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									                                                   DANIEL A. KIRKDORFFER
(Address and phone number available by request)                                                      http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielkirkdorffer

                                                    SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER
Extensive experience in all facets of application development. Possessing excellent interpersonal, analytical,
organizational, managerial, written and technical skills. Highly motivated employee who brings to every job a high
level of passion, dedication, excellent communication skills and an assiduous attention to detail.
Core strengths in:
         Java, J2EE and Web-based Development                                           User Experience and UI Design
         Enterprise Business Applications, Reporting,                                   Customer and Client Interfacing,
          MVC and Internationalization                                                    Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
         Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering,                                  Dual Citizen (British / American),
          Specifications and Documentation                                                Bilingual (English / French)

                                              TECHNICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES
Platforms:                        Windows, Linux, UNIX, SUN Solaris
Languages:                        Java, Perl, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Shell Scripts, Ruby, SAS, VBA
RDBMS:                            Oracle, MySQL, DB2, HSQLDB, Informix, Sybase
Frameworks:                       Spring MVC, Struts, custom MVC frameworks, Rails
Application Servers:              Tomcat, Apache, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss
Methodologies:                    Agile, Scrum (Certified ScrumMaster), Iterative, RAD, Waterfall, Continuous Integration
Technologies:                     JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, EJB, JPA, JSTL, Java Mail, AWT, RMI, JUnit, Selenium,
                                  Log4j, DHTML, YUI, Ajax, CGI, iBatis, Hibernate, Spring Security, Velocity, JFreeChart,
                                  MS Reporting Services, XML, Laszlo, DTD, XSD, XSL, XSLT, StAX, JAXB, JAX-RS,
                                  Web Services, SOA, SOAP, REST, SonicMQ, SwiftMQ, MQ Series, Sonic ESB
Development Tools:                Eclipse, UltraEdit, Visual Studio, DbVisualizer, Firebug, Ant, Maven, Jenkins/Hudson,
                                  CruiseControl, Bugzilla, ClearQuest
Version Control:                  CVS, SubVersion, ClearCase, Visual Source Safe, Perforce

                                                       PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
ISOFTSTONE,   Kirkland, WA                                                                                                      2010 – Present
Senior Developer
Part of an Agile development team enhancing AT&T's Developer Program site and services.

CGI, Bellevue, WA                                                                                2007 – 2010
Senior Consultant
Worked on multiple Java-based, SQL-heavy reporting related projects during a 3 year assignment at Marchex.
Provided mentoring, wrote technical specifications, documented procedures and systems, and worked closely with
QA teams on test plans.
 Led effort to enhance a Spring MVC based reporting UI. Took charge of JavaScript, YUI and JSP front end
development, as well as backend DAO SQL calls to Oracle and MySQL databases via iBatis.
 Enhanced MS SQL Server Reporting Services and email-based reports.
 Created new RESTful resource adapters for a partner data acquisition system, parsing XML using StAX.

CODESIC CONSULTING, Kirkland, WA                                                                    2004 – 2007
Principal Consultant                                                                                2006 – 2007
Provided technical consulting leadership in business development during initial engagements with new clients as a
Java SME, and engaged in hands-on Java development.
 Led rescue of a floundering JSP based, Oracle data query application for Northwest Administrators Inc., a
benefits admin company. Refactored entire system within a month.

An always up-to-date version of this resume can be found at http://www.kirkdorffer.com/resume.html
DANIEL A. KIRKDORFFER                                                                                 PAGE TWO
 Converted a WAP based application to Arabic for Qpass (now Amdocs Interactive). Internationalized code to
support other languages and locales. Provided training to Tier 3 support personnel.

Software Engineer                                                                                     2004 – 2006
Assigned to client projects requiring Java expertise with business analyst acumen.
 Revitalized a troubled billing collections letter project at Cingular Wireless (now AT&T Mobility). Overcame a
highly charged, political work environment to make the project a success.
 Lead developer and designer of a Laszlo, Flash-based rich client UI for a web-based content management
system at Dwango Wireless.
 Helped develop a Scrum managed project creating a JSP / EJB / DB2 web-based state calendaring application
for the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

VERSATILE (formerly VERSATILE MOBILE SYSTEMS), Lynnwood, WA                                    2001 – 2004
Senior Software Engineer
Contributed to development of various handheld device systems. Provided systems admin and database support
to development teams. Served as primary technical contact to Canadian and UK offices.
 Developed Palm based ordering / scanning system using kAWT / KJava with IBM J9 / Visual Age ME.
 Supported a grocery delivery system for Palm devices, and bookseller route management and inventory
tracking system for Pocket PC, using WebLogic with Oracle, MQ Series AMI and JMS.
 Produced reports leveraging XML interfaces transformed via XSLT.
 Managed and tracked development project tasks, produced technical documentation, and frequently interfaced
with upper management. Developed continuous integration builds using CruiseControl.

ENOM INC.,  Redmond, WA                                                                              2001
Independent Java Contractor
Provided Java expertise to assist in the growth of this domain name registrar.
 Developed Java interfaces to EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) Registry / Registrar Toolkit API for
handling .INFO domain name registration.
 Earned Afilias registrar acceptance certification for eNom.

WEBVISION INC. (formerly SYLLOGISTICS LLC), Redmond, WA                                              1998 – 2001
Senior Consultant
 Investigated and prototyped solutions using JMS and RMI, and provided technical assistance with IBM
WebSphere Application Server at Cantametrix.
 Provided Java development and design consulting expertise for a variety of three-tier JSP / Servlet / JavaScript
based projects for NACN group at AT&T Wireless.
 Developed server-side engines to Informix and Oracle via JDBC, ACL hooks using LDAP, and Majordomo
mailing lists.

                                                           PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT
Webmaster, DISCIPLINE GLOBAL MOBILE, Salisbury, England
Sr. Technical Consultant, ZEAL, INC., Northbrook, IL
Senior Analyst, COMED (an EXELON CORPORATION Company), Chicago, IL

BSc, Computer Science / Math, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

                                                     SIDE PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES
 Designed, organized, created and maintained various web sites, including The Official King Crimson Web Site,
Elephant Talk, and The Pacific NW Topic Hotlist.
 Reviewed a couple of the first JSP books: Web Development with Java Server Pages, by Duane K. Fields and
Mark A. Kolb, and JavaServer Pages, by Larne Pekowsky.
 Created a well regarded Visual Café Tips site, and participate in Java Internet newsgroups, mailing lists, and
frequently attend the annual JavaOne conference, as well as local user groups and programming study groups.

An always up-to-date version of this resume can be found at http://www.kirkdorffer.com/resume.html

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