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									The Ramayana
Background on Ramayana
   “The Journey of Rama”
   Written down by Valmiki (400 BC). Considered
    the first true poet of India.
   Written in a rhymed verse form called sloka,
    named for soka, the Sanskrit word for grief.
   Valmiki spotted a pair of herons nesting in a tree,
    and witnessed the male heron being shot and
    killed by a hunter. He was so affected by the
    female’s grief that he cursed the hunter and
    decided that sloka was the perfect medium for
    conveying the story of Rama and the separation
    from his wife, Sita.
The story of Rama
 Rama is exiled to the forest for 14 years
  at the will of his stepmother, who wished
  her own son to be heir to the throne
  instead of Rama. Sita, his wife, and
  Lakshmana, his brother, go with him.
 Rama and Lakshmana kill demons,
  including a female demon who is the sister
  of Ravana, a powerful demon with 10
  heads and 20 arms who rules the island of
The story of Rama (continued)
 In revenge for the killing of his sister,
  Ravana kidnapps Sita, Rama’s wife.
 Rama allies with Sugreeva, the king of the
  monkeys, and Hanuman, the monkey
  general, who finds Sita. She has remained
  loyal to Rama and refuses to let anyone
  except Rama touch her, even to help her.
 Rama and the monkeys prepare to wage
  war on Ravana.
Characteristics of an
 The hero is a figure of great importance to a culture, exhibiting the
  qualities that culture considers ideal.
 The hero often has superhuman powers or strengths.
 The setting is vast, covering entire countries, the world, or even the
 Supernatural figures (angels, demons, etc.) are often involved and
  interested in the outcome.
 Often contains universal themes (good vs. evil, desire for eternal life, etc.)
Vishnu, one of the three Hindu gods within the trinity of Brahma.
Rama is thought to be an incarnation of Vishnu. He is considered
to be the essence of all being, the preserver, and the color of the
Rama, king of ancient India and seventh avatar (incarnation) of the Hindu
god Vishnu. Rama was created to destroy Ravana (an evil demon), his
adversary. Rama is thought to be the perfect man and serves as a role
model to Hindu people. He is often depicted as being the color blue.
Sita, wife of Rama. She is thought to be an incarnation of the Hindu
goddess Lakshmi, Vishnu’s wife, the goddess of wealth, fortune, and
beauty. Because of her unwavering devotion to her husband in the
face of trial, she is considered the model of perfect womanhood.
Ravana, a demon with ten heads and twenty arms, who kidnaps Sita and
faces Rama in battle.

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