County Uses GPS Tracking to Monitor DUI Offenders by zhangyun


									                              BI CaSe STUDy:
                              Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

                                           County Uses GPS Tracking
                                           to Monitor DUI Offenders

Several probation-operated
     programs such as
GPS electronic monitoring,
   drug treatment court
  and day reporting have
     helped to reduce
   Cumberland County’s
prison overcrowding issues.

                                 • County was faced with rising prison population, budget
                                   deficits and projected tax increases
                                 • Several alternatives to incarceration have been
                                   implemented to reduce prison overcrowding
                                 • County is using highest form of offender monitoring –
                                   active GPS tracking
                                 • The electronic monitoring program has saved 14,000
                                   bed-days at the county prison in its first 15 months
Cumberland County is a 550-square-mile                land County Electronic Monitoring Program          sion” or “inclusion” zones for the person and
county in southern Pennsylvania that is home          was implemented in May of 2006. It was de-         precise curfews and schedules.
to about 226,000 residents. The county con-           veloped specifically for DUI offenders, who
tains only one prison, a prison that faces some       under the 2004 DUI law are mandated to serve       If an alert is generated, BI forwards the alert to
overcrowding issues. These crowding problems          90-day and one-year minimum sentences for          the supervising agency via pager, email, email-
were exacerbated by a tough Pennsylvania law          second- and third-time DUI offenses, respec-       enabled cell phone, fax, or a combination of
passed in 2004 mandating prison time for sec-         tively, behind bars.                               these methods. County probation officers spec-
ond- and third-offense DUI convictions. This                                                             ified this advanced equipment because they
law has accelerated the prison inmate census,         Now, through the county’s electronic moni-         want immediate notification of a zone violation
with the county nearing its capacity of 398 sev-      toring program, second-time DUI recipients         so they can contact the offender or intervene as
eral times in recent years.                           spend 30 days in a work release center and are     needed. The system enables agencies to know
                                                      then placed on house arrest for 60 days under      where criminal offenders released to commu-
While a $25 million prison expansion that will        electronic monitoring. Third-time offenders        nity supervision are throughout the day.
accommodate an additional 160 prisoners is            now spend 120 days in a work release center
scheduled for completion in 2008, Cumberland          and 245 days on electronic monitoring. Previ-      The County’s IP coordinator plays a large role
County officials sought other, less expensive         ously, third-time DUI offenders averaged 136       in determining who is eligible for the electronic
options to reduce jail overcrowding and help          days in the county prison. By allowing these       monitoring program. Among other factors,
deter future DUI offenses. As a result, the           inmates to serve their sentences in the commu-     the individual must be a second- or third-time
county developed several alternatives for low-        nity, significant savings are achieved and these   offender, must not have any other criminal
risk offenders that involved community-based          individuals can work, support their families       charges and must be a Cumberland County
supervision. These programs are managed by            and contribute to the local economy.               resident. Today, two Cumberland County pro-
the Cumberland Adult Probation Department                                                                bation officers monitor up to 40 DUI offenders
within a broader program called Intermediate          Cumberland County selected BI Incorporated         at a time using ExacuTrack AT, meaning up to
Punishment (IP). Through IP, Cumberland               for the program’s electronic monitoring tech-      40 prison beds are readily available for high-
County has implemented several new pro-               nology in 2006. Cumberland County selected         risk offenders. Participants of the program are
grams for DUI offenders, including:                   technology that would provide the greatest         also required to pay $11 a day, saving taxpayer
                                                      level of detail about an offender being super-     dollars.
• Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition              vised in the community – BI ExacuTrack™ AT.
  (ARD), which is available to first-time offend-     This intensive offender monitoring system in-      The IP program places a large emphasis on ad-
  ers and usually includes community service          cludes active Global Positioning System (GPS)      dressing offender risks and therapeutic needs,
  and other requirements                              technology that provides probation officials       such as drug and alcohol counseling. Under
                                                      with near real-time monitoring of community-       Pennsylvania state law, any individual who
• A day reporting center, where offenders             supervised offenders. ExacuTrack AT includes       receives a DUI must undergo a new drug and
  check in on a daily basis for classes or training   an ankle-mounted transmitter, a GPS track-         alcohol evaluation, and consequently, must
                                                      ing unit worn by the offender when he or she       complete recommended treatment. Finally, the
• A tough electronic monitoring program                                                                  public is very aware and supportive of these
                                                      leaves home, a base station installed in the
First-time DUI offenders are typically ordered        offender’s home and a central monitoring           creative approaches to reducing prison over-
to the ARD program. If they comply with con-          computer maintained by BI at its 24/7 national     crowding and managing correctional resources
ditions of release and do not have additional         monitoring center, the BI GuardCenter®. The        wisely.
offenses, their record is cleared. The Cumber-        supervising agency details a schedule of “exclu-

     THe reSUlTS
     • Cumberland County’s several options for supervising DUI                 • By keeping control of the prison capacity, additional costs to
       offenders in the community have helped to keep prison over-               house inmates in nearby jails or prisons are being avoided.
       crowding at bay.
                                                                               • By having offenders pay $11 a day to participate in the elec-
     • After 15 months, approximately 14,000 bed-days have been                  tronic monitoring program, costs to administer the program
       saved at the prison – 39 beds per day.                                    are being lowered.
     • Through 15 months, 146 offenders have been sentenced to
       the electronic monitoring program.                                      TeCHnOlOGy:
                                                                               • BI ExacuTrack™ AT
     • The data provided through GPS offender monitoring pro-                  • BI GuardCenter®
       vides Cumberland County Adult Probation with timely in
       formation to aid courts in sentencing, release decisions and
       enforcement of court-ordered sanctions.
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