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									Nursery Organization
Once your nursery is complete with crib and bedding, it’s time to get
organized! Since baby’s clothing does not require much hanging room,
an armoire or closet organizer is an ideal way to maximize your space.
Use it to separate hanging and folded items.
• Another smart idea is to organize clothing by size. Some items will
  be worn right away – like layette bodysuits and blanket sleepers – and should
  be kept front and center. Larger sized clothing can be hung in a different part
  of your closet.
• Of course, not everything will be hung up. That’s where baskets
  and bins come in! We carry a selection of soft fabric colors to match any
  nursery. Fill them up with bedding, little hats and booties, even soft toys.
  Whether you use them in the closet, armoire or under the crib, they’re a
  storage must for all nurseries!

In Search of the Right Crib Mattress
The second most important part of the crib is the mattress. When pricing the crib, it’s important
that you keep in mind the cost of a good quality mattress too. Since your little one will be spending
a lot of time sleeping, the mattress is vital to your baby’s comfort and safety. It is worthwhile to
invest a little time in choosing a good, long-lasting mattress that meets your satisfaction.

Crib Mattresses
Innerspring mattresses are by far the                                                 • Quilted vinyl or multiple layers of
most popular. They usually consist of a                                                 laminated vinyl reinforced with
metal spring unit with coil counts that                                                 nylon adds to the durability and
range from 150 to 600. The spring unit                                                  water-resistance of any mattress.
comes encased with light padding and                                                  • Fabric binding along the seams
insulators for added comfort. The                                                       allows air to escape, preventing
mattresses are bordered with wire rods                                                  the seams from straining and
that prevent sagging along the edges                                                    splitting over time from pressure
and help keep the shape better. The                                                     caused by the child’s movements.
                                               What to Look For
insulating material, too, affects the                                                 • Carefully positioned vent holes
                                             • Always check the mattress for            help to keep the mattress fresher,
durability of a mattress. Most innerspring
                                               firmness. Compare the firmness           by allowing odors to escape and
mattresses have waterproof exteriors.
                                               of crib mattresses by squeezing          to alleviate air pressure against
Other features you might look for when
                                               at the edges and at the center.          the seams.
buying a mattress may include: dense-
                                             • Always measure the crib for
foam cushioning for comfort, a hypo-
                                               mattress size, especially if it’s an
allergenic/flame-retardant cover for                                                    Crib Mattress Safety Tips
                                               older crib. New crib mattresses
safety and a bacteria-resistant & static-                                               • Never use the mattress’ plastic
                                               measure approximately 515⁄8 inches         shipping bag or any other plastic to
resistant cover.
                                               (length) by 271⁄4 inches (width) and       waterproof the mattress. Children can
                                                                                          suffocate on plastic.
                                               cannot exceed a 6-inch thickness.        • Leave no more than an adult two-
                                               The mattress should fit the crib           finger width space between the
                                                                                          mattress & the crib to prevent the
                                               snugly, leaving no more than a two-        child’s body or face from getting
                                               finger width space between the             trapped in the gap.
                                               mattress and the side of the crib.       • Firmer is better! Soft, down-filled
                                                                                          mattresses have been linked in
                                                                                          some studies to Sudden Infant Death
                                                                                          Syndrome (SIDS).

All You Need for a Well-Dressed Crib
Your infant will be spending
a lot of time in the crib. In order
to create a comfortable place for
your baby to rest, there are
many components you should
know about.

Your Crib
Bedding Checklist
Sheets are available in five sizes:
for cradles, bassinets, portable cribs,
single/convertible cribs, and play
yards. Most are made of 100% cotton,
but there are some available that are
made in a polyester/cotton blend.
You can choose from knit, traditional
woven, or flannel sheets. All sheets
are available in a wide variety of colors
and patterns. Crib sheets should fit
the mattress snugly.                        baby more comfortable, but keep your      include thermal, flannel and fleece.
                                            crib mattress dry, as well. Some styles   Receiving blankets are available in a
Bumpers protect your infant from            feature waterproof liners sewn in,        wide range of colors and designs and
bumping into the side rails on any of       others have waterproof liners and         are fully-washable.
the four sides of your crib. Three sizes    sheeted surfaces and still others have
are available to fit: single/convertible                                              Baby Blankets are designed to be
                                            a rubber backing to protect against
cribs, cradles and portable cribs.                                                    soft, warm, breathable and cozy.
                                            stains. Available in sizes to fit
Bumpers should be removed as soon                                                     These blankets can be used any time
                                            single/convertible cribs and toddler
as your baby starts to roll or pull up                                                of the day or night. Depending upon
                                            beds. Quilted mattress pads are
to standing.                                                                          the time of year used, select from
                                                                                      100% cotton and cotton blend styles
Dust Ruffles hang from the mattress         Waterproof Pads/Lap Pads are              that include thermal, hi-pile, chenille,
support springs to complete the look        vinyl pads used to protect bedding        fleece and more. Baby blankets are
of your crib.                               and other areas from spills and           available in a wide assortment of
Sheet Savers are absorbent, quilted         moisture. They can be used between        colors and designs and are
pads placed between baby and the            the crib sheet and mattress or directly   fully-washable.
sheet. They’re designed to protect          under baby when they are not
your crib sheet, provide comfort and        sleeping. They are available in a
absorb moisture. The ends tie easily        variety of sizes. Waterproof pads and
to the crib bars. Sheet savers are          lap pads are machine-washable.
fully-washable. Always use a tight-
fitting crib sheet and make sure the        Types of Blankets
sheet saver attaches securely onto
                                            Receiving Blankets are used
the crib.
                                            to swaddle baby… it’s the blanket
Quilted Mattress Pads are placed            you’ll take your baby home from the
between the crib mattress and crib          hospital in! Made of pure cotton, it
sheet. They are made to not only            is comfortable next to baby’s skin and
soften the mattress surface and make        easy to care for. 100% cotton styles
Coordinating Crib Bedding Sets
Coordinated crib bedding sets make it so easy to carry a theme throughout your nursery. Depending
upon your preference, you can choose from either 4- or 6-pc. sets… each with matching coordinates. To
take the theme even further, you can choose from a wide assortment of wall borders, wall hangings, mobiles
or lamps too! These accessories and many others will help you to create a unique look in your nursery.

                                          4-Pc. Crib Bedding Set
                                       Comforter • Sheet • Bumper • Dust Ruffle

                                          6-Pc. Crib Bedding Set
                      Comforter • Sheet • Bumper • Dust Ruffle • Diaper Stacker • Window Valance

Babies are much more sensitive to heat and cold than adults. Just a few degrees variation in room temperature can cause
your baby to overheat or catch a chill.


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