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School Standards and Framework Act 1998
Information published by the Governors of

Address: Halcot Avenue, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7QB
Telephone No: 01322 553236
Fax No: 01322 522471

Headteacher:              Mr N Fisher MA,BA (Hons), PGCE, NPQH
Deputy Headteachers:      Mr B Woodcock B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE
                          Mrs L Fripps MA B.Ed (Hons)
                          Mr P Shields, DIP PHIL, BD, PGCE, CCRS

Chair of Governors: Mr A J Kieran

Status: Under the Trusteeship of the Archdiocese of Southwark

Type: Secondary - Comprehensive Students

Age Range: 11-16

Number of pupils on roll (January 2009): 850

Approved Admission number for school year 2009/2010: 180

The Governing Body was reconstituted on 1st September 2007. Appointments are
still in the process of being made. The first tranch of Foundation Governors is:

Mrs E Creed, Rev F Hartley, Mrs A McCarthy, Mr G Lambe, Mrs J Coward, Mrs P
Nelson, Mrs S Towers
Vice Chair:
Mr T Bermingham-Shaw
Staff Governors:
Mr P Shields (teaching)
Mr D Joy (non teaching)
Headteacher Governor:
Mr N Fisher
LEA Governor:
Councillor Gillespie
Mrs Ng
Parent Governors:
Mr Blackman
Mrs Noel-Keith
Clerk to the Governors: Mr PA Taylor
Governing Body as at September 2009

Welcome to our school. In this prospectus you will find information about our school
and what we are able to offer our students here.

By working with you we seek to develop a Christian ethos, based on the Gospel
values of service, compassion, truth, justice and forgiveness. The partnership
between school and home is cherished at St Columba‟s and parents are always
welcome to visit the school. We hope you will take advantage of the many
opportunities you have to become involved in your son‟s education.

We aim to provide pastoral care which allows learning and achievement to thrive.
We aim to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life. Our school community
exists in order to serve the needs of our students. Our young people deserve the
very best quality of teaching and learning in a safe, happy, disciplined and calm
environment. We expect the best from our students both in terms of work and of
behaviour in order to help them to meet their aspirations to be active and
participating citizens of tomorrow.

St Columba‟s is proud of its past successes. Our recent Ofsted Report (September)
2007 commented that “The 2007 Examination results show significant improvement
over previous years”. The school is a Specialist School in Performing and Visual Arts
College and the most recent set of GCSE results were the best ever with 74% of
students gaining 5A* - C passes. The Section 48 Archdiocese of Southwark
Inspection (September 2007) said we were “outstanding as a Catholic School”.

St Columba‟s has completed a £5 million refurbishment programme consisting of a
brand new teaching block, a new sports hall, a new drama theatre, new science
laboratory, two new independent learning centres equipped with the latest
technology and a new chapel. All classrooms have been fitted with interactive
whiteboards and we have opened our Columba Centre inclusion unit to help support
students by assigning them learning mentors to help motivate them in their learning.

All students are important to us at St Columba‟s and we seek to personalise their
learning experience to suit their individual needs. We believe that with our staff
expertise and our investment in technology we are a long way down the road to
achieving that goal.

Change is both necessary and inevitable in education. But I want to ensure that as
we look forward to the very brightest of futures for the students at St Columba‟s we
lose nothing of the commitment the school has always had in providing quality and
care in a Catholic and comprehensive learning environment.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

N Fisher


Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher                    Mr N Fisher MA, BA (Hons), PGCE, NPQH
Deputy Headteachers            Mr B Woodcock BSc (Hons), PGCE
                               Mrs L Fripps MA, BEd (Hons)
                               Mr P Shields, DIP PHIL, BD, PGCE, CCRS
Bursar                         Mrs J Hobbs

Teaching Staff
Religious Education
Miss M Quinn                                              Subject Leader
Miss E Hamley           BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS, CCRS
Mr F Juma               BA
Mrs J Lahiff            BEd                               Subject Leader
Miss A Forbes           BA (Hons), PGCE
Mrs C Keevey            BA (Hons), QTS
Mr A O’Sullivan         MA, BA (Hons), PGCE
Mr G Paull              BEd (Hons), Cert.Ed.
Mr P Waterhouse         BEd
Miss M McMenamin        BA (Hons), BEd                    Subject Leader
Mrs E Dalgety-Spencer   BEd (Hons), PGCE
Mr B Eager
Mrs E Gallagher         BSc, PGCE
Ms L Sheridan           BA (Hons), PGCE
Mrs C Natali            BSc (Hons), QTS                   Subject Leader
Mr N Bhana              BA, PGCE                          KS4 Science Coordinator
Mr R Davies             BSc (Hons), PGCE
Mr T Dean               BSc, PGCE                         2 i/c Science
Mr P McGonnell          BSc (Hons), PGCE                  Year 8 Learning Coordinator
Mr J Woodcock           BEd (Hons)                        Year 7 Learning Coordinator
Miss G Martin           PGCE, BSC
Ms L Oppong             BA (Hons), PGCE                   Acting Head of Department
Mrs J Deane             BA (Hons), PGCE
Ms L Lhermitte          BA, MA, PCGE
Learning Support
Mrs J Tothill
Mrs P Yoxall            Cert Ed, Dip
Design Technology
Ms L Blaney             BA Ed (Hons)                      Subject Leader
Mr N Challis            BEd (Hons)                        Year 11 Learning Coordinator
Information Technology
Mr P McArdle         BEd (Hons) T.Cert. Ad, Dip           Subject Leader
Mr L Williams        BSc(Hons), PGCE
Mrs D Wright         BA (Hons), PGCE                      Year 10 Learning Coordinator
Mr J Fripps             BA (Hons)                         Subject Leader (History)
Mr M Hills              BA (Hons), PGCE, AST              Subject Leader (Geography)
Mr A Jackson            BEd (Hons) Dip Ed

Mr D Sullivan         PGCE, BA (Hons)
Mr B Woodcock         BSc ( Hons), PGCE

PSHE / Citizenship Enterprise & WRL / Careers
Ms J Estaugh         BSc (Hons)                     Subject Leader
Art & Design
Mrs D Archer          BA, ATC                       Subject Leader
Mr C Christmas        PGCE
Mrs C McCann          BA (Hons), PGCE
Performing Arts (Drama, Dance, Music)
Ms R Mandanici        BA                            Acting Head of Faculty
Miss A Anand          BA (Hons)                     Music
Mr D Southby                                        Music
Ms L Yandell          PGCE                          Drama
Physical Education
Mr J Smit             BCom.Bus Stud., PGCE          Subject Leader
Mr R Eldridge         BA (Hons) with QTS            School Sports Coordinator
Mr H Martin           BA (Hons), PGCE               Year 9 Learning Coordinator

Support Staff
Mrs J Coward
Learning Mentors / Cover Supervisors
Mrs S Towers         Support Services Coordinator
Ms H Brooks
Mrs D Groves
Mrs J Hopwood
Mrs P Nelson
Mr L Randell
Headteacher’s PA
Mrs J Patterson
Assessment Manager
Mrs E Garth
Operations Manager
Mrs L Bird
PA to Deputy Head (Support)
Mrs L Shiret
PA to Deputy Heads (Learning & Experience)
Mrs C Clarkson
PA to YLCs & HODs
Mrs S Lewis
Work Experience & Careers
Mrs D Board
Office Staff
Mrs M Buchanan (Office Supervisor)
Mrs K Coggins (Admin Assistant)
Attendance Officer
Mrs K Supple
Finance Assistant
Mrs K Rose
Premises Manager

Mr D Joy
Premises Assistant
Mrs A Orsler
Mr I Hill
Mrs S Mason
Arts Technician
Mrs H Haslam
Arts Administrator
Mrs M Carrano
Design Technology Technician
Mr R Petty
Science Technicians
Ms A Sims
Mrs V Gangatharan
Network Manager
Mr A Dunne
ICT Technician
Mr M Jones
Teaching Assistants
Miss K Bellamy        Mrs L Brackstone      Mrs L Calleja          Mrs C Chapman
Mrs L Day             Mrs V Elsey           Mrs T Moore            Mrs B Reddington
Mrs C Shipp           Mrs S Singh

Catering Staff
Mrs F Wagner – Head of Kitchen
Mrs M Carroll                Mrs M Cocksedge                Mrs H Jolly
Miss J Sherry                Mrs R Lee                      Miss K Mercer
Miss L Titcombe
Cleaning Staff
Mrs S Carter                   Ms S Chapman                 Mrs S Charlton
Mrs M Hutchins                 Mrs L Lagdon                 Mrs J Mardell
Mrs M Parsons                  Mrs T Smith                  Mrs A Webb
Miss A Westmoreland            Mrs S Westmoreland

INSPECTIONS                                 “Standards at GCSE and in National
                                             Curriculum      tests    have      risen
Sec 48 Inspection September 2007             significantly over the last three years
 In relation to the School as a whole       and are now above average.”
  the Inspectors concluded:                 “     Students      generally     enjoy
                                             mathematics, with some indicating
 Overall Effectiveness as a Catholic        that it is their favourite subject. As
  School 1 (Outstanding)                     one Year 10 student said, „It is
 Leadership & Management 1                  interesting. There are so many
  (Outstanding)                              different ways to solve problems.‟”
 Prayer & Collective Worship 1             “The quality of teaching and learning
  (Outstanding)                              of mathematics is good.”
 Community Cohesion 1                     
 In relation to the RE Department the
  Inspectors concluded:
 Achievement & standards in RE 2
 Teaching & Learning in RE 2
 Curriculum in RE 2 (Good)
 Leadership & Management in RE 1
Ofsted Inspection September 2007
Main Findings
 “The 2007 examination & test results
  show significant improvements over
  previous years”
 “Notably the proportion of students
  achieving a GCSE C Grade or better
  in both English & Mathematics was
  an impressive 12% points
  improvement over 2006”
 “Students‟ basic skills in Literacy,
  Numeracy & ICT develop well”
 “The school‟s commitment to involve
  all students in the life of the school
  and the promotion of equality and
  concern for the individual are real
 “Care, guidance & support are good
  as is the attention to healthy
  lifestyles and well-being”
 Ofsted Mathematics Subject
  Inspection June 2009
 Main Findings
 “Achievement in mathematics is
  good and standards are above

                                           3.       Priority will be given to
                                                    applicants who are members of
ADMISSIONS                                          a practicing Catholic family for
                                                    whom there is a clerical
ARRANGEMENTS                                        reference confirming religious
20010 / 2011                                        practice.
                                           4.       Oversubscription criteria: if the
                                                    number of applications exceeds
Adopted by the Governing Body on                    the number of places available,
1st April 2009.                                     places will be allocated by
                                                    applying the following criteria in
St Columba’s is a Catholic                          order:
Secondary School founded and               1 Baptised Catholic ‘Looked-after
supported by the Catholic                        children’ or non-Catholic
community for the education of                   ‘Looked-after children’ in the
Catholic boys. Admissions to the                 care of Catholic families,
school are made by the Governing                 according to the Local
Body. Admission will be made                     Government and Children’s Act
without reference to ability.                    1989.
1.    The Governors plan to admit          2 The baptised Catholic sons or
      180 boys born between 1                    sons enrolled in the
      September 1998 and 31 August               catchumenate of practising
      1999 inclusive without reference           Catholic families.
      to ability to the school in          3 The baptised Catholic sons or
      September 2010.                            sons enrolled in the
2.    Application for admission must             catchumenate of families where
      be made by completing the                  at least one parent has been
      Common Application Form                    baptised into the Catholic
      (CAF) of the Local Authority in            Church.
      which the applicant lives and        4 Other ‘Looked-after children’
      the school‟s supplementary                 according to the Local
      form, which will include a                 Government and Children’s Act
      clerical reference. The CAF                1989.
      must be returned to the Local        5 The sons of practising Christian
      Authority by the published                 families.
      closing date, 19th October 2009,     6 The sons of practising families
      and the school‟s supplementary             of other faiths.
      form to the school by 1st            7 The sons of other applicants.
      November 2009. It is the             If in the allocation of places the
      parent‟s responsibility to ensure    number of applicants in any category
      that the supplementary form is       exceed the number of places
      submitted: if the application has    available, priority will first be given to
      to be considered without a           boys who have a sibling (meaning a
      supplementary form, the              child who lives as brother or sister,
      application will be assessed and     including natural brother or sister,
      determined on the information        adopted sibling, stepbrother or
      from the CAF passed on the           stepsister and foster brother or sister)
      Governors by the Local               who currently attending St Columba’s
      Authority. This will result in the   or St Catherine’s schools. Any further
      application being considered         places will then be allocated to the
      under oversubscription criterion     applicants who live nearest the school,
      7.                                   measuring from the home to the main
                                           entrance of the school in a straight
line, and using the distances provided
for the Governors by the Local

See over for notes of guidance.

5.   Notes for guidance:                      attend worship at least once a
     For the purposes of these                month. Admission to the
     admissions arrangements the              practice of the faith and
     following definitions will be            attendance must be attested by
     used:                                    a reference from an appropriate
     Oversubsription criteria 1, 2,           authority of the faith who has a
     and 3:                                   personal knowlege of the parent
     Practising Catholic family: At           and the son.
     least one parent and the son for
     whom admission is sought are        6.   Where applicants are not
     baptised and attend Mass at              offered a place they will be
     least once a month.                      informed of their statutory right
     Catholic baptism: sacramental            of appeal to an independent
     baptism according to the rite of         appeal panel and sent further
     the Catholic Church. Baptism             information on the appeal
     must be attested by the clerical         process.
     reference or by the production      7.   Reallocation of places which
     of a copy of the baptismal               become available during the
     certificate, and attendance must         allocation process will be done
     be attested by a clerical                as set out in the co-ordinated
     reference. A family baptised             admissions               scheme.
     and/or worshiping in an Eastern          Unsuccessful applicants who
     rite church in communion with            inform the school of their
     the See of Rome shall be                 continuing interest will be
     treated as if they were baptised         placed on a waiting list. Should
     and/or worshiping in the                 a vacancy occur, it will be
     Catholic Church.                         allocated by the application of
     Oversubscription criterion 5:            same criteria which are set out
     Practising Christian family: At          in para 4. above
     least one parent and the son for
     whom admission is sought have       ==========
     been admitted to their church,
     by baptism, Christening,
     dedication or otherwise, as
     appropriate to the practice of
     their church, and attend worship
     at least once a month.
     Admission to the church and
     attendance must be attested by
     a reference from the incumbent,
     minister elder or officer as
     appropriate and/or by proving
     copies of any certificate.
     Christian shall be interpreted as
     meaning belonging to a church
     signatory to „Churches together
     in England.‟
     Oversubscription criterion 6:
     Practising families of other
     faiths: At least one parent and
     the son for whom admission is
     sought have been admitted to
     the practice another faith, and
                                         occupational interest questionnaires
                                         and individual guidance interviews.
CURRICULUM                               During the second term of Year 10
2009 / 2010
                                         students complete two weeks work
                                         experience. Work placements are wide
The number of hours spent on             ranging, secured from the school data-
teaching in a normal week is 25 hours.   base with some additional new
(Dcsf recommendation 25 hours).          placements being offered each year by
Years 7 to 9: (Key Stage 3)
Core Subjects:                           Students in Years 10 and Year 11
Religious Education; English; I.C.T.;    follow ASDAN Careers Planning Level
Mathematics and Science.                 2 Course.

Also:                                    LITERACY / NUMERACY
Art; Citizenship; Design Technology;
Drama; Geography; History; French;       & ICT
Music; Personal Social & Health
                                         The aim of the strategy is to raise
Education; Physical Education; Dance;
                                         literacy, numeracy and ICT levels
Learning to Learn; Spanish.
                                         across Years 7 to 11 in all curriculum
Years 10 & 11 (Key Stage 4)              areas. To fully support the Literacy
                                         Programme, two 15 minute sessions
Core Subjects:
                                         per week are devoted to reading in
Religious Education; Citizenship &
                                         which the whole school participates.
Career Education; Double Science;
                                         Every department also incorporates
English Language; English Literature;
                                         literacy into their planning and delivery
Mathematics; I.C.T.; Personal Social
                                         of lessons. St Columba‟s has
& Health Education; Physical
                                         formulated a School Literacy Policy
Education and Games.
                                         that identifies priorities to ensure
Free Choice Subjects - chosen from       literacy standards continue to improve
the following list: Art & Design;        within our school.
Product Design; Drama; French;
                                         Presently all Maths lessons are taught
Geography; History; Music; Media
                                         in three parts which encourages pupils
Studies; PE; Expressive Arts;
                                         to use a range of skills. To support
Chemistry; Physics and Biology.
                                         pupils further specialised groups and
A separate Pathway is also available     extra lessons are offered to assist
at Key Stage 4 for selected students,    those pupils working above and below
which involves college links and work    their predicted levels. This year
experience placements.                   numeracy will continue to be
                                         incorporated throughout the
CAREERS EDUCATION/                       curriculum. This will help pupils
                                         develop and use numeracy skills in a
                                         range of subjects.
From the start of Year 7 students are
encouraged to think and plan for the     PHYSICAL EDUCATION /
future. By Year 9 more formal work is    SPORT
carried out using the Careers Library
and Prospects Careers Service in         Sport makes a substantial and unique
preparation for choosing option          contribution to the school.
subjects. Connexions provides
                                         We believe that it is important for all
additional help for the students from
                                         students to continue with regular
Year 10 upwards, using group work,
physical activity, which places             These are called Becket, Campion,
increasing demands on them,                 Fisher, Loyola, More, and Xavier.
improves their flexibility and mobility,
                                            A student‟s Form Tutor has a key role
building up strength, stamina and self-
                                            in monitoring his overall development
confidence, so that the students
                                            and progress while at St Columba‟s.
willingly participate in worthwhile
                                            He / She will get to know the student
activities at school and leisure pursuits
                                            very well and will be in a position to
in later life.
                                            recognise any learning issues that may
The school has facilities that include a    arise at an early stage. Equally the
sports hall, two football and one rugby     Form Tutor will commend achievement
pitch, athletics track, tennis courts,      and good effort throughout the
training grid areas, cricket nets,          curriculum.
outside and inside basketball courts
                                            Year 7 is grouped in ability classes for
and a large hard playing surface.
                                            most subjects based on KS2 test
Students cover a wide range of              results.
activities throughout KS3 including
                                            Each Year Group has a Year Learning
games, gymnastics, dance, athletics
                                            Coordinator responsible for monitoring
and outdoor activities. Trampolining
                                            and evaluating progress of all students
was introduced in September 2006. In
                                            in that year group.
KS4 they have the opportunity to
specialise in two of the above areas.
The department has introduced a
BTEC National Diploma and Certificate       The basis of discipline at St Columba‟s
in Physical Education.                      lies in the positive encouragement,
Students have numerous opportunities        praise and reward for the efforts,
to be involved in extra curricular sport    achievements and actions of our
and to compete for the school. St           pupils. High standards of behaviour,
Columba‟s has a history of sporting         manners and dress are expected at all
success locally and nationally.             times and are built on a solid
                                            foundation of mutual respect between
ORGANISATION OF THE                         staff and pupils and a curriculum that
                                            is well matched to the differing needs
SCHOOL                                      of our pupils. Copies of the Behaviour
                                            Policy are available from the school or
Aims                                        the school website.
The Pastoral Care System at St              The school rules are made clear to
Columba‟s aims to care for our pupils       both pupils and parents, supported by
as individuals respecting and catering      a system of rewards and sanctions.
for their individual needs as developing    They are designed to create a learning
adults. At its core is the application of   experience where pupils are enabled
Gospel Values such as, respect, care        to reach their potential in an
and dignity to the everyday situations      environment that is secure, happy and
that occur in daily school life. We want    positive for the benefit of all within it.
students to feel valued for who they
are and the contribution they make.         SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL
On arrival at St Columba‟s each
student is put into a mixed attainment      All pupils are carefully monitored
tutor group of approximately 30 pupils.     through the department. Year 7 are
                                            tested on arrival to the school and
                                            regularly reviewed if their reading age
falls significantly below their             Years 7, 8 and 10 take internal
chronological age.                          examinations each year.
                                            SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests)
Identified pupils are set regular targets
                                            are taken in English, Maths and
through a structured programme of
                                            Science at the end of Year 9.
learning, supported in class by
Teaching Assistants. They are given         Year 11 have “mock “examinations in
suitably differentiated tasks to ensure     the Autumn Term.
their progress is maintained. There are
                                            All students are expected to take
a variety of methods used so that all
                                            Public Examinations before they leave
pupils, no matter what their level, can
                                            school. At present the examinations
achieve their full potential.
                                            are GCSE, OCR (National), BTEC
Statemented pupils are reviewed
                                            (Certificate & Diploma), ASDAN and
The school has regard for the revised
                                            Examination results for the last year
Code of Practice. It follows a
                                            can be found in the supplementary
Curriculum Support Policy and Action
                                            booklet of this prospectus.
Plan, which ties in with overall
strategic planning of whole school
                                            EXAM ENTRY POLICY
The Mission Statement recognises the        Student entry to GCSE exams will be
need to realise the full potential of       based on satisfactory completion of
every pupil. Thus we need to identify       coursework in each particular subject.
children with Special Needs and             In certain cases, attendance and
provide appropriate provision for these     behaviour in lessons may be
pupils. The spiritual and moral needs       considered when finalising exam
of pupils are fully integrated in our       entries. The final decision on entry lies
approach to their learning and social       with the Headteacher.

                                            EXAMINATION BOARDS

GIFTED AND TALENTED                         AQA
PUPILS                                      OCR
Gifted and More Able Pupils need high       WJEC
expectations which extend the quality
                                            GCSE / BTEC Exams 2008 / 2009
of their work. Each department
approaches these pupils in the most         Exam                      Exam Board
appropriate way to enhance their
learning. There is a Gifted & Talented      Art & Design              AQA
Co-ordinator in school                      Product Design            OCR
                                            Drama                     EDEXCEL
The school follows a simple but
                                            English                   AQA
effective policy which is in tune with      English Literature        AQA
the Mission Statement and with the          French                    AQA
commitment to raising the                   Geography                 WJEC
achievement of all pupils in its care.      History                   OCR
There are an extensive range of extra       Mathematics               EDEXCEL
curricular activities for pupils to         Biology                   EDEXCEL
participate in.                             Chemistry                 EDEXCEL
                                            Physics                   EDEXCEL
EXAMINATIONS                                Media Studies             OCR
                                            Music                     EDEXCEL
                                            BTEC P.E.                 EDEXCEL

R.E.                       OCR/EDEXCEL     All parents and pupils should sign this
Science BTEC               EDEXCEL         agreement.
ICT                        OCR
                                           All students are required to do
AND COLLECTIVE                             homework. Every student is issued
WORSHIP                                    with a homework timetable which
                                           specifies the homework set each day.
                                           At the end of the week parents are
All pupils are expected to attend
                                           asked to sign their son‟s planner to
Religious Education classes and
                                           show that he has completed the
collective worship.
                                           homework set.
Parents have a right to withdraw their
                                           The Governors‟ Homework Policy
sons from Religious Education and
                                           emphasises the co-operation required
Collective Worship either in whole or in
                                           between school and parents in
part. No parent has withdrawn their
                                           ensuring that this continuation work is
son from the above activities, including
                                           regularly completed. While it is
parents of pupils of faiths other than
                                           important for pupils to do their
Catholicism. They see the school as a
                                           homework themselves we hope that
community concerned with developing
                                           parents will take an interest in the work
an understanding of its Christian
                                           being done at home and will check the
foundations and the practice of
                                           standard of work being achieved.
Christian ethics.
                                           This policy will be monitored regularly
SEX & RELATIONSHIP                         by a Subject Leaders, Year Learning
EDUCATION                                  Coordinators and The Senior
                                           Leadership Team.
Sex and Relationship Education is
given in accordance with the               REPORTS & PROGRESS
Governors‟ Sex & Relationship Policy.      STATEMENTS
A strong emphasis is put on moral
aspects in the Religious Education         Reports on student progress will be
lessons and Personal and Social            produced termly. These will include
Education programmes. The teaching         Key Stage targets, current working
materials used are appropriate to the      Levels and as assessment of
ages and needs of the pupils. Parents      progress. These will form the basis for
have a legal right to withdraw their       setting targets to help students
sons from Sex & Relationship               improve.
Education lessons.                         The third report of the year will provide
                                           a more detailed analysis of a pupils
HOME - SCHOOL                              progress over the school year.
AGREEMENT                                  ACCOMMODATION
Since September 2000 there has been        The school‟s facilities include Science
an agreement based on the values           Laboratories, multi-purpose Design
that underpin life at this school.         Technology room for Product Design,
   Spiritual Development
                                           three Music Rooms with keyboards, a
   Mutual respect and care for others
                                           Drama & Media Theatre, the Iona
   A desire for academic excellence
                                           Centre and a Chapel dedicated to St
   A pride in our school

There are three well appointed             Tutor Group. This has proved an
Information Technology rooms each          important forum for discussing issues
equipped with 25 networked PCs and         with the pupils and listening to their
interactive whiteboards. There is an       points of view. The focus is on
Independent Learning Centres with 50       learning and how opportunities for
networked PCs .                            learning can be improved and
All classrooms are appointed with
interactive whiteboards. There is a        The school considers that it is
Library with a Careers area, 8             important for pupils to share
additional networked PCs and a quiet       responsibility for their education and
reading area.                              the school environment.
There is a recently refurbished Dining
Hall and a gallery space for Art
                                           EXTRA CURRICULAR
Exhibitions.                               ACTIVITIES
There is a Sports Hall with PE             Within the school there are many clubs
classrooms attached, a Columba             at lunchtime or after school catering for
Centre, our Inclusion Unit and a           a wide range of activities and interests,
teaching block which has 27 additional     including:
classrooms for Mathematics, English,
Religious Education, Special Needs         Art                      Badminton
                                           Basketball               Chess
and MFL.
                                           Outdoor Pursuits         Cricket
                                           Hockey                   Drama
There is a Music Technology suite, a
                                           Science Club             Homework Club
3rd Art studio and a Pottery Room.         Football                 ICT Club
The entire school complex is situated      Ground Works             Rugby
on a pleasantly situated open site with    Weightlifting/Fitness
two football pitches, a rugby pitch in     Music: Choir, Band, Orchestra

                                           ATTENDANCE &
the Autumn/Winter and an Athletics
The school is in a very central area       PUNCTUALITY
and is well served by public transport.    Good attendance and punctuality are
                                           essential if a pupil is to succeed at his
                                           studies. Employers and Higher
All pupils are issued with a Pupil         Education Institutions always require
Planner in which he will keep a record     this information and it is included in the
of homework and other information.         pupil‟s Record of Achievement.
Pupil Planners enable pupils to take       The School will always assist parents
control of their learning by recording     in ensuring good attendance and
targets, achievements as well as           punctuality. The school operates a first
monitoring homework, punctuality and       day contact system in the case of most
attendance. Parents are asked to sign      absences and would expect a
the Planner each week. Planners will       reciprocal response from parents.
be checked regularly by a pupil‟s Form
Tutor, Year Learning Coordinator or        The school (after consultation with
Senior Staff.                              parents) will impose sanctions on
                                           pupils who are frequently absent or
SCHOOL COUNCIL                             late for no good reason.
There is an established School Council     Prompt explanation of absence greatly
consisting of representatives from every   assists the school and helps to avoid

the need to involve support               The school has a system for
organisations such as the E.W.O           monitoring and reporting pupil
(Educational Welfare Officer). Parents    progress.
are reminded that if their children are
                                          A profile of each pupil‟s level of
of compulsory school age they have a
                                          performance is produced by using the
legal duty to send their children to
                                          schools “SIMs” system. This data
school regularly on time or risk
                                          forms the basis of a discussion which
prosecution if they fail to do so.
                                          takes place between the pupil, and his
SCHOOL UNIFORM                            Form Tutor. The purpose is to review
                                          progress and set targets for
This is required to be worn by all        improvement. These interviews occur
pupils. The following items may be        six times a year during the school day
obtained from the school stockist,        when pupils have extended Form
“Boffins”, 37 Pickford Lane,              Time. In addition, there are subject
Bexleyheath DA7 4QU.                      specific Parent Consultation sessions
                                          for all year groups in the Spring Term.
(Items marked * obtainable only from
school stockist).
Years 7-11:                               SCHOOL YEAR
Black Blazer with *School Badge
Black or Dark Grey trousers               2009 Autumn Term
*School Tie                               8th Sept – 23rd Oct 2009
White Shirt                               Half term 26th Oct– 30th Oct 2009
Grey V Neck Pullover or                   2nd Nov – 18 Dec 2009
*Grey pullover with School Badge          2010 Spring Term
Grey or Black socks                       4th Jan – 12th Feb 2010
Plain Black shoes                         Half term 15th – 19th Feb 2010
(NO BOOTS / NO TRAINERS)                  22nd Feb – 1st Apr 2010
Sportswear:                               Spring Holiday 6th Apr – 16th Apr 2010
*Rugby Shirt                              2010 Summer Term
 White Polo Shirt                         19th Apr – 28th May 2010
White Shorts (P.E.)                       Half term 31st May – 4th June 2010
Black/White striped socks                 7th Jun – 23rd Jul 2010
Football or Rugby boots
                                          SCHOOL DAY
Running Spikes (optional)
It is also suggested that parents         All pupils should arrive in school by
purchase a white workshop/laboratory      8.25 am.
coat to protect clothing during Design    AM Registration        8.30    - 8.45
Technology and Science classes.           Period 1               8.45    - 9.45
These can be purchased from               Period 2               9.45    - 10.45
branches of Milletts or similar stores.   BREAK                  10.45   - 11.00
Summer Term:                              Period 3               11.00   - 12.00
                                          Period 4               12.00   - 1.00
Blue polo shirt (optional)                LUNCH                  1.00    - 1.30
This can be purchased directly from       Period 5               1.30    - 2.30
the School.
                                          25 hours per week are spent on
PUPIL PROFILES                            teaching, which excludes registration,

the daily act of collective worship,             ensure that their planners are
assembly, lunch and morning break.               signed by a parent each week.

SCHOOL RULES                               7     Only students who have
                                                 permission to go home for
1     School uniform must be worn at             dinner, because they live
      all times. If a student does not           extremely close to the school,
      temporarily have an item of                are allowed to leave the
      uniform then a written note from           premises at lunchtime.
      his parent must be brought. Hair           Permission to leave the
      should be kept to a reasonable             premises at other times must be
      length for reasons of safety,              obtained from the Form
      hygiene and good appearance.               Tutor/Year Learning
      No unusual hairstyles will be              Coordinator. It will only be
      permitted.                                 granted upon receipt of a
                                                 written request from a parent or
      Rings and other forms of                   production of a medical or
      jewellery are not allowed in               dental appointment card.
      school.                                    Students must sign out and in (if
                                                 they return to school) at the
      Mobile phones must be                      Office before leaving the
      deposited in the school office at          premises.
      the start of the day. The school
      cannot be held liable for the        8     School property, specifically text
      loss or theft of a mobile phone.           books, must be carried in a
                                                 suitable bag that will protect
2     All students are expected to               them. Other types of bag may
      take full responsibility for their         be used for PE or games kit
      own conduct, movement and                  only.
      property. In PE/Games
      valuables must be placed in a        9     Only students whose bicycles
      suitable container and handed              are in a roadworthy condition
      to the teacher. Every student              are allowed to cycle to school.
      has individual responsibility for          Permission to cycle to school
      the cleanliness and tidiness of            must be obtained from the
      the School and his own                     Headteacher in advance. All
      classroom in particular.                   bicycles must have a chain and
                                                 padlock for security.
3     Students who are absent from
      School, even for one session,        10.   A high degree of responsible
      must bring a note of explanation           conduct, in public transport, to
      on their return.                           and from school, is required.
                                                 Good manners, consideration
4     Students who are late for                  for others and the School‟s
      School, without a reasonable               reputation demands it.
      excuse, will be given a
      detention.                                 In addition, a classroom code
                                                 determines good practice in the
5     Students must move quickly                 classroom. This is displayed on
      and quietly from place to place.           boards in each classroom.
6     The completion of homework is              There are also specific rules
      compulsory and when it is set              which apply when students are
      students must enter details in             using the Library. All rules will
      their Planners. Students must              be explained at the start of the
                                                  The classroom is your concern.
CLASSROOM                                         Make sure that you leave it tidy
                                                  and clean. Chewing, graffiti and
                                                  damage to school or others
The following classroom code has                  property are not allowed.
been designed and agreed by the
pupils of St Columba‟s through their       TRANSPORT
pupil council representatives.              From September 2005, children under
1     Arrive on time, in correct school    16 travel free on London buses.
      uniform, for lessons and             Children aged under 14 will not need a
      registrations.                       photocard, but, if they look older than
                                           they are, the advice is to use a
2     When you arrive at your class        photocard. Children aged 11 - 15 must
      you should stand behind your         use an Oyster photocard. There is no
      chair in silence and wait for the    charge for this and application forms
      teacher to invite you to sit down.   are available from Post Offices.
      If it is a workshop, laboratory or
      computer room you must wait          More information is available on the
      outside.                             Transport for London website:
3     Be ready for your lessons with
      the correct books and                Practising Catholic families, living
      equipment. Remember to bring         outside the London bus area, should
      your homework at the proper          contact their LEA.
                                           SCHOOL DINNERS
4     Every pupil has the right to
      come to school to learn. No          The cafeteria operates a cashless
      pupil has the right to do            system and parents are encouraged to
      anything to disrupt the learning     pay and top up their child’s account
      of others.                           via our ‘parentpay’ system, cheques
5     Listen to the ideas of others.       may also be lodge at the School
      Do not shout to gain attention.      Office.
6     Enter homework details and           GOVERNORS’ FUND
      other school information in your
      Planner.                             All parents are asked to contribute A
                                           MINIMUM OF £20 per pupil at the
7     It should not normally be            beginning of the academic year. The
      necessary to be out of lessons       fund is spent on non-budgeted items at
      or registration. If you are sent     the discretion of the Governing Body,
      anywhere during these times          for example the Library, or Sports Hall.
      you must have a note in your         A Gift Aid Scheme now operates,
      Planner.                             whereby extra income for the school is
8     All members of the school            derived from the Inland Revenue
      community are entitled to            without additional cost to parents
      expect courtesy and
                                           We will ask all parents to join the
      consideration. You should not
      swear or insult others. Bullying,
      harassment and fighting are          CHARGING &
9     Students are expected to take
                                           REMISSIONS POLICY
      care of each other‟s belongings.

The Governor‟s Charging Policy states       DCSF circulars and secondary school
that no charges are made at present         performance tables.
except in certain cases, e.g. activities
                                            INFORMATION REQUIRED TO BE
outside the school day.
                                            PUBLISHED BY THE DEPARTMENT
Parents are expected to replace lost        FOR EDUCATION AND
textbooks or equipment and to pay for       EMPLOYMENT
their son‟s examination entry if he         This information, published about
does not attend a public examination        aspects of the school‟s last academic
without good reason.                        year, is to be found in the
Parents are also expected to                supplementary booklet of this
contribute towards any non-accidental       prospectus.

damage to school property for which
their son is responsible.
                                            We are very fortunate in having an
COMPLAINTS                                  active PTA of which parents are
PROCEDURE                                   automatically members. They hold a
                                            variety of social and fund raising
Any complaints are normally dealt with      events during each year, including a
by the appropriate teacher and parents      Coffee Morning for new parents in the
have every opportunity to contact           September of their first year. Last year
teachers either by telephone, through       the PTA raised over £3,000 which was
the Planner or by letter.                   spent in a variety of ways to benefit all
                                            pupils. There is an annual School
If the matter cannot be resolved
                                            Fete, usually held in Autumn Term,
satisfactorily then it can be referred to
                                            which climaxes the fund-raising efforts
the Year Learning Coordinator or a
                                            of the PTA each year.
Senior Member of Staff and eventually
the Headteacher.                            The school encourages parental
                                            involvement for the benefit of all the
Full details are contained in the
                                            students and parents in the school.
Governors‟ Complaints‟ Procedure,
available on request. Complaints
under Section 23 of the 1988
                                            CHARITY COLLECTIONS
Education Act will be dealt with using      The school supports several Catholic
procedures established by the               and other agencies through Christian
Governors. In the first instance, a         charitable giving. This is especially
formal complaint about the Curriculum       based on our annual Lenten and
under Section 23 of the Education Act       Christmas fund-raising activities which
1988 must be made in writing to the         involve the whole school community.
                                            Those groups which the school
DOCUMENTS REQUIRED                          supports include the Bexley &
                                            Greenwich Hospice, CAFOD and the
TO BE AVAILABLE                             Manna Centre for the Homeless.
Documents required to be made               This year the activities raised over
available for inspection under the          £3,000.
Education (School Curriculum &
Related Information) Regulations 1989       APPLICATION AND
can be seen by arrangements with the
Headteacher. These documents may
include schemes of work, syllabuses,        ARRANGEMENTS
Inspection Reports on the school,
1. Parents can receive information           NOT be able to consider your son for a
about the school, the Common                 place at this school.
Application Form and the
                                             After this date you may telephone the
Supplementary Form either through
                                             School Secretary to check that your
their Primary Headteacher or by
                                             application form has been received.
contacting their LEA / or by contacting
the school.                                  5. Parents will be informed of the result
                                             of their application after 2nd March
2. For 2009, the Open Evening will be
                                             2010. Parents of unsuccessful
held on Wednesday 7th October 2009
                                             applicants then have the opportunity of
from 6.30pm – 9pm. Children are
                                             appealing against the decision. A
encouraged to accompany their
                                             waiting list for the unsuccessful
parents to the Open Evening. This
                                             applicants will be established in the
evening gives parents and pupils an
                                             same order of priority as for
opportunity to view the school and
                                             admissions and parents offered a
meet with staff. There will be talks by
                                             place if a vacancy should occur.
the Headteacher and other Senior
Staff will be available to answer            6. Two further visits will be arranged in
parents‟ questions.                          the Summer Term - one for parents, in
                                             order that they can receive further
A further opportunity to visit the school    information and one for pupils who will
in action will be made available from        spend a day in the school. In addition,
Thursday 8th October, Friday 9th             the Deputy Headteacher and the Year
October and Monday 12th October              Learning Coordinator (Year 7) will visit
from 9.00am – 10.30am                        the majority of pupils in their primary
3. The school‟s Supplementary Form,
once completed, should be given to           Parents who are unable to attend the
your priest, vicar or minister if you wish   open evening should contact the
them to support your application.            Headteacher to arrange a visit to the
Normally this can be completed in your       school. Visits by arrangement are
presence and returned to you.                welcomed.
However some priests, vicars or
                                             The Headteacher or a Senior Member
ministers may wish to complete this
                                             of Staff will be available to discuss any
section and then forward it directly to
                                             matter related to the school either by
the school.
                                             telephone or by arranging a meeting.
                                             (The Supplementary Form will be
4. The Common Application Form               found as the final sheet of the inserts).
(CAF) of your local education authority
must be returned to your Local               FINALLY
Authority by Friday 23rd October 2009.
The school‟s Supplementary Form              No prospectus can contain all the
must be returned to the school no later      features and activities of a school.
than Friday 23 October 2009.                 Should you have any queries please
Please note that if you only complete a      contact the school and we will try to
Supplementary Form and DO NOT                give you whatever additional
complete a CAF the Governors WILL            information you require.

If you are unable to visit the school on
the Open Day or wish to visit prior to
this, would you also please contact us
and we will be happy to arrange this
for you.
At the time of going to print all the
details were correct.