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									                                              APC NEWSLETTER
                                               SMALL BUSINESSES, AND EXCELLENT SCHOOLS.

                                                P.O. Box 852, Arnold, Maryland 21012-0852
Vol. 5 No. 4                                                                                                               May 2004
                                       The next meeting will be a joint meeting of
                            Greater Severna Park Council, APC and the Broadneck Federation
                                                   Tuesday, June 8, 2004
                               Big Vanilla Athletic Club, Rte. 2 at West Campus Drive, Arnold

        Joseph Rutter, Director, Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning will discuss the
                            Proposed Amendments to the County Zoning Code

                                                                          A sketch plan meeting to consider Stonecrest, a
      Minutes of the APC Meeting May 5, 2004                               new development to be located at Bay Dale and
                  and report on the                                        Jones Station Roads. It would have 42 single-
     Joint APC - Broadneck Federation Meeting                              family homes. Ed Parker will look into this.
                                                                                  Environment/ Beautification Committee
                    May 20, 2004
                                                                         Lucy Iliff:
   CALL TO ORDER AND ADMINISTRATION                                         Larry Masterson from GSPC told Lucy that GSPC
   Ann Fligsten called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.                      already had plans for median strip improvements
                     Secretary's Report                                      from Jones Station Road to Rte. 50.
   The minutes of the March 2004 meeting were                               Any median strip improvement will have to wait
   accepted as distributed.                                                  until SHA has more information on widening Rte.
                     Treasurer's Report                                      2.
   Sage Mumma filed the following treasurer's report:                       Businesses in the Arnold Road area and along
                                                                             Rte. 2 in Arnold will be encouraged upgrade the
     Previous month balances:
                                                                             plantings at their businesses. APC member
            Savings Account: $1,036.73
                                                                             Gerry Gimelstob (Arnold McDonalds) will be
            Checking: $419.32
       Total - $1,456.05                                                     asked to help.
                                                                         Ann Fligsten:
     April Income: $80.22
                                                                             The Greater Severna Park Chamber of
           Dues - $50
                                                                             Commerce is interested in joining the median
           Donations - $30
                                                                             strip beautification project. Scenic Maryland may
           Interest (savings account) - $0.22
                                                                             want to join this project. AACC and Safeway will
     April Expenses: $79.95
                                                                             be approached as well.
            Stamps - $60.00
            Photocopying – $19.95                                                Delegates to Community Organizations
     Final balances:                                                                         MRA Report
           Savings account - $1,116.95                                   Diane Scherer:
           Checking account - $339.37                                       The April meeting guest speaker was Mary
       Total - $1,456.32.                                                    Searing, senior engineer of the Watershed
   The reports were filed for audit.                                         Management Planning project, County Office of
                                                                             Environmental and Cultural Resources. This
                                                                             study assesses the impact of land use on the
                    Land Use Committee
                                                                             environment and aims to act as a guide to
    Ann Fligsten reported that Dr. Jack Iliff and his wife                  making responsible planning decisions.
     Sally have decided to move ahead with their plans                      MRA members reported on the current status of
     for a medical building on the property between Rte.                     pursuing a new nonprofit status tax designation
     2 and B & A Blvd., south of W. Joyce Lane. After                        and on the Dobbin’s Island project.
     the April APC meeting at which they presented their                    The MRA will be applying for a grant to complete
     proposed project, the Iliffs were told that APC was                     the seeding of the two-acre oyster restoration site
     not inclined to support their plan to build. A special                  off Ulmstead Point.
     exception will be required, and there are SHA right
     of way issues. The Iliffs were invited to the May
     APC meeting to discuss this further, but did not
     accept that invitation. Motion: Ed Parker moved
     that APC not support the Iliff project as                                               MRA Report (continued)
     presented on 4/7/04.         The motion was duly                           The MRA is exploring with the county the
     seconded and passed 8-1-0.                                                  possibility of using designated buffer restoration
                                                                                 funds to purchase trees for this fall’s tree planting
               Land Use Committee (continued)                                   The 2004 Earth Day dive was held April 24 at
                                                                                 Ferry Point Marina. Midshipmen from the USNA
    placed several mini reef balls at oyster              May 7 is Bike to work Day.
    restoration sites and collected oyster samples.
   A decision was made to assist the fireboat            The June APC meeting will be held jointly with
    volunteers in repairing their GPS system. In          Broadneck Federation and the Greater Severna
    addition to their local rescue work, they have, for   Park Council on Tuesday, June 8 at 7:30 PM in
    many years, provided logistical support for our       the meeting room at the Big Vanilla Athletic
    oyster restoration activity. Support will be sought   Center.
    from the MRA membership.
   The MRA has registered to enter a float in the        APC will not meet during July or August.
    upcoming Severna Park Fourth of July parade.
    The theme for the parade is America’s                 ADJOURNMENT
                                                          The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.
           Greater Severna Park Council
Sage Mumma:
  Dr. Christine Amiss, Coordinator for the Extended        Joint APC and Broadneck Federation Meeting
   Learning Program (precursor to the International                        May 20, 2004.
   Baccalaureate Program (IBP) Anne Arundel
   County Public Schools, presented an overview of              Arnold Safeway Renovation/Expansion
   the IBP. Information on the program can be             Thomas Castleberry, Vice President for Safeway real
   gotten from Dr. Amiss at wwww.aacps.org or             estate, James Brooks, Safeway Eastern Division real
   410-222-5415.                                          estate director, Robert Messer, from the Safeway
  Noise impact on the area from BWI is an ongoing        Eastern Division design division, and Fred Delavan,
   problem. A consultant has been hired to analyze        Safeway real estate lawyer, presented an overview of
   noise impact. Residents are urged to call the BWI      the proposed renovation and expansion of the Arnold
   Noise Office at 410-859-7021 to report excessive       Safeway.
   noise from airplanes flying over residential areas.       Present store, built in 1970, 22,000 square feet in
UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                          Renovated / expanded store - 55.000 square feet
                                                              on 2 levels.
Jones Station Park and Ride – The SHA has decided            Safeway owns the set of stores just to the north
not to sell part of this site. Citizen input was key in       of the current facility. These will be torn down
the decision.                                                 and used for a portion of the new facility. Many
Magothy River Land Trust – The finance committee              of the current businesses are on short-term
will discuss this issue. Supporting members' dues are         leases. Safeway is already in negotiations with
$50.                                                          the tenants there.
TransAAACT – 12 organizations have now joined                Surface and "enclosed structured parking" – 300
TransAAACT. Ann Fligsten reported learning that               parking spaces total. (133 below; 166 surface,
85% of the miles driven are driven by people who are          where current parking lot is located)
not commuting to work. Some suggested solutions to           Shopping cart "corrals" in parking lots.
reduce this could be forming community carpools,             Access to store from the garage at the back
"errand" pools, and by encouraging parents to walk            (lower lever) would be by elevator or escalator
their children to bus stops rather than driving them          that would bring shoppers directly to the front of
there.                                                        the main lobby area of the store.
                                                             ADA friendly.
                                                             Loading dock will be at the Rte. 2 side of the
                                                              facility to minimize the noise impacting the
 Colleen Casey reported that there is a house with a         neighborhood..
    detached garage located on East Joyce Lane
                                                             Additional services: Full service bakery, banking,
    that appears to be turning into a truck stop. APC
                                                              Starbucks, pharmacy, dry cleaners, organic
    will look into the Zoning regulations on parking
    commercial vehicles on residential property.
                                                             The current Safeway pharmacy will be relocated
 Beryl Smith reported that the AA County job freeze
                                                              to a nearby location during construction process.
    is adversely impacting some of the functions of
    county divisions, such as animal control. She         Citizen concerns and Safeway responses:
    suggested that APC meet with county officials to          Security in the garage (covered parking) area –
    discuss this issue.                                        courtesy clerks will be assigned to the area and
                                                               there may be security cameras there also.
                                                              Traffic issues at Old B & A Blvd and Rte. 2 and at
                                                               Arnold Rd. and Rte. 2 – Safeway and SHA will
The next APC meeting will be a joint meeting with
                                                               look at the whole area
APC and the Broadneck Federation on Thursday,
                                                              Landscaping at site – plan shows extensive
May 20, 2004 in the Large Group Room at Magothy
                                                               plantings, trees, but no hedges.
River Middle School, 241 Peninsula Farm Rd., in
Arnold. (See below for highlights of that meeting.)           Bicycle parking at the store – to be provided
   Timeline for construction: 3 permits are needed:        Respectfully submitted,
    County grading permit, County building permit,
    and State Highway Administration access permit.
    Some variances may be needed for the building,
    such as one for a proposed canopy over the              Sage Mumma, Recording Secretary, pro tem
    outdoor walkway from the front of the store to the
    lower parking level. The planning, budget, permit                        REMEMBER…
    phase, which is expected to begin shortly, is           There are special days in 2004 for recycling
    expected to last until the spring of 2005. After        hazardous waste and electronics, such as
    the demolition of the present store, the actual         computers, radios, etc.
    construction would take about 11-12 months.               DATE                  LOCATION

                  Sewer and Septic                           06-19-04         Glen Burnie Convenience Center
                                                                                 100 Dover Rd, Glen Burnie
Staff from the Anne Arundel County Health                    07-17-04           Sudley Convenience Center
Department presented a comprehensive overview of                               5400 Nutwell Sudley Rd, Deale
both public sewer questions for our area as well as          08-21-04          Millersville Landfill & Resource
information on how to care for septic systems.                                        Recovery Facility
    Anne Arundel County does not have the money                              389 Burns Crossing Rd, Severn
     to install sewers as was once planned.                  09-18-04           Sudley Convenience Center
    Extending sewers brings more development,               10-16-04          Millersville Landfill & Resource
     which taxes the pumping stations and can result                                  Recovery Facility
     in increased pumping station spills.
    Sewers are not foolproof.
                                                            Call 410-222-7951 or visit the DPW website:
    Because septic systems may be in our future for        www.aacounty.org/DPW if you have questions or
     many decades it is important to maintain them.         comments about hazardous waste or electronics
                                                            recycling, or if you want to find out how to get a new
    If maintained, septic systems are a good way to
                                                            or replacement recycling bin.
     recycle water into the ground.
    Septic systems are designed to filter solids out of
                                                            Yard waste can be recycled with the trash. Put
     the water, with the solids sinking in the settling
                                                            clippings etc into a paper or plastic bag and mark the
     tank to be pumped out and the water going into
                                                            bag with a masking tape X. Bundle cut branches.
     the drain field or dry well and then into the soil.
    Things that can overload a septic system:
                                                            Cell phones can be recycle or sold back to providers,
          4-5 loads of laundry in one day,
                                                            which then resell the phones in other countries.
          pouring toxic liquids down household drains
                                                            Go to these sites on the Web of more information:
          garbage disposals and especially
          pouring grease down household drains
                                                            Recycling by nonprofit and charitable organizations:
When the drain fields or dry wells become coated with
                                                            • www.recyclewirelessphones.org
sludge or grease, the septic system can no longer
                                                            • www.wirelessrecycling.com/home/donations/
process waste water and the septic system fails. A
septic system can also fail if the settling tank is run
over and cracked or tree roots invade the settling
                                                            Corporate recycling programs:
tank.      Maple and willows trees are particular
                                                            • Verizon's Hopeline –
problems. Replacing a septic system is dependent
upon having sufficient The cost of a new system is
                                                            HopeLine.jsp or call 800-426-2790
approximately $5000.00.
All of this information reinforces the belief that proper
                                                            • AT&T Wireless recycling program:
maintenance of your septic system is imperative.
Adding septic boosters or bacteria is unnecessary.
Pumping and back-flushing every 18 months is a
good idea for a large household, less often if the
                                                            For information on selling a used cell phone:
family is small.
                                                            • www.cellforcash.com or call 877-855-5959
If you increase the square footage to your house, you
                                                            • www.oldcellphone.com or call 888-877-1113
may need to install a new, larger septic system.

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