Ribbon Cutting, Open House & Heavy Hors d’oeuvres
                                       by our Executive Chef Shep Smith

                                          Monday, December 5
                                     2-4 pm Open House & Refreshments

                                          Tuesday, December 6
                                     2-4 pm Open House & Refreshments
                                                        For More Information,
110 Summit Hills Drive                                    Contact Rita Ingram-
                                                  Director of Marketing & Sales
Spartanburg, S.C. 29307
                                                864-582-5561 / 864-978-9794
www.summit-hills.com                           marketing@summit-hills.com
                                                               December 005 | Prime Years   7
         1 game
         2 states
       10,000 fans                                      SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

   770,000 little heroes
                                                   Thursday -December 15th - 8:00pm
                                                   SHRINE BOWL AWARD BANQUET AT THE
                                                   SPARTANBURG MARRIOTT
                                                   -featuring USC Gamecocks Head Coach Steve

      and counting
                                                   Spurrier. Call Ted Conrad at 864-585-1545 if you
                                                   would like to attend and sponsor a table. (25 15
                                                   tables still available!)

                                                   Friday - December 16th - 4:00-8:00pm
                                                   SHRINE BOWL FAN FEST AT BARNET PARK
                                                   FREE ADMISSION, DOOR PRIZES &
                                                    – Meet the Shrine Bowl King and Queen, North
                                                   Carolina and South Carolina Shrine Bowl Football
                                                   Players, Cheerleaders and Mascots. This is sure
                                                   to be a night of fun and excitement. Games, food,
                                                   entertainment. Punt-Pass-Kick contest for kids.
                                                   Help us celebrate the kick off as the Upstate has
                                                   the privilege to host the 69th Annual Shrine Bowl
                                                   Classic. SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY SANTA

                                                   Saturday - December 17th - 10:00am
                                                   SHRINE BOWL PARADE
                                                   -Starts at the Spartanburg County Library and
                                                   moves down Church Street to Gibbs Stadium at
                                                   Wofford College. Many described last years parade
    A Carolinas’ tradition of generosity and       as “The best parade ever held in Spartanburg!”

   unequaled athletic excellence, the annual       Saturday - December 17th – 1:00 pm
                                                   69th ANNUAL SHRINE BOWL CLASSIC
    Shrine Bowl game is the nation’s oldest        -Join us for kick off in Wofford College Gibbs
   and most prestigious high school football       Gibbs Stadium | Wofford College
   all-star game in America and will be held              1:00 pm KICKOFF
  in Gibbs Stadium for the 2nd straight year.   Tickets Available September 15, 2005 at the following locations
                                                             All Spartanburg Little Caesars locations
                                                   First Citizens Bank     First Citizens Bank        Tax Savers
                                                 311 Boiling Springs Rd 50 East Henry Street    177 Asheville Hwy.
                                                Boiling Springs, SC 931 Spartanburg, SC 9301     Spartanburg, SC
                                                        57-550                55-9331           9301 / 3-100

 Prime Years | November 005
                                                     Holiday Calendar
DECEMBER ONGOING EVENTS                                                                                                                           rian Church, 393 East Main St., Spartanburg.
Holiday Tour: Holiday Lights Safari Benefit at                                                                                                    Special music program in conjunction with
Hollywild, thru 1/01,  - 9 pm, Hollywild Ani-                                                                                                    regular worship service, -53-531.
mal Park, 35 Hampton Rd, Wellford. Win-
ner of a Governor’s Tourism Award as “the
most outstanding event in South Carolina”           “Spartanburg . . . in the Spirit!” is a project of The Arts Partnership of Great-             Holiday Ballet: The Nutcracker Ballet, :30
in its category and a Blue Ribbon Award for         er Spartanburg, the City of Spartanburg, Share the Vision, the Spartanburg                    pm, Twichell Auditorium, Converse College, E.
originality presented by Turner South. This                                                                                                       Main Street, Spartanburg.
                                                    Area Chamber of Commerce and the Spartanburg Convention and Visitors
one-of-a-kind event spans nearly 100 acres,
with close to 3 million lights in landscape         Bureau. Events listed in the calendar that are followed by an asterisk (*)                    Christmas Parade: Woodruff Christmas
lighting plus dozens of secular and religious       have an admission or other fee. An updated list of holiday events and activi-                 Parade, 3 pm, Downtown Woodruff, -7-
themes--all enjoyable from the comfort of           ties is available at the “Spartanburg . . . in the Spirit!”                                   15.
your vehicle, -7-03.*                        Website at www.spartanburginthespirit.com or calling 1--59-500.
                                                                                                                                                  Holiday Service: Keyboards and Carols, 7 pm,
Holiday Display: Christmas Lights Display,        tour four homes and a church in the Inman       Twichell Auditorium, Converse College, E.       First Baptist Church of Spartanburg, 50 E.
thru 1/31,  – 10 pm, Pacolet Amphitheatre,      area which will be decorated for Christmas.     Main Street, Spartanburg. 59-975              Main St., Spartanburg. First Baptist Spar-
Pacolet, -7-950.                            Refreshments and music will be provided at                                                      tanburg presents a special night of worship,
                                                  the church, -7-33.*                      10/SATURDAY                                     blending piano and organ music, -53-
2/FRIDAY                                                                                          Holiday Theatre: Spartanburg Youth Theatre’s    75.
Holiday Event: Christmas Stroll,  - 9 pm,        Christmas Parade: Greer Jaycees Christmas       A Christmas Carol, 10 am, David W Reid Play-
Downtown Inman. -7-70.                     Parade, 3 pm, Downtown Greer. -77-          house, 00 West Croft Circle, Spartanburg.    12/MONDAY
                                                  3131.                                           -53-91.                                  Concert: Converse College Lawson Series:
Holiday Service: Twin Living Christmas Trees,                                                                                                    Palmetto Choristers Fall Concert, 7 pm, Dan-
7 pm, First Baptist North Spartanburg, 70       5/MONDAY                                        Christmas Parade: Pacolet Christmas Parade, iel Recital Hall, Converse College, 50 East
Asheville Hwy, Spartanburg, -57-0509.*        Holiday Exhibit: nd Annual Trees of Christ-   10 am, Downtown Pacolet. This year’s theme Main Street, Spartanburg, -59-90.
                                                  mas and Garden Club Wreaths, thru 1/31, 9      is Candy Land, -7-950.
Holiday Festival: Christmas at Greer Station,     am – 5 pm, M-F; 10 am –  pm, Sat.;  pm                                                       13/TUESDAY
:00 pm. Greer Station, W. Poinsett St., Greer.   – 5 pm, Sun., The Arts Center, 35 S. Spring    Holiday Tour: Walnut Grove Christmas           Christmas Concert: Spartanburg Community
-77-3131.                                     St., Spartanburg, -53-77 ext. 3.        Decorations, 11 am -  pm, Walnut Grove        Band’s Annual Christmas Concert, 7 pm, St.
                                                                                                  Plantation, 100 Otts Shoals Road, Roebuck. John’s Lutheran Church, 15 S. Pine St.,
3/SATURDAY                                        Recital: The Converse Trio,  pm, Daniel        Come see the simple decorations used by        Spartanburg. The 0-piece Spartanburg
Christmas Parade: Inman Christmas Parade,         Recital Hall, Converse College, 50 East        the Moores at the turn of the 19th century.    Community Band will present a program
11 am, Downtown Inman, -7-00.              Main Street, Spartanburg. Featuring Douglas     Guided tours are offered on the hour from      of both spiritual and contemporary holiday
                                                  Weeks, piano, Sarah Johnson, violin; Kenneth    11:00 am till :00 pm. Tour the grounds at     music for the enjoyment of all ages, -
Holiday Service: Twin Living Christmas Trees,     Law, cello, -59-901.                       your leisure and enjoy simple refreshments     57-791.
3 pm and  pm, First Baptist North Spar-                                                          of the period, -57-5.*
tanburg, 70 Asheville Hwy, Spartanburg,                                                                                                        14/WEDNESDAY
-57-0509.                                     7/WEDNESDAY                                     Holiday Ballet: The Nutcracker Ballet, :30    Mini Holiday Concert: Music Sandwiched In:
                                                  Mini Holiday Concert: Music Sandwiched          pm, Twichell Auditorium, Converse College, E. The John Gault Trio, 1:15pm, Spartanburg
Holiday Tour: Hampton Heights Christmas           In: Spartanburg Philharmonic Brass, 1:15,      Main Street, Spartanburg. 59-975.            Library Headquarters, Church Street, Spar-
Tour of Homes, 5 – 9 pm, Hampton Heights,         Spartanburg Library Headquarters, 151 S.                                                       tanburg. The Music Foundation of Spartan-
Spartanburg. -31-33.                        Church Street, Spartanburg. The Music           Christmas Parade: Reidville Christmas          burg presents The John Gault Trio, “Holiday
                                                  Foundation of Spartanburg presents the          Parade, 3 pm, Downtown Reidville, 730         Fun.” Bring your bag lunch or purchase a box
Holiday Tour: Holiday Lights Trolley Tour, thru   Spartanburg Philharmonic Brass, “Christmas      Reidville Rd., Reidville, -77-7953.        lunch there. Arrive early for the best seating.
1/3, :30 pm, Magnolia Train Station, 9       Traditions.” Bring your bag lunch or purchase                                                  -9-900.
Magnolia St., Spartanburg. Reservations are       a box lunch there. Arrive early for the best    Holiday Service: Twin Living Christmas Trees,
required. Free hot chocolate will be served       seating. -59-3500.                          thru 1/11, 3 pm and  pm, First Baptist       15/ THURSDAY
during the tour, -57-97.*                                                                   North Spartanburg, 70 Asheville Hwy,         Polar Express Train Ride, thru 1/17,  – 9
                                                  9/FRIDAY                                        Spartanburg, -57-0509.*                    pm, Pacolet Amphitheatre, Pacolet. This is
Christmas Tour: Candlelight Christmas Stroll      Holiday Musical: The Colors of Christmas,                                                      a train ride to the North Pole via the Pacolet
in the Village,  – 9 pm, Pacolet Town Hall,      10 am, First Baptist Church of Spartanburg,     Holiday Event: Woodruff Christmas Stroll, 7    Amphitheatre, -7-950.*
10 Montgomery Ave., Pacolet. Tour homes,         50 E. Main St., Spartanburg. First Baptist     – 10 pm, Downtown Woodruff. This event will
churches and the town hall decorated for          Spartanburg presents a musical performed        feature window displays, caroling, luminaries 16/FRIDAY
Christmas, -7-950.*                         by their Senior Adult Choir, who will warm      and shopping, -7-3.                    Holiday Athletic Event: Shrine Bowl Fan Fest,
                                                  the hearts of visitors from local retirement                                                   3pm – pm, Barnet Park,  East St. John
/SUNDAY                                          centers, -53-75.                          Concert: Converse College Lawson Series:       Street, Spartanburg, -59-3105.
Holiday Event: The Bill Drake Christmas                                                           A Christmas Present to the Pre-College, 
Show,  pm, Spartanburg Memorial Au-              Holiday Theatre: Spartanburg Youth Theatre’s    pm, Daniel Recital Hall, Converse College,     Holiday Event: A Return to Bethlehem, thru
ditorium, 35 N. Church St., Spartanburg,         A Christmas Carol, :30pm & 7 pm, David         50 East Main Street, Spartanburg. Lawson 1/1, :30 - 9:30 pm, Bethel United Meth-
-5-53.                                     W Reid Playhouse, 00 West Croft Circle,       Pre-College and Petrie School of Music fac-    odist Church, 5 S. Church St., Spartanburg.
                                                  Spartanburg. -53-91.                      ulty and students join forces for this festive Bethel United Methodist Church hosts a living
Holiday Tour: Hampton Heights Christmas                                                           Lawson Series fundraising concert, -59- Christmas Story, where vistors can experi-
Tour of Homes, 1 - 5 pm, Hampton Heights,         Holiday Service: Twin Living Christmas Trees,   90.                                          ence live scenes depicting the birth of Jesus
Spartanburg. -31-33.                        7 pm, First Baptist North Spartanburg, 70                                                    from their automobiles at no cost,
                                                  Asheville Hwy, Spartanburg, -57-0509.*      11/SUNDAY                                      -55-01.
Holiday Tour: Friends of the Inman Library                                                        Holiday Service: First Presbyterian’s Choir
Tour of Homes,  - 5 pm, Participants will        Holiday Ballet: The Nutcracker Ballet, 7 pm,    Cantata, :5 am and 11 am, First Presbyte-               Continued on page 26 

                                                                                                                                                     December 005 |        Prime Years 9
                                                                          GOOD HEALTH

   On the job asthma
   When your workplace makes you sick — literally
    By KATHLENE HEINE                                                                                                                          for instance, if a patient comes in
                                              HOW TO TELL

                                                                                                                                               saying that his work environment
         he Monday morning grogginess          You might have occupational asthma if ...                                                       gave him asthma, but I find out
         hadn’t worn off by the time the       • you experience an onset of symptoms within months of starting a job.                          he smoked for 15 years, which is
         doctor reached the hospital, so       • you find yourself reacting to the use of a new industrial agent or process.                   it if not both?” Petersen said. “It
 he veered toward the cafeteria for some       • your symptoms improve after leaving work or clear up on weekends or holidays.                 is hard, even with lung and skin
 coffee. The day’s schedule ran through                                                                                                        tests, which can be negative, to
                                               • your symptoms worsen during certain points of production or during intense
 his mind as he inhaled the cup’s roasted                                                                                                      pinpoint what exactly out of all the
                                               exposures to a specific particle.
 aroma and with it some baker’s yeast                                                                                                          agents in a workplace precipitated
                                               • you notice other workers complaining of itchy eyes, wheezing, nasal congestion
 that had wafted out from the kitchen.                                                                                                         the asthma.”
                                               or taking frequent sick days for head or chest colds.
      He sipped the last of his coffee and                                                                                                            Pinning down the irritating
                                                  Source : Allergy and Asthma F oundation of Ame rica
 sped toward the outpatient clinic for                                                                                                         workplace agent in a case of occu-
 his first surgery of the day. The surgeon                                                                                                     pational asthma brings out doc-
 scrubbed his hands with antiseptic soap                                                                                                       tors’ inner detectives as they weed
 and ripped open a package of latex                                                                                                            through a patient’s daily exposure
 gloves, releasing the familiar powder                                                                                                         to hundreds of allergens associ-
 into the atmosphere. His chest tightened                                                                                                      ated with the ailment. Petersen
 and eyes watered as he hovered over the                                                                                                       said the process is further compli-
 operating table, but he assumed it was                                                                                                        cated by an often delayed asthmatic
 nerves. It wasn’t nerves — it was his                                                                                                         response and occupational asthma’s
 asthmatic reaction to the baker’s yeast.                                                                                                      tendency to produce nontraditional
       Each day an estimated 11 million                                                                                                        symptoms.
 workers in the United States are exposed                                                                                                               The Allergy and Asthma
 to at least one of the hundreds of agents                                                                                                     Foundation said responses can
 associated with occupational asthma.                                                                                                          range from breathing difficulties
 The disease, characterized by breathing                                                                                                       that occur within minutes of expo-
 difficulties from repeated exposure to                                                                                                        sure and last up to two hours to
 workplace allergens, is believed to con-                                                                                                      a late onset reaction, which often
 tribute to 5 percent to 15 percent of all                                                                                                     begins one to six hours after expo-
 asthma cases, according to the Allergy                                                                                                        sure, may last up to 36 hours and
 and Asthma Foundation of America.                                                                                                             can recur nightly after a single
        Many cases remain undiagnosed                                                                                                          exposure.
 because the symptoms are varied and                                                                                                                 The late onset, Petersen said,
 one’s response to irritants is often                                                                                                          makes it difficult for patients and
 delayed. A meat packer, for instance,                                                                                                         doctors to classify the offending
 might attribute his runny nose and skin                                                                                                       allergen.
 rash to mowing the yard the day before                                                                                                               Asthma is the leading cause
 instead of his sensitivity to the plastics                                                                                                    of absenteeism from school and
 he melted during the meat wrapping process.                   chemicals used to produce epoxy resins, adhesives and accounts for 14.5 million missed days of work for adults
       Although manufacturing plants report more inci- fire retardants. Of these workers, an estimated 20 per- each year. Linda Morris, an instructor with the Texas
 dences of occupational-related asthma than office jobs, cent have allergic asthma, the most common form of the State Technical College department of environmental
 all work places host possible triggers for the wheezing, disease.                                                        health and safety technology, said employers and occu-
 chest tightness, eye irritation and nasal congestion              According to the foundation, 30 percent of bakers pational safety officers are taking a hard look at the work
 associated with the ailment. Epoxy resins threaten auto exposed to flour dust develop asthma.                            environment’s contribution to the epidemic, which has
 mechanics; fur and grain dust put farmers and animal              Pulmonary critical care specialist Dr.William Petersen nearly doubled in cases in the past 15 years.
 shelter workers at risk; and latex and antiseptics may of Scott & White Hospital in Temple said a debate rages               The world of work is undergoing a culture change,
 harm hospital employees.                                      within the medical community as to whether irritants Morris said. Safety and complying with the Occupational
       The National Institute of Occupational Safety and found in the workplace cause asthma outright or simply Safety and Health Administration’s exposure limits and
 Health reported that 140,000 workers in the United expose a preexisting condition.
 States are exposed to acid anhydride compounds,                   “Asthma in itself is such a common condition, and                                See Asthma, page 24 

10 Prime Years | December 005
                                                                                 GOOD HEALTH

Gimme shelter
   Medical spending accounts can save hundreds of
   dollars and ease the pain of higher insurance costs


       uppose someone offered you $500, and
       you said no thanks.                          HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU PUT INTO AN FSA?                                                                   HEALTH CARE SPENDING
             That’s what millions of us do every        It depends on your medical spending history.                                                               ACCOUNTS:
                                                        Start with some basic questions: How much is your deductible? Will you likely
year during open enrollment when we don’t take       spend the deductible? If so, set that amount aside.                                          The newest of the medical spending accounts,
advantage of tax-sheltered medical spending             Other things to consider:
                                                        • Do you or family members wear contacts or glasses for which you are not reim-
                                                                                                                                                  HSAs can be funded by an employer, an indi-
accounts.                                            bursed? Add up the amounts spent on them — don’t forget contact lens solution —              vidual or even a family member on behalf of an
                                                     and shelter that money.
   “People look for one- [or ] two-cent savings on      • Do you have co-pays? Shelter that amount.                                               individual. Only people who are enrolled in an
a gallon of gas. Why not here?” said Paul Fronstin,     • Do you have dental costs for which you are not reimbursed? Shelter them.                insurance plan with a high deductible — $1,000
director of Health Research and Information                                                                                                       minimum for an individual — are eligible.
Programs at Employee Benefit Research Institute DID YOU KNOW?                                                                                     Money is put in tax-free. The accounts can be
in Washington.                                       • The money you put into an HSA, or health spending account, can be carried over             carried over and used years down the road,
                                                     from year to year. Also, HSAs are portable — if you switch employers, you still keep
      It’s especially important this year to take    the account.
                                                                                                                                                  tax-free. Proponents say the accounts encourage
advantage of any possible tax savings on medi-       • If you are eligible for a flexible spending account, you can get reimbursed for over-      wiser health care spending.
                                                     the-counter medicine, including cough syrup, aspirin, decongestants, contact lens
cal spending, Fronstin and others said. A new        solution and even bandages. Simply save the receipt for such items and submit them
era — and attitude — of how to control medical       to your plan administrator.
                                                     • While some people fear losing the money they have set aside into a flexible spend-
                                                                                                                                                     MEDICAL SPENDING ACCOUNTS:
costs has begun, experts said.                       ing account, the Internal Revenue Service now allows consumers until March 15 of             This option has two types, one of which combines
                                                     the following year to spend the money in an FSA.
    Slowly but subtly, more health care costs are    • HSAs are for people who have a high-deductible health plan — $1,000 for an indi-           a high-deductible insurance plan with a medi-
being shifted to individuals. While their medical    vidual or $2,000 for a family — and who have no other health coverage. Such a high           cal savings account established by you or your
                                                     deductible generally will result in a lower premium, making such coverage attractive
insurance costs rose less this year than previous    to many consumers whose health care costs are low.                                           employer. Contributions are tax deductible even
enrollment seasons, users may pay higher co-                                                                                                      if a person does not itemize. A newer type pays
payments, deductibles and drug costs.               SPEND BEFORE YOU EARN                                                                         qualified medical expenses of those eligible for
    If you take advantage of tax breaks, you can        You can withdraw funds from a flexible spending account, or FSA, before you have          Medicare.
                                                     deposited them.
offset some of these higher costs, experts said.        For example, let’s say you elected to set aside $2,000 for the year. That $2,000 will          For example, Tal and Jeanette Kramer, who
                                                     be divided among the number of pay periods you have in a year. So, in the first few
      The oldest of the medical savings shelters     weeks of the year, your balance will be less than $100, or far lower than the $2,000
                                                                                                                                                  as self-employed Realtors are ineligible for FSAs,
is the flexible spending account, an employer        to be set aside for the year.                                                                shelter about $5,000 in an MSA.
                                                        But, you can still get reimbursed for a medical expense that exceeds your balance.
offered benefit that allows people to put aside      Let’s say your 6-year-old contracts strep right after school reopens in January. You             They not only save about 30 percent in taxes
money tax-free to pay medical costs. FSAs have       have to pay a deductible of, say, $60. You buy antibiotics for $100. While you’re at the     — or about $1,500 — on that $5,000, but they
                                                     drugstore, you also buy some ibuprofen and contact lens solution for $10. You’ll get
been around for nearly 40 years, but only about      reimbursed for the full $170, even though you don’t have that much money in your             also can roll over any unused money into future
20 percent of people who are eligible for an FSA                                                                                                  years for medical expenses. “It just gave us more
set one up, Fronstin said.                                                                                                                        options,” Jeanette Kramer said. “The medical
   Now, there are many more medical savings accounts to cally divided by the number of pay periods within a year. insurance is so outrageously high, we just needed some-
consider, as insurers, employers and policy-makers look If you set aside $3,000, you can save between $600 and thing else. I don’t think there’s been any real downside
for ways to control health care spending. But not every- $1,000 in taxes, depending on your tax bracket. There is, for us.”
one is eligible and there are some limitations.                 however, a risk of losing money: An unused balance can-                        While an unused MSA balance can be rolled over
    A rundown on the alphabet soup of terminology:              not be rolled over past March 15 of the following year.                   indefinitely, flexible spending contributions demand
                                                                                                                                          careful calculation.
      FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS:                                        HEALTH CARE REIMBURSEMENT                                        The key, experts suggest, is to low-ball your estimate
Payroll deducts an amount you specify from your pay-                                   ARRANGEMENTS:                                      — in other words, be conservative in anticipating health
check. It is put into an account on which you can draw An account funded solely by an employer to pay medi- care costs.
to pay for medical expenses. The amount you contribute cal expenses, sometimes used in conjunction with a                                     But remember: A flexible spending account will still
is not subject to federal income taxes. Self-employed are high-deductible insurance plan. Self-employed are not save you money in almost all cases. “I think we spend too
not eligible. The employer may set a cap on the amount a eligible. Contributions to the account are excluded much time focusing on the ‘use it or lose it’ part of this,”
worker can put into the account, say $3,000. Employers from your gross income. Any unused portion may be Fronstin said. “People then tend not to focus on the sav-
may also contribute.                                            carried over. Employers are not permitted to refund ings. But even if you lose $200 at the end of the year,
    Employees decide during open enrollment how much any unused balance to you. It can be offered in con- you’re still coming out ahead if you sheltered $3,000,
they want to contribute each year. That amount is typi- junction with an FSA.                                                             because you saved $1,000 in taxes.”

                                                                                                                                                      December 005 |        Prime Years 11
                                               Presbyterian Church

                                                  "Come to me, all you who are
                                                   Weary and burdened, and I
                                                      will give you rest"

                                                              Matthew 11:28

                                                     309 Fernwood Drive, Spartanburg

                    A   PROOF
                   EAWRIGHT                           M E
                                 F U N E R A L H OPRIME YEARS, APRIL                   05
                                  Inman, SC  472-6836
       Serving                                �    Ad is OK as is          T
      All Faiths                              �    Ad is OK with changes:
        Since                                 �    I DO NOT need to see changes.
                                                                               p       y
        1925                                  �    I DO NEED to see changes.
                                                                        F y
    Preplanning                                                          & Operated
                                              Client signature_______________________ Date: _______
1 Prime Years | December 005

                                                                                    Date        Time      Event
                                                                                    12/2/05     3:00pm    Rejoice! Christmas from Broadway
                                                                                    12/2/05     8:00pm    Rejoice! Christmas from Broadway
                                                                                    12/3/05     5:00pm    Newberry's Christmas 2005
                                                                                    12/3/05     7:30pm    Country Christmas $12.00
                                                                                    12/5/05     7:30pm    Tammy Kithcen's Christmas Variety Show
                                                                                    12/4/05     3:00pm    282nd Army Band
                                                                                    12/6/05     3:00pm    A Black Light Winter Wonderland
                                                                                    12/6/05     7:30pm    A Black Light Winter Wonderland
                                                                                    12/7/05     3:00pm    A Black Light Winter Wonderland
                                                                                    12/7/05     7:30pm    A Black Light Winter Wonderland
      ACrOss              43 Horses bred      3 Goblet part      37 Dateless        12/9/05     8:00pm    Madrigals
       1 Like some           by the Nez       4 Possessive       38 Legendary       12/10/05    2:00pm    Harley Toy Run for Boys Farm
         heads               Perce              spirit             Pirates
                                                                                    12/10/05    8:00pm    Alexander Moutouzkine
       5 “___ silly       44 “Chestnuts       5 God’s ___          slugger Ralph
         question …”         roasting ___       (churchyard)     39 Growing         12/11/05    3:00pm    Palmetto Mastersingers
       9 Uncomfort-          open fire”       6 Tell partner       outward          12/14/05    TBA       Newberry High School Band
         able             45 Word             7 The “Garden      40 ___ an
         neckwear            between here       Isle”              independent      12/15/05    7:30pm    Stella Parton
      14 “I cannot tell      and there        8 Firm parts,        (campaigned,     12/16/05    3:00pm    A Christmas from Dublin with the
         ___”             46 Telecom            briefly            in a way)
      15 Fireside            giant            9 Comic book       42 Comes into
                                                                                                          3 Irish Tenors
         event            48 Greek vowel        villain            one’s own        12/18/05    3:00pm    Gary Puckett
      16 Plied the        49 Brief party     10 Campus mil.      47 Just beat       12/18/05    7:00pm    Gary Puckett
         oars                label              group            49 Thickheaded
      17 Come to          52 Fool            11 No longer        50 Change          12/19/05    7:30am    Jack Daniels
         terms, with      55 Beginnings         out                requirement,                           and the Original Silver Cornet Band
         considerable        of some         12 Roman              sometimes
         effort              pranks             goddess of       51 Extremely       12/31/05    8:00pm    New Year's Eve Gala with Dick Goodwin.
      19 Arcade           57 Preplanned         agriculture        tiny                                   Sponsored by Ben Arnold Beverages
         pioneer             funeral?        13 Rewrites         53 “Live and Let
      20 Emigre’s         61 Chip type       18 MIT grads          Die” villain
      22 Pluck
                          62 Covered
                                             21 Highest of all
                                             22 “The
                                                                 54 “Je ___
                                                                                               Newberry Opera House
      25 “God ___ our     66 “Skedaddle”        Gondoliers”      56 Mayle’s “___                1201 McKibben Street
         side”            67 “Nasty”            girl               in Provence”
      26 Slow start?         netman          23 Sassy youth      58 Comparative                  Newberry S.C. 29108
      27 Puzzled          68 General         24 Put ___ to         connector
         comments            helper             (halt)           59 “There’s
      28 M.Sgt.’s         69 Some collars    29 “Burn              nothing ___!”
                                                                                                     Box Office
         inferior         70 Fathoms            rubber!”         60 Achieves                        (803) 276-6264
      31 Type of tin      71 Squiggly        30 “Later”            with effort
___   33 Solidifies          music symbol    32 Reverber-          (with “out”)
      35 Flavorful dish   DOWn                  ation            63 Contend                staff@newberryoperahouse.com
      41 Craft             1 “Fat chance!”   34 Stately          64 The Begleys
         symbolizing a     2 In the             swimmer          65 The puck                    www.newberryoperahouse.com
         long wait           manner of       36 WWII boats         stops here
                                                             ANSWERS, PAGE 3

                                                                                                               December 005 |   Prime Years 13
                                                                                                      Fraud Alert
         Park                                                                        Here are signs of potential fraud by telemarketers:

         Place                                                                       • Solicitations that are presented with an impending dead-
                                                                                     line. When time-pressure increases, people tend to
                                                                                     become less analytical and more impulsive.
                                                                                     • Solicitations under the guise of political or religious

         Month-to-month rent          …the best in senior                            organizations. When emotions are involved, impulsiveness
             Three meals
          daily in our elegant
                                       living options!                               • Solicitations that arrive at “non-optimal” times of day —
                                                                                     that is, times when older adults will likely be processing in
                                                                                     less detail. Con artists tend to target people in the after-
                                           Consider the Advantages                   noon and evening.
               dining room                                                           • Solicitations that are accompanied by fine print or lots of
                                          of Our Assisted Living and
                    •                                                                details. Older adults often fail to read fine print and
                                          Memory Care Community                      process other seemingly minute details.
                 Weekly               Our Assisted Living Community is designed
          housekeeping and            for senior adults who wish to maintain                     Source: Dr. Stacey Wood, a neuropsychologist and assis-
             linen services                                                                      tant professor at Scripps College in Claremont, California
                                      their independent lifestyle but need some
                    •                 additional assistance to do so. Our friendly
                                      and caring staff provide personal assist-
                                      ance while respecting the choices and
             transportation           privacy of our residents.
                                      Our Memory Care Community provides a
               Social and             home-like living environment for those
           activity programs          with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related
                    •                 illnesses. Our Life Engagement programs
                                      encourage the social, psychological,
             Paid utilities,
                                      spiritual and physical well-being of
           except telephone           every individual.
              and cable TV
                    •                 Ask about our 5 day FREE stay
                                      and veteran’s benefit programs
         24-hour emergency
               call system
            Apartment and
              maintenance             Call today for your personal tour
                                             and lunch is on us.                                                        Arthur H. McQueen, Jr.
                                                                                                                                 Attorney at law

                                                     P                                                                 McQueen Law Firm, P. C.

                                                                                                                       175 Alabama St.
                                                                                                                       Spartanburg, SC 29302-1594
                                                                                                                       (864) 585-5021
                                           Assisted Living and                                                         FAX (864) 591-0555
                                         Memory Care Community
                                               (864) 591-1116
            T                       2720 Country Club Rd • Spartanburg SC                  Corporate • Estate Planning • Probate • Tax • Elder Law
          CRC #1351

MO/ARF #2661-3481; Publication – Prime Years Magazine; Pub dates – May, June, July
2005; Gross - $2,190.75
      1 Prime Years | December 005

      J         OE SESSOMS: The Voice
                                                                                                Voice of Dorman Cavalier and Wofford
                                                                                                Terrier Football

                                                                                                In 1967, Dorman principal Ralph Cannon asked Joe
                                                                                                to take over announcing the Dorman High School
                                                                                                football games. Joe replaced John Gordon, who
                                                                                                went on to become the voice of the New York Yan-
                                                                                                     “Announcing for the Dorman games has turned
                                                                                                into what I hope is a lifelong career,” says Sessoms.
                                                                                                “I look forward to every football season. Over the
                                                                                                years, I’ve gotten close to the Dorman coaching
                                                                                                staff. They’ve become dear friends and are a plea-
                                                                                                sure to work with.”
                                                                                                      In 1980, Joe’s association with Dorman led to
                                                                                                his being asked to take the position of play-by-play
                                                                                                anchor for Wofford College Television Network at
                                                                                                WGGS-TV in Greenville, part of Dove Broadcasting
                                                                                                Corporation. The Saturday games were rebroadcast
                                                                                                on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays on Dove’s
                                                                                                affiliate stations in Greenville-Spartanburg, Co-
                                                                                                lumbia, Myrtle Beach, and New Orleans. Sessoms
                                                                                                served in this capacity from 1979 - 1984.
                                                                                                        Joe recalls the game between Wofford and
                                                                                                Clemson as being the most exciting game he ever
                                                                                                     “I remember that September day. Wofford took
                                                                                                the opening kickoff. Charlie Bradshaw was the quar-
                                                                                                terback. They were running out of a wing-bone set.
                                                                                                There was some misdirection and confusion, but
                                                                                                Wofford drove down the field and got close enough
                                                                                                for Harriston to kick a field goal. Frank Howard was
                                                                                                in the booth and he and the rest of the Clemson
                                                                                                fans almost fainted. You could have heard a pin
                                                                                                drop in that stadium. Of course, Clemson went on
                                                                                                to win that day, 45-10, but Wofford provided a test
                                                                                                for the later-to-become national champions. It was
 By CANDY ARRINGTON                                                                             incredibly special for me to be a part of that game,”
     Contributing Writer

                                                                                                Sessoms says.
      oe Sessoms has two passions: football and broadcasting. His love for both began early.
      Growing up, Joe’s parents owned a business near Wofford College, and while a student      Other Broadcast Involvement
      at Cleveland Junior High, he spent countless hours hanging around the football practice
field after school. Joe got to know the players and coaches, but he also kindled his growing    In 1986, Sessoms was elected to the Board of the
love for football.                                                                              South Carolina Broadcasters Association by his
     At seventeen, he began working part-time for Ross Holmes at WORD radio, which was          peers. For four years, he served in various capaci-
the Dorman High School broadcast station at the time. At first, he helped with engineering      ties that included Broadcast Chairman of the Ar-
aspects of the station and equipment handling. But it wasn’t long before his deep “radio”       chives Committee for McKissisk Museum at the
voice began to be heard over the air waves.                                                     University of South Carolina, District Director, and
      Sessoms, a Spartan native and 1966 Dorman graduate, began his full-time broadcast         Vice President of Radio. In January 1990, Sessoms
career in 1967 at WASC AM Radio, an urban, contemporary music entertainment station.            was unanimously elected by the membership to the
Joe rose through the management ranks, and, in 1976, became a shareholder in New South          office of President Elect. In 1991, he became the
                                                                                                45th president of the South Carolina Broadcasters
Broadcasting Corporation, licensee of WASC Radio. In the course of his career, Joe has served
extended stints as Program Director, Sports Director, Sales Manager, and General Manager.
Currently, he is Vice President of WASC.                                                                               Continued on page 16 

                                                                                                               December 005 | Prime Years      15
      In 1987, Sessoms formed Greer
  Communications Corporation in or-
  der to file for FM frequency 103.3 in
  Greer, South Carolina. In 1992, the
  Federal Communications Commis-
  sion granted the frequency to Greer
  Communications and on December
  31, 1992, the station, known as
  WLYZ - FM 103.3, signed on the air.
  In 1995, Greer Communications sold
  the WLYZ property to HMW Com-

  Time & Weather, Inc.

  In 1988, Sessoms co-founded Time
  & Weather Inc. with broadcast as-
  sociate and long-time friend, Bob
  Hoyle. Joe, Bob, and weekend spe-
  cialist, Vince Hayes, have, collective-
  ly, over 100 years in broadcasting.
  Since August 1988, over 15,000,000
  callers have used this service. Time
  & Weather is funded by advertising
  sales and is free to the public.
       The Time & Weather clocks are
  set daily by the Bureau of National
  Standards in Boulder, Colorado. The
  weather forecast is updated as often
  as needed to compliment the U.S.
  Weather Bureau’s overall area fore-
  cast. Local temperature is measured
  by digital measuring devices similar
  to those used by the U.S. Weather
  Bureau and NASA.
          Over the years, people have
  grown to depend on this free service
  for time, weather, and the current
  temperature. The service is avail-         Above: Action from the 2004 Shrine Bowl
  able 24 hours a day, every day, by        Network, delivering to more than       ted the amazing total of $2500.00        coach’s reputation and character, in
  calling 583-5000. Even with the ad-       eighty radio stations in North and     for Children’s Hospitals, which is the   addition to his coaching strengths and
  vent of the weather channel and the       South Carolina. Today, Sessoms         whole purpose of the game – raising      win-loss record.
  weather available via Internet, there     continues to serve the Shrine Bowl     money for the hospitals,” Joe Sessoms        Thousands of high school seniors
  has not been a decline in the number      as Chairman of the Radio Network       says.                                    from the two Carolinas are eligible
  of people accessing Time & Weather.       and Director of Publicity for the            Until last year, when the event    each year so the coachs’ task of pick-
  The service receives several thou-        game.                                  was moved to Gibbs Stadium at Wof-       ing only eighty-eight can prove a
  sand calls per day.                                                              ford College, the game was played in     challenging job. Formal player selec-
      “Time & Weather is dependable,        Shrine Bowl History                    Charlotte, NC. Traditionally, the game   tion begins in September, when head
  brief, and accurate. Most impor-                                                 matches outstanding high school foot-    football coaches receive player recom-
  tantly, we’re there when they need        The idea for a high school all-star    ball all-stars from North and South      mendation forms. Coaches are asked
  us,” Sessoms says. “We’ve become          game began with a conversation by      Carolina, forty-four players from each   to select a maximum of four players,
  like part of the family. We like to       a group of Shriners at the Red Fez     state.                                   two backs and two linemen.
  be thought of that way and want to        Club in Charlotte, NC. They wanted          Players are chosen by the Shrine        Final selection takes place in late
  maintain that position in the com-        to do something similar to the east-   Bowl coaches, a head coach and seven     October, when Shrine Bowl coach-
  munity.”                                  west game for college players. Out     assistants from each state. Typically,   es meet to review scouting reports,
                                            of that discussion, the Shrine Bowl    coaches must serve five to seven years   charts, and statistics. Once player
  Shrine Bowl Radio Network                 was born. The first game, affection-   as an assistant coach before being       selection is made, the Shrine Bowl
                                            ately known today as “America’s        considered for the position of coach.    checks to make sure the players are in-
  In December 1981, Joe was select-         Original All-Star Game,” was played    In making coaching selections, the       deed eligible for participation. Then,
  ed to become the broadcast color          Thanksgiving week of 1937.             Shrine Bowl athletic director, who       players are notified by mail and must
  analyst on the Shrine Bowl Radio               “That first year, the game net-   is currently Ron Long, considers a       accept with a letter of confirmation.

1 Prime Years | December 005
With paperwork complete, the squads Spartanburg,” Sessoms says.
are publicly announced by the Shrine     The excitement continues on Satur-          Shriners Hospitals
                                                                                                                                treatment without regard to race, reli-
bowl, usually within forty-eight hours day morning, December 17, at 10:00
                                                                                     Shriners have always supported vari-       gion, or relationship to a Shriner.
of selection.                          a.m. with the Shrine Bowl parade on
                                                                                     ous charities and philanthropic en-             Shriners Hospitals are funded by
                                       Church Street. Jimmy and Marsha
                                                                                     deavors, but in 1920, they voted to        bequests, contributions, income from
Overview of Shrine Bowl                Gibbs are parade grand marshals. The
                                                                                     found their own philanthropy – Shri-       the Shriners Hospitals endowment
Week                                   Shrine Bowl game follows with a 1:00
                                                                                     ners Hospitals for Children. The first     fund, designated charitable fundrais-
                                       p.m. kickoff at Gibbs Stadium.
                                                                                     hospital opened in 1922 in Shreve-         ing events, and by an annual hospital
Players report to the Spartanburg                                                    port, Louisiana. Today, Shriners Hos-      assessment to individual Shriners.
Radisson Hotel on Saturday, Decem-         Who are Shriners?                         pitals are an international network,           “If you know any child who needs
ber 10, one week prior to the game.                                                  comprised of eighteen orthopedic hos-      medical attention for orthopedic
Physicals are performed by Shrine           In 1872, thirteen Masons organized                                                  needs, contact a Shriner and he will
                                                                                     pitals, three burn hospitals, and one
Bowl medical staff, players are is-        the first Shrine Temple – Mecca Shri-                                                take it from there. No patient, govern-
                                                                                     hospital providing orthopedic, burn,
sued equipment, and given number           ners in New York City. The founders                                                  ment agency, or insurance company
                                                                                     and spinal cord injury care. Children
assignments. On Sunday, December           surrounded this fraternity with in-                                                  is ever charged for treatment at a
                                                                                     who are termed “treatable” by the
11, the players and coaching staff are     trigue and mystery by choosing a mid-                                                Shriners hospital,” Joe Sessoms says.
                                                                                     hospital’s Chief of Staff are given care
hosted by Boiling Springs First Baptist    dle-eastern theme, hoping to attract                                                 “Shriners Hospitals are the ‘crown
                                                                                     free of charge up to their eighteenth
Church for breakfast, sponsored by         the interest of new members. The red                                                 jewels’ of the Shrine.”
                                                                                     birthday. Children are accepted for
the Fellowship of Christian Athletes,      fez is the distinctive symbol most as-
and attend the worship service. Sun-       sociated with the fraternity. Shriners
day afternoon, the players go to Shri-     wear the red fez at official functions.
ners Hospital in Greenville to visit the        While Shrine membership has be-
children who are patients there.           come synonymous with an enjoyment
    “The children are always so happy      of life through social activities such
to see the players. I’ve seen big guys     as parades, trips, circuses, dances,
with tears streaming down their faces      dinners, and sporting events, there
because, although the kids have phys-      is also service through Shriners Hos-
ical challenges, they are so happy,”       pitals which have earned the title
Sessoms says.                              “World’s Greatest Philanthropy.” More
    Monday through Friday, each team       than 434,000 Shriners belong to 191
practices at Wofford College at 9:00       Shrine Centers throughout the United
a.m. and again later in the day.           States, Canada, Mexico, and the Re-
     Tuesday night finds the players at    public of Panama.
The Hangar at First Baptist Church              Joe Sessoms became a Shriner in
downtown.                                  1974. He has served primarily in pub-
   Wednesday night, players attend an      lic relations, including acting as Mas-
F.C.A. dinner at First Baptist Church,     ter of Ceremonies for events at the
North Spartanburg.                         Hejaz Shrine Center.
    Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. is the                                               Above: The Shriners Hospitals for children in Greenville
Shrine Bowl Players Banquet at the
Marriott at Renaissance Park. Univer-

                                                        69th Annual Shrine Bowl Events
sity of South Carolina head football
coach Steve Spurrier is guest speaker.
   The Spartanburg Touchdown/Tipoff
Club Players and Coaches Luncheon
is Friday at noon at the Marriott. Fea-          Shrine Bowl Fan Fest                      Shrine Bowl Parade                          Shrine Bowl Game
tured speakers are Steve Spurrier,                  December 16, 2005                       December 17, 2005                           December 17, 2005
Tommy Bowden, and Mike Ayers.                         3:00 – 8:00 PM                     10:00 AM - Church Street                          1:00 PM Kickoff
     New for this year is Fan Fest, Fri-                Barnet Park                        A Shrine Bowl Tradition                Gibbs Stadium, Wofford College
day, December 16, from 3:00-8:00                      Free Admission                  See Marching Bands, Hillbillies,            This All-Star Game matches the
p.m. at Barnet Park. Activities include      Punt, pass, and kick competition         Funny Cars, Clowns, Uniformed             squads of 44 outstanding North and
face painting, games for the children,        Live music, games, rides, food,        Shrine Units, The Shrine Bowl King          South Carolina high school players.
Coke fun zone, and food vendors, all          and fireworks. Meet the Shrine            and Queen, and Santa Claus                 A sports tradition since 1937.
in a festival-type atmosphere. In the             Bowl players and Santa
evening, the Shrine Bowl players are
introduced, with a giant fireworks
display to follow. The event is free to                                             Reserved seat section - $20.00
participants and an opportunity for                                    General admission - $10.00 advance, $15.00 at gate
the Shrine Bowl to thank Spartanburg                          Tickets available at Little Caesar’s Pizza, First Citizens Banks, and Tax Savers
for being such a gracious host. “This                                Tickets also available from any Shriner or www.shrine-bowl.com
is our big celebration for the people of

                                                                                                                                 December 005 |    Prime Years 17
                                         TOWELS • RUGS

                                 PALMETTO TEXTILE OUTLET
                                          FABRICS FOR

                                     Fabrics Trims Rugs
                                        Sheets Towels
                                    Come See Our
                                 New Line of Furniture!

                                          Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 6:00
                                          1301 Union Street • Spartanburg
                                          Across from Carolina Cash, Union St.


1 Prime Years | November 005

   Milestone advice
                                                                                                                                  Thoughts for when
                                                                                                                                  you turn 50
                                                                                                                                  Suze Orman, author and
                                                                                                                                  financial adviser: “Pay off
                        Book offers wisdom for those turning 50                                                                                    your mort-
                                                                                                                                                   gage. If you
                                                                                                                                                   are getting a
                                                 By DON O’BRIANT                                                                                   late start on

                                                                                                                                                   your retire-
    f you’re one of the 50 million boomers who will           able, no one had gathered it into one book. As he mulled                             ment invest-
    turn 50 in the next decade and are dreading this          over the idea after the party, he remembered reading that                            ing, getting
    milestone, you can re-                                                                     13,600 boomers would                                that mort-
lax. Not only will you have                                                                    be turning 50 every day                             gage paid off
plenty of company, but                                                                         until the year 2015.                                ASAP is
there is a wealth of advice                                                                          Sellers’ editorial di-       going to give you the best,
awaiting you from those                                                                        rector liked the idea but          safest return for your money,
who have already passed                                                                        pointed out that it would          not to mention great peace
the half-century mark.                                                                         cost a fortune to pay 50           of mind.”
       Fifty of these semi-                                                                    people to write essays on
centenarians offer their                                                                       each subject.                      James Prosek, author of
thoughts on dealing with                                                                              “I realized she was         “The Complete Angler”:
the next few decades in a                                                                      right, so I decided to ask         “Go fishing. One of the great-
new book, “Fifty Things to                                                                     them to do it for free.            est things about fishing is the
Do When You Turn Fifty”                                                                                                           places that it can take you.
                                                                                               We would pay what we
(Ronnie Sellers Produc-                                                                                                           Once fishing is in your blood
                                                                                               would normally pay for
tions, $14.95).                                                                                                                   and you’re ready to travel, I
                                                                                               one author and donate
                                                                                                                                  recommend a trip to one of
    The essayists cover top-                                                                   it to organizations fight-         two places: Alaska or New
ics such as putting the past                                                                   ing and preventing can-            Zealand. You won’t forget it,
behind you (by “A Prairie                                                                      cer .We hired four or five         and you’ll carry it with you
Home Companion” creator                                                                        freelance editors from             the rest of your life.”
Garrison Keillor), escaping                                                                    different fields and asked
the beauty trap (by author                                                                     them to contact people.            Harold S. Kushner, rabbi
Erica Jong), wearing com-                                                                      We got positive responses          and author: “Trade strength
fortable clothes (by de-                                                                       from almost everyone.”             for wisdom. My traditions
signer Diane Von Fursten-                                                                         The result is a collection      teach me that wisdom is of
berg) and managing your                                                                        of essays that are helpful,        greater value than physical
money (by financial guru                                                                       humorous and encourag-             strength, and that therefore
Suze Orman).                                                                                   ing. In addition to Keillor,       we should rejoice when we
     Publisher Ronnie Sell-                                                                                                       reach that stage in our lives
                                                                                              Orman and Von Furst-
ers got the idea for the                                                                                                          when physical agility begins
book when his significant                                                                     enberg, the contributors            to decline but wisdom
other, Leslie, turned 50.                                                                     include Rabbi Harold                increases.”
He decided to hire a 10-                                                                      Kushner, former poet
piece salsa band for a big                                                                    laureate Billy Collins,             Garrison Keillor, author
party and invite 150 of                                                                                                           and radio host: “Stop com-
                                                                                              America’s Cup winner
their friends.                                                                                                                                      plaining
                                                              Gary Jobson, beauty expert Bobbi Brown and financial                                  about getting
   “As the night progressed,” Sellers said, “I noticed that
every 50-something guest felt obligated to pull Leslie        advisor Bill Gross.                                                                   old. Fifty is
aside and offer advice. The doctors named the tests and          The topics are diverse, but the reader is left with one                            the time to try
procedures she should have done. The lawyers advised          very positive message by the end of the book, Sellers                                 giving up tel-
her about tax and estate planning. The artists recom-                                                                                               evision and
                                                              said. Accept and take care of yourself, put your affairs                              newspapers
mended exhibits to see or specific masterpieces to view.      in order and the years that are ahead of you will be the                              for six
The professors encouraged her to read specific books,
                                                              best years of your life.                                                              months or a
while the financial professionals scribbled stock tips on
                                                                 “If every one of the people turning 50 each day reads                              year and see
napkins and told her how to restructure her portfolio.”
                                                              this book,” he adds, “the market for black balloons will            what the simple, unmediated
   In the midst of the revelry, Sellers realized that while                                                                       life of direct experience is
there was a tremendous amount of information avail-           collapse.”                                                          like.”

                                                                                                                               Decemeber 005 |   Prime Years 19
   MIKE SCHNELzER                                                                                                                 WANDA KANE

                        Atkins Presidential
                                                                                                                                   Sales Manager
      313-91                                                                                                                       0-51

                                                Independently Owned and Operated

                                  We thank all our clients and customers                                                         JEAN HAMNER
                                         for a wonderful year!                                                                      5-00

                                                               ( 6 9 9 - 7 6 5 3 )
      TIMMONS                                                                                                                    DELPHINE JACKSON

       9-5713       9-053      70-11       909-093               7-301            91-10             909-093           31-11

                                                                                             Feel Better for Fall...
                                                                                               Dr. George Peters and staff balance
                                                                                               your life with little adjustments.
                                                                                             We Get Your Body in Tune So You
                                                                         Dr. George Peters
                                                                                                  Can Feel Your Best!
                                                                          CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATES, LLC
                                                                        PETERS CENTER, LLC                RIVER FALLS HEALTH
                                                                                                          CENTER, LLC
                                                                         379 E. Kennedy St.,              2156 Hwy. 290
                                                                         Spartanburg, SC 29302            Duncan, SC 29334
                                                                         864-585-2299                     864-486-8515

0 Prime Years | December 005
                 Around                    stations in the grand ballroom of the                                                 gala, as well as vacation packages and
                  Town                     Spartanburg Marriott at Renaissance
                                           Park. Food was donated and served
                                                                                                                                 other services.
                                                                                                                                       Littlest guest, Morgan Kaltwang,
                 w/ Joyce                  by the staff of Abby’s Grill, Centerplate,                                            gave the others in attendance a chance
                                                                                                                                 to see firsthand where the money goes
                                           Chandi’s Bistro, Hub City Grill, Ribault
                                           Street Eatery, River Falls Dining, the                                                that is raised by the March of Dimes.
 By JOYCE HEITLER                          Country Club of Spartanburg and Spar-                                                 Morgan’s mother Tanja, who was ex-
        Contributing Writer                tanburg Marriott at Renaissance Park.                                                 pecting twins, discovered a few months
                                                 Silent auction items were set up                                                into the pregnancy that she had a dev-

                                           around the room for guests to peruse.                                                 astating condition termed a twin-to-
       imberly Fly, chairperson of this                                                                                          twin transfusion. This means that one
                                           Susan and Walter Novak bid on a rock-
       year’s Spartanburg’s Signature                                                                                            of the twins gives everything to the
                                           ing horse for their future grandchild as
       Chef Auction, benefiting the                                                                                              other and ultimately dies.
                                           well as a massage a month for a year.
March of Dimes, started working for                                                                                                Five months into the pregnancy, Tanja
                                           Jim and Judy Wilson eyed rugs, jewelry
the charity in 1997. She even met her                                                                                            Kaltwang went into labor. In order to
                                           and bowls while my hubby Frank was
husband while they were both working                                                                                             save Morgan, she had to have an emer-
                                           bidding on a German nutcracker to add
on a March of Dimes committee.                                                                                                   gency C-section. Morgan was born 15
                                           to his collection of over 100.
   Little did she know at that time that                                                                                         weeks prematurely and weighed only
                                                  Ashley Fly co-chaired the event
the agency whose mission is to improve                                                                                           one pound seven ounces, so there were
                                           with his sister and was ably assisted by     Above: Walter and Susan Novak
the health of babies by preventing birth                                                                                         many complications to overcome. With
                                           committee members Mike Branz, Chip           with Kimberly Fly-Charirman of the
defects, premature birth and infant                                                                                              the help of the well-trained staff of
                                           Foster, Scott Heath, Don Laughlin, Jim       event
mortality would play a vital part in her                                                                                         Spartanburg Regional Medical Center,
                                           Rohrer, Stanford McMillan, Richard
own pregnancy when she delivered                                                                                                 where the March of Dimes spearheaded
                                           Dillard, Amy Hatfield, Alice Heavrin,
a baby prematurely. Working for the                                                     also consisted of a live auction featur- the development of neonatal intensive
                                           Mary Mathes, Patrick Mc Donnell and
March of Dimes has continued to be a                                                    ing home-catered dinners by the res- care units, Morgan made it. She is now
                                           Catherine Richmond. News Channel
passion in her life.                                                                    taurants that provided the food for the a beautiful, healthy little girl.
                                           7’s Amy Wood emceed the evening that
   Guests grazed at the many food

                                                                                                                                115 Deacon Tiller Court
 Opening This                                                                                                                        Duncan, SC
 North Grove                                                                                                                             110 Dillon Drive
                                                                                                                                         Spartanburg, SC
 Medical Park                                                                                                                               582-6396

                                                                 New Location
Under Construction!
Boiling Springs Rd.
                                                                  Now Open!

                                                                                                                                 December 005 |     Prime Years 1

     The Little Blue Book Series of
     Secrets to a Healthy Marriage pt. 8
                                              your relationship and review every 5        except God, can know what the future        to catch the vision again or create a
                                              years.                                      holds. We are, at best, to take each day    new one. What happens after our last
                 By REV. DR.                        Many persons get married with         at a time. Though we may plan for           child leaves college or gets married?
                    TREY KUHNE                assumptions and lots of them! We as-        retirement with savings, investments,       What is the purpose of our life togeth-
                   Contributing Writer        sume that our spouse will save money        and end of life care earlier in our life,   er if we choose not to have children?
                                              like we do, that our spouse will have       our life plans do change, visions and       Where will we be in five years with
                                              the same thoughts on child rearing          goals change, and circumstances in          our relationship, our trust in one an-

     would like to say that I have en-        like we do, that our spouse will have       life change. What we thought 10 years       other, our desire to help others, our
     joyed writing this series of eight       the same dreams, visions, and goals in      ago might not be applicable now.            need to contribute back to the com-
     articles for The Little Blue Book        the relationship as we do. However,               So what to do? I say review the       munity in some way?
 Series of Secrets to a Healthy Mar-          most of you reading this article know       goals and visions for your marriage             And this is where most couples start
 riage. This month’s article is the last in   well that this is not the case. For hus-    every five years. Every five years it       assuming. We ASSUME that when it
 this series and beginning next month         band and wife to have these things in       would be helpful for couples to re-         becomes a problem that we will ad-
 I will be addressing differing mental        common, it takes talking about those        view their financial goals, their retire-   dress it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
 health issues and family related prob-       ideas, it takes planning and perhaps        ment goals, family goals, and what          But we don’t have that mentality about
 lems and proposing some helpful so-          an intentional framework in which to        you are doing with your relationship.       anything else in our life. We maintain
 lutions.                                     establish common goals or visions.          We take our cars in for tune-ups every      those things that we appreciate and
     My hope and prayer has been that            I think it is helpful to have a shared   60k miles, we do maintenance on our         need. So, maintain your marriage. At-
 this series has had some value for you.      vision for your relationship. Perhaps       home furnace system every couple of         tend to the needs of each other and
 If you have been blessed by this or it       your children are already grown, out        years, we replace our roof every 20         reassess those needs every couple of
 has helped in any way, would you             of college and you both have been           years, we take the time to have heart-      years. Have the guts to ask the tough
 take a moment and email me and let           saving the money you had been pay-          to-heart talks with our friends every       questions. Take the risk to share your
 me know? It would be good to have            ing for your children to go to col-         few years, so why do we ignore our          concerns with one another. Have bad
 feedback directly from you with any          lege. Having been used to paying out        marriage needs on a regular mainte-         habits developed or is life breaking
 helpful suggestions as to other top-         $12,000 each year to XYZ University,        nance schedule?                             you apart? Does the vision seem lost
 ics that you would like to see written       you have found it easier to keep sock-          What if you had to renew your mar-      in the midst of what life, work, and
 about. You can email me at: pathway-         ing away that money for a new car in        riage license every five years like the     family is doing to you now? Do you
 spc@aol.com.                                 3 years. What if you find after the 3       state requires for your drivers license     want to change some things in your
       This running series of secrets to      years of amassing nearly $40k that          every ten years? What if it was a re-       marriage? Are there enough times for
 helping you and your spouse create           you decide not to spend it on the car       quirement to re-evaluate the relation-      intimacy and being together? Is the
 and maintain a healthy marriage rela-        but instead want to invest it. For three    ship, the goals of the marriage, the        relationship of the marriage satisfying
 tionship has contained 7 secrets so far.     whole years it has been the goal of the     plans for the present and future?           to you both?
 Those secrets have been:                     new car and now at the last moment                Interesting thought. So why not            The every five years re-evaluation
                                              hubby changes his mind! Or perhaps          make it a priority in your marriage to      need not be a chore. Make it a special
 1) Full Disclosure of Moneys- No             you have been saving for retirement         take the time and effort to re-evalu-       weekend get-a-way to a romantic or
    hidden accounts                           and one spouse decides they want to         ate where you are going with your           relaxing resort. Own it and let it be an
 2) Each Spouse must become a                 use some of that money to purchase          marriage, what the plans are for the        important aspect of your relationship
    skilled cryptographer or develop          an addition to the home.                    next five years, the goals of savings,      to consider where you have come and
    competent communication skills.               Perhaps your issue is that you were     the goals of your time and energy to-       where you are going as a family/cou-
 3) Words Empower- Praise you                 hoping to travel more after retirement      gether and apart.                           ple. Be courageous to make changes,
    spouse often in public and private        or that your life together was going            I would like to suggest to you that     to address patterns of behavior or pat-
 4) After the fight, review the match         to change for you. The wife wants to        this could be one of the best kept se-      terns of communication, if needed.
 5) Finding the Self in the We- Sposal        travel more, experience other coun-         crets to having a healthy marriage.         Communicate with one another your
    Space at its best or worst                tries and cultures. The husband just        When a husband and wife sit down            needs and wants.
 6) Dating Never Ends                         wants to stay around town, go to            and assess their life together, it is an          Develop a shared vision for your
 7) Share in the Spirit: Worship              Hardees every Tuesday with the guys,        excellent way to honor one another,         relationship and review every 5 years.
    Together                                  and then go fishing and play golf. You      to remember what God has done with          It is good for the marriage!
                                              may feel frustrated that this wasn’t        you over the past five years, to cre-
     The final secret in this series, the     what you signed up for in retirement!       ate an opportunity for husband and          Grace and Peace,
 long awaited for secret number eight              So how do married couples figure       wife to re-connect their ideas or ex-
 is this: Develop a shared vision for         out what the future will hold? No one,      plore new ones. It is an excellent way      Dr. Trey Kuhne

 Prime Years | December 005
Crossword Answer, from page 13

                                  Thinking about purchasing a
                                         HEARING AID?
                                   Audiologists are hearing healthcare professionals with at least a Master’s
                                       and often a doctoral level degree in audiology or hearing science.

                                     An audiologist can keep you from spending thousands of dollars on
                                                     inappropriate hearing instruments,
                                  We urge you to protect yourself by seeing a univerity-trained professional,
                                                              an AUDIOLOGIST.

                                       Whether you come to our office or go elsewhere for your hearing
                                                  healthcare needs, please remember to
                                                        ASK FOR AN AUDIOLOGIST!

                                         AUDIOLOGY ASSOCIATES of
                                            SPARTANBURG, P.A.
                                                             410 E. Henry Street
                                                           Spartanburg, SC 29302
                                                         (864) 583-7644
                                 Ben W. Dawsey, Jr.,                                          Lynn M. Lehman,
                                 Doctor of Audiology                                        Doctor of Audiology

                                                                         December 005 | Prime Years       3
                                                                                       stream workforce, but there are sus-       to affect workers, employers should
                                                                                       ceptible populations with pre-existing     make every effort to rotate workers

                                                   CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10
                                                                                       conditions that require lower levels.”
                                                                                             Morris said many safety profes-
                                                                                                                                  or place them in another depart-
                                                                                                                                  ment. Petersen said he has
                Member NASD Member SIPC
                                                                                       sionals are urging OSHA to imple-          written letters to employers explain-
                                                                                       ment more restrictive exposure limits      ing that lung and skin tests revealed a
  Will you outlive your savings?              standards for protective gear are        to protect more susceptible popula-        patient’s asthmatic reaction to inhal-
                                              becoming priorities for businesses       tions. The TSTC instructor said OSHA,      ants at work. A compliant workforce
 Will your heirs face tax burdens?            because the costs associated with        the government’s arm charged with
Are your assets protected from loss?                                                                                              should then provide personal protec-
                                              frequent medical visits and potential    enforcing workplace inhalant and
                                                                                                                                  tive equipment, from dust masks
            Let’s Talk.                       lawsuits are greater than the costs to   emission standards, doesn’t go around
                                                                                                                                  to full-face respirators. In the worst
                                              install proper ventilation and pro-      testing various plants for compliance
                                                                                       because it has its hands full respond-     cases, workers have to change jobs.
 Safe Investment Strategies                   vide dust masks. Asthma accounts
                                                                                       ing to workers’ complaints. But Morris        “Everyone has to breathe, so inhal-
                                              for $14 billion in medical expenses
                                                                                       applauds the entity’s renewed dedica-      ing irritating particles and chemicals
                                              and indirect costs,according to the
                                              foundation.                              tion to bringing the nation’s smaller      at work is one of the main haz-
                                                  “Federal regulations and permis-     businesses up to speed.                    ards in the workplace,” Morris said.
                                              sible exposure limits are set to pro-              Morris said workers should       “Too many people think asthma only
Tony Dale                                     tect workers, and more and more
                                              employers are realizing that if you
                                                                                       make sure their employers are taking
                                                                                       steps to ensure their safety. Businesses
                                                                                                                                  applies to the pollen and pet dander
                                                                                                                                  they hear about in commercials. But
 Registered Representative
                                              have a happy, healthy population of      should be installing engineering con-      there are hundreds of irritations in
         175 Alabama St.                      workers, you have a more efficient       trols, such as ventilation mechanisms      the air. The list of 200 that OSHA
                                              workplace with less turnover,” she       or other air quality systems, to reduce    has on the Internet is only those most
      Spartanburg, SC 29302                                                            contaminants.                              commonly associated with asthma or
                                              said. “What we are finding is that
                                              these set levels protect the main-               If agents in the air continue      most carcinogenic.”
Office: 864.596.9911 | Fax: 864.596.9919

                                                                                                   For quality, full
                                                                                              family dentistry and
                                                                                                cosmetic dentistry,
                                                                                              look no further than
                                                                                             Charles B. Hanna, Jr.
                                                                                                                    • Crowns       • Bridges
                                                                                                                    • Root Canals • Extractions
                                                                                                                    • Gum Disease • Tooth Prints
                                                                                                                    • Lumineers • Captek
                                                                                                                    • Procera      • Empress
                                                                                                                    • Wol Ceram • Lava
                                                                                                                    • Bleaching
                                                                                                                    • Partials/Dentures
                                                                                                                    • Porcelain Veneer/Bonding

               L                           I N       N
       1 8 2 1 O D FU R N A C E RO A D / B OLI G SPR I G S, S C / 5 7 8 - 8 34
 Prime Years | December 005
 40% U.S. population older than 50
 1 in 5 on people 50 and older
         Cosmetic surgeries performed

                 Amount spent by
 $1 trillion peopleon50goods and

                                                    services each year

48%                         Luxury car purchases made
                            by those 50 and older

             Estimated amount
$10 trillion boomers will years
             in upcoming

         WITH A ...
                                                                                                Wednesday - Saturday
                                                                                                                                  10 oz. Sirloin
                                                                                                                                  Steak Dinner
     Call Gwen for All Your                                                 Gwen C.
       Real Estate Needs                                                      Gray                                                Only

 (864) 576-9440 or 580-9861                                         Certified Residential
    3 East Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg, SC
                                                                                                                                         After 4 p.m.
                                                                                                                                 Includes salad or slaw, bake potato
                                                                                                                                 or french fries,hush puppies or rolls

                                                                                                                        Home of Bo’s Original

3 B R / 2 B A B R I C K H O M E has beauti-
                                               BOILING SPRINGS Like new 3BR/2Ba
                                                                                                                           Calabash Chicken
fully updated kitchen, large formal LR, cozy   home with large very open floor plan, fenced
den w/ FP& spacious rec-room ready for         backyard, great location. $129,900 (135377)
your pool table! $134,500
                                                                          again.                   Fish Camp Hours
                                                                       offer:                   • Wednesday & Thursday 4-9
                                                                        first-time buyers        • Friday & Saturday 4-9:30
                                                                      little or no money down      • Breakfast and Lunch
                                                                                                      Sunday 7am-2pm
                                                                                                 Tuesday - Friday 6am-2pm
                                                                                                Closed for Breakfast & Lunch
EXQUISITE ATTENTION TO DETAIL!                 3BR/2Ba home .Hardwood floors, Classy
                                                                                                   on Monday & Saturday
Incredible new all-brick 4 BR/3 BA home +      screened porch overlooking backyard. Great
BONUS! Tasteful decor, nice HW floors,         Family Home. $122,500 (136909)
Call for Your Tour! (1333575)
                                                                                                  Hwy. 176 Inman, SC 472-2849
                                                                                                                                Deecember 005 |Prime Years        5
Holiday Concert: Pops Concert: A Celtic Christ-
mas, 7:30 pm, Twichell Auditorium, Converse

                                                                       First Baptist Church Spartanburg
College, 50 E. Main Street, Spartanburg. The
Music Foundation of Spartanburg brings Ilene
Ivers, violin, for a special Celtic Christmas
concert. She has been called a “sensation”
by Billboard Magazine and the “Jimi Hendrix of                         250 East Main Street • Spartanburg, SC • (864) 583-7245 • www.fbs.org
the violin” by The New York Times. -9-

Holiday Parade: Shrine Bowl Parade, 10:00am,
Church Street, Downtown Spartanburg, -

Holiday Tour: Historic Price House Christmas
Decorations, 11 am -  pm, Price House, Price
House Rd., Woodruff. Come see the simple                         Children’s Christmas Collage
decoration used by the Prices at the turn of
the 19th century. Guided tours are offered                               December 4 at 5:00 p.m.
on the hour from 11:00 am till :00 pm. Tour            Join us for a special evening of music as our children’s choirs
the grounds at your leisure and enjoy simple          lead in worship. The children will sing some of our favorite carols
refreshments and parlor games of the period,                       and share the story of our Savior’s birth.

Holiday Athletic Event: Shrine Bowl of the Car-                                           Keyboards and Carols
olinas, 1pm, Gibbs Stadium, Wofford College,                                               December 11 at 7:00 p.m.
Spartanburg. The nation’s premier high school                                         Come experience a truly unique night of worship
all-star football game, the Shrine Bowl of the                                         blending special piano and organ music. Featuring multiple
Carolinas, is played to benefit the Greenville                                           pianos and our pipe/digital combination organ, this evening
Unit Shriners Hospital, -59-3105.*
                                                                                       will lift your spirit and help you focus
                                                                                     on the true meaning of Christmas.
Holiday Concert: Carols by Candlelight, 7 pm,
First Baptist Church of Spartanburg, 50 E.
Main St., Spartanburg. First Baptist Spar-                                 “The Colors of Christmas”
tanburg presents an evening of Christmas           December 9 at 10:00 a.m. and December 12 at 6:00 p.m.
classics, performed by their Sanctuary Choir      Feel the warmth as our Senior Adult Choir, Yesterday’s Teens, present this
and Orchestra, -53-75.                            Christmas musical. This presentation will bless the hearts of our own
                                                   church family at the December meeting of the Young at Heart. The Friday
20/TUESDAY                                           morning presentation will serve as an outreach ministry to senior groups
Holiday Event: Live Nativity, thru 1/, 7 – 9    from nursing homes, day care centers, and other senior centers as they are
pm, Ruins of the old Victor Inn, Sunny Acres Rd   invited to our dining hall to hear Yesterday’s Teens share the love of Jesus.
& Victor Park, Pacolet, -7-950.

Holiday Service: Advent Season Chapel Ser-
                                                                                       Carols by Candlelight
vices, 1:15pm, First Presbyterian Church, 393                                          December 18 at 7:00 p.m.
East Main St., Spartanburg, -53-531                                           Come celebrate the season as our Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra present
                                                                                  an evening of Christmas classics. The program will also include soloists
24/SATURDAY                                                                         and our praise team and feature a variety of Christmas
Holiday Service: Christmas Eve Candlelight                                                 favorites. This music is sure to be the
Service, 5 pm, 7:30 pm, and 11 pm, First Pres-                                                   highlight of your season.
byterian Church, 393 East Main St., Spartan-
burg, -53-531.
                                                                                              New Year’s Eve
Holiday Service: Christmas Eve Candlelight
Service, 5:30 pm and 11:15 pm, First Baptist                                                Communion Service
North Spartanburg, 70 Asheville Hwy, Spar-                                                December 31 at 7:00 p.m.
tanburg, -57-0509.                                                                  Join our Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra
                                                                                         as they help us reflect on times past and
25/SUNDAY                                                                              look ahead to God’s plans for the new year.
Holiday Service: Christmas Day Service, 11
am, First Presbyterian Church, 393 East Main
St., Spartanburg, -53-531.

   Prime Years | December 005
                               LIVING IN THE
                                                            LEGAL LANE
                                           Medicare Part D; Prescription Drug Plan
        Contributing Writer                             the cost. From $5,100.00 the plan will pay 95%          there are some plans in South Carolina with pre-
                                                        of the cost and the participant will pay 5% of the      miums below $20.00 a month. One must remem-
WHY IS THE PROPOSED PLAN SO DIFFICULT                   cost. The reason there is a gap in the standard plan    ber that this is insurance and you sign up hoping
           TO UNDERSTAND?                               is that the government is trying to protect the sick-   that you won’t need it. We do this for life insurance
                                                        est and the poorest senior citizens. The plan al-       without having a second thought. If you are eligible
The simple answers are the cost and too many            lows for a comparatively low deductible and 75%         and miss the enrollment date of May 15, 2006, the
choices. In 2003, when the law was approved the         of the first $2,250.00 and allows for 95% coverage      next enrollment date will be November of 2006. If
cost of the drug plan for ten years was approxi-        of catastrophic drug costs above $5,100.00. There-      you are covered under your employer’s health plan,
mately $400 billion. Two years later, in 2005, the      fore, those who are able to pay will have an expo-      check with your employer to make sure it provides
estimated cost for ten years is approximately $724      sure of $3,600.00 a year under the standard plan.       “creditable coverage.” They are required to send
billion. In order to have a prescription drug plan,     In most cases, the poorest and those on Medicaid        a notice if its plan qualifies for this coverage. As
it has to be affordable to the government and to the    will probably not pay any premium or deductible         of January 1, 2006, Silver X card will no longer be
individual but until it is actually implemented no      but will have full coverage. As of January 1, 2006,     a primary source of prescription drug coverage. It
one will know the actual cost. The government of-       Medicaid will no longer pay for prescription drug       may be a gap filler for those who fall between 150%
fered to subsidize private companies such as insur-     coverage as it will all be covered under the Medi-      and 200% of the federal poverty limit.
ance companies to come up with a proposed plan          care provision for drugs. Since the private sector is
within guidelines set out by the government. The        involved, you may be able to find plans that have                    WHAT DO I DO NEXT?
government expected two or three of the largest         no gap of coverage as the insurance companies are
insurance companies to participate. Everyone was        being subsidized by the government and may give       Probably the first thing you need to do is to make a
surprised by the results of having approximately        up part of their subsidy in order to compete with     list of all the drugs you are currently using. When
70 approved plans to choose from. Some plans            other plans.                                          you are comparing drug plans, you need to compare
will be national plans, some plans will be regional                                                           the drugs you are currently using with the drugs that
plans and some plans will be local plans. All of                                                              will be offered by that particular drug plan. The list
the plans must be “actuarially equivalent,” that is,                                                          of drugs offered by a drug plan is called a formu-
it must offer the same overall value but it can be        WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE PRESCRIPTION lary. The formulary includes the names of generic
structured in a variety of ways. Some plans will of-                    DRUG COVERAGE?                        drugs and brand name drugs which that particular
fer lower premiums and lower deductibles but may                                                              plan will be offering. The formulary must include
offer only generic drugs. Other plans may have          Anyone who is eligible for Medicare is eligible for at least two drugs in categories in classes of most
higher premiums and higher deductibles but offer        the prescription drug plan.                           commonly prescribed drugs to people with Medi-
brand name drugs or more expensive drugs. In                                                                  care. Second, you will want to compare the cost
1965 when Medicare law was passed there were              DOES EVERYONE ON MEDICARE HAVE TO                   of the plans that offer the particular drugs that you
very few choices to make as Medicare Part A ap-                              SIGN UP?                         are using. Third, you will want to determine which
plied to everyone. Medicare Part B was voluntary,                                                             drug plans are offered by the pharmacy that you are
but there was little choice other than to accept or     No. The drug prescription plan is completely vol- currently using or which is in your neighborhood.
not accept. In Medicare Part D there will be many       untary.
choices because, in this particular case, the private                                                           HOW DO I GET THE INFORMATION I NEED?
sector is involved and each plan will be competing            SHOULD EVERYONE ON MEDICARE
with the other plan for business. The result of this                         SIGN UP?                         There is a website at www.cms.hhs.gov that will
will be a lower overall cost to everyone, but in the                                                          provide a chart showing approved plans and com-
process, it can be very confusing.                      Everyone on Medicare should check to make sure paring premiums and deductibles and whether there
                                                        you will not be penalized if you do not sign up for are additional gap coverages and other important
WHY IS THERE A GAP IN COVERAGE IN THE                   the prescription drug plan. Even though the plan is information. In addition, many insurance compa-
   MIDDLE OF THE PROPOSED PLAN?                         voluntary, if you do not sign up during your earliest nies will be offering advice for individuals seeking
                                                        enrollment, in this case by May 15, 2006, you will information about the new Medicare Part D.
The standard plan provides that the participant         be penalized 1% per month for life until you do
will pay a deductible of $250.00 and between            enroll. Therefore, if you wait five years to sign up, DISCLAIMER: This article is intended to provide
$250.00 and $2,250.00 the participant will pay          your penalty would be 60% plus the premium cost general information and not legal advice. Contact
25% of the cost and the plan will pay 75% of the        in order to enroll in the plan. The best approach your attorney for specific legal advice or your health
cost. From $2,251.00 through $5,100.00 the plan         may be to sign up for a good plan with the low- care provider or insurance provider for specific in-
will pay zero and the participant will pay 100% of      est premium to protect your future costs. Currently formation or advice.

                                                                                                                               December 005 | Prime Years      7
Older Americans
bring experience to
their own start-up
                                             FREE SPIRIT MOBILITY
                    Bringing the Gift of Mobility to the Free Spirit

                                              By DONNA STONE
       aby boomers and would be re-                  Contributing Writer
       tirees in their 60s and 70s are

       expected to be at the vanguard
of a period of new economic growth in                hecking the mailbox may be a
coming years, according to a study by                quick jaunt for the average per-
one of the nation’s                                  son, but for those with arthritis,
leading research firms.                      Parkinson’s, or other crippling diseases,
    The survey by global outplacement        it can feel like an Olympic marathon.
firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc.       Taking a shower is a routine part of the
of 3,000 people found that 13 percent        average person’s day, but for someone
started their own businesses between         suffering from muscle disorders or bal-
January and the end of March, up from        ance problems it can feel like more of
9.9 percent a year ago and the highest       an aerobic workout. Thanks to tech-
level since early 1994, when 14.9 per-       nology advancements and the fruits of
cent of job seekers started new busi-        the Disabled American Veterans Act,
nesses.                                      we’ve found the right tools can bring
    “The boomer-led surge in start-ups       freedom, independence, and mobility
could have a profound impact on the          to the elderly, the disabled, and the
economy, both from new job creation          sick. The real trick is getting the right
and decreased tax burden as the large        tools.
aging population is supported by entre-          The opening of Free Spirit Mobility
preneurial income instead of govern-         in 2003 brought the right tools to those
                                             who need them in the Greer, Green-           tilts to relieve pressure points), to grab    They work with insurance companies
ment assistance,” said John A. Chal-
                                             ville, and Spartanburg areas. Tom Con-       bars and Tranquility incontinence sup-        and Medicare where possible to make
lenger, owner of the firm.
                                             way and his wife, Ginny, recognized a        plies, to simple devices which help but-      purchases as affordable as possible.
    He said evidence of the entrepre-
                                             need in the Upstate for easier access        ton shirts and hold pencils, Free Spirit           The Conways, Mark Roberts, and
neurial renaissance is clear in the latest
                                             to a variety of medical equipment and        Mobility offers much needed medical           the folks at Free Spirit Mobility are ex-
quarterly job market survey.
                                             services. Relying on his experience          supplies which aren’t available at most       panding their current location at the
      A large portion of the would-be
                                             working with medical equipment, her          chain pharmacy stores. They take spe-         corner of highway 29 and highway 14
entrepreneurs — 86.6 percent — were
                                             experience working as a Hospice nurse,       cial orders for specific items they don’t     to better provide the right tools to the
over 40. That suggests the next wave
                                             and a sincere desire to help, Tom and        normally stock, as well as stock special      people who need them. A sincere de-
of start-ups will be engineered by sea-
                                             Ginny have built more than a success-        items for specific customers.                 sire to help customers increase mobil-
soned business veterans.
                                             ful business—they’ve built relation-             In addition to sales, they also service   ity and regain independence is the mo-
    Also, he said, a new analysis of un-
                                             ships which have improved the quality        the equipment they provide. Custom-           tivation behind the operations at Free
published government data shows that
                                             of life for many.                            ers are encouraged to “try before you         Spirit Mobility. Keep them in mind the
those 55 to 64 and older represent one
                                                 From best sellers such as the power      buy” to ensure what they buy is truly         next time you’re looking for the right
of the fastest-growing groups of self-
                                             chair and the rehabilitation chair (which    what they need and are able to use.           medical tool.
employed workers.
   According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics, the number of Americans 55       boomers, either out of desire or neces-      their companies didn’t meet hiring ex-        because 30 percent of people 55 to 59
to 64 categorized as self-employed in        sity, will work beyond retirement age        pectations in the first half of this year     have a college degree, or higher. That’s
non-agricultural industries has jumped       of 65.                                       due to a lack of qualified candidates.        up 25 percent from just six years ago.
29 percent, from 1.3 million in July              “A growing number of baby boom-            “As a result of the shortage, the new         “With the oldest boomers scheduled
2000 to 1.8 million now. The self-em-        ers are abandoning traditional employ-       wave of senior entrepreneurs may find         to reach the early retirement age of
ployed 65 and older group has grown.         ment for self employment,” he said.          that their biggest customers are their        62 in 2008, many are saying that they
This number of self-employed workers         “This could have negative consequenc-        former employers, who have no choice          plan to stay in the workforce,” Chal-
is represented by late boomers — those       es for employers, some of whom are al-       but to outsource certain functions to         lenger said.
45 to 54 — who make up almost 2.6            ready starting to experience a shortage      those with the most relevant experi-              The surge in boomer startups will
million, or 27 percent, of the nation’s      of skilled workers.”                         ence,” Challenger said.                       be fueled by an enduring perception
9.6 million self employed.                         This past June, human resources              Boomers are readier than their          that age discrimination persists in the
     Challenger said statistics show it’s    executives polled by Challenger found        predecessors to take on start-ups and         workforce, encouraging many to want
a “foregone conclusion” that many            that 40 percent of respondents said          make them successful, he said, in part        to work for themselves.

 Prime Years | December 005
              TONY DALE’S

                 SAFE INVESTMENT
                                                               Real Estate Q&A

                                                                              Gwen Gray                                    1924 E. Main Street
                                                                               CRS, GRI, e-Pro
                                                                               REALTOR®                                   Spartanburg. SC 29307
                                                                               SOUTHERS REAL ESTATE

                                                                                                                           Wendy Fleming-Bailey
       t’s been a bumpy year for investors. Many have                     QUEsTIOn                                            864.583.8559
       a large number of stocks in their portfolio that
       have suffered losses. This may, however, not
                                                            We are getting ready to buy our
                                                                                                                             Michael Humphries
       be the tragedy you suppose.                        first home and want to be sure we
                                                                                                                               (864) 706-7006
         Capital losses can be turned to your benefit     get the Perfect Home. How can we
when you “tax loss harvest” them to offset the gains       make sure we find the right one?
from some winners in your stable. If done correctly,                                                                 When people consider long-term care, they
you can use losses to reduce or eliminate your capi-                              AnsWEr                             often think about nursing homes. In fact,
tal gains. In some cases, you can also offset ordi-       First of all, let me assure you that the Perfect House     long-term care actually has little to do with
nary income taxes.                                        has never been built. Even the Taj Mahal was de-           nursing homes.
                                                          signed and changed hundreds of times both before
    There is a dollar for dollar offset between gains     and after its completion. Although you may not be
and losses with no limit. For example, if you made        looking for a home as lavish as the Taj Mahal, there       Long-term care is a continuum of care ser-
$10,000 in capital gains from part of your holdings       are many variables in selecting the right home for         vices you will need when you live a long life.
but lost $10,000 in another area, you neutralize the      your family. Three major factors that will affect your     The use of long-term care insurance is an
taxes. You owe nothing.                                   home buying plans are:                                     important part of planning for a long life.
      If you have more losses than gains, these net                                                                  The product has two roles: helping keep
capital losses can be subtracted from ordinary in-        1. Your financial capabilities.                            families together and allowing your retire-
come and wages up to $3,000 per couple or $1,500                                                                     ment portfolio to execute for the purpose
if married and filing separately. Losses above that       2. The features your new home must contain.                for which it was intended.
limit may be carried over into future years.
                                                          3. The lifestyle you and your family desire.
    You have a choice as to how you sell your stock.                                                                 From a family perspective, think about who
One method is to sell the individual shares. This         Your REALTOR can assist you in determining the             will be providing your care. Like it or not,
helps you pick those that will be most beneficial in      factors mentioned above. Your REALTOR has been             children will play a key role. Long-term care
reducing taxes. Tell your broker which shares to sell     specially trained to help you find the right home for      insurance (LTCI) doesn’t replace the need
and save the confirmation notices.                        your family. It is his or her responsibility to know the   for family involvement in providing care but
     Another method is to use FIFO or “first in, first    inventory of homes for sale. They can help you nar-        rather builds on it. It pays professionals to
out.” Here you would determine the cost of the            row your selection process to houses that come             assist the person with the toughest tasks
first 100 share block you purchased. This is a good       closest to your desires. I am going to list 6 things       such as toileting, bathing, feeding and con-
                                                          that you should always remember.                           tinence. This, in turn, enables the family to
choice for those who have shares that have lost val-
ue over several years.                                                                                               provide better and longer care at home.
                                                          1. Don’t be shy about expressing your likes and dis-
     If you have mutual funds, there are a couple of      likes about various properties.
approaches. You can use the average cost of the                                                                      From a financial point of view, LTCI may
shares bought using the “single category method”          2. Ask any and all questions you have about schools,       allow your retirement plan to stay intact.
wherein you use the average cost of all the shares        neighborhoods, shopping facilities, etc.                   Although you may qualify for Medicaid to
owned when you sell, irrespective of the length of                                                                   pay for nursing home costs, your income
time you owned them.                                      3. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss your financial          (pension, Social Security, IRA and/or 01 (k)
   The other approach is the “double category meth-       situation.                                                 payout) cannot be protected.
od.” With this, you divide all the shares in the ac-
count into short term, (owned one year or less) and       4. Make an offer as soon as you feel you have found        When buying this insurance, look for a
                                                          the right house. Remember, if you like it, someone         long-term care specialist. Consider his or
long term, (owned more than one year). Whatever
                                                          else will too.                                             her training, educational credentials and
the cost of each share in a category, this becomes
the average cost.                                                                                                    commitment to help solve your long-term
                                                          5. Let your first impressions be your guide, but do        care needs. The key is whether they talk
     You can get all the details by obtaining the IRS     look carefully.
        publication 564 from the IRS website at                                                                      first about a plan or a product. If they are
                      www.irs.gov.                                                                                   interested in the plan, you are dealing with
                                                          6. Let your REALTOR guide you through the entire           a professional. If they focus first on product
     As the year comes to a close, “tax loss harvest-     process; from initial meeting all the way to a suc-
ing” is a great way to make lemonade out of your                                                                     and price, consider getting another opinion.
                                                          cessful, happy closing.
investment lemons.

                                                                                                                     December 005 | Prime Years             9
     Helping You Find Wholeness
                     Counseling for:
                                                             Conrad and Company, CPAs
              individuals, couples, families                    A Certified Public Accounting
                                                                    and Consulting Firm

                                                             2930 East Main St. Ext. • Spartanburg, SC 29307

         PATHWAYS PASTORAL COUNSELING                              5 8 5 - 1 5 4 5
             Dr. Trey Kuhne MDiv , PhD, EdS, LMFT / I
                                                                  Please visit our web site for more information
               104 Pineville Rd. Spartanburg 29307
                          542-3019                                 www. conradandcompany.com

                                                             Tony Dale’s
                                                        Safe Investment Strategies
                                                        Monday - Friday
                                                        Live @ 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                         3 a.m. - 4 a.m. Re-Broadcast

30 Prime Years | November 005
 Clebrate the 225th Anniversary
    of the Battle of Cowpens

                                                                                                                                                                                             USC Upstate
A special four day event hosted by the National
Park Service to celebrate the 225th Anniversary
of the Battle of Cowpens, free and open to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                is organizing a
public.                                                                     2005-06                                                                                                             retiree club for
When:                                                                       Men’s Basketball Schedule                                                                                         former employees
- Saturday, January 14th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,                                 Date Day Opponent                                                      Time
Ranger-led tours of the park, battle reenact-                               Dec. 3 Sat. UNC Pembroke*                                              4:00 p.m.                                   of the University
ments, tactical demonstrations, a living history
camp, as well as visits from authors and other                              Dec. 10 Sat. Mars Hill                                                 4:00 p.m.                                 or employees who
special guests.
- Sunday, January 15th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., ranger-
                                                                            Dec. 14 Wed. at Presbyterian                                           8:00 p.m.                                   have worked for
                                                                            Dec. 19 Mon. at Clayton State*                                         7:30 p.m.
led tours of the park, battle reenactments, tacti-
cal demonstrations, a living history camp, as well
as visits from authors and other special guests.
- Monday, January 16th, Recreate the historic
                                                                            2005-06                                                                                                          University for more
                                                                            Women’s Basketball Schedule
walk of both Patriot and British soldiers from
                                                                            Date Day Opponent                     Time
                                                                                                                                                                                                than 10 years.
Grindal Shoals on the Pacolet River to the bat-
tlefield.                                                                   Dec. 3 Sat. UNC Pembroke*             2:00 p.m.                                                                         A holiday
- Tuesday, January 17th, Join in a special sun-
rise battlefield tour offering the first-hand experi-                       Dec. 19 Mon. at Clayton State*        5:30 p.m.                                                                    reception will be
ence of “The Hour of Battle.”                                               Allstate Insurance Women’s Basketball Classic
                                                                            Dec. 29 Thurs. Tampa vs. Lenoir-Rhyne 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     held on
Cowpens National Battlefield, located 11 miles                                              Converse               8:00 p.m.                                                                     Wednesday,
northwest of I-85 and Gaffney, S.C., and two
miles southeast of U.S. 221 and Chesnee, S.C.
                                                                            Dec. 30 Fri.    Losers Game 1 and Game 2 2:00 p.m.                                                               December 14, 2005
                                                                                            Winners Game 1 and Game 2 4:00 p.m.
The entrance is southeast of the intersection of
S.C. 11 and 110. All visitors will be brought into
                                                                                                                                                                                                 from 4-6pm.
the park via busses from satellite locations. Bus-                                                                                                                                                 If you are
ses will be available to carry visitors to various
camp sites inside the park and to the reenact-
ment site off park grounds as well. Please check
                                                                     alive with music An Nollaig –
                                                        The Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra                                                                                                interested, please
park website for updates to the schedule and for
satellite locations at: www.nps.gov/cowp.                                                                                     An Irish Christmas                                                 Bea Smith at
.                                                                                                                     Eileen Ivers with Immigrant Soul
What: Morgan’s March, a two-day hike hosted
by the Town of Pacolet and Cherokee Historical                                                                        December 16, 2005 7:30 p.m.                                                864-503-5235
and Preservation Society (CHAPS) will follow
General Morgan’s footsteps from Grindal Shoals
                                                                                                                                                                                                    for more
                                                                                                                              Eileen Ivers captures the spirit and
on the Pacolet River to Cowpens National Bat-
                                                                                                                                   magic of the season in her
                                                                                                                                 heartwarming holiday show
                                                                                                                                                                                             information and an
                                                            ATKINS MACHINERY
                                                                                   “Celtic Christmas”
                                                                                          The Music Foundation
                                                                                                                      Traditional Irish Songs • Original Tunes • Holiday Favorites                 invitation.
When:                                                                                     will give you a ticket to
                                                                                          a concert of your choice
                                                                                                                        Due to the popularity of this program, the Music Foundation of
                                                                                                                         Spartanburg highly recommends advance ticket purchases.
                                                                                          when you donate to the
Sunday, January 15th and Monday, January                                                  Red Cross that night for
                                                                                          ongoing efforts to assist

                                                                                            hurricane victims.
                                                          Robert & Ruth Rainer

Details: Pre-registration is required, for addition-
al details call the Pacolet Town Hall at
(864) 474-9504 or CHAPS office at
                                                        beo le ceol                                                            This concert is supported by Wachovia through their support
                                                                                                                                       of The Arts Partnership Annual Campaign.

  Visit our website www.primeyearsmagazine.com and follow the link to this site. Your best information to reach the 50 plus market!
                                  Happy Holidays

     Tillie Radermacher                                                                              Mildred Zebley
 “The people are like one big                                                            “Always a great time! The people
  family. Everyone is close.                                                             are so friendly. Staff and residents
    The food is wonderful.                                                                  all speak and wish you well.
 Kindness fills the hallways.”                                                                 The activities are good.”

                                            A Continuing Care
                                           Retirement Community
                                         Retirement Living, Assisted Living,
                                      Special Care / Alzheimerʼs, Skilled Nursing

                                         For more information,
        Alice Balfrey                     call Becky today at                                         Mrs. Caston
                                                                                          “ I love the activities and food.”
 “The decorations and family
atmosphere are great. We have                864-582-6838
wonderful residents and staff.”
                                           to find out more!

                                    1705 Skylyn Drive,
                                  Assisted Living, Alzheimer and Respite Stays Welcome

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