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About me
   Hello!
   My name is Andreia
   I have 13 years
   I live in Soudos
   I study in school Manuel de Figueiredo in
    Torres Novas
   Soudos is a village of the parish of the Palace,
    the county of Torres Novas.
    At its origin, the county of Torres Novas with
    letter of charter dated 1 October 1190, donated
    by D. Sancho I, covering an extension of
    territory it occupies today much of the
    municipality of Alcanena, Entroncamento and
    small part of the county to take, being stuck
    between land of the Templars and the North East
    and the end of Santarém the South and West.
  My favorite things

   Based on the comic of Stan Lee and Bill
    Everett, the film tells the story of Matt
    Murdock (Ben Affleck), a young orphan
    who is blind after being exposed to
    radiation. But, the same as it loses the
    vision, the boy gained strange powers, as a
    kind of radar that is why he look better
    than any other man.
Despite the superpoder, Murdock holds an
apparent normalcy and becomes a respected
criminal lawyer. But this is only a facade for
the Demolidor, "the man without fear," a
masked hero who fight crime in New York.
   The film begins in 1997, with an expedition
    to the wreckage of the Titanic. The hunter
    of treasures Brock Lovet goes in search of
    a necklace of diamond called The Heart of
    the Ocean.

     Leonardo DiCaprio             Kate Winslet
    Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (Barranquilla,
    February 2, 1977) is a singer and composer
    Colombian winner of two awards Grammye
    eight Latin Grammy. Its name in Arabic
    means gracefully. He speaks fluent
    Portuguese, English and Spanish, and also to
    communicate in Arabic, French and Italian. It
    is known for movements of the belly dance,
    which learned with his Lebanese
    grandmother. Namora Antonio de la Rúa, the
    son of a former president of Argentina
        Da Weasel
   Da Weasel is a Portuguese band formed in
    1993. Nascem in mid-1993, as a project
    100% in English and a wave
    experimentalista. At the time, the Da
    Weasel were Pac, Armando, Jay Jay Neige
    and Yen Sung.
    What I like
   I like to go skating, watch TV, surf the
    net, to ride to be with my friends ...

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