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									    Barack Obama

Student Name: Arlene Ricketts
Who is Barack Obama?
          •   Barack Obama became in 2008 the
              first African American to be elected
              president of the United States.
              Obama, a Democrat, had represented
              Illinois in the United States Senate
              since 2005. Before being elected to
              the U.S. Senate, Obama served for
              eight years in the Illinois Senate. In the
              2008 presidential election, Obama
              defeated Senator John McCain, a
              Republican from Arizona. In a heated
              fight for the Democratic nomination,
              Obama had defeated Hillary Rodham
              Clinton, a U.S. senator from New York
              and former first lady.
Who are the people in Obama’s
     immediate family?
               •   Michelle Obama, née Robinson, the
                   wife of Barack Obama, was born on
                   January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois.
                   She is a lawyer and, was a University
                   of Chicago Hospital vice-president.
                   She is the First Lady of the United
               •   Barack and Michelle Obama have two
                   daughters: Malia Ann (born on July 4,
                   1998), and Natasha (known as
                   Sasha), born on June 10, 2001.
               •    Sashay is the youngest child to reside
                   in the White House since John F.
                   Kennedy, Jr. lived for the first three
                   years of his life. Sasha is also the first
                   White House resident born in the 21st
What colleges did Obama attend?
                •    After graduation from high school,
                    Obama enrolled at Occidental College
                    in Los Angeles.
                •   In 1981, Obama transferred to
                    Columbia University in New York City.
                    Obama received a bachelor’s degree
                    in political science from the university
                    in 1983.
                •   Obama entered Harvard Law School in
                    1988 and graduated magna cum
                    laude (with great honor) in 1991. In
                    law school, he became the first African
                    American to serve as president of
                    the Harvard Law Review.
What is Obama’s favorite sport?
                •   Obama loved to play basketball.
                •   Obama was a reserve player on the
                    Punahou School basketball team that
                    won the state title in 1979. For his
                    success at making long-range jump
                    shots, his teammates gave him the
                    nickname “Barry O’Bomber.”
What do I like the most about
               •   I like the fact that Obama was a black
                   child that succeeded, besides the fact
                   that its hard for a black person to be
                   somebody so important.

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