hey Went by liaoguiguo


									                                               "3s              %hey Went"
                                                          Lilian B. Yeomans, M.D.

                             ND as H e entered        lation promised the church of Smyrna to          Rabbis, doctors of the Law, scribes,
                              into a certain vil-     try them so that the faithful unto death and Pharisees, would have recoiled from
                              lage, there met         might be awarded a crown of life.             them as from poisonous reptiles. Priests
                              Him ten men that           I n the case of the healing of the ten and Levites would have drawn their robes
                              were lepers, which      lepers it would seem to be God's remedy tight about them to avoid pollution, but
                              stood afar off:         for disease, His Word ("He sent His Jesus, the spotless Lamb of God, in-                   -
                             And they lifted up      word and healed them." Psalm 107:20), vites sinners, and sick folks, yo matter
                              their voices and        which is tested or tried.                     how awful their depravity, or loathsome
                              said, Jesus, 'Mas-         I n establishing the therapeutic vdue of their disease, to come to Him and find
                             ter, have mercy on       any remedy in a certain disease it is rest.
                              us. And when H e        quite usual to try it out on a group of         And when H e saw them, standing afar
                              saw them, H e said      sufferers from that particular malady, and off as the Law bade them XThank God
                              unto them, Go          that is precisely what w s done in the we under grace are brought nigh by
                             shew      yourselves     case of the ten lepers.                       the Blood of Christ), but lifting up their
                             unto the priests.           These men differed no doubt in other voices determinedly, concatedly, in the
                             And it came to          respects, mentally, morally, and socially, piteous chorus, "Jesus, Master, have
                               pass, that, as they   but they had one thing in common, their mercy on us!" H e replied immediately.
                             went, thev were         hopeless misery, for they were-all         ten H e always does. There is not a soul in
      cleansed. And one of them, when he             of them-lepers.                                existence who dare assert that Jesus ever
  - saw that he was healed, turned back, and            Even in their l e ~ r o s vthev differed no failed to answer when he cried to Him
      with a loud voice glorified God, and fell      doubt, for among -ten cases some would for mercy. H e "saw" them through and
   , down on his face at His feet, giving            necessarily be more aggravated than oth- through and recognized that it was a
      thanks : and he was a Samaritan. And Je-       ers. There would be those still in the heart cry and H e answered it.
 1- sus answering said, Were there not ten           incipience of the disease, others further
-    ;cleansed? but where are the nine? There        advanced with more marked symptoms,              But what an answer? How startling
.-'   are not found that returned t o give glo-      and others still presenting the appalling His reply! How unexpected His com-
                                                     changes, such as sloughing of large por- mand !
  j l l

f     ry to God, save this stranger. And H e
   , 'said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy          tions of the flesh producing hideous de-         "Go shew yourselves unto the priests."
''1 faith hath made thee whole!' Luke 17:            formity, which characterize the last stag-       "Go shew!" Why they had been in-
       12-19.                                        es, in which almost all resemblance to dustriously hiding themselves, 'concealing
         The healing of the ten lepers is worthy     humanity is sometimes obliterated.             covering, cloaking, for they well knew
      of. especially careful study presenting,          Lepers usually hid themselves from the that they were vile beyond expression,
      as it does, features not found in con-         public gaze in their liars, for they were rotten, putrid, decaying, dying on their
      nection with other miracles of healing         not permittted to mingle with their kind feet.
      performed by our Lord Jesus Christ dur-        for fear of contagion. How then can we            "Go shew yourselves unto the priests?"
      ing His earthly ministry.                      account for this public gathering of suf- The officials charged with the responsi-
         First; + is a group healing. We have
                ti                                   ferers from the loathsome disease? bility of making the minutest inspection,
      here ten men, a number which is often          Whence did they derive the courage to and declaring the leper an outcast from
      associated in the Scriptures with tests, or    take such a daring step?                       human society, if symptoms of the dread
      trials, for instance the ten days during          Some way there had been borne to disease were discovered, also were
      which the children of Judah a t the court      them by the "wind that bloweth where it empowered to issue a clean bill of health
      of Babylon, including Daniel, were tested,     listeth" a Name, a mighty Name, a Name to the cleansed leper which restored him
      or tried, on a diet of pulse, after which      above every Name, Jesus of Nazareth, to his privileges as one of God's people.
      they were found ten times better than all      who healed even the leper, and faith came        The word Jesus spoke to them healed,
      the magicians and astrologers in the           by hearing, and they determined to reach and commanded them, because they were
      realm, and fairer and fatter in flesh          Him if they had to imperil their lives to healed, to present themselves to the priests
      than all the children which did eat the        accomplish it, hence this pitiful assem- for official certification of the fad.
      king's meat; and the ten days of tribu-        blage.                                                (Continued on Page Eight)
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    Page T w o       -                                                                                                   February 25, 1933

       E              WhyB Believe in Oivine &ling                                                                                 D
                                                      Evangelist Charles S. Price

                 T h e Great I Anz                from his back and carries it himself, we       back with the keys, and H e announced to
       The first reason why I believe in divine   call that substitution. The very heart         the world and to the angels that H e had
    healing is because I beliede ile the one      of the Gospel story is centered around         conquered death.
    who does not change. His name was and         the substitutional sacrifice that has been         There is coming a Resurrection Day.
    is and ever will be the great I A M ; not     offered for sin. H e not only came to          0 Death, you have ridden like a black
    the great I was, but the great I AM.          lift the load of our sins from our backs,      charger-into the graves you have thrown
    The people of this old world with their       but H e came to pay the penalty that was       your victims, and you laugh in our faces,
    burdens, with their sins, with their heart-   attendant because of our transgression         you mock our tears, and you leer at our
    aches, with their cares, and with, their      and our sin.                                   sorrows; but Death, your victory is not
    disappointments, are not interested so                                                       going to last forever. One of these days
                                                    "Bearing shame and scoffing rude,            my Lord is coming to complete His re-
    much in the Christ of history; they are         I n my place condemned H e stood,
    interested in the Christ who can meet                                                        demptive work, to complete the ministry
                                                    Sealed my pardon with His blood;             H e started. H e fulfilled it as H e was
    modern emergencies and satisfy human            Hallelujah ! What a Saviour !"
    needs, meet every contingency and prove                                                      told to fulfill it, as far as His purpose
    Himself the Saviour of our souls and the          And in the self-same manner in which       went; but when H e comes in the clouds
    Healer of our bodies. If divine healing       H e bore our sins He bore our sicknesses       of glory, Death, your power is going to be
    is not for today the name of God is not       too. Dr. Young, in his translation of I s a    broken, and out of the graves our loved
v   the great I AM.                               53:6, says, "Jehovah hath caused to meet       ones in Christ are going to rise and are
       There is no difference between the         on him the punishment of us all." In the       going to meet the Lard in the air. Hal-
    minist~,,of   Jesus when H e was here on      marginal reading on that page you will         lelujah !
    earth in physical form and the ministry       find he says, "Punishment, misery, tears,          Listen to me-the man who denies that
    of Christ in the dav in which we live. I      rembrse, anxiety, fear, and sickness."         he&ing i s in the atonement mukes the suf-
    believe in divine healing because "Jesus      Did H e only complete a partial redemp-        f e i k g s of Christ of no consequence and
    Christ is the same yesterday, to day, and     tive work? "He hath caused to meet on          the scourging of Christ absoldely zsn-
    for ever" (Heb. 13:8), and as long as         Him," or "God made Him bear, God               necessary. Did you get that? Why was
    that is the case H e is sufficient to heal    made Him carry" the punishment of              H e scourged? Why were the stripes put
    every sickness because H e always has         every one of us for our sin-and          sin   on the back of Jesus? Why the torture
    been. H e is the grcat I AM.                  causes sickness. Jesus Himself declared        by the cruel soldiers on that day, until
       You remember the seven redemptive          it-the Gospels themselveS emphasize it.        the Father hid His face and the angels
    names of Jehovah. Seven is ,the divine        "Ought not this woman, being a daugh-          could not look over the battlements of
    number. I t is the complete number. If        ter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound,         heaven, it was such a sight? Can you
    you were to leave out one, making God         lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from       teIl me, modern preacher, why God the
    the possessor of six redemptive names,        this bond on the sabbath day ? ' L u k e 13:   Father allowed the bruising of the Sav-
    you would give Him the human number.          16. Christ put sickness where it belong-       iour the way H e did? You say His death
    Seven is the divine number and six the        ed-not as the work of God, but as the          was necessary. Why, H e could have died
    human number all through the Word of          work of the devil, as a fruit of sin, as an    without the scourging, H e could have
    God.                                          outgrowth of iniquity; and God caused          died without the lashing, H e could have
       The seven redemptive names of God          it to be placed on Him in a substitutional     died without enduring physical pain, But
    cover the complete ministry of God, and       way-the punishment of us all. And not          in order to give you health H e had to bear
    cover the whole of God's a t t h d e toward   only sin, but the result of sin. That is       pain, because pain and sickness and suf-
    a lost race. And were you to rob God of       what Christ came to do, H e came to des-       fering were the penalty for sin, and if
    one of His redemptive names you would         troy the works of the devil. 1 John 3%.        H e had not borne your penalty you would
    rob Him 'of one of His inhkrent attri-                                                       have had to bear it.
                                                      Do you mean to tell me that cancers            I t is just the same as if some young
    butes. Jehovah-Rapha, I am the Lord           come from God? Then darkness comes
    that healeth thee, is one of the redemptive                                                  man was convicted of a criminal act and
                                                  out of light! Then holiness comes from         he was sentenced to prison; a set judg-
    names of God. What right have we to           the devil! The thing is unthinkable, it
    take that out of the Word of God? What                                                       ment was passed on him. But another
                                                  is un-Scriptural. Everybody ought to           man said, "I will pay for that man's in-
    right have we to claim that the other six     see that when Jesus, the matchless Son of
    names are in operation, but this is not?                                                     iquity, I will atone for that man's sin. H e
                                                  God, endured the suffering and pain of         is going to prison for two years. Let me
           Chriit Ato+ted for Sickness            having His body broken, and when H e           go down for two years, I will take his
       The second reason why I believe divine     went to the cross and died-when          He    place." That is just what Jesus did for
    healing is for today is that Christ paid      stood that, H e not only atoned for our        you. Sentence was passed on you and on
    for our sickness just as H e paid for our     sins but H e atoned for everything that        the whole earth. These things were the
    sins. How do I know it? Because the           comes as a result of sin.                      natural consequence 07 iniquity. Gcd said
    Bible says so.       The 53rd chapter of          He declared: "I am the the resurrec-       they would be.          They were the out-
    Isaiah, the great chapter that has to do      tion, and the life: he that believeth in       growths, they were the fruitage of trans-
    with the atoning, vicarious, substitutional   me, though he were dead, yet shall he          gression and revolution against God. And
    ministry of Jesus Christ, says so. If a       live: and whosoever liveth and believeth       when Jesus came to save us H e came to
    man is walking down the street, bowed         in me shall never die." John 11:25-26.         bear on Hi own body the penalty for
    beneath a heavy load on his back, and         H e broke the power of death; H e went         every sin. That is why H e suffered. I n
    somebody comes along and lifts that load      into Sheol; H e went into hell. H e came       order that we might have life H e had to
   February 25, 1933                                      THE PENTECOSTAL
                                                                        EVANGEL                                                              Page Three

   die. I n order that we might have hcaling       ing to ask for what God has promised                      healed axd I Imve been healed ntyself.
   H e suffered in your place.                     to give me as my inheritance, and that is                 I t is pretty hard to convince a fellow
                                                   the healing of my body. I have every                      that has a dollar in his hand that he
             Redeei~zed from the Curse.            right to expect it because my Lord has                    does not have it. You can tell him a
      The third reason is, Jesus canze to ye-      paid for it.                                              thousand reasons, but if he has it, that
   d e e q ~ froin the c w s e of the law. Gal.
   3:13. If you will turn back to the o l d        W h e n Jesus Weltt-tlte Power Remahied                   have been arguments for him. If been
                                                                                                             overcomes all healed, you have you
   Testament you will find in Deut. 28~22,            The fourth reason is, T h e disciples a d              healed. I f you have been saved you
   2Z, 28 the curses of the law listed: Con-       apostles healed the sick l o ) ~ gafter the               have been saved. You may try to con-
   sumption, fever, inflammation, emerods,         Lord had gone back home to glory and                                                          t
                                                                                                             vince me that this is not a s ~ i of clethes,
   scab, itch, madness, blindness, plagues,        the earthly ministry of Christ had been                   but I know it is. And when they try
 . all the diseases of Egypt. "and also every      consummated. You remember when Paul                       to tell US there is no such thing as the
   other sickness and plague which is not          was on the island of Melita there was a                   Baptism, w e k ~ t o w . When they tell us
   written in this book." Now that covers          man healed, and because of that healing                   that Christ does not save any more, why,
   everything, doesn't it? Was Paul right          the news went all over the island and                     bless your heart l w e k~aow.We have
   when he said that Christ came to redeem         they brought all the sick on the island to                been saved. And when they tell us that
   us from the curse of thc law? DO YOU            Paul, who prayed for them and they were                   Jesus does not heal, they might as well
   believe you could rely on the Word of           healed. That was in A. D. 62, twenty-                     be addressing their remarks to somebody
   God? I do.                                      nine years after the ascension.                           else; for we know. W e have been healed,
      My Bible says, that Jesus came to re-           I should like to ask somebody, By                      we have felt the matchless healing touch.
   deem us from the curse of the law. And          what authority did Paul do that work?                     Listen to the testimonies of God's peo-
   do you know, I am foolish .enpugh to            Through what power were those people                      ple and you will find that Jehovah-
   believe the Bible. I believe lt IS God's        healed? Where can you find a statement                    Rapha still lives, H e is still the Lord that
   Word and that God wrote it and has              in the Scripture written subsequent to A.                 heals us.
   kept it. The modern theologian says,            D. 62 that intimates or even hints that the                  I was in Ohio. The snow had fallen;
   "Yes, Mr. price, that is perfectly true;        healing power would be taken from the                     it was in the late fall. We were holding
   and during the first century and until the      church and would bk lifted from the lives                 meetings in Convention 13all. One eve-
   church got momentum, got a good start,          of the apostles and the ministers of Je-                  ning a little crippled girl came to the
   God used to heal the sick, and allowed           US Christ?                                               meeting. It is quite a number of years
   the power to come into Peter and John,             My idea is that the old apostolic church               ago. My own daughter Lucille was much
   but You          at the end    the              wit11 its order and its ministry and its                  smaller then, she had long curls, kind of
         these signs and           were all tak-   power should be in existence today, and                   a golden color, coming down over her
   en back       glory and the church was left     I believe that when we go back to the                     shoulders. This little gill looked exactly
   alone to struggle along."                       apostolic faith and the apostolic order                   like my own little girl, except that my lit-
      I will allow any minister to come to         we are going to have the old-time apostolic               tle girl was physically wrll while this lit-
   my platform and give me chapter and             power. When we start to clean house                       tle girl was on crutches. My heart went
   verse where this power was resdnded. I          and the Lord cleanses our hearts; when                    out to her, and presently I got acquainted
   know they will not come because they            there are a few altar calls of real con-                  with her. I am very fond of children.
   cannot.                                         secration; when we put the fire in the                    W e sat down together and had quite a lit-
      I tell you what has happened. We             pulpit instead of in the kitchen stove,                   tle chat. I told her to come back to the
   have become so worldly, SO formal, so           we are going to feel the mighty workings                  meetings and she said she was coming.
   materialistic, so rational, that reason has     of the Spirit of the Lord in our hearts.                  Every day after school that girl would
   overthrown faith. We have driven the
   Holy Ghost out of the house of wor-                        I Have Ezpevienced                             come back.
                                                                                                                Then one Thursday afternoon she came
   ship and then we have had to invent some           And the        reason        I         in              llobbling to        platfornl, ~h~ crowd
   creed to cover up our lack of power.            divine healing is, I hawe seela people                    had been dismissed; most of them had
   When the children come to us and say,                                            -,
   "The Bible says that they shall lay hands       biU)a(-                                                   gone home. I could see she wanted to
                                                                                                             have a little visit, so I dropped down in
   on the sick and they shall recover," shall
   we tell them, that is n d for this day?
      A fellow comes along and says, "Mr.
                                                          - $T~nrPrntrfalBuangel
                                                         STANLEY H. FRODSHAM,
                                                                                                             a chair and put my arm around her waist
                                                                                                             and found a brace of steel just about an
                                                                             Editor                          inch thick going completely around the
   Price? if divine healing is for today there         CRAS. ROBINSON,
                                                           E.         MYER PEARLMAN                     I    body. I asked how she wore it. She told
, is no need for people to die."                                     Associate ~!ditors                      me it was hinged in three places. She
      How foolish an akgument like that!                                                                     looked into my eyes and said, "When are

                                                           NOEL PERKIN. Missionary Editor
   The Bible says that death is appointed un-
   to         "I           away sickness from      0    ~h~ pentecostal ~
                                                                         -is the Official Or-g
                                                                          ~    ~     ~                      c
                                                                                                             you going to pray for the little children?'
                                                                                                                I ~said, "Saturday afternoon."
   the midst of thee, and the number of thy                  the ASSEMBLIES OF COD in U. S. A.                   She said, "Well, I wish you would
   days will 1 fulfill." SO there will be              E s. WILLIAMS,    Gederal Snperintrndent         i    pray for
   a limit to our days. "The days of our                   J. R EVANS. secretary-~reasurer
   years are threescore and ten; and if by                                                                       I said, ('1 am going to."
   reason of strength they be forescore, yet            ~ u b t i s h ~Weekl (50 copies a car) by the
                                                                                                                 And she said, "Because I know the
   is their strengh labour and sorrow; for             GOSPEL PUBLI$HING          HOUSE       336 w
                                                       Pacific St., SPRINGFIELD, ~IO..' U. S. A:
                                                                                                              Lord will heal me."
   it is soon cut off and we fly away." Psa.                                                                     And I said, "I believe it."
   w : l o .Q my God, talie me not away                                                                          YOU h o w , if I had been a modern
   in the midst of my days.,, Psa. 102 :24.                                                                   preacher I would have said, "No, dear,
   And the 104th Psalm-listen           to it-                                                                I WOn)t   pray for you. ~                ~
                                                                                                                                                i healing is i
   "Thou takest away their breath, they die,
                                                                                                        I           for today. It is not for You, it is
   and return to their dust." ~~d I do not                                                                    not for this time, it is not for the church
   believe God's work will go any further
   than His promises, or at any rate we                                                                        The Lord said to His disciples: "Go ye
   have no right to expect it. But I am go-                                               4
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-Page Four                                                                                                      February 25, 1933

                                                                                         sins." A second time she was thrown
                                                                                         back and swooned. But becoming con-
                                                                                         scious again she cried out, "Lord, I do
                                                                                         believe you have borne my sickness as well
       mln                                                                               as my sins." In one moment the cancer,
                                                                                         the abscess, and the other ailments, includ-
                                                                                         ing epilepsy, left her, and she was made
             God's Prescription              not get healed. H e had a thorn in his      perfectly whole.
                                             flesh." While he was speaking I was
    It happened some twenty-four years                                                               Believe Only
 ago. I had been asked to preach at a Con- looking to the Lord. Then I replied,
 gregational church in a village about ten   '!Paul certainly believed in healing, for    There is a delightful simplicity in every-
 miles from my home, and agreed to do we see that the sick were healed through thing that Christ does. Do you remember
 so. During the three days previous-to his ministry. I n the passage our friend His word to Jairus when the news came
 the Sunday on which I was to preach, I has just quoted he had more than heal- that his daughter was dead? Bringing
 was afflicted with the most extraordinary ing-he received life and strength and the her to life again was not too hard- for
 weakness. I t was my conviction, how- very 'power of Christ' resting upon him. the Lord. H e said to the ruler, "Fear
 ever, that the Lord wanted me to preach, God may at times rob us of natural not, believe only, and she shall be made
 and I was reminded of Isa. 40:30, "Even strength to make us dependent upon Him whole." We can learn from the children
 the youths shall faint and be weary, and so that we will go to Him for super- the simplicity of faith. p n e day some
 the young men shall utterly fall; but they natural strength. The Lord said to Paul, years ago my dear wife bought a jar of
 that wait upon the Lord shall renew their - 'My strength is made perfect in weak- .cold cream from a woman who came to
 strength." Sunday morning came and ness;' and into the vacuum of Paul's the door. That was a wonderful cold
 I rose early and waited on. the Lord. physical weakness there flowed the full- cream, according to its description on the
 As I tarried in His presence H e put with- ness of divine strength, so tliat he was label. One outstanding thing was, "It
 in my heart the words of the 103rd able to say,. 'When I am weak then am will make you look younger." Some days
 Psalm, "Forget not all his benefits; who I strong."'      Then I.tbld them my ex- later our daughter, then six years old,
 forgiveth all .  .. who healeth all . . . perience of the past few days, and of how had her face chapped, and her mother
 who redeemeth . , . who crowneth . .    .   God had supplied me with supernatural was going to use some of that cold cream
 who satisfieth." After a couple of hours strength to take the place of my physical on it. No sir ! The child would not have
 of waiting on the Lord I cycled to the weakness.                                      it! She protested, "That cream rrakes
 place of meeting and was so conscious                                                 you look younger, it says so on the jar,
 of supernatural strength provided that I               "Himself Bare"                 and I don't want to look younger." I n
 felt like David when he said, "By thee         I remember an illustration I used that her simplicity she believed all that was
 have I run through a trpop; and by my day. I told of a friend, a dear sister, written on the label. We arc not asked
 God have I leaped over a wall."             who although over eighty is still alive, to believe what is written on the label
                                             who had a unique experience. She was of a cold-cream jar, but we are instructed
            God's Provision                  suffering with cancer, with an abscess on to belime the prowtises of God. When
    That morning I preached on what I her brain, epileptic fits, and other com- the nobleman pleaded with Christ, "Come
 called five-f old salvation-.-f orgiveness, plications. Her brother was a physician down ere my child die," Jesus said to
 healing, redemption, crowning, satisfying. and had brought many other physicians him, "Go thy way, thy son liveth." And
 Not that we can limit God's salvation to to see her. She had suffered many things we read, "The man belieied the word that
 be merely five-fold, it is like a gem of a from many physicians, but rather grew Jesus had spoken, and he went his way."
 million facets, each facet reflecting His worse. She had never heard of anyone And before he got home his servants
 "manifold mercies." I told those dear being healed, but as she read the gospel came with the glorious news, "Thy son
 people in the congregation that there was stories she saw that Christ healed all who liveth !"
 a complete salvation for them for spirit, came to Him, and she was reminded that
 soul, and body; and just as the man sick H e is just the same today as then. She                   God's Promise
 of the palsy (Matt. 9:2) had healing was reminded of the woman who had                   About five years ago I was afflicted
 provided for his body, along with the spent her all on the physicians. That with some trouble at the base. of my
 forgiveness of his sins, so- they could was just like her own case. She said, spine that was extremely painful. I would
-receive the same though the blessed Son "Lord, won't you heal me just as you stretch out my arm, and immediately there
 of God who is the same yesterday, today, did her." H e dealt with her about many was a locking at the base of my spine
 and forever, and that there was besides things; one thing H e pointed out was and I would have to lie down on the
 this much more for them in Christ. With that she had been robbing Him of the ground and gradually straighten myself
 Him, God has freely given us "all tithes. .She repented of her failings ; and out. If I sat for ten minutes in an auto
 things."                                    one morning a s >she lay suffering, the it Wuld have the same effect, and it was
                                             Spirit of God gave her two scriptures: a very difficult and painful matter to
   Out of weakness Made Strong               "His own self bare our sins" ( 1 Peter straighten out. This went on for some
    There was a dear old Congregational 2:24), and "Himself . . . bare our sick- months, and then I had to make a long
 preacher in the audience who did not ac- nesses." Matt. 8:17. The Spirit said, journey. I dreaded sitting for twelve
 cept the truth of the Lord's healing, and "You believe the one, you don't believe the hours a day on the train. But at the be-
 I am afraid my sermon was like red other." In a flash she saw that Christ had ginning of the journey I began reading
 pepper to him. I was sailing happily borne both her sins and sicknesses, and in Exodus, and was fascinated with the
 along, (even though.no one else was en- she cried out as she attempted to get off words, "I will take sickness away from
 joying the sermon, I was), when suddenly her couch, "Lor&3 do believe you have the r i d s t of thee." Ezek. 23 :25. I looked
 that preacher, who could not stand it borne my sickne'ss,as well as my sins." up and said, "Please Lord, do this for
 any longer, got up and challenged me. She, swooned. When she became con- me." Though not conscious of the ans-
 He said, "We are hearing strange things scioizs she cried out a second time as she wer being given, atl the end of my thitry-
 today. This young fellow seems to know attempted to rise, "Lord, I do believe you six-hour journey I was completely healed.
 more than Paul. He was sick and could have borne my sickness as well as my The promise, "I will take sickness away
February 25, 1933     .                                                                                                Page Five
from the midst of thee . . . the number
of thy days I will fulfil," is one of the
blessings of the Old Covenant; and in
the New and better Covenant, founded
                                                 8 g o e s Sod %eul Guncer? 8
on better promises, we can have this and                               These Witnesses say "Yes"
more. God does not do less for His
church than H e did for Israel. An ample'       For over two years my health was only temporary. I t would soon be back.
prpvisiori is made for our sicknesses in very pooi, but I paid no special attention I was wild and reckless, although my
the promises of James 5 :14,15.              to myself until I had heinorrhages, then wife was a faithful praying woman; and
                                             I decided to consult a physician. He made a minister of the gospel. Finally the
            Resist the Deoil                 a study of my case, but was not satisfied prayers of my wife and others, for God
   W e have an adversary, the very sane with his diagnosis, -thesefore, requested 'to deal with me, were answered, and I
one that Job had. The Apostle Peter me to go to a hospital for an X-ray. Still was drawn to the Lord. There came an-
tells us what our attitude should be to- this did not satisfy us so he asked-me other. cancer just above where the one
wards that adversary. H e says, "Be to see a noted-specialist andysurgeon for had been that-was treated by the electric
sober, be vigilant; because your adversary a thorough examination. I made two'trips glow. I t was much worse than the form-
the devil as a roaring lion goeth about to see him and on my visit he called me er one had been. I t pained me severely
seeking whom he may devour; whom re- into his private office to hear the "ver- and affected my eye. I t looked very
sist steadfast ilz the faith."  I remember dict." H e said I had cancer which he angry and turned black. I had to cover
reading that at a certain circus one of could not promise to cure, but could pro- my eyes at night when meeting a car
the lions escaped. Everybody was long my life by using ~ a d i u m perhaps as I couldn't stand the light. The cancer
alarmed, and the police and fire brigade operate. Oh how I dreaded both! I took was about an inch in diameter. Finally I
were called out, but those fellows were my case in my hands, refused to do any asked for prayer for the cancer and my
just as frightened as the rest of the thing the doctor said. I went to bed wife and her helper, Mrs. Willie Larson,
crowd. Finally someone got hold of the remaining there for five weeks, gave up prayed for me. Within three days the
proprietor of the circus. H e was only all hopes, life looked very dark. My cancer was completely healed. That was
a little fellow but he got the lion by his husband hired help for me and I had a Jan. 18, 1932.-Joe H. Wiggins, Box 45,
ear and said, "Come along, you silly nurse, every thing was done for my com- Pasadena, Texas.
ass," and he led him to his cage and poked fort and ease. No one exvected me to
him in. The proprietor was not afraid live through last Christmas. God moves
of the lion because he had conquered him. in mysterious ways His wonders to per-          When I was about thirty-five I had
And the Lord does not want us to fear form. I prayed as I never diqbefore and what the doctors called gastric fever. I
our adversary, the "roaring lion," because asked God to remove my trouble without would have spells that would last several
in Christ Jesus we have conquered Him. the radium or knife. ,                           days and make me very sick. Finally
H e tells us to resist the devil and he will                                            they became so bad that I could not re-
                                               During the Christmas holidays my hus-
flee from us. When the adversary comes band met some of the saints in Pentecost, tain any food on my stomach. I-went
along with every kind of sickness to put to whom he related my case. They asked to a clinic where several doctors, by the
upon you, resist him with the sword of if they might come and pray with me. H e aid of an X-ray picture, examined me
the Spirit. I t is written, "There shall no told them I would be glad to see them, so and found that I had two cancers, one on
evil befall thee, neither shall any plague in a few days a group of three came to the upper side and one on the
come nigh thy dwelling." When you are see me, they were so kind. One of the lower side of the stomach. One of
conscious of your weakness, look to the dear sisters read several chapters from them proposed to operate, but the other
Lord to rebuke the adversary for you. God's word touching on "Healing the did not. The one who was for operating
And your weakness, the weakness of the sick," she then offered such an earnest said I had ninety chances to die to ten
frail sheep, will make you cry to One who prayer for my recovery, then after to live. I decided to do nothing, and
is greater than David and is more than anointing me with oil and laying on just wait for death.                  .
a match for the roaring lion.                hands, I felt so happy and so much better.   That same summer we had our camp
                                             The next morning, after being in bed meeting in Jamestown, N. Dak., where
        T u m o r in Side Healed             for so long, I went down stairs t o my the brethren often prayed for the sick. I
                                             breakfast praising the Lord with tears was lying on my cot in my tent one day
   A little over a year ago I became ill streaming down my face. I have not when six of the brethren came to pray
and took to my bed. Several doctors had a dose of medicine since ; all signs of for me. They took me out under a tree
were called in consultation in my case, cancer gone.Iamnow doing my housework and all six of them laid their hands on
and their diagnosis disclosed a fibroid for a family of seven. I praise the Lord my head. The weight was almost in-
tumor in my left side. As time went on for hearing and answering prayer. I love supportable. One prayed and removed
my condition became so complicated that to tell the story wherever I go. My his hand, helping to lighten my burden.
the doctors were unable to help me, and friends and loved ones think it a miracle. Finally five had prayed'and the burden
had about decided upon a serious opera- -Mrs.         Wilmer C. Moore, 648 F St., of the hand still laid on was much lighter.
tion as a last resort. About this time the S. W., Washington, D. C.                     The sixth man prayed and I heard a
saints of God began to fast and pray for                                                voice say, "You are healed." I praised the
me and I was anointed with oil according       Ed. note. T o the above testimony is Lord and felt hungry. I went to a res-
t o the Scriptures. God performed a attached the following :                            taurant and ate a good meal, and then
miracle in my body and healed me com-          "This sister has attended our church I knew, by this test that I was healed.
pletely. About two months later I went regularly and all symptoms have been re- That is seventeen years ago, and I have
back to the same specialist and he, after moved. Harry V. Schaffer, 2620 Fourth never been afflicted but once since, and
a thorough examination. declared that he Street, N. E., Washington, D. C., Pas- then only for a few moments, when Satan
could not find even a trace of a tumor. tor."                                           brought back the symptoms. I cried,
My pastor Charles F. Ryans, Chelsea,                                                    "The Blood, the Blood," and he left.
Mass., will vouch for the truth of this         I had a cancer under my right eye, My healing still holds good.-W. F. Her-
testimony.-(Mrs.)        Maud B. Ross, which was treated by electric glow several big, Cow Boy Evangelist, Great Bend,
Lynnfield, Mass,                             bimes, but the healing that took place was Kansas.
    Page Six                                                      EVANGEL
                                                    THE PENTECOSTAL
                                                                                            1931, and from that time I gained very

-              .             Cloud of Witnesses O,                                         rapidly. The next week I went back
                                                                                           to the hospital and the doctors were sur-
                                                                                           prised to see how I had gained, and they
                          Experience Is the-Best Argument                                  said the goiter had diminished in size.
                                                                                          . I went back to the hospital several
                                                                                           times after that, and the last .time the
                                                                                           doctors said they could not feel it at all.
                                                                                           They said they had never before heard
     Healed o f Sugar Diabetes and              I was crushed. Then I heard of the Pen-    of a case like mine where a goiter dis-
          Resulting Ailments                    tecostal folk who pray for the healing     appeared without taking any medicine or
                                                of the sick. Nov. 20, by a great effort    having an operation. I had gained suf-
       My sugar diabetes finally resulted in and with much help'I went to a divine
    my going into a coma and being taken to healing meeting in Trinity Tabernacle,         ficiently so that on April 1, I went back
    a hospital. During the six weeks I was in Elizabeth. But my husband thought            to work, and it wasn't long until I had
    there they tried to get blood sugar down it to6 exciting for me and took me away.      gained back my weight, 155 pounds. I
    by giving insulin every two hours, day                                                 have been working hard ever since and
                                                   The next meeting I could attend was     have been in good health. My pastor,
    and night, to get me ready for an opera- March 16, 1931 at Bethel church. The
    tion, but could not and sent me home to sermon was on backsliders and I found          Irving F. Barnes, D.D., 11 Chetwynd
    die. Excess sugar in the pancreas and that I had never been saved although I           Road, West Somerville, Mass., will tes-
    blood caused gall-bladder infection and had been a church member for a long            tify to the truth of the above testimony.-
    heart trouble.     I would drink ninety time and had supposed that I was saved.        Chester A. Brown, 35 Alpine Street,
    glasses of water in twenty-four hours at I went to the altar and got saved that        Somerville, Mass.
    times, which caused excessive elimination day. April 9 I went to Trinity Taber-
    of urine.                                   nacle again. The Lord spoke to me to               A Great Sufferer Healed
       I am a graduate nurse, having nursed go to the altar where they were tarrying          When I was a girl I suffered a dis-
     for fourteen years, and I know that only for the Baptism and be anointed for heal- located rib, and this pulled out of place
    by divine help can anyone live who has ing. I went up and asked the pastor, the main nerve to my stoinach. I became
    taken insulin for any length of time and Brother Swift. H e asked me if I be- a semi-invalid but finally married, al-
    then discontinuing its k e . I used insulin lieved the Lord would heal me. I said I though I was still a care. Then I fell
     for six years, finally taking sixty-three did.                                        down stairs and was so injured that three
    units every day. Finally, when the doc-        As soon as Brother Swift laid his days later they thought I was dying.
    tors said my blood sugar was 20%, on hands on my head I went under the pow- Doctor after doctor was called but I con-
    September 4, 1932 I was in the Pente- er. I saw a vision of Jesus healing peo- tinued to grow worse. I suffered with
    costal Tabernacle in Kansas City, Mo., ple. I jumped up and ran back and pain in my left side and back and stomach
    where Brother A. A. Wilson is. pastor. forth. Oh, it is w~nderful~what Lord and would vomit up even clear water. Oh,
    There I had a heart attack and felt that can do! When I went down town the such terrible suffering.
    I was passing away.                         next day my friends were astonished at        I lay in such a state for twenty-two
       I told my friend to take me out but she my being out without crutches. On May hours and vomited ninety times in that
    asked Brother Wilson to pray for me. 2, I was baptized in the Holy Ghost. I period with nothing on my stomach but
    H e prayed and anointed me with oil. I am well known in Linden. Anyone can a little water. While I was suffering thus
    was healed aiid went that day to lunch tell you of my sickness and healing.-           I was saved through the prayers of the
    with a friend where I ate sweets of Mrs. F. C. Baltz, 605 Knopf St., Linden, Christian and Missionary Alliance people
    various kinds and starches-of course N. T.                                             and saw a vision of Jesus. This was
    strictly forbidden to one having diabetes,     Ed. note. To this testimony is attached February 3, 1919. Three days later when
    and I am still eating them (Jan. 12, the following :                                   I had another spell and was lying there
    1933), and I have never taken a unit of
    insulin since that wonderful day. I am         "I was an eye witness to this healing. paralyzed, the Lord spoke audibly to me,
                                                                                           telling me to call for Mrs. Beck to come
    healed. One week after I was healed Walter Moses, 563 9th Ave., W., Poselle, and pray. She came and prayed for me
    I was tested for sugar in the blood, and N. 1."         *

    no trace of sugar could be found. Praise       The Brother Swift spoken of is Allan and I was instantly healed. I have never
                                                                                           had any sign of my trouble since.-
    the Lord!-Marie Foshier, Des Moines, A. Swift, Trinity Pentecostal Church, 415 (Mrs.) Flora I. Troxell, Route 3, Hud-
    Iowa.                                       Pennington St., Elizabeth, N. J.
                                                                                           son, Ohio.
       Ed. note. Pastor A. A. Wilson, pas-
    tor at 13th Street and College Avenue,             M a n Healed o f Goiter
    Kansas City, Mo., attaches to the above        In the fall of 1930 I began losing             - Healed o f Pellagra
    testimony his wbrds of verification, say- weight and strength. In a short time I          Eighteen years ago I was so sorely
    ing, "This sister after these months is had to give up working. Going to the afflicted with pellagra that I couldn't do
    enjoying good health. Surely a miracle hospital they said that I had a goiter on my house work, and couldfi't close my
    was wrought by the hand of the Lord in the thyroid gland. 1 continued to lose hands, they were so sore and so badly
    this case."                                 weight, going down from 155 to 104 cracked. I sent for Brother B. F. Eden-
                                                pounds. They kept me quiet i n t h e hos- field of Laurel Hill, Florida, and Sister
              Healed o f Paralysis              pital under observation for three weeks Alice Griffith of Bagdad, Florida. They
       August 27, 1930 I had a stroke of and then decided to let me go home a few prayed for me and anointed me with oil
    paralysis which deprived me of the use days to see if I could build up a little to in the name of the Lord, laying their
    my limbs on my right side. I was in stand an operation.                                hands on and commanding the disease
    bed until Nov. 15. A doctor was called         I had come to believe in divine healing to go. God wonderfully healed me, and
    and he thrust a needle into my foot, but so during the time I was at home I asked I did not take one dose of any medicine,
    I didn't feel it. When the doctor's ver- my pastor and two other brethr'en to come but relied solely on the Lord.-Mrs.
    dict that I would never walk without to my home and anoint and pray for me. Lewis J. Natthey, Route 1, Crest View,
    crutches or a cane if in that way, came, They came on the evening of Jan. 28, Florida.
 February 25, 1933                                                                                                              Page Seven

  Cancer and Tuberculosis Healed                 me and burst into tears. She said, "Mr.               Saturday night came and she was not
                                                 Price, Jesus will never heal me."                  at the meeting. Sunday morning she
    I have been healed of both tuberculosis         "Why ?"                                         was not back. Sunday night I looked for
 of the bone and of cancer. Dr. Caroline                                                            her and could not find her. Monday
                                                    "Because I told a big lie. I told a big
 McGill, 58 West Quartz Street, Butte,                                                              morning, Monday afternoon, and no lit-
                                                 story, Mr. Price, and He will never heal
 Mont. diagnosed my trouble as bone                                                                tle girl-and then I wished I had asked
                                                 me because H e does not love girls that
 tuberculosis, and I had a piece of bone                                                            for her address. I wanted to look her
 from my leg grafted in, at the St. James        tell lies."
 Hospital in Butte, but the poison was
                                                    I asked her, "What did you say!"               UP-
                                                    "I told a lie to you, and H e heard me."          But Monday night at the conclusion of
 still in my system causing me to break
                                                    "I know H e heard you, but what did            my message I asked every one who want-
 out with great ugly sores and red spots
                                                 you tell me?"                                     ed to find Christ to come tq the altar.
 in various places on my body, especially
                                                    She said, "You asked me if father was           There was an aisle clear down the cen-
 when I would take cold, which I was                                                               ter in front of the preacher's stand, and
 always doing.                                   praying and if mother was praying, and
                                                 they are not. And I said, Yes. My dad-            as I looked away back the first person
    I became sick with something that caus-      dy curses and swears awfully and my               I saw coming was that little girl, and I
 ed me such intense pain that I would            mother whipped me the other day be-               knew she was healed.          The crutches
 stiffen out and turn bladc and blue. I          cause I came to the meeting." And she             were gone. She was walking like any
 was having such dreadful hemorrhages            said, "I said they were praying because           other little girl, and she was leading by
 that the doctor who waited on me sent           you know you told little girls to have            one hand a man. and by the other a
 me to the County Hospital in George-            their mothers pray, and my mamma won't            woman. Down they came from the back
 town, Wash. Here the doctors told my           pray. T h v won't pray for me."                    of the building, and when they got to
son that I had cancer of the womb, that             I just took her in my arms and said:           the front she said, "You kneel here, Dad-
 nothing could be done for me as I was           "Let us get down on our knees and talk            dy," and "You kneel here, Mamma." And
a hopeless case. I was not saved at that        to the Lord about it."                             she dropped on her knees and she put one
time but the Pentecostal people prayed              And she said, "I can't."                       arm around her mother and another
that I might be raised up enough to at-             Then I remembered she could not                around her dad, and she said, "Daddy,
tend the meetings. The next morning             kneel, and so I put her in my chair, and           you pray." Then she said, "Mamma, you
after this prayer I got out: of bed alone,      she put her little head right near mine,          pray."
although for three weeks I had been hav-        and we prayed. I said, "There is one                  And she prayed, "0 God, You healed
ing to be helped to get out of bed, dressed     wonderful thing about the Lord. You                me, and You promised me to save my
myself, took my own baggage and left            know, Honey, H e will .forgive if you             mother and daddy. They have come now
the hospital, and took the train home           have sinned, when you come to Him.                and You said You would not turn them
forty-eight miles. I was not healed at          H e does not like little girls to lie, but H e     away."-And      in ten minutes it was all
that time however. Then I went to Seat-         loves little girls just the same. H e will         over and we had three of them on the
tle, Wash., where Smith Wigglesworth            pardon."                                          platform together, and mother and fa-
prayed for me. I have never had a hem-              She believed it and accepted it, dried        ther had found Christ.
orrhage since then; all symptoms of bone        her eyes and went away.                               It had happened Monday night when
tuberculosis disappeared, and I have been           Saturday afternoon came. She was              the little girl was sitting at the table-
perfect in my body ever since. That was         the third little girl I prayed for. When          they had a chair made with a special
in February 1923.-Mrs. C. B. Laughery,          I. prayed nothing happened. The first two         board on which her little legs could rest.
310 West Copper Street, Butte, Mont.            httle girls got healed. But nothing hap-          Mother and father would eat without ask-
                                                pened to my little friend. I felt an ab-          ing God's blessing, but this little girl
W h y I Believe in Divine Healing               sence of power, it was like a vacuum.             bowed her head and asked God to bless
                                                I felt such a spirit come against me. I           the bread. She was only ten years old-
        (Continued from Page Three)             opened my eyes. She was praying. I                can you imagine it-and as she was pray-
 into all the world, and p r e ~ c hthe gos-    laid my hands on her and anointed her a           ing suddenly the glory of the Lord struck
 pel to every creature. . . . And these         second time. I opened my eyes again               her body. She had heard big people tes-
 signs shall follow them fhat believe; in       and she was standing there on her crutch-         tify enough to know what it meant, she
 my name shall they cast out devils; they       es. I got dead in earnest and I turned            felt that electric feeling go through her
 shall speak with new tongues; they shall      to God, I got down on my knees, on my              limbs and the new blood come rushing
take up serpents; and if they drink any         face before God, and I tell you I pray-          through. She said, "Mamma, take off
 deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they    ed. And when I opened my eyes she was              my braces."
shall lay- hands on the sick, and they         not there. She had gone. I saw her                    Her mother said, "Don't be foolish."
 shall recover." Mark 16:15-18.                going down the steps from the platform                "Take off my braces."
    "I know Jews said it, but H e did not      still on her crutches, swinging her lit-              Her mother looked at her and knew
meari it."                                     tle body. I ran to the edge of the plat-          something had happened. She took off
   That would have been the modern in-         form and called to her. I think I did it          the braces and the little girl slipped from
terpretation, but thank God I did not          as much to comfort her-as to tell you             her chair and stood. And then she ran
say that. I told her I would pray for          the truth, for some reason my own faith           to the bottom of the steps and ran up
her.                                           had been shaken. My prayer had not                the steps and came down again. And the
   And just at the end of the conversation     been answered.                                     father stood there sobbing, and his first
I said, "Is mother praying?'                       And she turned around and gave me             words were these: "What time is the
                                               one of the greatest rebukes I ever had,           meeting?'
   "Yes, sir!"                                 but she did it lovingly. She said, "Mr.               And she said, "Daddy, what do you
   "Is your daddy praying?"                    Price, you don't have to talk to me like          want ?"
   "Yes, sir !"                                that. I lcnow He will do it. I did not                "I want to find Jesus."
   And then I noticed her lips quiver and      expect Him to do it right quick, all of               A little child shall lead them.
to -my amazement she turned around and         a sudden, because my case is so hard,                 We have the same Jesus. W e have the
without saying good-bye she'hobbled off        but," she said, "I know H e will do it."          same Christ. The same miracle-working
the platform and -went away.                   And with a smile she hobbled down the             power. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Halle-
   Friday she came back and came up to         aisle still on her crutches.                      lujah !
Page Eight                                                                                                            February 25, 1933

                                                                                               of sin and sickness, and to point to my-
                                                                                               self as a monument of saving grace, to
                                                                                               "Go and shew."
                                                                                                   This scripture was once brought home
                                                                                               to me with great force during a time of
    I broke down in August 1925, while          hemorrhages. For four pears now I have         fierce testing. I was working in a GOV-
working at my trade as a carpenter in           testified in Auburn and everywhere I           ernment office, and, also holding a number
Santa Ana, Calif. I t began with a hem-         go that Jesus heals.                           of meetings a week, and my eyes failed
                                                   I hold jail and open-air services and       under the continuous strain. I felt sure
orrhage and these continued for three
years. I was spitting blood daily. The          my voice never fails. My weight is one         that I could secure a prolonged leave of
corruption coming from my lungs was so          hundred and seventy-five pounds. How           absence with salary, six months or even
offensive that my wife could not stay in        happy and thankful my little family are        longer, by making application in the prop-
the room at times. I was in bed for             that daddy is healed. We are all-filled        er quarter but I prayed earnestly before
seven months with fever a t about 102.          with the Holy Spirit and on our way .to        doing so.
I lost 40 pounds in weight and had seven        glory, looking for Jesus to come.-Clar-            To my surprise the healing of the ten
different doctors. I went to the moun-          ence W. Hougland, Auburn, Calif.                lepers was b;ought vividly t o my con-
tains near Georgetown, Calif., and lived           Ed. note. Attached to this healing is        sciousness, and on reading it the words
in a cabin for a year and a half, but           the statement of Otis H. Green pastor of        "as they went" stood out from the page
got no better. The doctor advised me            Auburn Full Gospel Tabernacle, verify-          as though they were for me personally.
to go to the Weimar Sanitarium for              ing the above testimony.                        So certain was I of this that I abandoned
Tuberculosis, near Auburn, Calif., where                                                        all idea of applying for leave and was al-
I was in bed for four months.            The             Healed of Rupture                      most instantaneously relieved of all trou-
                                                                                                ble in using my eyes.
X-ray examination showed two cavities              My little half brother. Horton Ells-
in the apex of my lungs. I gained 30                                                               But it happened "as I went." I had to
                                                worth Fowler, was healed of rupture by          do some "wenting" before deliverance
pounds under their treatment and went to        God about a year ago in answer to pray-
the.mountains again for 10 months, but                                                          was manifested.
                                                er. Dr. Weeks of Rosenburg, Texas, told
agaln grew worse. I then went back to           mamma an operation would be necessary ;             Do not fail to note that ten went and
Weimar in Sept. 1927 expecting to die.          that nothing else would cure him; that it       ten were cleansed. God's Remedy for
After seven more months in the San-             was dangerous as strangulation might            all disease met the test as it always does.
itarium, I left and went to Auburn.             take place at any time and the child die.       No matter what the ailment, whether in-
                                                About a month' after I was saved I was          cipent or advanced, how young or old
     I did not want to die in the Sanitarium.                                                   the sufferer, Jesus never fails.
 I had lost all hope in doctors, sanitariums,   in my room at my mother's and step-
                                                father's home, where I live, when my little         Leprosy is a type of sin and there is
 and medicine. Increasing high fever and                                                        no remedy for it but a cry to Jesus. Have
 chills dashed to the ground all the hopes      half brother came in looking so pitiful
                                                with his little white, pinched-up looking       you called upon the Name of the Lord?
 of nly dear wife and myself.                                                                   If not come in your sin and sickness, call
                                                face. His rupture caused him to b e in
     In our extremity with all hope in          bad health. I picked him up in my arms           upon Him, step out on His Word i n the
 human aid, gone, behold God began to           and whispered a prayer for him. I was            direction which H e indicates and you will
 work out His plan. Here in Auburn we                                                            have something to show, for you can say
                                                so new in salvation that it seemed I could
 came in touch with the people of the Full                                                       "Bchold the Lamb of God which taketh
                                                not speak aloud. My little, feeble prayer
 Gospel Tabernacle. The saints called and                                                        away the sin of the world." John 1:29.
                                                was answered. The rupture disappeared,
 left us literature on healing through pray-    leaving not one sign remaining, and his             But now comes a sharper test. Ten
 er according to James 5 :14. W e had been       cheeks became rosy with health.-Mrs.            were leprous; ten called on the Name of
 members of the Baptist church. I now            Ida Bell Weiser, Box 9, Ganado, Texas.          the Lord; ten were cleansed, but only
 began to study my Bible along the line                                                          one, and he a stranger of whom nothing
 of healing and, glory to God, my eyes                                                           was expected returned to give thanks;
 were opened to the wonderful truth that                  "As They Went"                         only one cast himself at the feet of Jesus ;
 Jesus heals as well as saves. .We began               (Continued from Page One)                 only one gloriiied God, and he was a
 to attend the services at the Full Gospel         And please note that they, not one,           Samaritan.
 Tabernacle. I was anointed and prayed          two or three, four, five or six of them,            "And Jesus answering said, Were there
  for and took my stand on God's Word           but all ten, went, and as they went, not         not ten cleansed? but where are the
 that I was healed and testified to my          as they talked about it. sang about it, or       nine ?"
 healing at all the meetings, although the      even shouted about it, but as they did it,          During the last thirty-five years I have
  symptoms remained the same. This was          they were, all ten of them, the man in           known directly and indirectly of the heal-
 in May 1928. There was no change in            the last stages quite as much as the one         ing of thousands by t h e - ~ o w e rof- God
  my condition for six months, so, like         who had but recently become infected             through the grace of the Lord Jesus
 Abraham, I had to stand by faith. No-          with- the deadly virus, cleansed, and had        Christ. Where are they today?
  vember 7th I received the wonderful           something to show that they were not                If they were'all like the Samaritan, a t
  Baptism in the Holy Spirit according to       afraid or ashamed to display before a            the feet of Jesus, I believe that man of
 Acts 2:4, and at the same time received        whole con£erence of ecclesiastics, viz :         the problems which constantly conf%mt
  the assurance that I was healed. From         perfect soundness through faith in the            us in Christian work would be solved.
  that time I never had another hemor-          Name of Jesus of Nazareth.                           Shall we not like David who, when men
  rhage.                                            I am altogether devoid of theatrical         went in jeopardy of their lives to fetch
      I now asked God to give me a job of       aspirations but I am free to confess that         him water from the well of Bethlehem,
  work that would test my lungs, and he         ever since the Lord healed me of hope-            refused to drink it but poured it out unto
  did. I secured work in a laundry and          less conditions, resulting from Morphine          the Lord, say of our lives, redeemed from
  also at unloading a forty-six ton car of       addiction, I have been in the "Show Busi-        destruction by His death,
  coal in eleven hours, and suffered no          ness" (it is thirty-five years now), and
  ill effects whatever. I was completely         never expect to retire. I long to tell with         "Love so amazing, so divine,
  healed and could work like any other man       every breath what the Lord Jesus Christ             S l d l have my life,
  a t hard labor. I was not afraid of the old    is ready to do for the most hopeless cases          My love, my all."
                                                                                                                                 Page Nine

                                                                                                  Incipient Revolution in U. S.
                                                                                                     The state of Iowa is witnessing a farm-
                                                                                                  er's rebellion against legal processes of
                                                                                                   foreclosure and tax sale:       "Whenever
                                                                                                   foreclosure sales are held," says The
              Millions o f Meals                     During the world war many Jews who Business Week, "farmers gather, armed
                                                  were in the ranks heard the gospel preach- sometimes with nothing but determined,
      I n the yearbook of the Salvation Army      ed and became Christians. It is planned looks, sometimes with shotguns. Bidders
    they state that last year they provided       to settle these Hebrew Christians in and sheriffs look, and go home, like sensi-
    34,670,115 meals to destitute people and      Christian colonies in Palestine. Two hun- ble men." This resistance to confisca-
    also provided sleeping accommodation for      dred ex~gabbis,   who gave up synxogues tion of the farmer's home is so fast be-
    12,147,299 needy people. We have not          with large salaries, are now to be trained coming nation-wide, that the president
    seen the yearbook of any atheistic society    as Christian missionaries.                      of the American Farm Bureau Federa-
    to know whether they beat that record!                                                        tion warns us to expect a revolt in twelve
  ' W e have our suspicions that they leave                 Murder and Justice                    months.
- all charity work to Christian associations.                                                        It is God's will that every man shall
                                                     According to the Baltiwore Sun there
         United States o f Europe?                                                                sit under his own vine and under his own
                                                  are 12,000 murders every year in our fig tree ; and none shall make them afraid.
       In an interview with Emil Ludwig, the      country-more than double the number Micah 4:4. I n the present state of
    German biographer, Mussolini did not          that occurred in 1900. The following economic distress and the perplexity of
    deny an ambition to rule Europe. Ac-          incident will supply one explanation for the experts there seems to be no hope
    cording to the BaLtintore Sun, he replied     this condition. When Arthur Tain, one that any government today will be able
    as follows to questions about his found-      time assistant District Attorney, was to realize this ideal.
    ing a European state : "Tiue, I am nearer                                                                                Russia has not
    to this idea than I was five years ago.       prosjcuting a homicide case in Manhat- solved the problem; its government has
    But the time is not yet ripe. The crisis      tan, the lawyer for the defense said to simply made national slaves of ,the work-
    has first to be intensified. New revolu-      him, "My young feller, do you think I er. But the words spoken by the proph-
-   tions will come and it is as their sequel     care what this jury does? Not one mite. et shall be fulfilled when the world is
    that the type of the Europe of tomorrow       I got a nice little error into the case the under the divine dictatorship of the Lord
    will be established."                         first day-and    I've set back ever since. Jesus.
       The stage is rapidly being set for the     S'pose we are convicted. I'll get Jim here                A New Movement
    appearance of a great world leader, who        (the prisoner) out on a certificate and it'll
    will make the last human effort to save       be two years before the Court of Appeals           According to the Life of Faith a new
    the world.                                    will get around to the case. Jim'll be out revival movement has broken out in Ger-
                                                  makin' money to pay my fee-won't you, many. "Led by the Dutch Grail Girls,
             T h e School o f War                 Jim? Then your witnesses will be gone a thousand of whom, 'dressed in brilliant
        According to theqditor of the World       and nobody'll remember what it's all robes and cloaks,' marched through the
     Dontinion, the Nazis (followers of Hit-      about. You'll be down in Wall Street streets of the city. This movement is
     ler) of Germany are infusing a militaris-    practicing real law yourself and the in- said to have taken the capital of Germany,
     tic spirit into German youth. In a recent    dictment will kick around the office for by storm. These girls who have come
     Nazi church service the preacher felt'       a year or so, all covered with dust, and right from Holland looked so pretty and
     bound to omit the words "Blessed are the     some day I'll get a friend of mine to come fresh and full of life that as they passed
     peacemakers," when reading the Beati-                                         .
                                                  in quietly and move to dismiss. . . Why, the people turned and followed them, and
     tudes. "Among Germany's children, the        a thousand other murders will have been when they turned up on the square like a
     seeds of hate are being sown. All chil-      committed, in this county by that time. regiment of soldiers, they attracted a
     dren over seven are taught 'the injustice                             .
                                                  . . . It's a fact. . . I've been doin' crowd of many thousands. Addressing
                                                                                                 .the multitude the girls spoke as if the
     of the peace treaty,' and intone in chorus   it for forty years. You'll see."
     'The shame of Germany shall burn in our                                                      thousand voices were one. I n German
    .souls until the day of honor and free-          How we long for the time when the they proclaimed that the world would be
     dom! "                                       "king shall reign in righteousness, and saved by the reign on earth of Christ the
        When the Lord comes, there will be        princes shall rule in judgment!" Isa. 32: king:          This new religious movement
     one course of instruction compulsorily       1. H e will deal with those who "justify oriqnated in Holland where a number
     omitted from the curriculum of every         the wicked for reward." Isa. 5 :23.             of women believe that if all the woman
     school. As the prophet has said, "Neith-                                                     in Europe do not return to the princi-
     er shall they learn war any wzure." Isa.                                                     ples of Christianity, our Christian civil-

     2 :4.                                                                                        ization will be extinct in three genera-
                                                                                                  tions. This campaign is designed to in-
        T w o Hundred Ex-Rabbis                                        I                          spire girls and young woman to co-
       "Without army, navy, or leader, the                                                        operate in a religious revival."
    Jew is more influential in the world to-                                                         The editor of this paper comments:
    day than ever before. The Jew has been
    preserved for a great purpose-to be a            Healing Number                               "Naturally we should like to know more
                                                                                                  about the movement before expressing
    missionary to the world." So says Sir                                                         any opinion with regard to it. It is ob-
    Leon Leviston, the first international            qj T h e first eight pages of               vious to all that the present religibus state
    president of the Hebrew Christian Al-             this issue will be reprinted for            of the world is far from satisfactory and
    liance.                                                                                       it may be that the Lord is going to make
       "When we accept the Lord Jesus as              special circulation. Price, 100             use of unusual instruments to arouse it
    our Saviour, we do not cease to be Jews,"                                                     to its need of spiritual quickening."
    says Sir Leon. "We are Jews by race,              copies, $1.00; 25 copies, 25
    and Christians by grace. I am a Jew             cents.
    in this world and I shall enter the next                                                            See Special Offer on
    world a Jew."                                                                                           Page Fifteen
Page Tetr                                          T H E PENTECOSTAL
                                                                   EVANGEL                                                     February 25, 1933,

  " A n d T h e y Continued Stead-            Dallas, Texas, Full Gospel Church  29                    Gooding, Idaho, First Local Assem-
        fastly. . . in Prayers"               Hannibal, Mo., Assembly of God _ ..29"
                                                                                 .                       bly
                                                                                                       Wilmington, Dela., Pent'l Tab'n. - 18
    There is no ministry that can compare     Bremerton, Wash., Pentecostal Mis-
 with the ministry of prayer . for real         sion        1                    28                    Hattiesburg, Miss., Assembly of God 18
 fruitfulness for God, for it is in prayer    Joplin, Mo., Asse~nblyof God       27               .    Evergreen, Ala., New Hope Assem-
 that we contact Him who is the source        Martin, Pa., Woodside Assembly -. 26                       bly                                     18
 of all life and power, and without Him       Anaconda, Mont., Full Gospel Re-                         Perry, Iowa, Assembly of God             18
 we can do nothing.                             vival Mission                    25                    Lexington, Ky., Assembly of God - 17"'
    Many are the letters which we are re-     Inglewood, Calif., Full Gospel As-                       Firth, Idaho, Faith Mission Band         15
 ceiving telling of God's answers to prayer       sembly ----...-..-u.-....--..
                                                          ---.-....--.--.....-.    23                 Wolf Point, Mont., Assembly of God 15
through theprayer re-                                                                                                    Tasonville, Ind., As-
 quests we have printed                                                                                                 -  senzblv of God .-
 for our Prayer Band. It                                                                                                ~ a l v e r ; Ark., So-
was after the early dis-                                                                                                   cial Hill Assembly 15
 ciples had continued in                                                                                                Dayton, Ohio, Bell-
prayer that the Word                                                                                                       brook Mission -- 14
tells us "many wonders                                                                                                  Tottenville, N. Y.,
and signs were done by                                                                                                     Wells Memorial
the apostles." The min-                                                                                                    Pent'l Church . 14-
istry of prayer is a bless-                                                                                             Fort Towson, Okla.,
ing not only to the one                                                                                                    Pentecostal A s-
 for whom prayer is of-                                                                                                    sembly               12
 fered but also for the                                                                                                 Pampa, Texas, Full
 pray-er- himself. Num-                                                                                                    Gospel Temple - 12
bers are still rallying to                                                                                              Woodland, Calif.,
our appeal for prayer                                                                                                      Full Gospel As-
and we have passed the                                                                                                     sembly               12
 7900 mark. W e must                                                                                                    Baker, Oreg., As-
not stop until we have                                                                                                     s p b l y of God - 12
at least ten thousand.                                                                                                  Port Colden, N. J.,
Prayer Bands have been                                                                                                    Pent'l Lighthouse 11
organized in Af rica,                                                                                                   Durant, Fla., Pleas- .
South America Cuba, and                                                                                                   ant Grove A s s e n
 also among our Latin-                                                                                                    bly                   11
American brethren in                                                                                                    Corcoran, C a 1 i f.,
the United States. May                                                                                                    Full Gospel Mis-
God bless every faithful                                                                                                  sion                  11
laborer in this great                                                                                                   Centralia, W a s h.,
work. The following                                                                                                       First Pentecostal
are the assemblies that                                                                                                   Church                11
have united with us since                                                                                               Cresaptown, M d.,
the date of our last pub-                                                                                                 Cresaptown As-
lished list:                                                                                                              bly                   11
Minneapolis, Minn.,                                                                                                     Sisseton, S. Dak.,
   North Central Bi-                                                                                                      Bethel Church -- 10
   ble Institute -..--.I08   Copyright by S. S. Times. Used by permission.                                              Dorchester. Nebr..
 Los Angeles, Calif:                                                                                                      Pent'l church .-110
   Bethel Temple -1                      95* Pomona, Calif., First Full Gospel                        Cannanore, South India, Hebron
Davisville, Mo., Assembly of God - 50               Church                            23*               Mission                                 10
Dayton, Ohio, Bethel Temple              50      Independence, Kans., Full Gospel                     East Moline, Ill., Pent'l Church          10
Delano, Calif., Full Gospel Chnrch _ .  .44*
                                          _        Tab'n.                             22              New Albin, Iowa, Gospel Hall               9
St. Paul, Va., Pent'l Assembly           40      Loveland, Colo., Assembly of God ..--22              Ione, Oregon, Ione Pentecostal S,. S. 9
Everett, Mass., Glad Tidings Tab'n; 39           Albany, Oreg., Full Gospel Assembly 22               San Diego, Calif., Latin American
Port Angeles, Wash., Pent'l Assem-               Portland, Oreg., Full Gospel Assem-                    Bible Inst.                              8
   bly of God                            37*       bly                                22*
                                                    _-.-.----.--------.----......--..--m-----7-       Willows, Calif., Glad Tidings Mis-
Grants Pass, Oreg., Full Gospel                  Minot, N. Dak., Gospel Taber'n. .. 22
                                                                                   ..                   sion                                     7
   Temple . . -                          35* Sumner, Wash., Full Gospel Mission 21                    Warsaw, Mo., Prayer Band                   6
Chambersburg, Pa., Bethel Pent'l                 Levelland, Texas, Assembly of God 20                 Lake City, Ark., Assembly of God --- 6
   Church      :
               -- --.
               .m .
               .. ---
                 -                       33* Moville, Iowa, Full Gospel Assembly 20                   Phillipsburg, Mont., Revival Mission 5
Coffeyville, Kans., Assembly of God 31           Heppner, Oreg., Pent'l Assercbly -. 19*
Weiser, Idaho, Pent'l Mission ,- - 31* Midway, Texas, Assembly of God ..--
                                   .-                                                 19                *The assemblies marked with an asterisk
West Point, Ill., Assembly of God        30* Bridgeport, Conn., United Pentecos-                      has been reported previously but have
Pueblo, Colo.; -Glad'Tidings'Tab'n -- 29           tal Church                         19              increased their numbers.
Febrrtary 25, 1933                                 T H E PENTECOSTAL
                                                                   EVANGEL                                                Page E l e v m

Ten Communists Converted Lasi                 messages from God in writing under the           "At the women's meeting a young girl
      Month in Danzig                         special anointing of the Spirit in a small    was prayed for for healing. She is t h e
                                              backward handwriting that looks almost        victim of demon power and pines away,.
   Brother Albert CJause writes : "Ten        like a scribble. H e writes these messages    with no appetite, no ambition, no desire
came to the Lord last month and one           down often giving chapter and verse, and      to live and afraid to die. W e are believ-
received the Baptism. I t is our desire      'can turn to them and read them any time       ing God to deliver this young woman
to reach some more of the Communists          at will. The boys say he prays much and       and get glory to His Name."
this year, for many are only in the move-     does not eat plenty like other boys. H e
ment because of despair. I t is no wonder     preaches under the evident anointing of
the working people despair, living in ter-
                                              the Spirit and people are much interested
                                                                                             Pentecostal Fire Fulls in Japan
rible conditions year in and year out with    and moved. Large numbers of old and             During our New Year meetings the
no work. Many have been ,won for              young people have professed conversion       Pentecostal fire fell, yes just as it did
Christ in the past year, and with love in     in his meetings, and the heathen towns       on the day of Pentecost. Three precious
our hearts and'a message of love we can       are sending for him to come and preach       waiting souls were filled with the Holy
win some more of them.                        God's Word to them. H e came ashore          Spirit and spoke with other tongues a s
   "A few months ago a sister cam: to us      from a steamer he was traveling on near      the Spirit gave utterance. One was a
and asked us to pray for her father who       the coast, and the steamer went off and      young man who but two months ago was
was in the insane asylum. W e visited         left him so he came back in the interior     a strong Socialist. H e came into our mis-
him there but saw him in a pitiful con-       with Miss Dobbins and has about made         sion one evening to cause trouble, but went
dition. H e was in a cage where they keep     up his mind that God wants him to preach     home saved. What a testimony he has.
those who are mad. The doctor said there      the gospel down this way."                   Lord bless him! Another was a young
was no help for him. W e told him there                                                    man who is studying the Word with us
was help wlth the Lord for we had prayed                                                   expecting to become a worker. The third
for people that had been insane and that       First Baptismal Service Takes               was our worker.-John       W . Juergensen.
the Lord had healed them. The Doctor             Place in Chi Tien, China
said, 'Yes, the Lord could help.' W e        The following report of the work in
prayed for the insane man at the assembly Chi Tien is a part of a very interesting           New Victories in Gold Coast,
and in a short time his reason was re-    letter recently received from Howard and                      Africa
stored and he was discharged from the     Edith Osgood: "I wish you could have                   A very interesting letter of victory has
asylum as perfectly sane.                 been with us at our first baptismal sei vice      recently come from Brother Lloyd Shirer.
   "We thank the Lord that the Bible      in Chi Tien. There was only one to be              I t is in part as follows: "A few months
school has opened again in Danzig. Many   immersed, but it was truly a great joy             ago we started instruction classes for
missjonaries from the different countries to us. The candidate was our gardener.            those who professed salvation. W e gave
are coming. W e are hoping that the       W e held a service on the bank of the river.      them thorough lessons on the major doc-
school may be kept open pprmanently."     Many Chi Tien f o k s were there and we           trines of the Bible. When the mission-
                                          pray that God may talk to theri hearts            aries met to examine the candidates for
 Unusual Anointing Upon Young through some part fine the meeting.before
                                          gardener gave a           testimony
                                                                                  The       baptisn it was felt that five young men
                                                                                            had a definite experience of salvation
            Native Worker                 them all and we believe that his life is          which would warrant their being baptized.
   This blessed latter rain outpouring, bearing fruit. Pray for this young nian.           J t was then arranged that we should have
which we are enjoying in this country,       "The next day after the baptizing, the         a week of special prayer with the Chris-
is being manifested in a marvelous way gardener and I went with a Chinese doc-              tians just preceding their baptism. Some-
in other countries as'well. God is no re- tor named H o to the doctor's village to          times these new babes in Christ wept
specter of persons and according to let- preach. I t was a long walk of seven miles.         for joy and other times they shouted
ters from the field we see that H e often Dr. Ho's house is a flat topped dwelling,         the praises of God as they got through
picks up humble natives, fills them with built of mud and the rooms are very dark           to new victory in their lives.
His Holy Spirit and anoints them for His but I an? sure the doctor's heart is lighter           "Up until this time we had been having
service.                                  now than it was for he is opening it to           services in our bungalow but long ago
   Brother J. M. Perkins writes of such the sunshine of the Son of God. That                it had proved too small. The govern-
 a case in Liberia, West Africa. H e night the wide entry way to the doctor's               ment's approval had already been granted
says, "We have a very remarkable young house was filled with about thirty guests,           to us for the erection of our school build- '
man with us here in the work just now. only a few finding room to sit and the               ing and work had been pressed on with
His name is John Tobey. H e is the son rest standing. They all listened atten-              vigor to complete the schooI so that we
of big King Tobey of Cape Palmas. King tively to the wondrous old story of Jesus            could have our Christmas services in it:
Tobey is big Icing for all the Kru people and His love. Dr. Ho's wife held aloft            The large school was filled to overflow-
on the coast here. H e has or had some a pine torch, replenishing it with more              ing for the service which followed the
 17 wives at one time. H e is an old man pine as often as it was necessary, and in          baptismal service. People gathered from
now, but still has a great influence with this dim light we sang, read, preached            miles around and filled the room, ver-
his people. King Tobey is one of the and prayed.                                            andahs and all available space. The king
trusties of the German Woerman Firm          "I didn't sleep much that night for my         of the Dagombas was present with his
here. When the big war was on and it bed was of boards so I was glad to be                  elders and sixteen chiefs or their per-
was evident that the Germans would be up early next morning. W e preached                   sonal representative.
taken prisoners, the Woerman agent here that day in a temple in one of the near                 "I am sure you will be glad to hear of
delivered all his valuables to King Tobey villages. Part of this temple is made into
                                                                                            this great blessing upon the work in the
to hold and keep for him, and Tobey &id a school house by using a bamboo mat
                                                                                            Gold Coast."
not disappoint him, but kept all safely for a partition. W e had the teacher
until he returned after the mar.          and his scholars for a part of the audience.
   "John Tobeyt has been associated with The doctor, much interested in the gospel,           Are you a home missionary? Are you
the Shakleys for some time I understand handed out tracts. H e discusses the Bible         scattering tracts everywhere? Order some
and received a wonderful Baptism in the with his friends and is leading many to            tracts today. One pound, 40 cents; 3
Spirit up there. H e claims to get his become interested in the Lord.                      pounds, $1.00.
        Page Twelve                                                                                                                     February 25, 1933

           H E A V E N L Y PRAISE ABOUNDING                   A S P U R T O GREATER VICTORY                       ACCEPTANCE O F T H E G O S P E L
          Ella I. Henry, Robinson, Ill., reports: "For      Mrs. Will Cunningham, Spur, Tex., writes:                        BRINGS MERCY
        the past 5 weeks we have been in a revival,
        with Brother Bailey of Mattoon, in charge Be-
                                                          "God is blessing the work W e praise the
                                                          Lord for answering our prayer by sending
                                                                                                                 Clarence H. Jensen, Alexandria,- M~M., re-      .
                                                                                                              ports: "I have recently closed an evangelistic
-       tween 50 and 60 have been saved and many          Pastor and Mrs. Whitlock to take charge.            effort at Selfridgs, N. Dak., where Pastor and
        have been filled with the Holy Ghost!'            The crowds are increasing and the work is           Mrs. D. M. Zimbleman are. in charge. God
                                                          growing. Both the church and the Woman's            blessed our combined efforts there and more
           GOD'S FIERY PILLAR LEADS O N                   Missionary Council have been reorganized. The       than a score sought the Lord for His pardoning
          Pastor F. Ewald, Everett, Mass., reports:       Christ's Ambassadors' band are encouraged to        mercy. The Lord also blessed in baptizing
        "We recently closed a good campaign with          go on with their service for the Master. All are    the hungry with the Holy Ghost!'
        H. E. Hardt, of Falling Waters, W. Va., in        laboring in faith that God mill make this work
        charge. A number of souls were saved and          a praise and a blessing!'                               CANCER A N D T U M O R S M I T T E N
        several backsliders were reclaimed. The Lord
        is still blessing our services and we feel the       BEAMS FROM T H E GOSPEL L A M P                    Pastor G. H. Millard, Hastings, Nebr, re-
        Spirit leading forward to a great revival!'                                                           ports: "Sister Fischer, of Old Orchard, Me.,
                                                            John Gutknecht writes-from Dormont, Pa.:          has been with us in an 8 weeks' revival which
                                                          "We have just closed a successful campaign          closed last night. The city has been stirred
               GOD BLESSES I N LAUREL                     at the Free Gospel Mission, North Side, Pitts-      over the results. Several remarkable healings
           Pastor Bennie Slye, Pentecostal Tabernacle,    burgh, L. T. Stuart, of Kibrniller, Md., evan-      have taken place. One woman dying of cancer
        Savage, Md., reports: "For the 3% weeks end-      gelist. The attendance and interest were ex-        of the stomach, and whom the doctors said
        ing Jan. 29, the Lord has greatly blessed in a    ceedingly good; between 60 and 70 sought the        could live only a few hours, was healed. A
        revival in Laurel, conducted by Evangelist and    Lord for salvation or to be reclaimed. This in-     German woman's being healed of a serious
        Mrs. J. Edward Garns, of Hagerstown. Seven        cluded many who were Christians in name but         tumor so stirred the German people that many
        came for salvation and 2 received the B a p       had never experienced the new birth. Believers      of them came and were healeti and some re-
        tism with the Holy Ghost."                        have been revived and blessed, and the revival      ceived the Holy Ghost. This has opened the way
                                                          spirit still continues!'                            into some very prominent homes here. This is
           I N T E R E S T PROFOUND, LASTING                                                                  one of the best prospects I have ever witnessed
          Pastor and Mrs. E. T. Quanabush write from         FORCEFUL MISSIONARY I M P E T U S                for planting the true gospel."
        Freehold, N. J.: "The campaign conducted by          A report from Pastor Victor Greisen, Coffey-
        Joseph Terlizzi, Columbus, O., at the Free-       ville, Kans., reads: "We praise the Lord for the         BANDS O F SICKNESS L O O S E D
        hold Tabernacle has come to a close. Much         splendid missionary convention held here last          A member 07 the Trinity Pentecostal Church,
        work has been done for the furtherance of         we&.      The messages of Noel Perkin and           Elizabeth, N. J., writes: "Otto J. Klink has
        the gospel. Many times the building was pack-     E. S. Williams were deeply searching and            b e p with us for the past 3 weeks in a suc-
        ed to capacity. Many were reached and a pro-      profitable, and stirred many to greater spiritual   cessful attack on the strongholds of Satan. The
        found interest remains."                          and missionary activity. Several have since         saints have received a wonderful refreshing. A
                                                          made pledges for world missions. The min-           spirit of love and unity, reaching even to the
            WORD ENRICHING UPBUILDING                     istry of Brother Evans and Brother and Sister       strangers within our doors, prevails. The au-
           Pastor E. A. Musick reports from Lamesa,       Hatch, all of Central Bible Institute, was great-   dience listened hungrily to the earnest, Spirit-
        Tex.: "We have had a precious meeting, .in        ly appreciated and broke down much prejudice.       filled messages. Nightly the crowd increased
        charge of J. B. Brumlow. About 13 wept            The manager of KGGF was glad to have the            in numbers until it was scarcely possible to
        their way through to Calvary and 6 received the   group from C. B. I. broadcast, and is anxiously     find room for all. About 23 were saved, 10
        precious Holy Ghost, as in Acts 2:4. Three        awaiting a future appointment w t them!'
                                                                                            ih                were baptized with the Holy Ghost, and several
        followed the Lord in baptism. As the old-time                                                         others are still seeking His fullness. Many are
        power was manifest, the saints were greatly       JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH ( T H E LORD I S                    still praising the Great Physician for His
        uplifted in spirir. All greatly- enjoyed $he                         PRESENT)                         presence and power in the healing services. As
        blessing of God in the ministry of the Word!'        Charles Chokan, Beaver Falls, Pa., reports:      H e met them their bands of sickness were
                                                                                                              loosed and they were set free. Allan A. Swift
    -          BLEST BY PRESENCE D I V I N E
                                                          "We praise the Lord for His holy presence
                                                          on Jan. 28 in Ellwood City, the place of our        is pastor."
            Pastor Harvey Dunn writes from Elvins,        regular worship. As the meeting began I
         Mo.: "Louis Draper, Nton, Ill., conducted a      asked the, saints to arise for prayer. W e im-       ATTRAC,TIVE W I T H I N , W I T H O U T
        ,revival here Dec. 10-Jan. 22. The presence       plored God to come down in our midst and           J. N. Hoover has completed a 2 weeks' evan-
         and blesssing of the Lord were manifest          let the rivers of living water flow that thirsty gelistic Bible conference at Sixth Avenue
         throughout the meeting. The building, which      souls might be filled. H e answered by sending -Pentecostal Tabernacle, Vancouver, B. C. This
         will seat 300 or more, nizht after night was     the power of the Holy Spi& in such a way is one of the most successful campaigns held in
         filled to overflowing. About 26 were saved       that there was no time for preaching or sing- the history of the congregation. T h e inspiring
         or reclaimed and 9 were filleil with the Holy    ing, for all were on their faces before God. messages, in spite of adverse weather con-
         Spirit."                                         The prayer service lasted until 1 :00 a. m. Four ditions, attracted large crowds to both the
                                                          sisters received the blessed Comforter, speaking afternoon and evening sessions. Many came
             JOY I N "ABUNDANT" PARDON                    in other tongues and glorifying God. This night forward for salvation and for the infilling of
           Pastor H. L. Bayless, Sentinel, Olcla., re-    will be long-remembered by the Roumanian the blessed Holy Spirit, and some cases of
        ports: "For the past 3 weeks Joe Wilkerson,       Pentecostal Mission of Ellwood City!'            healing were reported. All were grateful for
        of Duncan, Okla., has been with us in a re-                                                        the goodly number who united with the church
        vival. The Lord gave us 2 wonderful out-                        W I T H T H E LORD                 during the campaign. Splendid progress is
        pouring of His Spirit. Twelve found pardon           Brother George W. Nichols, of Sayre, Okla., now being made in every department of the
        at Jesus' feet and a number received the Bap-     went on-to be with the Lord, Jan. 29. H e was work, and under the ministry of Pastor A. N.
        tism with the Holy Ghost. W e accepted the        loved by everybody who knew him. A host of       Glanville, the congregation is increasing stead-
        pastorate here about 2 months ago; the church     friends crowded the M. E. Church for the ily. Much repair work has recently been done
        was struggling to go forward, but with many       funeral-the largest ever held in Sayre. W e on the building, chiefly by volunteer labor, and
        obstacles. W e are grateful for the revival       extend our sincere sympathy to the sorrowing the interior of the church has been attractively
        spirit that continues in our midst"               wife and children left behind.                   decorated."
- February 25, 1933                                                                                                                          Page Thirteen
                                                                                                              Lord entered the home of the ruler H e silenced
                                                                                                              the noisy mourners with the words, "The dam-
                                                                                                              sel is not dead, but sleepeth." The Lord did
                                                                                                              not mean that the maiden was not dead. See
                                                                                                              John 11 :11-14. H e described her condition of
                                                                                                              death a3 a sleep, because H e was going to
   T H E LORD JESUS C H R I S T GIVING                  exiles carrying a consignment of gold for the         awokeit her to life. T o those in Christ, death
              LIFE AND HEALTH                           temple, fasted and prayed for divine protec-          is simply a sleep. When we see a loved one
   Lesson for March 5 : Mark 5:21-24, 35-43.            tion until he felt that the Lord "was intreated       sleeping, we do not worry. W e know that he
   So far we have witnessed a revelation of             of us." Ezra 8:21-23. After Paul the apostle          or she will awake in the morning. When we
 Christ's power over sin, sickness, nature, and         had almost been pulled to pieces at the Jewish        see lying before us one who has died in Christ,
 demons. In our present lesson we shall observe         council (Acts 23 :9, l o ) , he must have earnestly   we must not mourn as those who have no hope.
 a demonstration of H i s power over the grim           prayed, for we read "And the night following          The departed one is only asleep, for the Lord
 reaper-Death.                                          the Lord stood by him." H e will stand by us,         of life will awaken him in the resurrection
   TI14 Siii~plicity of Prayer. A ruler of the          and go with us as we trust Him.                       morning !
 synagogue, named Jairus, fell at Christ's feet             A Discotwagig~g Delay. On his way to the             The Superitat~wal Xatrirdnlness of Christ.
 and said, "My little daughter lieth at the point       sick-chamber the Lord stopped to heal a woman         After raising the girl from her deathbed, the
 of death: I pray thee, come and lay thy hands          with an issue of blood. Mark 5:25-34. How             Lord Jesus was practical enough to instruct
 upon her, that she may be healed; and she              Jairus must have chafed and nervously fretted         the parents to give her food, in order to sus-
 shall live." This ruler (or deacon as we should        under this delay, as he thought of the fast-          tain the life that H e had restored. There is
 say) had for years read the formal prayers             ebbing life of his child. And how impatient           a marvelous blending of the supernatural and
 of the synagogue service. When he knelt be-            and depressed and worried many of us have             the natural in the life of Christ. The miracle
 fore the Lord at this time of need in his life         been in the face of divine delays and retarded        of His birth took place in a manger, unheralded
 he little realized that he was actually praying;       answers to prayer. But notice that there is no        to the wise and great of the world; throughout
 his petition was so natural, so spontaneous, so        nervousness about the Lord Jesus. There is            His ministry H e combined a submission to the
 earnest H e knew of the power of Christ, and           no record in the Gospels that H e ever lost His       natural conditions of life with a power to over-
 had probabjy heard His teaching; inspired by           composure. In every situation, as in the inci-        come them when necessary for God's, glory
 this knowledge, with faith in the ability of the       dent of the feeding of the multitude, "He him-         (compare Matt. 4:2-4 and 14:15-21) ; on the
 Teacher, he poured forth a heartfelt request.          self knew what he would do." John 6:6.                cross, after opening the gates of heaven to the
   Prayer is just that simple. I t is a matter              A Discotrragiitg Message. Jairus' discour-        dying thief H e provided a n earthly home for
 of coming to the great Friend, making known            agements were not at an end, for he received          His mother; after His supernatural resurrec-
 our need, and asking Him to help us. The               the heart-rending message, "Thy daug'hter is          tion H e took time to prepare breakfast for H i s
 Lord does not regard the length, loudness,             dead: why troublest thou the Master any fur-          disciples (John 21 :9-12) ; and i n heaven, the
 eloquence, or language of a prayer. H e is             ther?" I n time of stress, when our situation         Son of God Himself wilt gird Himself to serve
 looking for simple faith.                              seems to become worse. after a11 our prayers,         His faithful ones. Luke 12:37.
    OZW Great Conrpairioir. "And Jesus went             we sometimes hear inward voices (and some-               Co-operatiitg w i t h the Lord. After the Lord
 with him." Although Jairus' daughter still             times outward voices) saying, "Don't bother           had done His part in raising the girl, H e in-
 lay sick, his prayer was parctically answered,         the Lord any more; the condition is hopeless."        structed the parents to do their part and pre-
 for the Lord Jesus was walking with him to             But Jesus heard that discouraging message             pare food for her. So it is in, all His dealings
 the sick chamber. Those who pray with faith             (verse 36), for H e knows all our discourage-        with us. When H e has done the supernatural
 and earnestness may expect to become con-              ments, and H e said to Jairus, as H e will say        part of the transaction, H e expects us to do
 scious of the presence of the Lord Jesus. Moses        unto us today, "Be not afraid, only believe."         what is within our power. After H e has raised
 refused to lead Israel from Sinai until he was         Fear and worry never help any situation; faith        sinners from spiritual death His instructions to
 sure that Jehovah was with him. Ex. 33:3-15.           a l w a w helps.                                      the workers in H i s kingdom are, "Feed my
 Ezra, returning from Babylon with a group of               Thc Rcsrwrcctwit and the Life. When the           sheep."

   I ...PENTECOST...                                                           DONALD
                                                                                        BY                           A NEW BOOK
                                                                                                                  JUST OFF THE PRESS

                             This Book Contains Nine of Brother Gee% Messages on Pentecostal Subjects
                                                The Following Are Chapters in the New Book:
                                     My Personal Testimony to Pentecost                         Keeping Filled with the Spirit
                                     He Shall Baptize You with the Holy                         HOW to Discern the Voice of the
                                      Ghost         '
                      b                    A Letter to an E n a u ~ r e r
                                                                                                Baptized to be an "Interpreter"
                                     To Seekers After the Baptism In the
                                       Holy Spirit                                              The Fruit of the Spirit
                                                                                                       Temperance (Self-control)
                                     Holiness and ,Spiritual Gifts
                                           A Call to Balance                                    Spiritual Gifts and ~ " a n ~ e l i s r n
            This book contains 93 pages of excellent reading, a;ld is printed on egg-shell paper in very ex-
          cellent type. A copy should be in the hands of every Pentecostal believer. I t is a splendid book to
          give to those who have not received the Baptism as it brings convincing proof that the Baptism
          in the Spirit, accompanied with signs following, i s a scriptural experience.
            We have published this book at the small price of .........................................
                                                                                            - .......---.-..-.            25~
                                                 Order your copy today.
           THE GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                  -                                                        Springfield, Mo.
Page Fowteen                                                            THE PENTECOSTAL'
                                                                                      EVANGEL                                                                          Febrzrary 25, 1933

  W E S T E R N N E W YORK F E L L O W S H I P                   T O P E K A , KANS.-Feb.   24-26, a t 610 Lime St.                        Assembly of God Kings a r t Tenn
                                                               C. Utley Pastor. Noel Perkin and other brethren'                            Full Cospel Assembly g a r t i n g t o n Nebr
                    MEETING '                                  f m m ~p;ingfirld, hfo., will be present to m i n i h e r                   Milroy Bethel Mission Milroy P a
    Pastor Harold J. Snelgrove .reports from                   the Word.                                                                  Pent'l Mission Burnham P a
 Buffalo, N. Y.: "Feb. 1 was a wonderful day
                                                                                            -                                             Assembly of God Campbell Mo
                                                                                                                                          Sweetwater Assembly Sweetwater Okla
                                                                CHICAGO ILL.-Neilo P.. Thomsen o f 'India                                 Assembly of God S S Boynton Okla
:at the Pentecostal Tabernacle, 629 E. Delavan                will b e . splake: for the Ch~cago YO&  ~e0~l.z';                            Pent'l Asembly of God Jobnsville 'Ohio
Ave. This was the anniversary day of fellow-                  Fdiowshlp meetmg a t Stone Church Stewart a n d                              F i r s t Pentecostal Church Mount Union P a
                                                              706h Sts., Feb. 25, 7:45 p. m . - ~ ~A. fSpoi~lg.,                          Assembly of God Per+ Tex
ship meetings, in western New YorK and the                    Chalrman.                                                                   Assembly of God Goodr~ch Colo
:fourth anniversary of the Pentecostal Taber-                                                                                             Assembly of God S S Anadarko Okla
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of God Newark Tex
nacle in Buffalo. The morning was spent in                                                                                                Full Gospel Mission S S Windber P a
 intercessory prayer and waiting upon God.                                                                                                Assembly of Gbd S S Lookeba Okla
                                                                                                                                          Christian Assembly Harrison Ohio
 When the ministers and delegates arrived they                                                                                            Christ's Ambassadors Longdals Okla
.at once went to prayer and the tide of prayer                                                                                            Christ's Ambassadors Sparks Okla
                                                                                                                                          Christ's Ambasadors Pent'l Assembly of God
.arose and fell until noon. About 150 persons                                                                                             Goadrich Cola
 sat down to tables supplied by the Buffalo                                                                                               T h e Assembly of God Church Koshkonong Mo
                                                                                                                                          Sunday School F d l Gospel Assembly Orrville
.church. The ministers and workers' meeting                                                                                               Ohio
 following was attended by the presence of the                                                                                            iss&nbly of God Mission \Vest Tarre H a u t e
 Lord, and the regular meeting at 2:30 began
.with a full house. Meyer Tan Ditter and J.
                                                                                           -                                              Sunday School O'Donnell Tex
                                                                                                                                          Cherry Creek S S Sioux Pass Mont
                                                                P H I L A D E L P H I A , PA.-Highway Missmn Taber-                       S S Class Ethel Mo
'Roswell Flower each brought a message; their                 nacle, comer 19th a n d Creen Sts. Feb. 26 through                          Gree.3 Ridge Assembly Flintstone Md
 unity of thought demonstrated the harmony of                 March. H a r r y E. Bowley. Tulsa, '0kla. Evangelist.                       Christ's Ambasadors Kansas City Ka-
                                                              Services each night except Mondays a; 8:00; Sun-                            Community Gospel Mission and S S Spring-
t h e Spirit's guidance. During the first mes-                days 10:30 and 7:30. Visitors will find rooms and
                                                              meals reasonably priced near the c h u r c h c F l e m Van
                                                                                                                                          fi&l       - --
                                                                                                                                                     M n
                                                                                                                                          Aasrmbly of God Davenport Okla
 sage the Spirit fell on a young woman, and                   Meter. Pastor.                                                              Cambridge Acsembly of God Cambridge Ohio
i n a short time she had received a glorious Bap-                                                                                         Assembly of Cod S S Grceley Colo
?ism. Ministers and visitors, responding to the                                  CHANCE O F DATES                                         Assembly of God S S Warrior Ala
                                                                                                                                          Assemh:y of God Church Hai'ingen T e x
altar call, remained until late in the afternoon               .SUPERIOR,         W1S.-Joint Minnesota and Wiscon-                        Le Mars Full Gospel Asscmbly Le Mars Iowa
weeping and rejoicing. Some of the ministers,                                                                                             Assembly of God S S Yoakum T o r
                                                                                                                                          Young Men's Bible Class Bethel Temple Day-
'having come from long distances had to re-                                                                                               to:, Ohio
turn, but about 25 remained to take part in the                                                                                           Assembly of God Wesson A r k
praise and testimony meeting at night, after                                                                                              U .inn Beach Pe.~tecostal Mission Union
                                                                                                                                          Beach N T
 which E. C. Sikes, Secretary of the District,                  FELLOWSHIP MEETINGS W E S T CENTRAL                                       Snomac Assembly of God Snomac Okla
brought a heart-searching message."                                                          DISTRICT                                     Cedar Rapids Assembly Cedar Rapids Iowa
                                                                Chariton Ia. Feb. 17-19 ~nox;ille ;[a. Feb, 24-26;                        Galilee Pentecostal Mission S S Mjlford Conn
                                                               hena an do ah 1;. March j-5; ~ r i m & n , 'MO. March                      Assembly of God S S Grand P r a m e T e x
                                                              10-12; ~ a n & b a l . ' ~ o . March 14-16; Milan, MO:, March
                                                                                             ,                                            Full Osspel S S Arlingten Wash
LEBANON, PA., I N GRIP O F REVIVAL                            31-Apnl 2. Churchcs and ministers near these con-                           Assembly of God S S Chickasha Okla
                                                              ventcons are expected t o cooperate.-Roy            E. Scott.               Pentecostal Church Dorchester Nebr
   "Pentecostal showers of blessing are falling
in our midst," writes Pastor S. R. McComsey.                  Dist. Supt.       -                                                         Full Gospel Missmn Araade N Y
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of God Bucklin Mo
                                                                                                                                          Heights Full Gospel Center Peoria Ill
"Recently 29 have found Christ as their Sav-                    B A T T L E C R E E K M1CH.-Evangelist                and Mrs.            F o r t Pla1.i~ S S Freehold N J
iour and 12 have received the Holy Ghost. The                 James Roland ~ u m n ; e l , of Philaddphia Pa. preach-                     Mt. Zion S S Riverton Iowa
                                                              era and singers will co.lduct a n old1fashibned re-                         Sandy Land S S El Dorado Ark
power of*      falls even when we have no                     vival a t the Chhrch of the Fourfold Gospel Pente-                          Pentecostal S S Gerald Mo
preaching. Six were saved last Sunday. Two                    costal 303 Capital Ave. N. E. beginning 'Feb. 19.                           Pentecostal S S Ava I11
                                                              ~ e r v i l e seach night exc.zpt ~ a t u ; d a p a t 7330. Evan.           Asssmhly of God Boottsbluff Nebr
young women have been healed of T. B. Two                     gelists may be lcached clo P a s t o r A. N. Trotter,                       Full Gotipel P m t ' l S S Winter Garden Fla
of the Mormon faith have been saved and bap-
tized with the Holy Ghost. Each Thursday and
                                                              53 N. Unien St.
                                                                       OKLAHOMA S E C T I O N A L M E E T I N G S
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of Cod Baker Ore
                                                                                                                                          Full Gospel Tab'n Newberg Ore
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of Gnd Lockney T e x
Sunday the place is crowded. The entire town                     North Central Section, Drumright March 7-9;                              Assembly of God Frankston T e x
is becoming interested and awakened; the                      E. E. Baker Pastor Wallace                    rag^,          Wellston       Nagnolia P a r k Christ's Ambasadors .Houston
                                                              Presbyter. ~ d u k h ce&al Section, Senunole, M a r d
enemy is beginning to oppose but this has only                13-15. Berl Dodd P a s t o r ; J. A. Linn 405 N. Elm                        Chrtst's Ambassadws Miami Olila
                                                              ~ h a \ ; n e ~ ~ r e s b y i e r . Southeast ~ e c t i d n March n:        Two Y a u n t Ladies' Bible Class-s Four Fold
increased the people's desire to attend the                   30, ~ c ~ i e s t Thomas Gray 416 Chickkaw, P a s t o r
                                                                                      e r                                                 S S Taft a l ~ f
meetmgs."                                                     All meetings 'convene on th; night before t h e firsi                   .   Assembly of God Quanah Tex
                                                                                                                                          Denver Assembly of God Houston Tex
                                                              date ennounced and continue 3 full days. Those want-                        Berean Class Ewing Mo
                                                              i n g license o r ordination mlease apply in person                         Bascom Assembly Tyler T e x
  Pastor and Mrs. Daniel S. Percival, Sumrall.                recommended by a n ordahed minister. Rooms a d                              Pcntecostal Tabernacle S S Sydney F l a
                                                              boald free as f a r a 5 poss~hle A full Hible school                        Christ's Ambassadors of Oklahoma Enid Okla
Miss., report: "We have been in a good re-                    study will be taught. James Hutsell Wm. B. Mc-                              Peytecostal Assembl of God S S Guthrie Okla
vival at Sidonia Church, Sharon, Tenn. From                   Cafferty Wallace Bragg and athirs, ~n charge                                Westernport ~ s s e m & y Westernpart Md
                                                              HoveryoLe is invited to att'end.                                            Gospel Gleaners Calvary Tabernacle Camden
the first night the meeting was well attended                                                                                             'hi    T
and the crowds kept increasing, with many                                                                                                 &kbly          of Cod S S Angleton Tex
deeply convicted of sin. Ry the time this                                                                                                 l'vtecostsl      Mission Excelslor Mo
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of God Galena Kans
reaches you we plan to be in the midst of                                                                                                 Assembly of God Church Santa A n n a T e x
a revival effort here!'*                                                                                                                  Assembly of God S S' Charleston A r k
                                                                                                                                          Pcatecostil S S T h a y e r Mo
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of God Oswego Kane
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of Gad Colony Okla           '
                                                                                                                                          Sunday School Angora Nebr
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of God Ashland Ohio
                                                                                                                                          Assembly of God S S Blackwell Okla
  Pray for all forthcoming meetings. Notice of meet-                                                                                      Assembly of Cod S S Puxico Mo
ings shsuld be received    us three full weeks before                                                                                     Full Gospel Revival Mission Anaconda Mont
the meeting is t o start.                                                                                                                 Crichtol Assembly Crichton Ala
                                                                                                                                          Assembly af God O h e y Tex
  B E L L E Y I L L E , ILL.-Willa Short begins a revival                                                                                 Bethel S S Glencoe Okla
Feb. 19, to continue 3 weeks.-L.        E King, Pastor,                                                                                   Christ's Ambassadors Front Royal V a
19 N. 37th St.                                                                                                                            Assembly of God Oroville Calif
                                                                                                                                          Bellbrwk Mission Dayton Ohio
 OKMULGEE. OK%.-James               Salter, af England.                                                                                   Assembly of God Church Chaffee M o
                                                   - . W.
will conduct a r e v ~ v a l Feb. I - h f a r c h 5 1                          C P E N F O R CALLS                                        St.>de-t's Missionary Ba.d Ce tr21 Bible Inst.
Zimmerman, Secretary-Treasurer.                                                     Evangelistic                                          Springfield Mb
                                                                                                                                          Grace and T r u t h Tab'n Kermaq Calif
  L A K M O O D N. 1.-A.     E Steurnagel will eon-             Thelma Cotto,, Tucapau. S. C., Box 12.3. "I a m                           Denvcr Assembly of God S S Houston T e x
duct a n evangilistic Biblr conference Feb. 14-23 a t         a young woman ,\vith high school education a n d                            Bald Hill Assembly Haskell Okla
Full Goqpel Tabernacle, 322 HL 5th St.. Evangelist            Bible school trai11i.g in fellowship with the Snuth                         Christ's Ambassadors Broken Arrow Okla
Inez Woods in c h a r g e                                     Florida District ~ e u h "                                                  Assembly of God Dad's Corner T e x
                                                                                                                                          Hester Pentecostal Assembly of God Owenton
  E L CENTRO, CALIF.-Prophetic        full gospel rc-               WORLD MISSIONS CONTRIBUTIONS                                          Rv
vival beginning Feb. 26. Wm. F. A. Gierke, the evan-                        February 1 to 9 inclusive                                     &denvillc        Pent'l Assrmbly Bradenville P a
gelist, will also speak a t the, Holtville fellowship           All personal offerings amount t o $884.69                                 Home Cardens Assembly of Cod S S and C A
meeting. Feb. Z7.-C.    E. Shields, Pastor.                      Z1 Ione Pentecostal S S Ione Ore on                                           - .-
                                                                                                                                          - - . .. - . .
                                                                                                                                          T,II.~ nLill
                         -                                       50 *~yslape
                                                                                 Pent'l Assembly o f God Proctor                          Elm Street C h a d WavnnLx Okla
   M O N T I C E L W ARK.-Bible     Conference Feb. 21-         1.00 P m t ' l Assembly of God Aransas p a s s T e x
76 David ~ u r r i ; , State Superintendent, will be with
 ..                                                             1.00 Assembly of God S a n Jon N Mex
us. T h e local church will care for all ministers              1.M  Class Seven Bethel Temple Dayton Ohio
a n d workers.-Roy     Canady, Sectional Presbyter, W a r -     1.02 Assembly of God Deming N Mex
ren.                                                            1.96 Saginaw Assembly Saginaw Mich                                        &iembly           of God Sparks Okla
February 25,1933                                              THE PENTECOBTAL
                                                                           EVANGEL                                                    Page Fifteen
  5tB Christ's Ambassadors Bethel Temple St. Louis
  5.50 Assembly of Gbd S S Maxwell Nebr
  560 Assembly of God S S Preepqrt T?
 .5.70 Trinity Pentecostal Church Mtdlothtan Md
  5.75 Linn Grove Assembly of God Church Linn
         Grove Iowa
  5.75 Assembly of God S S Smithville Tex
  592   aroso S S Jamso Colo.
  6.00 &inslow S S Winslow Ark
  6 4 Chester Pentecostal Tabernacle Chester Pa
  6.50 Ladies' Missionary Council Highlands Ts;
  650 Trinity Missionary Band Youngstom Ohio
  6 5 Pentecostal S S Heppner Oreg
  658 Pentecostal S S Pomeroy Wash
  6.60 Christ's Ambassadors Hill City Kans
  7.073 Ashland Pentecostal Assembly Ashland Pa
  7.00 Full Gospel Assembly Vallejo Calif
  7.03 Pentecostal Cbnrch of God and Chnst White
        Citv Kans
  7.16 Women's Foreign Missionary Council Alton Ill
  724 Assembly of God S S Carthage MO
  7-82 Assembly of God Church Keenesburg Cola
  8.00 Assembly of God Tab'n Muskogee Okla
  8.00 Assembly of God S S ~ ( o r t        Arthur Ten
  8.80 Jeannette Assembly Jeannette Pa
  8.00 Assembly of God Salina Kans
  8.05 Full Gospel Assembly Penny-A-Day Club May-
        wwd Calif
  8.30 Assembly of Cod S S P r a t t Kans
  8.54 Haverbill Pente'costal Mission Haverhjll Mass
  8.68 Kingston Assembly and S S Laurel Miss
  8.75 Assembl          of God Collinsville Okl?
  8.91 Glad ~ J n g r         Assemb!y , Weed Cahf
  9.00 Fatrhaven Gaspel U s s t o n S S 5 .Bcllingbam
        Assembly of Gsd Church Tarkio &lo
        Full Gsspel Church Hamilton Mont
        Pentecostal Gospel Tabernacle E St Louis Ill
        Assembly of God 9 S Sarento Ill
        Assembly of God S S Mt Morris Pa
        Pentecostal S ,S Salem N J
        Mansfield Chnst's Ambassadors Mansfield 0
                                                             41 We know these are trying days for many. You may not
        Assembly of God Bad Axe Mich
        Calvary Evangehst~cChurch lamita Calif
                                                             have a dollar for a year's subscription to the Penrecostal Evan-
        Christ's Ambassadors Brookfield Mo
        Full Gospel Asbcmbly Freeport P a
                                                             gel. However you can send us 50c and we will send you the
        Bethany Temple Everett Wash
        Glad Tidings Temple San Francisco Calif
                                                             paper for six months, and in addition will give you T h e Com-
        Cdad Tidings T a b m a c l e Hornell N Y
        Christ's Ambassadors United Pcnt'l Church
                                                             ing Crises and the Coming Christ, a book written by the editor
        Bridgeport Conn
        Saginaw Gospel Tabernacle Saginaw 'Mich
                                                             of the Evangel.
        Assembly of God Newto., Iowa
        Casino Full Gospel ~ s i e m b l y Pillager Minn
        First Pentecostal S S Wilmington Dela
                                                             41 Concerning this book Dr. Frank S. Weston writes in the
        Bcthel Assembly of God Phoenix +riz                  E~angelicol    Christian, "This book deals with the present world
        Pcnt'ecostal S S and Church N a r r ~ s b n r g Pa
        Assembly of God S S Pawbnska Okla
        P a ~ n e s v ~ l l a Gosuel Tabernacle Pa~nesviUe
                                                             crisis and the coming crises winding up with the coming of
        Riverside Tabernacle S S and Bible Class Flint
                                                             Christ. T h e 2nd and 7th chapters of Daniel are dealt with.
         Glad Tidings Tabernacle Rosevill? Calif
                                                             Chapters 2 and 3 are excellent, summing up events that have
         First Pentecostal Church Colurnb~a P a
         First Pentecostal Church Altoma Pa
                                                             transpired in Jewry and the other nations since the great war.
         N. Peoria and Haskcll Assembly Tulsa Okla
         Hammond Cosl?el Tab'n Hammond Ind
                                                             I t is interesting to see God's plan being perfected as these great
         Assembly of God S S W Monroe La
         Pentecostal Church and S S Long Branch N J
                                                             facts of modern history are presented. These facts should
         First Pentecostal Churoh Warren Ohio
         Assembly of God Barine Kans
                                                             be known by all students of the Lord's coming."
         Assembly of God Mattwn Ill
         Calvary Pentecostal Assemblv Galcsbure Ill          qlThis book will be sent as a premium gift with a fifty-cent
                                                             six months' subscription to the Pentecostal Evangel. Those
                                                             living outside the United States please add 25c to pay for extra
                                                             (91 If you wish to subscribe for your friends for 6 months, we
                                                             will send this s~ecial r e m i u m book free to them. You can
                                                             use the subscrip&on b l k k below.

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Zl9.38 Bethel Temple Los Angeles Calif                                        .
Total amount rrported                                        Subscription                                      Strwt or P. 0. Box
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Repo?ted a s given direct to home mis-
   sms .  .                                58.38
                                                                                                                                                    - .
                                                                                                                                      '    r        - -
Page Sixteen                                             THE PENTECOSTAL
                                                                       EVANGEL                                                       Febrztary 4'5, 1933
                                                                                                                                                     . -

6                                                                                   4

II                                                      As you awake, do you turn first to
                                                     the written Word of your Father and
                                                     say: "Open Thou mine eyes that I
                                                     may behold wondrous things out of
                                                     Thy 'law"? Do you know the sweet
                                                     promise concerning His Word, "When
                                                     thou sleepest it shall keep thee, and
                                                     when thou awakest it shall talk with
                                                     thee" ? Prov. 6 :22.
                                                        Do you come early in the morning to
                                                     the Father's storehouse to trade there?
                                                     Bringing in all the tithes, do you wait
                                                     and prove Him till H e pours out
                                                     a blessing that not only gives you grace
                                                     sufficient, but according to the heaven-
                                                     ly scale is "good measure, pressed
                                                     down, shaken together and running               -,,..-..
                                                     over," even the blessing of God which          Copyright by S.   S. Times.   Used by   permission.
           THE MORNING WATCH                         maketh rich7a blessing which there
                                                     is not room enough in your lit-                 THE KEY TO OPEN THE
                WAKENETHMINE EAR"                    tle heart to contain? I t must                        HEAVENS
                                                     run over to others. "I will bless thee,           Did you ever pray very earnestly
            Child of God do you keep "the            ... and thou shalt be a blessing." Such
         morning watch"? Do you make it the                                                         and repeatedly for the Lord to open
                                                     a beginning as this to the day will pre-       the windows of heaven and pour you
         habit of your life each day to see your     pare you to meet whatever of duty,
         Father's face before you see the face                                                      out a blessing? Yet the blessing did
                                                     trial or service there may come, and           not come. And perhaps you felt a
         of man? Do you daily hear His voice         will make it to your soul one of "the
     .    before you listen to the ,voices and the   days of heaven upon earth."
                                                                                                    little hard toward the Lord and ac-
                                                                                                    cused Him of unfaithfulness. But
         din of this world? Do you read His
                                                        "They that wait upon the Lord shall         notice the condition upon which the
         handwriting in the Word before you
         look into your letters, the papers, or      renew their strength; they shall mount         Lord pfomises the outpoured bless-                    .
          other books? Once .more I would            up with wings as eagles; they shall            ing; "Bring y~ all' the tithes (tenth of
         ask you, do you do business with your       run and not' be weary; they shall walk         your income) into the storehouse, that
         God before you take up the business         and not faint." Isa. 40:31.                    there may be meat in mine house, and
         and the duties of your daily life?                                                         prove me now herewith (that is, with
                                                                                                    the tenth), saith the Lord of hosts,
            'Tis well for thee if thou canst an-                                                    if I will not open you the windows of
         swer truly: "Yes ; !He wakeneth mom-                                                       heaven, and pour you out a blessing
         ing by morning, H e wakeneth mine ear                                                      that there shall not be room enough
         to hear as those that are taught.' " Isa.
         50:4, R. V.                                    . . . Have You?. ..                         to receive .it."
                                                                                                       The tenth is the key. Apply the
            I have heard Mr. Hudson Taylor               The Lord said of the woman, "She           key. Take the tenth out of your poc-
         tell how, once on his return after sev-      hath done what she could" Have you            ket and give it to the Lord. Then
         eral years absence from his family           done what you can t o help dsh-ibute
                                                      a million tracts during the months of         what will happen? Why, He will open
         in China, he reached home in the early       February and March?                           the windows of heaver1 and pour out
         morning and -went to the cot* where             T h e two tracts printed on this page      a blessing. Fulfill the conditions and
         his little daughter lay asleep. Fondly       are samples fTom the twenty-two new           God will fulfill the promise.
         he stood by her side, looking into her       illustrated tracts which we have just            We are toTd in Lev. 27:30 that the - -
               and waiting till she should awake.     completed for the Million Tract Cam-          tenth is the Lord's. Men cannot break
              ently the little one moved, stretch-    galgn.                                        into heaven and steal some of the'
         eh- herself, then opened .her eyes-             Order a good supply a t once and           harps, but many a man who prides
         they opened upon her father's tender,        give one t o your delivery boy, milk          himself on his honesty is guilty of
                                                      man, your ailing friend, and m a n y
         loving gaze. What a moment!                  others with whom you come i n con-            stealing from God what really be-
            Child of God, do you know that            tact, and in this way become a bless-         longs to Him. The Bible asks the
         your Father stands bending over              ing t o some needy soul.                      question, "Will a man rob God?'
         your bedside each morning, and longs            Remember the following are special         Then the people asked, "Wherein have
         for you to open your eyes upon Him,          prices and are made f o r ' this Million      we robbed thee?' and God answered, -
                                                      Tract Campaign, which closes April            "In tithes and offerings."
         and to look into His face till you catch     1st: .
         the light of His eye resting in His                                                           Do not be guilty of this sin but
         love upon you? What strength for all            1 pound                        WdO         bring Him all the tithes, and then you
         the coming day will this vision give
                                                         3 pounds                       .    .0
                                                                                            10      can count on open heavens.
                                                        10 PO&                               .0
         thee! "The Lord looked upon Gideon             IS pounds                           5.00
         and said, Go in this thy might."               37 pounds               .           10.00
            Have you learned like little Samuel                   Order From
         of bld to awake d l attent to the voice            Gospel Puhlishinp House                  reap sparingly; and he which soweth
         of God. and to say at once, "Speak,                    Springfield, Mo.
                                                                                                     bountifully shall~alsoreap bountifully."
         Lord, for Thy servant heareth"?

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